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Book Names the Media’s Top Ten Trump Haters – Who’s On the List?

A new book from media watchdogs Brent Bozell and Tim Graham is all about the mainstream media’s hatred for this president and his voters. As part of “Unmasked: Big Media’s War Against Trump,” the Media Research Center founders take pundits and reporters to task for abandoning objectivity to wage relentless battle against Red State America. Additionally, the authors name the Top 10 “Biggest Trump bashers in the press,” and while we can argue about who should go where, who missed the list, and who should be on there, there’s little argument with the man they put in their #1 spot.

“Jim Acosta is our winner. We suspect he would protest if he wasn’t,” Bozell and Graham wrote. “He would proudly wear the moniker of the face of the Resistance if it was bestowed on him by us, but we won’t do that. No man in the world of journalism has made a mockery of his profession quite like this man.”

Acosta, who also has a new book coming out, will indeed probably be thrilled with his placement. There are plenty of journalists in the Age of Trump who have traded credibility for notoriety, but none of them have done so with such gleeful abandon as Acosta, CNN’s chief White House correspondent. Acosta decided this was his chance to put all his chips in the middle and make a name for himself. So far, we suppose it has worked, even if there is no one alive who actually takes the guy seriously anymore. What he will do with himself after Trump is out of office is anyone’s guess. Stand up comedy, maybe.

Coming in second place are MSNBC’s favorite couple: Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough of “Morning Joe.” The one show on MSNBC that was at least somewhat receptive to the idea of a Trump presidency during the campaign has turned into a non-stop hate fest for everything White House.

“Today they are the perfect launch pad for MSNBC’s daily left-wing character assassination campaign against the President, smug in their hypocrisy,” Bozell and Graham wrote.

The rest of the list, courtesy of Fox News:

  •     George Stephanopoulos, ABC News
  •     Every late-night talk show host
  •     Chris Cuomo, CNN
  •     Chris Matthews, MSNBC
  •     Phillip Rucker, Washington Post
  •     Jorge Ramos, Univision
  •     Brian Stelter, CNN
  •     Brian Williams, MSNBC

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      • You tell him Allen! These liberal fools don’t have a clue and are all brainwashed idiots that don’t seek to find out the real truth! The Democrats are nothing but thieves liars crooks and pedifile! They should all be hung for treason as well! Get your stupid liberal head out of your A…


    • You are as dense as Rachel Madcow is! Since you obviously watch erroneous MSNBC, take just one night & watch FOX from 8 all the way till 11:00. You might just get educated in what is TRULY going on. Just try it once. You will see that she is just a drama queen!

  1. That’s it, their all INBRED Operatives of the Democrat-Communist -Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization, just a bunch of NESTING COCKROACHES that came out of the SEWER.
    My impression was you were referring to normal human beings.

  2. The problem with the Fake News is that they lie by omission, and mostly they omit any truth that will hurt the Communist Agenda.

  3. I watched the Rachel rant and it was full of lies and omissions. She never once mentions the fact that the FBI used an unconfirmed ” DOSSIER” for their FISA applications. While claiming they were “CONFIRMED” on top of the page. And after planting stories by the CIA with the news media of false meetings and setting people up for fake meetings, the FBI used the same stories as proof of action by Trump associates.
    Finally his campaign manager was fired when it was know he had prior dealings, long prior, with Ukrainian leaders.
    Did Allenship not get the message from Meuller that there was NO COLLUSION? Didn’t Madow know Bruce Ohr’s wife organized the ‘FAKE DOSSIER”. Mr. Ohr told the FBI that it was paid for by Hillary and the DNC before they used it.
    Another PRIME EXAMPLE of Fake news by omission.

  4. Definitely should have included the Women on “The View”, Don Lemon, Rachel Maddow, John Brennan, James Clapper, and newly added John Kasich at CNN.

  5. Jim Acosta should not be #1. He is a hired gun. Granted he enjoys his work but so did Billy the Kid. No one watches CNBX, do they? I never heard of #2 and d#3. As for the rest of the media haters, nah. George Soros is #1 hater with Hillary Clinton a close @2. these two have made careers of hating.

  6. Let me just clarify something, Allenhip, if I may be so bold. Reasonable doubt existed from the very BEGINNING of the very lengthy, very expensive ‘investigation’. The dossier was fabricated and paid for by Hillary Clinton and EVERYBODY KNEW IT! And our president allowed it to take place anyway. That in itself should make you pause in your disdain for Mr. Trump. He’s rough around the edges, arrogant, and definitely not a polished politician, but unlike Rachel Maddow and SCORES of left-wing nutbags, Donald Trump actually cares about the people of this nation and is doing his best to do the job we elected him to do. He built the wall, by the way, but it was erected between himself and progress thanks to mainstream politics and media. He has had to scale that wall EVERY STEP OF THE WAY to accomplish his goals. And by God, he’s getting the job done in spite of it! Have some respect…..

  7. Can’t help but be encouraged by fellow Americans who see and acknowledge the BS being spewed by the demoncrats and left wing liberals ,God bless our president and our nation, I’m standing with the man I voted to be our POTUS , Thank you All

  8. Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough have shit for brains. Fucking dumb ass motherfuckers. Joe is fucking big pussy. Fucking wimp.

  9. Has anyone noticed how much Joe Scarborough looks like the cartoon character Dilbert? What a bunch of arrogant, self absorbed idiots!

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