Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon: BLM Riots Were Better Than Capitol Riots

Apparently determined to squander the last remaining shreds of their credibility, CNN hosts Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon engaged in a conversation Tuesday night in which they compared to BLM/Antifa riots of last summer with the Capitol siege of last week. We know you’ll be shocked to hear this, but the hosts determined that there actually is no comparison between the two. Why?

Well, maybe we should let them explain.

The two got going based on an interview Cuomo did with the Department of Homeland Security’s Ken Cuccinelli, in which the latter talked about the destruction of many American cities over the past year.

“Nobody has ever done anything like we saw last week. And it happened for a reason. And the reason is his mouth,” Cuomo said, referencing Trump.

“They most certainly have,” Cuccinelli replied. “They just haven’t done it at the Capitol. They’ve been doing it all over the country for seven months.”

“That matters. That matters. Overturning the election is different than being pissed off about being shot by cops,” Cuomo huffed.

So there you have the premise: Sometimes it’s okay to wreak havoc and lash out with violence, and sometimes it isn’t.

Lemon approved. “I’m glad you mentioned about being shot by cops because you cannot compare. And I’m sick of people comparing. You can’t compare what happened this summer to what happened at the Capitol. It’s two different things,” he said.

Well, it is factually two different things. And we’ll even allow that you can examine the motivations for each and draw comparisons and contrasts. But to just dismiss the comparison altogether as if we’re talking about sewing on the one hand and astronomy on the other…well, that doesn’t quite jibe. In both instances, we’re talking about political violence.

“One is built on people, on racial justice, on criminal justice, right, on reform, on police not beating up – or police treating people of color differently than they do whites. Okay? That is not a lie. Those are facts. Go look at them,” Lemon continued. “So, just on that one merit, if you want to call it, it’s not comparable. That things are not comparable. So they should not be doing it. And stop this whataboutism.”

If someone’s saying, “Hey, the thing at the Capitol is fine because the BLM riots were fine,” we’ll acknowledge that is a terrible argument. But it’s certainly not “whataboutism” to notice that people like Lemon and Cuomo were promoting and justifying the violence in Minneapolis, Atlanta, Kenosha, and elsewhere for months and then condemning the Capitol violence as the worst thing they’d ever seen. It’s a relevant insight into how utterly broken our mainstream media outlets have become.

No surprise that CNN’s primetime hosts would want to veer as far away from that conclusion as possible.

What do you think?

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Written by Andrew


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  1. Cuomo (C) is the same ryligyon as Hitler (C). Look at the brown shirts of Hitler (C). They are the same as the Antifa! Look south of the USA, all (C) and failed forever. Oh, I forgot Biden (C) is the same. A thousand years, a hundred nations, and exactly 100% failure.

  2. Just two punks gum flapping is all I see. It was done because trash like these two are running their mouths….and they only do it from behind walls, mikes and the guns of others as the cowards they are.

  3. sure all that cop and citizen beating, the burning, looting, and murders were a lot more fun to watch. Especially when they were used as a backdrop to a news host saying: “mostly peaceful protests”.

    Also we know they were better because kamala, biden, pelosi, AOC, Sean Peen and Madonna gave money for the rioters legal fees and bail.

    they had to be better because the FBI completely ignored investigating them.

    We know they were better because democrat prosecutors refused to prosecute the rioters and looters.

    clearly the year of democrat paid riots, beatings, looting, murders, and arson was much better then to three house the capital was captive by the staged democrat thugs.

    I would give the 2020 and 8, only because they did not have any really big explosions, but the capital building takeover only gets a 2. Well maybe a 3 because of he really dramatic wall climb while the cops were letting everyone in the front door. The climb made for great TV. So yeah ok a 3.

  4. Its a shame they didn’t do anything about the protests and riots last year. Actually, it was worse than the capitol as those protests killed a lot of people with them not wearing masks and social distance, & spreading the virus. They may have a right but not during a pandemic, DUH! Yet they didn’t let people go to church. Doesn’t that fall into the same amendment…freedom of speech & freedom of religion. The politicians are somewhat responsible about the virus deaths as they did nothing to stop them, so it kind of serves them right to a riot at their work place. Hope they will wise up and realize that the people aren’t going to take their corruption, B.S. and not representing the people. They are not elite nor or they invincible.

  5. Cuomo and Lemon are the last persons I’d listen to if Real eminent danger was at my door. Both are hypocritical narcissist that tell their followers lies and exaggerated stories to fuel the fire, fan the flames and cause divisiveness in our country. One of these days their words will come back and the world will realize they’ve been manipulated and lied to. They deserve whatever comes their way! Losers!

  6. What will they say when Antifa and BLM turns on them and burns down their house? Ask the major of Portland, he found out the hard way

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