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Bernie Sanders Spent More Than Any Other Candidate on Private Jet Travel

Climate change hypocrite Bernie Sanders has spent more than any other 2020 Democratic Party candidate on private jet travel over the past three months, according to a new campaign filing. Sanders, who is arguably the most extreme Democrat in the field when it comes to endorsing radical solutions to limit the country’s carbon emissions, spent $1,199,579 on a “luxury private jet charter service” so that he and his staff could travel around the country for campaign events.

From the Washington Free Beacon:

The candidate who comes closest to matching Sanders in private jet spending was former vice president Joe Biden, whose campaign spent $1,040,698 to Advanced Aviation Team last quarter.

An analysis of private jet spending in filings from other top candidates found that Elizabeth Warren’s campaign spent $720,518 and Pete Buttigieg’s campaign spent $323,518. Michael Bloomberg, who pumped a whopping $200 million of his personal fortune into his campaign’s opening weeks, spent about $646,000 on private jet travel, about half of what Sanders spent.

Sanders has long leaned on private air travel on the campaign trail, despite his belief that limiting carbon emissions from the transportation sector is crucial to combating climate change. Traveling by private jet is estimated to produce roughly eight times the amount of carbon per passenger as traveling by commercial airliner.

On his official website, Sanders claims that “climate change is the single greatest threat facing our planet.” He also informs us that the “transportation sector accounts for about 26 percent of carbon pollution emissions.”

More, perhaps, when Sanders is campaigning for president.

In remarks to the New York Times, Democratic strategist Chris Lippincott scoffed at the obvious hypocrisy in Sanders’ flight schedule.

“This is the problem of presenting your purity above your practicality,” he said. “When we think about certain candidates who talk a lot about the environment, you’re going to hold them to a different standard.”

Yeah, well, that’s one way to look at it. The other way is to understand, fundamentally, that Bernie Sanders is every bit as full of hot air as anyone else on that Democratic Party stage. He may be good at playing the part of the principled radical, but it’s easy to take shots at the nation’s “millionaires” when you are one yourself. He’s got more than his fair share of the pie, and now he wants to start redistributing yours.

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  1. Thank god for Bernard and his Crotch Rocket half wit AOC our lives and our childrens lives will be saved by their green HYPOCRISY

    • OH, Lisa, c’mon show a little bit of Christian “moral indignity” otherwise this demented Senator from somewhere no-one cares about will be an absolute useless HYPOCRITE…or are you of the “old school way of thought” that it’s best to keep your mouth shut, and let an idiot make a bigger fool out of himself than you ever could? Leaves room for pondering, when your trying to make sense of this old World doesn’t it? LOL

  2. If you were not listening, the problem with our arguments is that we use FACTS. They are not concerned about FACTS because they are Morally Correct. That is far superior to having facts on your side in an argument, said the Professor of Economics from Boston University, AOC. She is also a Doctorate in Climate Science, Physics and Chemistry. She gave these degrees to herself because she has the right Moral position on each. I believe she conferred several Degrees on Bernie as well. I am not sure whether Bernie got a Degree from anywhere before coming to Congress though. I heard he stayed in his parent’s house until he was over 40 and then he got married (Still a mystery) and honeymooned in the USSR. I think she was a College Administrator until she bankrupted the last one she work in. (There was some shady Accounting going on)

    • OD, the argument that you pointed out about AOC, and her retarded Professor and all of their “MORAL” degrees that each bestows on themselves still leaves an un-answered question I have…How in the hell do you take something as stupid as what she goes ahead and takes(GND, AHQ2) and sell them to people who actually believe this shite? How can you actually sell this shite, even on a “moral compass” to people who will support her obvious stupidity? Is mankind really that gullible, to believe this idiotic little under-age prostitute(c’mon she’s made herself the property of the highest bidder, so please don’t lecture me on facetious thoughts of her)…I really don’t care what Bernie Sander’s did in Russia on his honeymoon…I really don’t even care if he got laid that night. When you spend $1.2 MM on jet travel, then lecture me on carbon footprints, they can both kiss my ass, and like it!!!

  3. Sounds like he doesn’t believe in the “climate change crisis” or Socialism/Communism either (both are LIES and HOAXES). Otherwise, he would MEND HIS WAYS rather than PLAY the HYPOCRITE. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  4. This is something the voters MUST be informed about. Guess he believes strongly in the “Do as I say not as I do” way of communism. And the beat goes on.

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