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Climate Kookery: Elizabeth Warren Rolls Out Her Worst Idea Yet

It’s not easy to keep “out-lefting” yourself in a campaign that pits you against self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders, but we’ll be damned if Sen. Elizabeth Warren isn’t giving it the ol’ college try. In remarks to “Morning Joe” on Wednesday, the Massachusetts Democrat said that her administration would make sure that all new buildings from 2028 forward meet carbon neutral standards.

“What scares me is every time you go back to the scientists, they tell you two things. It’s worse than we thought and we have less time,” Warren said. “That means we’ve got to be willing to do things, for example, like regulation. By 2028, no new buildings, no new houses, without a zero carbon footprint.”

If that example of economy-grinding, big government regulation doesn’t send a chill down your spine, perhaps you’ll like some of her other climate-focused ideas. Like her plan to make light-duty trucks and cars carbon neutral by the end of the decade. Or her determination to make the entirety of electricity production carbon neutral by 2035.

Or this nonsense: “We also need to make environmental justice really at the heart of our climate plan. A central part of the plan for me is I want to put a trillion dollars into cleaning up the places that collectively we have destroyed as a nation and bringing them back.”

Yeah! What’s a trillion dollars here or a trillion there? If it’s in the name of “ ____ justice,” then there’s no amount of money we won’t spend!

This isn’t Warren’s first brush with climate extremism, of course. She was one of the first pandering politicians to endorse Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s outlandish Green New Deal, and she told CNN in September that she would enact carbon taxes and “climate adjustment fees” on goods coming into the United States.

Political experts have said that the effect of those taxes would primarily hurt American working families.

“While oil, natural gas, and coal companies would be responsible for paying the fee, they would likely pass a significant share of the associated cost on to their customers. As with the increase in energy costs, the increase in the cost of nonenergy goods and services would disproportionately impact low income households.”

That analysis came not from the Heritage Foundation or the Republican National Committee, by the way. It’s the text of an internal memo from…wait for it…the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2015.

But Warren assures us that all of this wonderful progress will be paid for by people richer than any of us will ever be or will ever meet, so why worry? It’s not like this woman has ever lied…

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  1. Does this IDIOT realize that when people are cold, they will burn, anything to keep warm. All of that burning will produce CARBON, Liz are going to cut down all the trees in America to keep cold people from burning wood, straw, leaves, and plant material.
    Further Liz the IDIOT, do you realize the economy will sink like a rock in the ocean, so how will the Government, that you LIZ, pay the environmental taxes you can not collect from starving people without incomes.
    Liz, if you have a brain, you would read the history of fraud by the East Anglican University “Scientist “when the fudged all the data that did not meet their models!!
    I know, I know Liz you are drive to be the dictator of America, so you being power mad force the People do your WILL. Look at history, LiZZIE , none of them were successful!
    Remember Liz not long ago “Scientist” said eggs, yes EGGS LIZ were bad for you as they produce cholesterol which caused heart attacks!! Well, my personal Ph.D in Nutrition, my University Professor bride said right up front that phony!! Well, LIZ today she right and all the phony Ph.D were wrong!!

    • She doesn’t care,she is the government,she has a pension for life and her kids are also taken care of also.We pay for her heat,gas,electric,and we feed them.The only way to stop them is by getting the people out there with only one or two brain cells to stop voting for socialist’s(communist’s).

      • It’s a “SAD” thing to ONLY care about today and a “Career” and job security and money and all the things that go w/life etc (and yes those things must be addressed in this temporal life) YET, not “CONSIDER” that the minute one dies, then “WHAT?” IT IS NOT Possible that a man or woman is born into a world where all there is, is stuff, w/NO absolute meaning or direction! That is ONE of the most unsettling thought I can think of, having NO idea of what will be and of what direction! As a baby cries and screams, because they do NOT know, so those who KNOW NOT where they will wind up in eternity! “I KNOW” whom I have believed and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him at that day.” 2 Tim 1:12/1 John 5:13 KJV

  2. Pokerhynas also doesn’t understand all the zero emissions energy sources emit carbon when they are being made, thus, IMPOSSIBLE to make ZERO EMISSION HOUSING. All will have some emissions somewhere along the manufacture/building process!

  3. Lets put a cork in her ass so she cannot fart. Lets stick a cock in her mouth to stop the mouth from expelling carbon in the air. In another words, shut the bitch up. Or cut its throat.

  4. This idiot idea will make housing more expensive to build, which will make rent unbelievably high, which will culminate in more homeless people sleeping on the street. This old lady keeps having one bad pipe dream after another. THIS is what happens when you condone communism. Liz and Bernie have to GO!!! They can bring ALL their ideas to Russia and China where they will be well received.

  5. It bothers me a lot, and for multiple reasons, that the AGW (anthropogenic global warming) people are so fixated on elimination of carbon dioxide from our lives. The primary reason is that unless we immediately start building nuclear power plants, there is just no way we will ever be able to produce the power required to run our civilization without using carbon based fuels (this is a scientific fact). The next part that bothers me is that the entire AGW story is an outright hoax-the purpose of the need to reduce greenhouse gases has nothing to do with reducing the world’s temperature and everything to do with growing government and the redistribution of America’s wealth. Next, there is NO evidence that increasing CO2 in the atmosphere causes the temperatures to rise, but there is a lot of evidence that increasing the level of CO2 in the atmosphere does improve the ability to grow food (plants use CO2 for their food). These people are talking about the total destruction of our economy and our lifestyle to serve as a solution to a hoax. If we accepted all of the BS the “green people” are asking for, science says we will have avoided a rise in earth temperature of 0.02 degrees Fahrenheit by the year 2035 (who the hell has equipment that can measure this difference?).

  6. This woman is a blind as a bat backing into a Blizzard! She can’t see the forest for the carbon eating trees! There is such thing as a GREEN HOUSE, and that green house is used to grow green things and when Carbon Dioxide is pumped into it, the plants grow GREATLY! Lady, your mind is given up to stupidity! This CO2 crap is all about MONEY, or should I say “THE LOVE OF MONEY” 1 Tim 6:10 KJV (ONLY) The rich will NOT pay, the poor and middle class (if there is one by then) will pay as they always pay! IF people can’t SEE your idiotic statement and stupid facts are fraudulent, then they themselves are just as BLIND! You just want to be president! You will say whatever people want to hear and yet, you will do nothing but what you are told! I’ll say this, in closing; If you, or any woman ever gets elected, shut the front door, board up the nation, this nation will be DONE! A “WOMAN” named EVE, started the destruction and a woman will be the cause of it’s demise! Satan always goes after the WEAKER vessel! 1 Peter 3:7 KJV

  7. LOL.this country is pretty darn clean. Now, China is the largest polluter on the planet. Why doesn’t she fly her broom there and get right the leaders face and tell him to knock it off. I’m guessing she would be gone off the face of the earth, shortly there after. Pockafuckus is a big loser.

  8. Has she fallen off the political cliff with the Democratic clown car act yet? . . . this should be GOOD! Better than a SITCOM. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  9. Human caused Global warming (now called climate change… perhaps the dumbest phrase ever) is perhaps the most inconsequential minuscule portion of what drives climate. This religion is fraudulent in its base and serves only to give meaning to the lives of it’s apostles.

  10. What else would you expect from fake-a- hontas? Something even remotely intelligent. Like they even know what that is. This is why that thing should not or never be President or even anywhere near the White House.

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