BIPOC: The Latest Update From the Ministry of Political Correctness

Circa the day before yesterday, racial activists and academics decided they had a new term for everyone to use when it came to identifying minorities: People of Color. This language swap seemed strangely close to the “colored people” euphemism that was deemed abhorrent forty years ago, but hey, we’re sure there’s a meaningful difference in there somewhere. By the time you first heard the term “POC” and your lunch break, it exploded in popularity. And before you could say “Latinx,” the term was being used by every major news organization in America.

But if you were just getting used to the way “People of color” rolled off the tongue, we’ve got bad news for you. The geniuses at the Ministry of Political Correctness have been working hard to come up with a brand new term, and now they’re ready to roll.

From Yahoo:

While we’ve been accustomed to using the term people of color (POC) to describe many from around the world, there’s an emerging term that has begun to gain momentum in an effort to be more inclusive and bring more individuals into the conversation.

The term BIPOC represents Black, Indigenous and People of Color. According to The BIPOC Project, it’s a way of building a collective community and “undoing Native invisibility, anti-Blackness, dismantling white supremacy and advancing racial justice.”

So why should we use BIPOC over POC? Using the term promotes the inclusion of all people of color who have also been mistreated, misrepresented and discriminated against for the color of their skin, their culture or their way of life. It unites marginalized communities together, uplifts their voices and highlights all multiracial backgrounds in a way that doesn’t erase the identities of other people of color like Black and Indigenous people.

BIPOC? Bye-pock? It sounds like a slur you would call somebody in the bar just before getting your teeth knocked out.

There are certain PC language swaps that we understand, even if we don’t agree with them. When liberals switched “pro-abortion” to “pro-choice,” well, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see what they’re going for. Same with when they swapped out “illegal alien” for “undocumented American.” The logic is clear. Sinister as hell, but still clear.

But what is accomplished, actually, by changing “people of color” to “BIPOC”? Are there people whose jobs depend on their ability to churn out new terms that keep everyone guessing what to say and what not to say?

If so…can’t we find them something else to do?

What do you think?

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Written by Andrew


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  1. I’m good with the term since “white” is a color even though I’m certain that was not considered when the new term was invented!

  2. Well, technically, Black and White are not considered to be a physical color. Black is the absence of color, and White is the inclusion of all color. Black and White are considered to be shades, but I suppose POS would not fly in the world of political correctness.

    BIPOC is insufficient as well. So BWIPOC would be better,however, to be truly accurate, since no Black person is truly black and no white person is truly white, and all indigenous people have color, therefore, POC is actually all inclusive.

    Perhaps we just use the terms people and person. Why bother with all of the categorization of shades.

    My young grand-daughter likes green when she draws me… hmm, what to do we do with that?

  3. The Constitution still grants us all freedom of speech. To deny this is to deny one of our basic civil rights. If the demented Left in this country is anything, it’s inconsistent (except for telling bald-faced lies whenever it suits its fancy).

  4. White ,by definition is the “Presence of Light ” and Black is the “Absence of Light” according to “Color Descriptions “as in an Art Discussion

    • Bonnie is Exactly Correct!
      Way to go! What arsenal the vocabulary
      Gurus going to come with next! Frankly, I’m
      An Legal American Born of an immigrant
      British Father and Italian Mother. I, am on the other
      Hand, An AMERICAN. Period. The End. No color
      Designation Needed.

  5. I don’t care what the “ministry of political correctness” says, and it’s a shame I can’t indicate my utter sarcasm for that quoted phrase, I will continue to describe people as black, white, oriental and the like. I abhor PC, and go to great lengths to be as un-PC as possible.

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