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CBS Reporter: Trump is Much More Accessible Than Obama

President Trump has said on many occasions that the Washington media is the “enemy of the people,” and the media has treated him like a uniquely evil villain in return. But according to CBS reporter Major Garrett, Trump isn’t nearly the foil for the media that he makes himself out to be on television. In fact, Garrett said in an interview with the Washington Examiner, Trump was quite a bit more accessible and open to the media than his immediate predecessor.

“There is more access to this president than there was to Obama,” Garrett conceded. “We see him all the time. He takes questions a lot. We see him and interact with him and punch in questions with far more frequency than with Obama. Probably more so than for W. Bush.”

Garrett, of course, isn’t blind to the ongoing war between the press and the White House, but he said the relationship was more complicated than many political observers bothered to notice.

“He loves us, and he hates us, and he loves us,” he said, laughing.

“As much as he hates us, he at some level is addicted to us and loves to see how what he bounces out there bounces back. He takes a measure of the media and in so doing he takes a measure of the country because he does have a genuine sense, more than any previous president, of what it means to be a celebrity and what it means to be a celebrity now,” Garrett told the Examiner.

Surprisingly for a full-fledged member of the mainstream media, Garrett doesn’t even have a problem with the president’s frequent attacks on the press.

“On the high side, it’s calling the question: What’s reporting?” he said. “I have no problem that question being called because good reporting is not afraid. Good reporting can withstand, and it damn well better withstand, the harshest criticism imaginable.”

Coming from someone who works at CBS News, we can’t overstate how refreshing this was to read. Finally, someone in the business of journalism who actually remembers that he’s a reporter and not a liberal activist. We were convinced there was no one left.

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  1. Perhaps the media is starting to understand that the liberals, ala Democrats, are the whackos. This president is getting things done. Accomplishments abound at every turn. The only ones really fighting him are the ones who no longer are in a power position so they create mayhem at every opportunity. That is not good for America. Trump is!

      • I am not so sure…look at dumbass Hahn every week on Tucker…mouth does not ever stop long enough for the mental midget to think…now I know why smart people call Chuck Schumer …Mr. Magoo, ….Hahn is now starting to look like him too …”Mr. Magoo…you done it again”

    • Do not forget the so-called main street media who are actually part of the democRAT Party. There official mouthpiece who are putting out fake news and lies. Yet when he does something good like bringing back a hostage they give a whole 1/2 minute and start back at making false accusations and lies. God if Obama had done what Trump as done they would be 24/7 giving all his accomplishments. They have never given Trump a full list of accomplishments. But they do lies and fake news stories.

  2. my 84 yr old retired schoolteacher friend told me that when he was in the school system “they were bringing in communists to teach our children.” This is now called ‘common (communist) core.’ We have all been trained in communism and told it is democratic.
    in a democracy, 51% can take away the rights of 49% . In a republic, 99% cannot take the rights of even 1%.

    • Common core is evil ! My granddaughter would be told her answer was correct but, she came to the conclusion using her way of solving. You should have seen me at the conference ! U less you are like a sheep following the masses, you are wrong ! Mind control ! She got he answer right just not the way others get the answer. That is not how I raised her. Unfortunately we live in a VERY liberal city, Jackson, Wyoming. Her entire liberal views are terrifying and heartbreaking. She was mortified when one day bringing her something that she forgot, I noticed the President and Pence’s pictures were taken down. I asked about it at the office and they seemed perplexed that it wasn’t out there. Took twice over a 2 week period for them to put it back up. Other parents had noticed as well. I had told them that whatever personal feelings, he is our president and they should honor it. The liberalism at the school is scary. Wyoming is a red state but not Jackson. 2 more years of high school and she is gone ! Everyone, in luding myself worry about the future of our country and we should be. What they are doing to the children is scary. Actually, being in high school, they are will soon be out there with their me, me, me attitude soon.

    • Good summary.
      I’ve been going around my state making speeches against Common Core, which IS socialist education.
      A retired teacher, I watched with horror over the past 30+ years as socialists took over the schools and threw out traditional lit and history and replaced it with leftist lit and revised history and “trophy for everybody” and “achievement awards are unfair” and other socialist ideas. The communist young generation we have now are the result.

  3. and all the media can do is whine about it , we finally have a president that is doing the job he got elected to do , the others where more interested in doing what they wanted to do ,if we got back our money from what it cost for the obomas vacations for 8 years , we could knock a trillion off the deficit

  4. Major Garrett has always been a pretty decent reporter, but, I’m not holding my breath that he’s seen the light with Pres Trump. Not if he wants to keep his job!

  5. I can’t believe about 3/4 of these email post. The market dropping. Would like to see all the tax return for last year on all you individuals. We will POTUS Trump. The real funny is an individual almost started WWIII. An still can we he see how much a fool he was made out to be. NATO doesn’t respect him and unfortunately we the American citizens of our great nation are being labeled along with him. A liar and cheat. No respect for women. No respect for individuals much smarter then he is. You can blame our former President for a lot but who are you going to blame for what coming in the wind. So get out and vote in 2018. Trump, Pence, and the rest of his cronies must go.

  6. WOW! , Major Garrett reporting a positive article on My President Trump? Prayfully and Hopefully things are changing at CBS, Ya Think? I’m 69 years old and have voted for all the presidents since I was eligible to register. This is the MOST Transparent, Promises Made, Promises Kept, Honest, Patriotic and Best President I’ve voted for!!! MAGA and He Is!!!

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