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California Cops “Caught” Saying They’ll Cooperate With ICE

In what is supposed to be some major expose, a website called The Appeal found and published a bunch of posts from a private Facebook group this week. The group is populated by members of the California Highway Patrol, and The Appeal was horrified by what they found inside. Namely, police officers saying they weren’t going to let the idiot liberals in Sacramento prevent them from doing what was right – cooperating with federal immigration authorities, giving them backup when necessary, and generally protecting the welfare of the state’s residents.

Here are the posts that particularly concerned the libs over at The Appeal:

The Facebook comments obtained by The Appeal were part of a discussion started on Oct. 2, when a retired California Highway Patrol officer posted a question in a private group also named California Highway Patrol.

“Are CHP officers being prohibited from working with ICE?” the retired officer asked. Multiple current and retired CHP officers replied that they are willing to break the law to help ICE deport people.

“We were told do not call them,” CHP Officer Tony Ramborger wrote in response to the question. “I said BS i will call them if I get a load vehicle,” he continued, referring to a car containing drugs or other contraband. “That A-hole in sacto can charge me and I will have the weight of the federal gov. When i am found not guilty i will sue for wrongful termination and go to work for Fox news.”


“Well, Ironically enough I backed 3 ICE units up this morning on Bell St.,” CHP Officer Chris Kelly wrote in the comment thread.


One officer who took part in the Facebook discussion, Marc Lobdell, wrote that although officers are not supposed to collaborate with ICE, “There’s ways around stupid-ass liberal state policy.”

Lobdell wrote, “By the end of my career, [Border Patrol] knew to always pull in behind when they saw me on a traffic stop. They are fully aware of the bullshit state policy and that ‘real’ officers hate it.”

Naturally, the immigrant-lovers at The Appeal ran to the Democrats to tattle on these officers, who are doing their best to protect and serve in an anti-cop environment that prizes illegal immigrants over actual citizens. Nothing seems to have come of it, though, and hopefully that will continue to hold true. These cops should be held up as heroes for their willingness to thumb their nose at idiotic legislation that violates federal law, public safety, and common sense.

“These brazen admissions cry out for investigation, accountability and action,” said Jon Rodney, a spokesperson for the Immigrant Defense Project. “How many abuses of power did these officers commit, and how many Californians did they tear from their communities?”

Cry us a river. Law enforcement officers tear people away from their communities all the time. That’s the nature of putting someone in jail. This is what we do when someone is engaged in illegal activity. You know, like entering a country without authorization.

Hats off to these cops. We hope there’s more of them.

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  1. These cops are heroes. What I would actually like to see is what the oath of office is for California highway patrol man. Because if it only says upholding the laws of the state of California then they could be in trouble but if there’s something about the constitution in their oath, their argument could always be that they have been placed in a mixed position.

    • If they were actually doing just that, they would begin arresting the government “elites” that are openly IGNORING the CONSTITUTION, Bill of Rights, their SWORN oath of office and allowing “sanctuary” to criminal ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.
      (and yes they are ALL criminals if they sneaked into this country ILLEGALLY)

  2. Thank you much for a job WELL DONE by backing up ICE. Law enforcement in general have a HARD ENOUGH job to do without the INSANELY STUPID Liberal Policies set up by Liberal Politicians who govern with their head shoved up their WAZOO. I Applaud your actions as well as your good work by working with each other – One Grateful Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  3. It looks like California law enforcement understands the necessity of their roles in maintaining a sound legal system! The liberals and lawmakers in Sacramento are invoking a state of chaos! Looking around in their communities I’m sure there are many illegals with only criminal backgrounds who come and go so freely, taking advantage of our stupidity in immigration enforcement! It’s about time we all stand up and support Law enforcement officers to help make our own lives safer! Many Great thankyous to all these officers!

  4. All liberal / democrat voters are stupid. It really does not matter what education level they have they are just plain dumb. They are desperate to to be coo, and on the in crowd they dont care how ridiculous the idea they will agree with it.

    Liberals / democrats have no tolerance for other view point or even the downside to the liberal view points. They do not correct their ideas into a cohesive thought theh justcrin along with the crowd.

  5. 3 cheers for these cops!! Glad to see they are standing up against those a–holes in Sac that have ruined that beautiful State.

  6. The law enforcement in California know what the laws are and how to enforce them. The stupid ones are the dumb Democrats that cheated their way into office and who have passed laws that hurt everyone especially Californians. The governor, The state AG, most of the mayors, their Senators and congressman should all be thrown out of office. Just look at how the rotten things that have been learned about Kamala Harris have shown how bad she is. Maxine Waters, Schiff, Swalwel, Pelosi..all ridiculous excuses for politicians.

  7. For nine years of my USBP career I worked out of a CHP station and was dispatched by the CHP, even stealing one of their dispatchers when I left. We have been happily married for 34 years now and she still tells me where to go. I was the only one of my kind in the area and responded to CHP calls and back-ups 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I could never have accomplished my job without the help of the CHP and many local sheriff’s departments, such as Ventura; Los Angeles; Kern and Santa Barbara, as my area of responsibility extended to all those counties. I made many life-long friendships with the officers I worked with from other agencies. In this modern liberal bull-shit state of Californicatia those same officers would be fired for being real cops and helping me to do my job. Please, any CA cop worth a shit, including especially the CHP, get out of that insane state and let the residents deal with the nightmare they have created. They neither need you nor want you and will turn on you if you really try to do your job. The Idaho State Police and the Nevada and Arizona Highway Patrols would love to have you.

    Ted L. Bader, USBP Retired (1992)
    CHP Call sign 5866C, Tejon area 1978-1987
    Carson City, NV

  8. Cliff, the problem with attesting government officials is, they have put in place laws that protecting themselves. As far as I’m concerned, the federal government should storm those states and communities that protect the illegals and arrest them. On the other hand. What about 1776 and back. It’s time for the people to decide what type of country they want to live in. I wore a uniform to protect this country, people and the President. I didn’t wear it to have it spit on by these back stabbers. ARMY Hurrah!

  9. All I can say is God bless America and the proud few in California that believe in American values. If they are here illegally get them out. If they legally welcome aboard. Just learn to live by American standards. Don’t hate assimilate, or go back home.

  10. Who is the jerk-off author. Why doesn’t he give a last name? This moron should be shot for including the law enforcements names. Notice how this coward does not put his own last name to the article he wrote. Screw this asshole and he should be fired!!!!!!!

  11. Enjoyed looking at this, very good stuff, appreciate it. “We swallow greedily any lie that flatters us, but we sip little by little at a truth we find bitter.” by Denis Diderot.

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