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Biden, Ginsburg in 2016: Court Vacancy Should Be Filled in Election Year

With Democrats acting as though filling Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat in an election year is the most ridiculous thing they’ve ever heard – an act of partisan criminality that can only be challenged by winning the election and then “packing the court” with a whole host of liberal judges – they were singing a much different tune in 2016 when the shoe was on the other foot.

“My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.” Those were the reported final words of Ginsburg as she lay on her death bed last week, and we are apparently supposed to believe that her wishes were constitutional and not merely political.

But in 2016, Ginsburg had no problem at all with Democrats trying to fill Antonin Scalia’s seat during an election year.

“There’s nothing in the Constitution that says the president stops being the president in his last year,” Ginsburg said at the time.

And should the Senate vote on that nominee? Ginsburg said: “That’s their job.”

How about that!

What about simply leaving the court at eight justices until Biden gets sworn in?

“Eight is not a good number,” Ginsburg said at the time.


Hey, speaking of Joe Biden, what did he think about his boss nominating a Supreme Court justice in an election year?

“I made it absolutely clear that I would go forward with the confirmation process, as chairman — even a few months before a presidential election — if the nominee were chosen with the Advice, and not merely the Consent, of the Senate — just as the Constitution requires,” Biden said confidently in 2016. “My consistent advice to Presidents of both parties — including this President — has been that we should engage fully in the constitutional process of Advice and Consent. And my consistent understanding of the Constitution has been the Senate must do so as well. Period. They have an obligation to do so.”

Welp, Republicans: You have the go-ahead from both the late Ginsburg and the top Democrat in the country! Proceed, Mr. Trump. Proceed, Mr. McConnell.

Let’s get this thing done.

What do you think?

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  2. It is the same old crap, so called democrats can do whatever they want and never get called out on it by the liberal media, but if the Republicans do anything that the liberals do not like , it is so wrong, unlawful, unfair or whatever lie they can come up with.

  3. There isn’t a problem with filling the Justices seat anytime that it is vacant as long as the Democrats get to do it. It is simple the Constitution of the United States is there for them to distort in anyway they can but ONLY their way.

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