Berkeley Instructor: Rural Americans are “Bad People” who Deserve What They Get

Just when you thought the culture at the University of California-Berkeley couldn’t get any more insufferably elitist, along comes Jackson Kernion, a grad student instructor at the college, and his ill-informed rant about every American who doesn’t live in a major metropolitan city. In a tweetstorm this week, Kernion said that rural Americans are awful people who deserve to pay high taxes and suffer economically for their poor life choices.

From Campus Reform:

Kernion began the thread by advocating against affordable healthcare solutions in rural America, saying that “Rural Healthcare Should be expensive! And that expense should be borne by those who choose rural America!”

He argued that promoting a need for “affordable rural healthcare” is equivalent to arguing for rural Americans “to be subsidized by those who choose a more efficient way of life.”

“Same goes for rural broadband. And gas taxes,” Kernion added.

“It should be uncomfortable to live in rural America. It should be uncomfortable to not move,” he wrote.

Kernion tried to justify his statements with economic arguments about not making rural life “*artificially* cheaper,” but quickly devolved into personal attacks against rural and not “pro-city” Americans.

“I unironically embrace the bashing of rural Americans. They, as a group, are bad people who have made bad life decisions. Some, I assume are good people. But this nostalgia for some imagined pastoral way of life is stupid and we should shame people who aren’t pro-city,” he wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

We’d love to see a survey of, say, Detroit citizens and see how many of them “chose” the “more efficient” way of life to be found in our nation’s cities. We’re sure you could find some, but most? A plurality? We doubt you could find more than 10% of people who made a conscious choice at all. They just found themselves there, either through birth or through a move they couldn’t control or because their job took them there. And guess what, Jackson – the same goes for 90% of Americans who live in rural areas.

It’s just funny how these leftists are suddenly all about embracing personal responsibility and life choices when it comes to attacking the people they hate. Gosh, we thought everyone was just a victim of their circumstances. But now we see how it is. You don’t choose to be gay, but you choose to be a straight white male. You don’t choose to be a Muslim, but you choose to be a Christian. You don’t choose to be an illegal immigrant, but you choose to be an ICE agent.

It’s a very interesting worldview, but we suppose people like Jackson Kernion didn’t choose to be liberal dodos, either.

What do you think?

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  1. Well; I say it’s high time to “scrutinize” the shit out of this squirrel’s teaching credentials; and investigate his ass along with all his family, friends, and associates.

  2. I think it is the other way around only If you choose to live in California you diserve to live in a shit hole. You diserve to be over taxed, have earthquakes, should be walled of from the rest of the United States and be a prison for all of the unwanted scrum such as muslims, illegals, all the lgbt fruitcakes, NO travel to the rest of the country,

    • All conservatives need to pull a Waters on this clown. Harass him, anyone in his family, anyone who even takes this idiots class

  3. I’m a city boy from the “windy city”, but I lived for a year in rural America. I would rather have those people as my neighbor than Mr. Kernion any day. Hey, Mr smarty-pants, where do you think the food on your table comes from. Certainy not the Communist manifesto.

    • this bone-head is one of those who thinks the food items in the supermarket / grocery store magically appears on the shelves every week…’s the same thinking as AOC who wants to do away with cows….ask what you would do if you did away with cows and wanted a burger, these idiots reply, you just go to the store and buy it…..hey genious, no cows, no burgers no steaks…no restaurants, no fast-food…zip, zero, nada……that happens unemployment goes through the roof, stores, food establishments all close then what you morons where is the food going to come from

  4. As John elsewhere stated” …where do you think the food on your table comes from?”
    The last time I was in Times Square I didn’t see one food crop being cultivated!
    Furthermore, I don’t think that concrete and asphalt produce much oxygen for respiration.
    What an uninformed jerk this Kernion must be.

  5. Amazing how for some people, an education makes them better human beings who constructively contribute to society. For some others, an education works in reverse, making them absurd and illogical in their thinking.

  6. Never fear. Mother Nature is our best friend. Very soon, the shitole cities of SF, Oakland and Berkley will fall total victim to either fires or a massive quake. It cannot appen too soon. Problem solved.

  7. Another brain washed liberal entitlement moron that can’t see the forest for the trees, He is a perfect example of the luciferian regressive indoctrination system, all part of the new world order!

  8. Mr Kernion is a pseudo intellectual who thinks he’s smarter than everyone else. He is the perfect example of an intellectual moron. He might be smart about one subject, but an ignoramus when it comes to understanding people, life and society.
    He’s the guy that I worry will go shoot up the movie theater or the university. He has a huge ego of himself, but when it’s deflated he’s liable to become unhinged.
    He knows nothing about people, but thinks he is got all the answers. I bet he was another of Obama’s minions.

  9. What scares the life out of me is these are the kinds of professors our kids are being taught by in the universities. Send your kids to a small local college. The big universities are brainwashing them. No wonder our youth seems to favor Socialism over Democracy.

    • Exactly, Elizabeth! One of my grandsons just recently graduated from high school. He started at the local community college. He had a scholarship for Lee University, but, decided against going, at least for now. I had already warned him about what he might run into. Lee has been forced to allow homosexuals as teachers, AND students. He’s a GOOD kid, & that’s the main ones they go after, so they can ruin them. Hope somebody from a RURAL district, beats this guy a good one. But, God’s taking names, & one of these days, these people WILL pay the ultimate price.

    • The problem with this idiot is he will starve under the socialist society he thinks is so great. He would need to depend on the government to feed him and they can’t!!!

    • Elizabeth,while I have to agree with you in principle, on substance I think there are more extenuating circumstances as to why the Youth of today are having a bend toward Socialism…If you will bear with me I will enumerate them in my own particular order, and certainly feel free to disagree with me, or feel free to add your own:
      1. God, and the Concept of a Divine Being, eliminated from our Schools…without a Concept of God, authority was questioned elsewhere, as for example the home…
      2. The absence of a Father in the Home…try and process this, in 1960 23% of Blacks had NO father figure in the home…in 2018, 76% were single-parent homes…Any question now why they vote Democrat?
      3. The Advent of Technology…children were /are no longer required to do self-help Studies that taught them to think on their own….Google it!!!
      4. Youth have not ever had to live with a viable threat to their Freedom…
      5. Pornography legalization….1964 SC Decision
      6. Abortion on demand….1973 SC Decision
      7. Youth are no longer being taught the value of money…Everybody ought to have an equal share, regardless of their physical/mental abiity…to EARN it!!!
      These are just my opinions as to why Socialism is so desirable among the “youth” of today. No God, No Father, no accountability, no motivation…what does the Capitalist offer: the Biblical mandate to “earn your living by the sweat of your brow…”

      • Furthermore, this diaper-stain of a professor/grad student hybrid has never obviously really thought about anything he says…if he did he would have to confront the fact that he is a brilliant “retard”..and that ma’am is a very frightening act to enjoin a Liberal/Socialist/Democrat with…How he manages to breathe and stand up straight is beyond me…You got me there!!!

  10. Excuse me, but, I’ve never been arrested in my life, & I’m 70 years old. The only time I was inside a jail, was to visit my now-ex hubby. And, I’ll match my IQ against his any day. I’m not a genius, but I’m no dummy either! And, I say we should ALL boycott that professor, & Berkley. We shouldn’t ship them food of any sort. Shut down ALL deliveries to that city, except for meds, baby formula, & diapers. Show him what it looks like when WE stop supporting HIM.

  11. Jackson Kernion is a dumb ass motherfucker with shit for brains. Hey, Jacky, you’re going to get your fucking ass kicked by our rural Americans. They are coming for you. Hope you have health insurance, cocksucker.

  12. If I am not mistaken, this RANT from this communist MORON, is part of “agenda 21” that DEMANDS ALL people to be moved into cities, where they can be watched and CONTROLLED at all times.
    I like being “rural” where I am not breathing someone else’s air, or have some homeless invader camped out on my front lawn.

  13. This guy’s comments came at an inoppertune time.What with California burning up, hundreds of homes destroyed.Wasn’t it only a few months ago mud slides were wiping out the turf.Now its the homeless, disease, and illegals running wild What part of sit on it and rotate do you not understand Jackie.

  14. These are the kind of idiots teaching our kids?? WTF!
    One of the biggest problems arising is the outflow of rural people to the cities was WW2.
    WW2 started the bulk of that exodus, plus the depression economics of the 30’s was the originator.
    Around 70% of those who went to work in defense plants never went back home.
    Of that number around 85% who remained in the cities were women.
    There are hardly enough farm people today to produce the food we eat as it is now.
    We surly cannot import enough to sustain life as it is, or the quality.
    This idiot needs to study more about economics and US history,
    instead of the average temperature of a local queer bathhouse.

  15. LOL this one of those California dumbasses that they no longer demand they make passable grades or even know how to pour pee out of a boot! This freak needs to STFU and go get a real job. He is not qualified to teach any body anything! What he needs to learn is manners, ethics, and some common sense.

  16. The Universities are gone mad!
    The real danger for our young people is they were deprived a good education. In 1979 Jimmy Carter created the Education Department, since then the USA went from 1st Place Scholastically in the world, to 17th place, we are now behind several 3rd world countries.. Last week new data came out on math, the USA is now 20th in the world, then the Liberals came out and said Math is Racist! Perhaps this decline is the Liberals Core Competency teaching, our youth are victims of the incompetent system and teachers!! The youth think Socialism is the answer but are unaware of the millions of human beings who died under Socialism!! Our youth are oblivious to the fact 10’s of 1000’s of Americans died for our freedom. Last week it was revealed that suicides among our youth are up 65%, sad, they are under educated, lack the ability to do cognitive thinking, turn to drugs and other means to take their own lives. Wake Up America, the Democrats are out to destroy the USA!!

  17. What an idiot and a fool to make such a statement. He needs to go back to the country he came from.
    People like you come to our great country to take advantage of the freedoms we have and then you make that statement. We don’t need people like you here. Leave and take Pelosi and her friends who want to destroy our country with you. I am tired of my taxes dollars paying there salaries for doing absolutely nothing.The american people would not miss you.

  18. You got it in one…This “Dildo Breath” is another one off the same Liberal professors that think the supermarkets would still be there if the Rural Americans didn’t produce what is offered at the supermarkets. I don’t care if you if you’re a Vegetarian, Vegan or a Bacon/Steak lover (like me). EVERYTHING YOU EAT COMES FROM RURAL AMERICA. I’m also one that says that you shouldn’t eat meat…without BBQ sauce.

  19. What would one expect from A Berkeley University Student, that became a brainwashed instructor, I believe under the constitution everyone is untitled to their opinion, but coming from someone who was in Berkeley, and I’ve worked there before for 5 years, which is a rats nest and as unAmerican as it gets, is simply so ludicrous, it pathetic, this guy I feel pity for him, he needs to sit down shut up and grow up before he speaks in public and when reality finally his him in the face, maybe he will be Salvageable, I hope so. If not he get what he deserves, a trip to the big medical house with locks.

  20. Leftists in general play follow the leader in how they come upon their ideology then enforce it on others via a culture of political correctness! The Rightists were too nice years ago in educational institutions and allowed them to form a dominant culture to propagate others. Leftists have taken over HR departments like they have social work agencies!
    Leftists dislike rural American values and because they can’t control rural Americans the way they can city dwellers who will stand up to authority figures as the leftists have gotten into positions of authority since in general they tend to be pathetic whips and dweebs who rely on others to be their enforcers! The writer’s parody of the double standards the leftists use is excellently real!

  21. I hope that professor realizes that “Flyover country” citizens are entitled to everything the same as he enjoys. How arrogant and cruel to these hard working Americans. Eventually California’s bills will come due and perhaps CA taxpayers are becoming tapped out as far as additional taxation and all of the unnecessary building projects that have gone no where.. Just wait till the next recession and Cal Pers is tapped out–just wait until inflation rears it’s ugly head and the prices on everything skyrockets and real estate values fall. This prof lives in a state where the Governor has promised to pay in full for every illegal alien’s medical care and he has no idea of just how many illegal aliens live in CA and are arriving each and every day for all of their freebies. Does this ignorant Professor believe that the Taxpayers in CA will stand for all of this largesse to non-citizens? I think he is due for a thorough credential check. This is why your children are burdened for the rest of their lives for an education and cannot find work when they finish. Poor quality of the education system in CA.

  22. Restrict him to food and beverage grown and made in Berkeley, and clothing from fibers grown or made in Berkeley. Let’s see how he does.

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