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CNN Liberal: Christopher Steele Probably Shouldn’t Talk to DOJ Investigators

News broke this week that former British spy Christopher Steele would relent to speak with investigators about his infamous dossier, prompting one frequent Trump critic to wonder what the heck Steele was thinking.

Former FBI official Phil Mudd, whose career now consists of going on CNN and making broad, mad proclamations about the lawlessness of the president, said that if he were Steele, he would prefer to take a vacation in Florida over talking to Department of Justice investigators.

“If you go to car races looking for car wrecks, this is significant. This will be a car wreck,” said Mudd. “I can’t believe he has perfect answers about the origins of the Steele dossier. I’m not even sure why he’s showing up. If I were him, I’d go to Disney World. I would not go to the Department of Justice, because it will not end up well.”

Mudd did not draw from his own conclusion, however, that Steele’s lack of knowledge about the source of his dossier information should constitute a pretty significant problem – and not just for the spy himself. Apparently it’s just fine to compile a dossier filled with nonsense, pass it along to the FBI, and then watch as they use that dossier to spy on American citizens. But it’s not fine to consent to an interview with DOJ prosecutors who want to get to the bottom of this mess?

“Let me give you how this game ends. Christopher Steele shows up in front of the Department of Justice and I’m guessing doesn’t have terrific answers for the quality of the information in that Steele dossier,” said Mudd.

And what does that mean – he doesn’t have “terrific answers?” Does that mean (as we already know) that he pulled some of this information off the internet in a random search? Does it mean he simply made things up for the sake of getting paid by the Clinton campaign? Does it mean that Mudd is admitting that the FBI had absolutely no business treating this dossier as if it were any more important than some liberal’s conspiratorial blog?

These liberals and their double-talking jive is driving us mad. For two years, they drummed the word “collusion” into our heads. And when Mueller comes back with a report of “no collusion,” they tell us that collusion was just a “Trump word” meant to throw everyone off the scent. For at least a year (and this started on CNN, by the way), they pressed upon us the importance of the salacious dossier. But now they want to pretend like no one ever took it seriously? It’s unbelievable how badly – and frequently – these cretins lie.

Before you know it, they’ll be telling us how Robert Mueller was a Trump-loving conspirator the whole time. And then we’ll find out how Vladimir Putin is actually the good guy in all of this.

When it comes to maintaining their hatred of Trump, there’s no end to the stories these libs will spin.

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  1. Just out of curiosity, does Mudd know what fraud means? We all know that these corrupt “ex-leaders” of the FBI haven’t learned what obstruction, perjury, scandal, and libel mean. In addition they obviously haven’t understood treason, sedition, and insurrection. I am hoping that all these traitors and crooks meet justice very soon for all the damage they have brought on our country.

  2. Why shouldn’t he testify? Isn’t the Democrats in Congress want to know HOW ( if they did ) the Russians
    interferred in the election, or are they afraid some information will show some not to good news for their party. Likethey have been saying about Trumps tax returns,what does Steele & the Democrats have to HIDE.

  3. Sometimes I cant believe how I am constantly so surprised by the amount of their absurdity when I should know better by now how ridiculous the media and the Trump haters are. I love how the guy whose name is on the dossier is not credible to talk about the same dossier? what? and exactly like the article said this dossier was so important and we should take it so seriously and now its as if they never said any of that and were just blowing this out of proportion and we should just let all this go already

  4. So if someone who works for the Trump administration refuses to talk it’s the end of the world but liberals say to do it and it okay? I guess that makes sense when you’re a stupid liberal.

  5. The real investigators are now taking charge and let the truth come out. We know that Trump did zero collusion with Russia but we know Obama and Hillary sure did when they gave Russia 20 percent of our uranium and the Clintons got 140 million dollars and you know Obama was not getting one cent less. We know Hillary destroyed computers, cell phones so her criminal activity would not be found out. We know it was Obama that criminalized several government agencies because know one would do it for the likes of Capper and the other heads of departments when they have years in the federal government and they would only do it for Obama and he said there was an insurance program in place if Hillary did not win! Yea, the federal employees involved and the rotten fake news and out right lying networks and NY Times and Washington Compost all want it to go away along with the good for nothing DemocRAT Party!

  6. Mudd for Brains! Saying that you don’t want
    Steele to talk about his salacious dossier is about the most unamerican thing a person could say……The Gall of this partisan swine…..
    As if CNN could not get less credible…..

  7. Mudd reaction just as good as broad cast there was corruption there.
    He is scared s—- Steele will let it all out of the bag, is all.

    The dems and deep state figured they would get and keep control of the DOJ and nothing would see the light of day since they were successful in getting Sessions to recuse leaving Rosenstein to be the look out and cover up guy.

    Then along came Bill Barr 😉

  8. Of course not. How else will they justify 3 years of a witch hunt that was designed to destroy an innocent man?

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