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CNN: It’s Sexist to Say Elizabeth Warren Lied (Even Though She Did)

As much as we dread the possibility that Joe Biden can sneak his good-ol-boy routine past the American people, appeal to our collective desire for…well, a less dramatic president, and actually win the 2020 election, Biden’s nomination would at least spare us from a general election in which everything anyone says about the nominee is declared “sexist” by the media. We’ve already been down that road, and it was an unpleasant one. To repeat it again with Elizabeth Warren is not really in our high-priority wish list.

And it will happen, mark our words. Indeed, it’s already happening. In an article defending Warren against charges that she lied about being fired from a teaching position because she was pregnant – a “fact” for which there is no evidence and is in fact contradicted by the evidence, including Warren’s own words – CNN analyst Brandon Tensley informed readers that it was just another case of Sexist America.

“Over the past few days, conservative news sites and mainstream outlets either have sought to directly refute Warren’s account or have disputed it in such a way that it seems as if there’s some reason to doubt that a school in the early 1970s would fire a pregnant woman,” Tensley wrote. “But that kind of discrimination continues today.”

This would like us writing: “Liberal news outlets have sought to refute Donald Trump’s claim of business acumen, as if there’s some reason to doubt that the dude is rich as hell.” We don’t recall CNN writing anything along those lines, because…why would they? Why would anyone? If a specific story is not true, it doesn’t matter if it COULD be true. It doesn’t matter if it has been true in other, similar instances. We’re sure that at some point in time in this country, a lifeguard has confronted a knife-wielding gangbanger. It doesn’t mean that Joe Biden ever did.

“Warren’s story, however, fits into a much larger pattern, one that will indeed be familiar to many women: It’s the tradition of sexism in the guise of scrutiny,” Tensley continued. Noting other instances in which female politicians have been scrutinized by the press, he writes: “Each of these examples is, in its own way, a distillation of age-old policing mechanisms and double standards. Each also shines a light on the inveterate sexism — women as unreliable narrators, women as answerable for their husbands’ professional lives, women as weak — that still, today, takes up so much space in the narrative.”

Someone explain to Tensley that male candidates and politicians are under just as much scrutiny as the women. Someone sit him down and remind him of all the crap CNN has slung at Donald Trump. The only difference is that no one comes out of the woodwork to suggest that it’s somehow bigoted to raise doubts about male candidates. Only the women enjoy this little shield of special protection. Well, women and (liberal) men of color.

We’re so tired of this double-standard that says we’re supposed to give women a pass because they’re women and to do otherwise is sexist. Warren, by any reasonable metric, appears to have lied about why she left the teaching profession. So unless “lying with impunity” is just some special privilege you get when you’re a woman running for office, let’s can it with the sexism nonsense.

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  1. It’s not sexist to say she lied since she did, women lie it’s fact. Anytime liberals don’t want you to speak the truth about something they did it’s sexist or racist.

  2. Never was aware that only males lie as I’ve thought it was people, all two sex’s
    Were capable of lies. She got caught in the American Indian lie so just one sex lies went out the window. We to day are caught up in the Racist Sexist line of crap for some dizzy reason and are being run with it. This is stupid as both sexes are capable of lying and poor work ethics and being totally screwed up. This one way system is a lie in its self put out by,and I hate to say this but it’s now the biggest political scam in our history. Somewhere out there one group wants Patriotic as no.1 the other wants Socialism/Communism and the latter is pushing hard to achieve it. We the
    Patriots want America as it was conceived freedoms and our Constitution what is your choice? I’ve been in a Socialist country and by damn that’s not for me.

  3. “Sexism” has nothing to do with Warren’s lies…she just plain lies and Tensley does not like anyone pointing that fact out. Also, Tensleys Trump comparison is stupid, what he states makes no sense of comparison. Face it, these socialists have hated Trump since day one, so beware of their evil contrived claims, they are a danger for true American values tied to our Constitution and Bill Of Rights!

  4. Regardless of what comes out of EW’s mouth and the MSM running interference for her she is a poor excuse for a human being. There is absolutely nothing that justifies or qualifies her to hold public office or POTUS.

  5. Sexist? You gotta be looney to think that as she is a human male or female and all will and can lie when they feel it to their advantage and she did lie and being female had nothing to do with it. She is a DevilsRat and that’s a necessity for them as they like a Moslem can lie if it’s to get them a leg up. So this crap from one of the Biggest bunches in the msm group is in it’s self a huge lie so are they sexist as there are females working there? No it’s called a happy faced political lie to to get that leg up.

  6. This is Joe Biden, do you mind if I use that lifeguard being attacked by a knife wielding gangbanger story. That will sound badass at my next campaign rally, I might even finally get laid at one!!

  7. Sexist my ass! (Note the word that is the symbol for the Demoncraps) She lied…immoral! She has been caught im many lies….NOT GOOD FOR THIS COUNTRY….MAYBE RUSSIA. The USA will never be socialist!

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