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California Sheriff: I Won’t “Make Criminals Out of Business Owners”

In a blistering speech in front of the Riverside County Board of Supervisors this week, Sheriff Chad Bianco said he was standing by his decision not to enforce California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s strict lockdown orders, insisting that he was not about to “make criminals out of business owners, single moms, and otherwise healthy individuals for exercising their constitutional rights.”

Bianco, who has been both praised and criticized for his stance against the state’s shutdown orders, said that Newsom and other government officials had “participated in something never done before in our nation’s history.”

“They ordered residents into their homes, closed their businesses, made them wear masks, forbid them from going to church, and eliminated constitutional freedoms put in place over 200 years ago,” he said. “In the name of a public health crisis, our civil liberties and constitutional protections were placed on hold.”

Bianco said that those measures worked to flatten the curve of coronavirus cases, but he argued that California residents – particularly those in lesser-hit counties like Riverside – could not be expected to remain shut-in for the rest of the year. He said that further coronavirus measures need to be based on “facts and data” rather than “fear.”

However, he said, he did not enforce the measures from the beginning, because he “trusted our residents’ ability to do the right thing without fear of being arrested.”

“I knew they could be trusted to act as responsible adults, and I was correct,” he said. “As we continue, I will reinforce my position. Not only do we not have the resources to enforce unreasonable orders, I refuse to make criminals out of business owners, single moms, and otherwise healthy individuals for exercising their constitutional rights. I believe Riverside County residents are responsible enough to proceed cautiously.”

Bianco’s stance is one that most state and local leaders are going to have to adopt as we move forward into the next phase of this outbreak. From both a practical standpoint and a public safety standpoint, a prolonged lockdown just isn’t going to work. Sooner than later, we’re going to have to put the emphasis on personal responsibility. Keep the warnings coming. Keep the guidelines coming. That’s fine. But forcing Americans to stay shut up in their homes? Forcing businesses to stay closed until they finally have no choice but to go out of business? That can’t go on.

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  1. FANTASTIC!!!!! As opposed to the michigan gov who experienced multiple orgasms after screwing the barber by having him arrest. “I just love screwing people” ban un named source reported

    • Yes, nice to see a sheriff who has read the constitution, honors his oath and cares about the people in his community! Your governor could learn something from this sheriff!!

  2. The Sheriff is my kind of American.
    Screw the Governor of California. We citizens living in California should have that a–hole recalled. He is worthless.

  3. I think that the left, with all of its tyranny is trying to bait conservatives into a shooting war.

    Who are these “governors” who think they some how moved their states out of America and into some lefty foreign land ?!?

    I praise God that I live in Florida under REPUBLICAN control!!

  4. You have a GREAT sheriff there who KNOWS the CONSTITUTION of the United States!!

    Either keep him as sheriff or make him your freedom loving GOVERNOR!!!!!!!!!

  5. “A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump. 1 Cor 5:6 KJV This govt is determined to destroy this nation, and is doing so piece by piece and yet speeding up the process w/this virus! According to Amos 3:6 KJV this is GOD’s doing and HE takes credit for the same. for those of you who will NOT OPEN up the Book (Isa 34:16 KJV) and read it, here it is written for says…shall there be evil in the city, and the LORD hath not done it? Listen this nation, LIKE Israel started w/GOD, and NOW they got rid of the same and told him we don’t need you any more, take a hike! NO (KJV) Bible Study (2 Tim 2:15 KJV (ONLY) NO Prayer (1 Thes 5:17 KJV ) and and NO 10 Commandments on the walls and halls of Justice in spite of Exodus 20 KJV What can anyone expect from all this? There will be MORE trouble to come! This nation is DONE! BET!!

  6. A true, “AMERICAN,” who is the Chief Law Enforcement officer of his county. Remember man is an elected official and if the people don’t want him they can not vote for him in the next election. Sounds like he’ll be elected in a landslide. Now if the people of CA get off the butts and throw out their Gov, and, “Nasty Nancy.” out they may get out of the cesspool they are in.

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