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Biden Has a Strong Plan to Combat the Virus. It’s Trump’s.

In a much-ballyhooed press conference on Thursday meant to showcase how much more presidential and responsible Joe Biden is than Donald Trump, the former vice president addressed the American people and rolled out his recommendations for responding to the growing coronavirus crisis. But after harshly criticizing Trump’s response, Biden unveiled his own advice for how to confront the disease – advice that was virtually indistinguishable from steps the Trump administration is already taking.

“The administration’s failure on testing is colossal. And it’s a failure of planning, leadership and execution,” Biden said. “By next week, the number of tests should be in the millions, not the thousands.”

Biden then turned his attention to the silly, politically-correct worries of the left.

“Neither should we panic or fallback on xenophobia,” he stated. “Labeling COVID-19 a ‘foreign virus’ does not displace accountability for the misjudgments that have been taken thus far by the Trump administration. Let me be crystal clear: the coronavirus does not have a political affiliation.”

Thanks for clearing that up, Joe. We could have sworn we saw the coronavirus registering with the Green Party last week, but now we know that we were mistaken. Turns out that human pathogens are not eligible to vote in the United States.

But okay, the Trump administration botched everything, and everything would have been better under the careful, sober leadership of Joe “You’re a Lying, Dog-Faced Pony Soldier” Biden. So let’s hear your plan of attack, Joe.

“First. Anyone, anyone who needs to be tested based on medical guidance should be tested at no charge, at no charge,” Biden said.

Hmm, President Trump already waived charges for people who need coronavirus testing the day before, Joe. Please catch up.

“The CDC, private labs, universities, and manufacturers should be working lock step to get this done and get it done correctly. No effort should be spared. None. No excuses should be made. Tests should be available to all who need them and the government, the government should stop at nothing to make that happen,” Biden continued.

Well, this is in line with steps the Trump administration took last month after the first signs of community spread were being seen in Washington. Those efforts have been, admittedly, much slower than we’d like, but that’s a commentary on the efficiency of the federal government bureaucracy writ large – not the Trump administration specifically.

Biden went on to argue that we need to provide financial relief for small business owners, a plan that Trump – again – rolled out on national television the evening before.

His remaining propositions basically amounted to a plea that the government “do something” to stop the spread of the virus and contain what could turn out to be a major health emergency. It’s not a serious policy proposal to stand up in front of the country and urge the nation’s scientists to “hurry up” and come out with a vaccine. It’s just hot air.

Biden got a lot of praise on Friday from liberal media organizations rushing to say stuff like, “This is how a normal president responds to a crisis.” But they would have said that even if Biden had shown up to the press conference wearing chaps, no pants, and a KFC bucket on his head. Praising Democrats and trashing Trump is their stock in trade.

Even when it’s completely undeserved.

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  1. Not to minimize the seriousness of COVID-19, people are getting sick and unfortunately some are dying. But the media’s hyping and sensualizing this disease and the demonicRATS weaponizing it to hammer President Trump are disgusting! This problem WILL PASS, and the market’s will recover faster than you can say they’re back… but the media & democrats do not have a clue as to the anger of the American people that they are fomenting. There WILL BE A PAYBACK to the democrats and the media cheerleaders. They are cruising for a political suicide. They are going to be hit so hard once this “crisis” has been solved that they won’t know which way is up for a decade!

    • We are really lucky that trump is president and not hillary, Biden, obama, or sanders. At least trump give a schiff about americans. Obama would be building hospitals in Syria. Somalia, and Iran. Biden would be busy bribing china into giving his family jobs. Hillary would be selling american hospitals to china and sanders would be sleeping while hoping someone else did something

  2. I have to agree with Paul. The media is doing the greatest disservice to the nation. The fact that Joe can’t stay awake past 7:00 PM is bad enough. None of his staff looked at the speech and said, wait, this is old news. Instead, they knew he was a shoe-in by both the press and the DNC, so they just let it ride. This is his handlers and staff being Bush League. Maybe they thought that if Joe came out and took credit a day after Trump did it, everyone who already hates Trump would just say, “Hey, what a great idea that Trump just stole from Joe!” Since the media didn’t even say a word, and no moderator pointed it out, you have to wonder, does even Bernie have a clue? That would have been a perfect opportunity for him to pounce, but that soft pitch just floated right by him. No, this is the media at its lowest hour. Journalism is no longer a trade, it is just a mouthpiece for a party.

  3. Let’s look back at VP Bitme. Do you remember the swine/Obama flu that killed 100,000 thousand, and hospitalized 300,000 thousand? I’m sure you don’t. The MSN didn’t report on it. They had to protect their black fucker.

  4. Remember the Ebola under Obama, 6 months into it over 1,000 dead almost 50,000 had the disease when he finally addressed the problem! The Main Street media that is suppose to protect the country was protecting a very irresponsible President Obama!

  5. Well were is the lefts outrage about the flu. More people have already died in the United States from the flu than the Wuhan virus has killed world wide. This is a bad virus but the msm is causing panic in the streets when we need calm thinking and people helping each other.

  6. Vincent, Billv, Gerald, OldDad, John….
    You are all correct, I do remember Ebola, pig “swine” flu and the last pResident, AKA: One Big Ass Mistake America sat with his feet on the presidential “Resolute” desk with a pen & phone in hand. A fawning, idolizing, LLSM, media doing little or nothing for months. Yet he was almost worshipped. I knew that jack-donkey would do NOTHING HELPFUL and EVERYTHING to damage our country. Thankfully Hillary was defeated, and President
    Trump eased elected, otherwise she would have continued America’s destruction, and we would be much worse today …

  7. I think it’s all propaganda towards this 2020 political race. They want to get rid of Trump…one way or another. I don’t believe the numbers they spread about any disease..not saying it isn’t real. And by the time it does spread…we probably be immune to it.
    Remember, there is beef between China and America. Something feels off and something is coming that is bigger than this.

  8. Everything and anything that can be done by POTUS is being implemented. It’s up to us to follow their advice and guidlines. Joe is behind the curb just listening and repeating.

  9. My, how ORIGINAL! . . . And I’LL BET he FORGOT who came out with it FIRST – HMMM?!? One HILARIOUSLY Humored PATRIOT. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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