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Beto O’Rourke Says American Wealth Must Be “Broken Apart”

Only a few days after telling an El Paso crowd that their city was safe not because of border laws but because it was filled with illegal immigrants and refugees, presidential contender Beto O’Rourke is rushing to the left even more quickly than his democratic socialist competition.

In a startling tweet on Saturday, the former Texas Senate candidate advocated for mass redistribution policies that sound every bit as extreme as anything Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren have ever proposed.

“The unprecedented concentration of wealth, power and privilege in the United States must be broken apart,” O’Rourke tweeted. “Opportunity must be fully shared with all. We must all have the opportunity to succeed. Together. As one country.”

Because O’Rourke has offered very little in the way of policy specifics, it’s impossible to know what exactly he’s proposing with this message. Is he just pandering to the Twitter crowd in an effort to steal some of Bernie’s spotlight? Does he simply mean that all that “power and privilege” must be “broken apart” by protests and rhetoric? Or is he really advocating some form of legislation that would wreck the economy via Robin Hood taxation?

Does HE even know what he’s talking about?

While anyone suggesting redistribution policies should be watched like a hawk, some on Twitter found Beto’s newfound “enemy of capitalism” routine to be just a little bit ironic.

“Have you told your wealthy father-in-law of your plans, Comrade?” one user wrote.

“Lucky for Beto his billionaire father-in-law isn’t on Twitter,” said another.


This actually wasn’t the only opportunity Twitter users had to mock the once-and-future Robert Francis O’Rourke. While not necessarily his fault, the Associated Press reported over the weekend that O’Rourke had spoken to supporters in El Paso “in his native Spanish, eliciting loud and sustained cheers.” It is of course a longrunning source of mirth among Beto’s critics that he is a fourth-generation Irish-American; his childhood nickname is thought to be a cynical (if apparently effective) attempt to give himself Hispanic bona fides that he doesn’t actually have.

A fake Spanish Communist with an affection for illegal immigrants?

Not sure Trump has anything to worry about.

What do you think?

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    • I bet O’Rourke’s billionaire father in law who has helped prop up his political career is not to happy with Beto’s idea of breaking up wealth!! Beto O’Rourke is a classical example of a hypocrite, first he changes his name from Robert to Beto for the benefit of latinos in Texas, now he attacks the same wealth who helped become a politician!!

    • Personally I’m beginning to think it might already be too late. The Socialists (Communists) have already infiltrated our government in unbelievable numbers. We have several generations of brainwashed, indoctrinated people who reportedly think Socialism is the way to go. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m not by any means wealthy but I worked my ass off for over 41 years, saved what I could and am now retired. We worked too damn hard to have some idiot like that Beto O’Rourke take it away and give it to some damn deadbeat who’s too lazy to make his own way.

    • Francis Beto O’rourke should be the only Democrat to run against Trump. Do you think that the Hollywood crowd and George Soros want to have their wealth given to the illegal aliens? I’ll bet that every American would vote for Beeto. What a wonderful Trump gift.

    • The votes shows 91% do not like her at all. She won’t be around much longer anyway. People get tired of the bullchit quickly,,,,,including the dumb arses that voted for her.

    • this Boy BETO is babbling nonsense. He has no clue, or legitimate agenda. All he does is spout talking points, without any mention of how to deliver….like” I want to make it a priority for everyone to live a good life”,,,ok ding dong, that’s nice, and exactly how are you going to do that?…and then you get, “if we all pull together we can make it happen”….reminds me of John Belusi in Animal House…”did we give up when the German’s bombed Pearl Harbor?…who’s with me”???? just a drunken Frat boy, and a waste of oxygen.

    • there is nothing wrong with the way things,are He is,a moron and if he,thinks,that start with his,wealth first and then all the rest of Congress. see how be likes it.

    • Those two are in a class all by themselves. To call them idiots would be an insult to all the idiots in the world.

    • I hope Americans are smart enough to see past these demo fools. They fooled us once to get into office now they have a platform we are paying for and their true colors are coming out. AOC is being called out by NYers big time, she has shown her true Commie colors. I hope they remember this in Nov. We can’t let them poison this country with their bullshit.

  1. O’Rourke is just another useful idiot for the left/communism. He is free to give away his own wealth and we are free to keep ours.

  2. I say all of these dictator wannabes should go first. Get rid of your money – redistribute it and let us see how that goes. Get rid of your armed security, your walls, and everything else that keeps you and your family safe – then we’ll see how that goes. Stop taking planes, automobiles, and everything else that increases your carbon footprint way above anyone else’s – and we’ll see how that goes. House alot of the criminal illegals in your neighborhood (what’s a little MS-13 gang violence or human trafficking? No problem, right?) – we’ll watch and see how that goes. All this “Do as I say, not as I do” stuff just makes you another liar looking to take from everyone else while you keep your own or add to it.

  3. We may or may not have much but it is mine and this jerk, who is very well off, can shove it! His aim is power and he does not deserve it! Has not earned any of it.

  4. Beto (Fake Latino) O’Rourke is in a hotly contested race with AOC on who can make the stupidest comment at any given time! AOC is in the lead by O’Rourke is catching up! May the Derp of the week win!

  5. He has no native Spanish as he is 100% Irish American. He is a phony, fake, spoiled rotten thief, troublemaker, crossdresser who stole dialup charges as a teen thug, going on to drunk driving, trespassing, leaving the scene if an accident, etc etc. How could Texas or America think he has the wisdom or power to serve a high office in our government?? HOW???
    His father was a judge and couldn’t even be bothered to influence his own son? What success has little Robert had to qualify him for anything other than ringleader of the El Paso Pussycats………….NONE.

  6. It is beyond my understanding as to how people even consider imbeciles like this to run for office. This guy (or gay) is a sicko who has no understanding whatsoever as to what’s going on around him.
    God help us.

  7. Having lived in El Paso for many years, Beto O’Rourke and his family are not unknown to me. Beto
    is a spacie individual. Arrested for DUI and for tripping of an alarm at the University Of Texas in El Paso, he got off both times because of his family ties. His father Pat was a judge in El Paso.
    We won’t go into some of his father’s or mother’s problems with the law. He, like Obama, is a non achiever. A complete airhead.

  8. How can anyone vote for this POS soicalist lieing prick someone need to sock him in mouth stuipd asshole. If that the case let start with all the democrats party take there wealth away from them. Boy if he anit the one calling the ketal black he rich himself. I bet he don’t break up his wealth lieing socialist fucktards.

  9. Many of the Democratic/Leftists/Liberal/Socialist candidates are making promises much like obama’s Socialist Regime made about Re-Distributing the Wealth. The problem is that there are a lot of people out there that are fine with getting a bunch of Free Stuff and they are willing to sell their vote with the hope that people like beto just might get elected and give them the Free Stuff that they think they deserve. I have read a lot of articles and even more comments calling these people crazy, nut cases and even worse, but are they really crazy? In this article the author poses the question; “Does HE even know what he’s talking about?” I believe that beto just like AOC know exactly what they are talking about, the demise of our Constitutional Republic. There may well be a Dark State behind the scenes pulling the strings but the end result will be the same regardless. If these Socialist candidates are working on their own or are backed by some unknown person or organization does not matter; their goal is the destruction of our form of government and our way of life. These people and their agenda cannot be just laughed at and brushed aside. I believe that they and who ever is really behind this socialist movement are very serious about what they are trying to do and if we, the American People do nothing the only difference between us and Venezuela will be that they speak Spanish. If however these Socialists get the open boarders these Socialist want we to may be speaking Spanish. Wake up people and vote these Democrats/Leftists/Liberals/Socialists out of office or we all will be paying for all of the Free Stuff they are offering.

    • You are correct Tony. The one that is the common denominator is Soros. he dumps millions of dollars in these radical movements. His goal is the destruction of America, their goal is getting his money and doing his bidding. They are selling out America and we are not doing enough to stop them. If we stop it it will be from the top, meaning Soros. He is even orchestrating the masses of illegals at the border. His money is paying for it. He is financing BLM and contributes to many of these terrorist organizations. He is behind it all. Believe it!

  10. We are $22 trillion in debt and the leading Dem’s for Pres. are promising endless ” Free Stuff “. If we paid $ one million a day towards our debt , it would take over 60,000 years to pay it off, not counting the interest. Doubt they can make change if they had to.

  11. I’m sick to death of these “redistributors of OTHER people’s wealth” spewing this crud. No, In AMERICA, you can go out and accomplish anything you set your mind to. That does not mean that every other loser gets to take a piece of the pie. No, get off your butts and do something or live with the consequences.

    • Well Kim these words were spoken years ago and still means something. If you don’t get involved in politics or pay attention to it you will be subject to the fools that will lead you.

  12. Let me get this straight. I busted my a** all my life. I started working at 14 and now some jackass is telling me I don’t have a right to keep what I’ve earned. I have to share it. Over my dead body. I worked for it, I earned it and I’m keeping it. If someone else wants a house and a vacation home, a new car, etc., it’s easy. Just get up off your butt, get an education, and WORK for it, don’t try to steal it from someone else.



  15. I haven’t worked hard all my life to get where I am just to have someone like Robert Francis O’Rourke take it away based on his corrupt redistributionist mindset. If you want it, work for it. Most people receiving mandatory handouts (your $), are capable but not committed to earning it. Greed has overcome their smarts and/or potential. Then people like Beto use these folks to vote them into office by promising them a cut of our hard-earned dollars. It’s not that they can’t, but that they won’t. They prefer instead to make you give it to them. Many people in this world will exchange nothing for something as long as they can. Open borders will only make it worse, but Beto doesn’t care…he only wants to get elected, time and again. Lord save us from electing people like him.

  16. The truly scary reality of it all is that everyday people are actually listening to guys like this and considering voting for them! The “free stuff” mentality has sold like hotcakes everywhere – how did this mindset take hold in a country that has, at least since the latter half of the 20th century, ensured equal opportunity for everyone to earn a good living through hard work, education, etc. I’m not wealthy by any sense, and my family had very modest means. But I’ve managed to make a decent living for myself. The opportunities are there, but too many people anymore expect everything to be handed to them. I earned my way and I refuse to let anyone “redistribute” any of it.

    • Correct. Back when Russia was our biggest threat, Nikita Kruschev said democracy can only last until people realize they can vote to get free stuff. He also said, ” I don’t have to destroy America, you will destroy yourselves from within.” Wise man.

  17. Since when has it been the job of the gov’t to determine who can and who cannot produce and keep wealth. I thought we had certain rights such as a right to own and keep property. I thought we had the right to use our property to produces goods and services needed and wanted by others. Also the right to exchange those goods and services in an open and free market.
    But then I thought I lived in the USA with a constitution which has incorporated a bill of rights, but sadly I live in a country where the elected gov’t has delegated the legislative function to the regulators and we now have a regulatory state where if an agent of the regulatory body accuses you of violating a regulation you have to prove you did not. So I guess at some point we will need to re-establish our constitution and bill of rights or allow people like Beto to dictate how much money we are allowed to keep.

  18. Tell you what VETO, why don’t we start with yours and your billiinaire father-in-law’s money. Then maybe you will get off the road and get a real job like all the rest of Americans have. And stupid amatuer rock bands don’t count, i mean a real job, where you sweat a little, get dirty, get tired, and the go home and fall into bed and sleep.

  19. He has no problem splitting up my money, my life savings that were won through struggle and sacrifice but he doesn’t give up any of his.

  20. Well…, he needs to start with the democraps’ dictatorial campaign/bribery funds suppliers, and ask the billionaires first -King George and Vice-King Mike- if it’s okay for him to hand out all of their money to every illegal alien already in the country as well as the 4,000 invading every day?!
    I’m sure they will be more than happy to give up every dine they have to sell the US down the crapper and buy more politicians -both Democraps and repubicans!

  21. I’m sooooo confused…, I just saw where someone spelled his name differently…, I thought his name was short for something, like Biggest Entire Turd Orifice (BETO?)

  22. O’Rourke should lead by example
    Supposedly he’s a billionaire, let’s redistribute his money and all the other commies, Soros….

  23. O’Rouke and his billionaire father in law should each give away 95% of the wealth to people below the poverty level. That would be a very nice good will juster.

  24. Does beto really believe that the wealthy people of this country is going to stand by and see what they have earned or left to them by their relatives be taken away and given to a bunch of lazy a** people who have their gimme hand out, these people are going to take their money and bank it in an offshore country where it will be safe from the gimme crowd

  25. O’Rourke, you are truly a dumb mick. Do you really intend to break all wealth??? Talk to Bernie or Pelosi about it. You’re no longer a punk rocker, you’re just a punk. You’re finished…..

  26. I am looking forward to the day when robert francis o’rourke flaps his arms so fast that he actually flies away, far away.

  27. Beto, does not understand when people of this country make their money work for them, not like Beto taking in donations and he won’t even share them with the DNC, the money is his alone and that is the way the people with money will donate some of their wealth but they made their money work for them not to give it away to lazy people who believe they don’t have to work to have. It’s time for all those sitting around trying to take only welfare and food stamps, they should have to give back to get. We are a free nation to roam not a free nation to take when they have not given something to receive. Our President is the most giving President in history. He gives his government salary back to the military and the parks, as various members of his family have done the same. If you want to call him your President you have to do the right way to get yourself in the legal way. God bless you Mr. President.

  28. My message to Beto O’Rourke. You “break apart”/share your own & your families massive wealth FIRST, showing us what great Americans you represent. Then I will agree to share the monthly allotment I receive, as determined by our Government Control freaks, who apparently have issues with allowing people the opportunity to live out their life in the manner one might have been expecting while paying into a program called “Social Security”. There is absolutely nothing “Social nor Secure” about that program. What bothers me most is that people who never worked or paid into the system receive more benefits than do I & my husband combined. How does that happen? Apparently there is some illegal big loop hole somewhere in the system that we are, during our working years forced to pay our hard earned money into. Imagine that, a loop hole within a Government run program. Almost unbelievable, right? So glad I can still make the sacrifices so other can live well off my dime. OK, got all my snarky comments out in the open, AGAIN. It doesn’t change anything, just makes me feel good to vent .

  29. Beto, is such a moron that the idea of him having control of our government is the most sick thing to be written in American history. He is a liar and thief and all the coffers he would consider as his own. He tried to run against Ted Cruz for Senate and I think he lost it on purpose as when his money was counted he refused to share any with the DNC which is the usual procedure. Between Beto, AOC, Omar, Talib, and then the others Chuck, Nancy, Maxine, Schiff, and all the various ones running for President the DEMS are really in a bad place. The DEM party is in shambles and for every move they make it just gets worse and they will waste all the money for nothing. All the players are assembled and now let the games begin.

  30. Betto beware, his vision for America is Ochlocracy and if America doesn’t see this right now, then The USA is dead as a Nation in the near future as well as Donald J Trump being the LAST President of these United States! .So keep it in mind that if Trump is the Last.. then Vote for Trump because at least we know what we got!

  31. Tell me if this sounds familiar to what is currently happening on the part of the Democrats.

    “the intimidation of legitimate authorities. As a pejorative for majoritarianism.”

    Ochlocracy or mob rule is the rule of government by mob or a mass of people, or, the intimidation of legitimate authorities. As a pejorative for majoritarianism, it is akin to the Latin phrase: mobile vulgus meaning “the fickle crowd”, from which the English term “mob” originally was derived in the 1680s.

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