California’s Gov. Brown Slams Rural Voters for Not Wanting Higher Taxes

Appearing as part of a stunt special “Meet the Press” episode focused exclusively on climate change, California Gov. Jerry Brown dismissed rural voters in his state that did not appreciate being hit with higher fuel taxes that targeted them disproportionately.

“You won your gas tax fight,” noted host Chuck Todd, “but rural Californians didn’t like it.”

And well they shouldn’t have, since the new gas tax is especially hard on those who don’t have ready access to public transit. It’s no big deal to hike gas prices for residents who live in major metropolitan areas; they can take the bus or the trolley if they don’t want to fill up their cars. But for rural Californians who have no choice but to drive their own vehicles – Californians who are often working on a much tighter budget to begin with – it’s a punishing form of liberalism.

But Brown didn’t care about any of that. He simply dismissed rural voters as being out-of-touch simpletons who would need to eventually get with the program.

“No, they don’t,” Brown agreed. “They don’t like a lot of things. They voted against housing bonds, they voted for the Republican Cox who didn’t even make 40 percent. There is the same divide in California as in America. The red is different than the blue, and it is associated definitely with rural areas.”

He went on to praise liberal California voters for understanding they needed to pay higher taxes as a way of “helping their community.”

Brown said that Americans needed to take an adversarial approach to climate change in much the same way the country was galvanized after Pearl Harbor.

“I would point to the fact that it took Roosevelt many, many years to get America willing to go into World War II and fight the Nazis,” he said. “We have an enemy and perhaps very much devastating in a similar way and we have to fight climate change and the president has got to lead on that.”

Very much devastating in a similar way? And these clowns mock the way Trump talks?

Putting aside the absurdity of Brown’s syntax, the idea that there is any similarity between Nazis killing Jews by the thousands and a warming climate is ridiculous and offensive. Sadly, this is neither the first nor the last time we expect to hear this kind of idiotic comparison. After all, this is a party that delights in telling voters that Trump is a would-be Hitler himself, so it should come as no surprise to hear them use this rhetoric in relation to global warming.

Nor is it surprising to hear them denigrate rural Americans; for California elitists like Brown, the space in between L.A. and Nevada might as well be empty. Just like the space between California and New York. All that matters are the coasts and the cities. Everyone else can go to hell.

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  1. Looks like Moonbeam is determined to chase the rest of the businesses and hardworking middle class taxpayers out of Fornicalia.
    I guess he needs mor room for the “Caravans” full of more fine citizens eh?

    • Moonbeam makes no sense. Like most Democrats he’s in favor of letting caravan members in, who contribute zero to the economy, in fact they become a drain to taxpayers. Then he wants rural Californians to be agreeable to pay more in taxes to support the dead beat illegals!! Another Democratic liberal empty suit!!

        • JIM

          you are correct, the dems like non citizens more than USA Citizens. Plus the USA taxpayers must pay the illegals costs to be here.
          Makes No Since, unless the dems want the paid for vote . [ by USA Taxpayers ]
          something wrong with this picture.

    • MOONBEAM needs tax $$$$$$$$ to secure the Democrat hold on the “illegal alien” votes that keep bums like Himself in power——a recent trip to “fuel up” with diesel was shocking —-85 cents a gallon more than regular gasoline—–Diesel is cheaper to produce than regular gasoline and should be (before taxes) be 1/3 the price of regular. In the 1930’s gasoline was 15 cents a gallon whereas diesel was Five Cents. The price of diesel is directly priced to basic needs—-RailRoads depend on Diesel to power the generators that deliver all heavy good to market; diesel trucks deliver Our food Daily—Truckers operating in adjacent States have been told not to buy fuel in California.Dumb Political Operatives in California are ruining the Once Golden State.

    • Right on target, Ed. Next you will hear him barking about the “Wall”–if built it might weigh down California and cause a catastrophic E Quake.

    • California should take in all of the Illeagal Aliens and Illegal Alien Terrorists then Brownie can tax them and make LOTS OF MONEY! GIVE THEM OAKLAND! THE MAYOR WANTS ALL SHE CAN GET AND IS PROUD OF IT!


    • Indeed, old Jerry must have been having “flash backs” from some of the LSD He took in the 1960’s—thinking that adding 40 cents a gallon to the price of diesel—-Diesel fuels : power plants, trains as well as the trucks that bring everything to market. The price of all goods in California have spiked accordingly; perhaps moonbeam thinks of additional taxes as the backyard money tree.

  2. The fact is that Moonbeam is done, Gavin Newsome will be far worse for rural communities, the environmental laws will now be devastating to ranchers and farmers, which in turn will impact food prices and on and on. This is why immigration laws are so important the states are paid on Census Surveys and if the question of legal status is asked they lose, thus Sanctuary Cities are used and auto-enrollment for illegals saying that they can vote. Business’s are fleeing Ca. and so are the people but hey the weathers great right? Who cares what Moonbeam thinks, you are all in for a veto proof, Democratic run State that the illegals will flock too unless the Supreme Court actually does something.

    • The end result might be that the Communist Chinese Government will but up all of California’s farmlands—–They already (thank’s to Diane Feinstein) took over Long Beach Harbor and “kicked out” Our Coast Guard—WAKE UP!

    • Mr. JB moonbean brown noser.
      Newsome is no better. he is JB’s water boy.
      just another liberal Socialist in Sacramneto’ s white house… bown & Newsome will tax the piss out of of Chinafornia. Brown has sent over 300 companies fleeing CA in the pass 8 years.
      The Ca Pension system in broke. over 63 billion in the shit hole thanks to Brown and Obama.
      and JB wants to tax you more, for all his illegals benefit programs.
      hey jerry, go suck it up

      • Moonbeam is a human snake. How dare he call people that do not agree with him simpletons. He and his cohorts are ruining this fabulous state. The rest of the country wants California to go it alone.

  3. Remember this – ” Cali Governor Jerry Brown Slams “Free-Loading” Taxpayers For Opposing Higher Taxes” ? EVERYONE who opposes higher taxes are “Deplorable” to the democrats. Having just returned from California I have to wonder what they do with the money – must use it for their “sanctuary cities” because they sure don’t spend it on the roads or trash collection.

  4. I have come to the conclusion that when Brown was born and the good Lord was passing out brains, Brown thought he said trains and said I will take the caboose. Only a fool would think that good folks want to be taxed to death..literally. If you don’t believe me just look at everything you buy and you will see a hefty tax on it. The problem isn’t lack of money but that those in charge spend it in the wrong places and then pathetically demand more taxes, crying the blues of the needs of the people.

  5. Did anyone here actually hear/see the interview? Brown didn’t ‘slam’ anyone. Comparisons to WWII and/or the Nazis…. where tens of millions of people were killed actually wasn’t a great point of comparison…. but, with some minimal cognizance, you might understand his point, that effects from ‘man-made’ climate change can not only kill tens of millions of people… it can also destroy the planet for ‘human habitation’.

    • You clearly buy into the “settle science” propaganda. Every prediction made so far has been dramatically wrong. The earth’s climate has change numerous times over the millenia and it had nothing to do with man. The sun has more impact on climate than any other variable. “Climate Change” has become a religion and it is all about money, power and control, and destroying the economy. Carbon emissions in the U.S. has actually decreased, while the rest of the world continues pumping into the atmosphere. You probably like cap and trade, which is essentially a shell game. Trump was right to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord.

      • Absolutely true, John. If everyone studied a little geology and cosmology they might know that the earth goes through a warm to cold cycle about every 15 thousand years. What formed the Great Lakes about 14K years ago? Ice sheets two miles thick. What happened to these glaciers? They melted. What melted them? The earth’s cycle. When they melted and filled the lakes, did we find rusted grocery carts, junk cars, and plastic crap from Wal-Mart? The earth will do what the earth does. Better to turn our attention to things we can help, like preserving clean water and reduce, reuse, recycle. We can’t change the temperature, and China, India, and developing countries sure aren’t going to cut carbon. They just laugh as we lose jobs to them since our regs put manufacturing out of business.

  6. This just how delusional and sick this excuse for governor out there has gotten.Probably one of the main reasons besides gun control people are leaving this failed state in record numbers every year.

  7. Well it seems that Governor Moonbeam, being in office never had a buget that balanced. He was a piece of Sh@# when he was in San Diego, just a ASS WIPE DEM like his Father. Just like’s to spend other people money. I moved from California 13 years ago, how they get reelected I don’t know. Everybody I talked to never would vote for this lower then human waste.

  8. I pay more for gas & car registration in CA now than I did in Kansas in 2009 for the same 2004 car. I live in a rural area & must drive, no choice. I drive as little as possible. Can’t afford spending on gas. My small car is good on gas too. Why am I in CA? I must be nuts? I can’t afford to move. If I could, I would.

    • No Rivahmitch,,,,,, move it about 100 miles WEST. A new shore line starting at Sacramento south. Fresh air, fresh start. No problems.

      • You won’t have to wait much longer. The ring of fire is acting up all around the Pacific. It’s only a matter of time until it makes it to our west coastline, and time is getting short.

  9. Just more proof the massive amounts of drugs Brown indulged in earlier permanently damaged his brain, what there was of it.

  10. Moses is leading the Enlightened Ones across the Mojave to Arizona. Seeing almost as many Calipornia plates as our own nowadays. God help us – let them move on to Nuevo Mexico.

    • Don’t try and send your scum to New Mexico or any other state! You keep electing idiots so you own their laws, taxes, and insanity!! If a group of you got together and actually stood together you could remove everyone of them from office! You, the legal voters, can and clearly should impeach those clowns. By the people themselves removing these clowns in this way you’ll only have to impeach a handful of the idiots you’ve elected. Those that are the leftovers will quickly align with the real electorate! They all take an oath that says “…protect and defend the constitution of the United States against ALL enemies both foreign and domestic…so help me God.” They’ve committed treason and impeachment is completely appropriate!!

  11. The tables could be turned back on Moonbeam. since Ca depends on it produce to survive , for the most part. Truckers could just refuse to load it at the chilling houses Back to the dock with doors closed. If forced off property the next truck and so on. You cannot force a trucker to take any load. It is their choice theirs only.Soon produce grown in the ground would be plowed under costing the big mega growers millions of dollars. So simple to do.They in turn will go see Moonbeam and demand changes and they will get them. no riots, no guns, just drivers refusing to haul out of CA or into for that matter.

    • I like your way of thinking, although, I think the liberal shits (elected and non-elected) in that state should be dropped in the deepest part of the fault, for starters.

      My question is, would you be able to get enough truckers to fall in line? It’s the same old dilemma you’d hear about during a strike or walkout…many people live on the margin and the economics of one or two months of lost wages is terrifying. Not to mention that the trucking companies might take actions against the non-independent drivers. Additionally, most people (as you find in most the comments here) are happy to sit back and watch this disgrace of a state implode…Me included. The only issue there is, that much of the trash would flee Eastward and bring their liberal, entitled and victim mentalities to functioning, normal and neighboring states.

      They are reaping what they’ve sewn and voted for, for decades. The cool, hip, liberal utopia is now smelling like the turd, it has always been. Can’t put enough wrapping paper or $5,000/oz perfume on it, to hide the stench any longer.

      I do like the idea of turning these idiots against one another though. It would be great to see moon-idiot have to back pedal and explain why he is reversing all his liberal, idiotic legislation. I doubt though that the elites would cave though. Those in mansions, with millions would hold up behind their walls or fly off to one of their 5 other mansions and blame Trump for the woes of their beloved califukya.

      That being said, if you could organize truckers to shut down that state for 2 months, I’d donate $50-$100 to a funds to offset their losses!!

  12. California needs to be kicked out of the Federal Union, or those living on the Coast including the Hollywood Elite should be deported to Venezuela. It is a shame and a disgrace and as they keep pushing it will have to declare bankruptcy. There laws support the government leadership and they want only to rule while the exodus of good people will continue.

    • Exactly, that is why a yes vote on 6 was so important. But 10 to 1 adds saying vote no on 6. Election corruption at it’s finest hour

  13. This guy has really lost it. He needs to go far far away from civilization. What he is doing to you people is rough to take. Find a way to kick him out. He is not worth your sanity.

  14. The smart people of California put this mutton head in office live with it or throw him out next election.Christ do the people of California enjoy being screwed by the democrats that much

    • It’s obvious that they do. I’m old enough to remember Monnbeam’s first two terms as Gov in the ’70’s, having been born and raised in SoCal. In those days, he laid the groundwork for the destruction of Cali. Many conservatives including me left Cali for good. I in ’89. And now the majority that remain are mostly “something-for-nothing” lefties who voted him in as Gov again so he can finish the job. They deserve all they are going to get. Always makes me think of Churchill and a quote ascribed to him:
      “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries. Californians, BOHICA!

  15. It’s very, very easy to tell that the dumbocratic legislators are OUT OF THEIR FREAKIN MINDS. Gov thinks the people who pay taxes are wrong to not want to pay higher taxes. I got a better one, cut all legislators salaries in half till they start putting in full time at their full time jobs. They should have the same chance at MISERY as the people they represent. BY THE WAY YOUR CAPTCHA DOESN’T WORK FOR SHIT. FOUR + ? = 11, LET ME GUESS 7, CAPTCHA DON’T LIKE THE ANSWER.

  16. Whenever I buy online, I look first to see where the product is coming from. If it is California or New York, I look elsewhere and pay more for the item rather than sending them my money or I go without the item.
    The trucking industry could have a huge impact by refusing to move produce out of the sanctuary state in as little as one week. We all need to boycott all products from California.

    • I’m a conservative voter, live in New York State (central upstate rural), and I shop online and buy from businesses in other states that don’t have reciprocal taxation agreements with NY whenever I can. This state has perhaps the largest Democrat base anywhere in the USA, in NY City! NY City votes about 90% Democrat, election after election. We conservatives are held captive to the desires of liberal, socialist, anti-gun, “progressives”! They, in turn, are held captive by social programs of all kinds, subsidies, and feel the need to vote Democrat forever, or go back to work and pay taxes and a lesser lifestyle than they get by being on the dole. This whole country is going down the same path that the states with the big cities are traveling. In a very short time, all the states having the largest number of electoral votes will be run by the Democrats. This will be accomplished through padding the voter rolls with illegals and immigrants from oppressed nations, be through government assistance or preferential treatment. These people will overload our welfare rolls and taxes will expand to become great oppression for those who still have jobs and will be leaned on to support the social programs.

  17. The far left/Dems have nothing but contempt for anyone who does not agree with them. They do it by categorizing them as deplorable, hicks, racist, homophobic or whatever. The fact is it is the left/Dems who have the problem, a superiority problem. They believe that only are right and that rest of the country is wrong.

  18. Brown like Cuomo are absolute a$$ hole governors. I hope California becomes a third world state. Maybe it will sink in that socialism won’t work. I also hope ALL the businesses pull out . Stick your higher taxes straight up your a$$ Brown. You don’t pay them. WTF do you care.

  19. When the hell is California going to wake up that idiot Governor Brown that’s doing nothing but hurting your state you better wake up before it’s too late.
    California’s hurting from the government in California and there way to make up for their free spending it’s the raise taxes and gas

  20. Mexifornia, look back to how your forefathers would have handled the likes of incompetent corruptocrats like Jerry Brown Turd and gay blade Gavin Newsome: Form a posse, track ’em down, take ’em both into custody, try them, find them both guilty, get two short ropes with nooses, take ’em both to the nearest tall tree, string ’em both. Proclaim California a no-mans land for illegals. Same thing will happen to any remaining at the end of 24-hours.They’ll get the message — guaranteed…

  21. In his own way Brown keeps convincing people that he has plenty of food on his own table. But his assumption that everybody else has as much as he does…well, that’s a downfall.

  22. Maybe California should break up into individual states. Let Brown and his lib friends pay for their own ideas and leave the rest of the population alone. Half the state is already in bankruptcy and the rest well on their way….

  23. Just keep voting for the same people thinking something different will happen if they get reelected. Not only is that called stupidity is also called crazy, idiotic, Lunacy and whatever other dumb thing uninformed and uneducated idiots think.

  24. I have had to put up with Brown for 4 terms. Not once did he get my vote. Brown has never told the truth about anything. The left is a plague. They steal elections. Hey Jerry, take your train and shove it up your tunnel. And why do we have to pay for climate change when its the government who has caused it all. If Jerry dies his first day after retirement, I will throw a party. F—k Jerry Brown

  25. Right. And I slam him for being a total sell out to the citizens of California. Brown is little more than a self-adoring drinker at the public trough. He made a mess out of most things he touched. Good riddance. Finally.

  26. Comrade Brown and his DEMOCRAPIC buddies have only their own interest in mind that of robbing all the good people of this state and giving what they doesn’t steal to the illegals. Look what a mess they have created in this state. And they what the TAX PAYERS to pay for it. Oh! Then there is his HIGH Speed Rail thing to nowhere, with loads of over runs that has cost the tax payers a boat load of cash. These are the people who can’t get a working web-site to work, which cost the tax-payers a ton of money.

  27. U R right Ed, Moonbeam is set on buying more votes thru the Caravan process to his open cities to keep him and his blood sucking cronies in power and drive out of California all of us native “prune pickers”, middle class and small business people. HE IS SUCCEEDING!

  28. governor ronstadt needs to explain to the democratic (power of the people) party that he is beyond thinking about the people and that he is the social communist leader of fornicalia and he doesn’t care if you are rural or suburban you will all end up paying more taxes, instead of reforming taxes. As the communist head he will exempt himself of the taxes he is demanding. Time is upon the people to find a new regime of fair and equal governorship!

  29. Old Biker…I agree 1000%…thank GOD I don’t live in that SHITHOLE!!!

    The Californians who are still part of the Union and love America need to continue to push for a ballot to split California up. Their liberal supreme court, unsurprisingly sided with the liberal communists, who fought it in court. However, they left the door cracked for this to make the ballot at some point. They should gather signatures every year and submit them to state election officials. Make the left wing idiots go to court each and every time it’s eligible to be voted on.

    How many of you in California would love to not pay through the nose in taxes, in order to support agendas that go against your beliefs, as well as support a governor and local officials that are deviant freaks and traders?

    Keep pushing, and while your at it, tell Hollywood to F’off. The majority of those elitists bastards are at the root of your problems. They are the money behind the idiots legislating your state into the ground.
    I’ll bet you there are no homeless or drug addicts shitting on the sidewalks in Beverly hills or in the neighborhoods where those precious actors and politicians live.

  30. By the implementation of such policies, “Governor Moonbeam” is implementing the communist policies of Vladimir Lenin, to wit: “The way to crush the bourgeoisie (the middle class) is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.” Is it any wonder that both the corporate tax base and taxpayers are fleeing the state for more business (and tax)-friendly environs…like Nevada, Texas and Florida, etc.

    I think when “the big beautiful wall” is finally built, it should be turned north at the CA-AZ border…and then west again at the Oregon state line. (CA is already on the verge of bankruptcy due to their incredibly poor fiscal policies. Let them go broke, but no bailout from the Feds. Can you say “coup d’état” in Sacramento?)

  31. Brown was born the son of Pat Brown when Pat was governor. He’s never had to work for his money, he’s against the border wall because “They just want a better life” on the backs of hard working American taxpaying citizens, he’s against the “Three strikes law” because it cost taxpayers to much money to confine them and continually wanted to raise taxes.
    He’s dumbed down the school system, where we used to graduate the best and brightest. Thinks that the government employees should be paid more than the private sector, plus receive full medical and dental insurance, along with the best pension in the nation.
    Employees have no standards for the work produced or amount of work. They aren’t required to help or be pleasant to the public. If an employee shows cause for doing something that in the private sector you would be fired for on the spot, it takes up to three years to make it happen.
    All he thinks about is making the state a sanctuary for people who break our laws to enter illegally because they want a better life. These people can’t work”LEGALLY” but they can get welfare, food stamps, MediCal and education for their children.
    Socialism at it’s best.

  32. “Brown said that Americans needed to take an adversarial approach to climate change in much the same way the country was galvanized after Pearl Harbor.” We’re learning that the modern levels of microwave radiation (electro smog) are likely contributors to warming and climate change.

    Easy to trash internal combustion engines. Who’s ready to set aside cell phones and satellite TV?
    Not so many. Hmmmm…

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