Chelsea Handler Embarrasses Herself Trying to Call Trump a Racist

Comedian Chelsea Handler, last seen starring in a Netflix documentary where she parades herself in front of random African-Americans to apologize for her white privilege, embarrassed herself yet again on Wednesday when she insinuated that Trump only issued pardons and clemency for white convicts.

“While our president exonerates criminals and releases them from jail, notice what color they all are,” tweeted the race-obsessed Handler.

Handler was referring to a rash of pardons handed out by Trump on Tuesday, where he granted clemency to 11 people, including former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich and financier Michael Milken – both of whom are admittedly white.

But if Handler had scratched beneath the bare surface, she would have seen that her tweet was a humiliating mistake in the making.

“I’ve noticed a lot of them are black! What are you trying to say, Chelsea?” tweeted comedian Mark Dice.

Even one of the people who received clemency schooled her on Twitter.

“I’m BLACK,” replied Angela Stanton-King, who was convicted in 2007 for her part in a theft ring.

The list of 11 also included black women Crystal Munoz and Tynice Nichole Hall; their cases were brought to Trump’s attention by Alice Marie Johnson, another black woman who was pardoned by President Trump in 2018.

Twitter user Robby Starbuck pointed out Handler’s mistake to her: “Chelsea, This is @theangiestanton, Tynice Hall & Crystal Munoz. All were granted commuted sentences or a full pardon. He did 11 commutations or pardons today. Out of 11, 7 looked white (63%). Whites (including white hispanics) account for 77% of the population. You’re ignorant.”

But instead of taking responsibility for her error and admitting that she was in fact an ass of the highest order, Handler doubled down and moved the goalposts.

“First of all, that was Jared Kushner prison reform and it was inspired by his father,” tweeted Handler. “The black people who were released from prison were never criminals to begin with. They had low level drug possessions. Trump just released real criminals and they are all white.”

Well, you’ve heard of “no true Scotsman” arguments, and here we have the corollary: “No True Black Criminals.”

Wokeness is a mental disease.

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  1. Chelsea Handler is a disgusting pig apparently now we can add incredibly stupid. When you’re wrong and it’s pointed out you’re wrong stop digging, makes you look even dumber if that’s possible for this classless pos!!!

  2. This is exactly “why” the so-called democRAT party has NO REAL Presidential Candidate who could in any shape of form CHALLENGE President Trump…..AND “win” the Presidency….!!!!! They are ALL either totally CRAZY or just plain and simple DUMB…..!!!!!

  3. Well Chelsea, another failed comedy routine ! You are getting away from your natural niche … NUDITY ! We like your RACK (you listening out there, AOC??), but please don’t try anything outside YOUR ( and our) comfort zone ….

  4. Just another example of the stupidity, hate, and anger that comes from most Democrats ! It truly must be horrible to live with that much hate & anger in your heart !! If they would work as hard doing something good for this country instead of working that hard hating Trump what great things could get done for all of us….Republicans AND Democrats !!!!!

  5. Really??!! Sounds like she took her clues from Obama when he apologized to the entire world for “white” America. I believe most white people [& maybe a lot of blacks] are sick of hearing all this. Yes, slavery WAS a terrible part, not only of America, but also of world history. Most of us are disgusted with the thought of what some of our ancestors did so long ago. Maybe Chelsea, Barack Obama, AND millions of others, need to remember all the millions of white people that have fought, was maimed, AND died fighting for equality for black people. Try to turn that hate in & anger into gratitude & love! You just might find yourself as a happier person that actually has some good human qualities !!!!!!

  6. Isn’t it amazing how the left keeps using the race card. The black community is productive under President Trump. Obama did nothing to help other than make things worse for everybody. Look at the charts and it will show the job market and incomes are so much better. unemployment is the lowest it has been in many years . The economy is great. The democrats want us to be dependent on them. Look at Pelosi’s, Maxine Waters, and Schiff’s districts. They have done nothing to clean up there own district’s in California, how can they make things better for anyone else. Wake up, they want us to be dependent on them so they can continue to do nothing and nobody has anything but them.

    • Handler is a dumbass bitch nigger wanta be cocksucker with shit for brains. She’s going to get her sorry ass kicked. We’re coming for you Chelsea baby.

  7. This is why the public is turning away from the Hollywood crowd! They are ignorant hacks, spouting off on something they know nothing about. When you confront them with facts, the first thing they say is you’re a racist.
    By using the race card all the time, it’s lost all meaning! These ignorant fools who live behind their gated community, driving expensive cars, living in palatial mansions then try to tell us what they know nothing about.
    They push a Communist-Socialist agenda, which is all about enslaving the people to government. They don’t realize that should our government turn into Venezuela, they will have nothing. The government will seize your private property, and then you become a slave to the cause. As the government will tell you what, when, where and how much you’re entitled to.
    They are so disconnected from reality, they have started to believe their own lies. I guess if you tell a lie often enough, it starts to sound believable. These Hollywood elites are legends in their own mind.

  8. Handler is a dumbass bitch nigger wanta be cocksucker with shit for brains. She’s going to get her sorry ass kicked. We’re coming for you Chelsea baby.

  9. Some people don’t know when to keep their mouth shut. Chelsea, let me give you some advice. Don’t let your hatred for someone (President Trump) or anyone to cause you to make comments that are not true. Most everyone that is against President Trump don’t bother to find out if it’s true or not. HATRED IS A SICKNESS. IT’S NOT ATTRACTIVE. GOD will hold you accountable for what you say and do.

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