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CNN’s April Ryan “Cannot Wait” to See Trump Ejected by U.S. Troops

In the latest edition of the left’s “Trump is going to refuse to leave after losing the election” propaganda, CNN’s April Ryan said this week that she’s looking forward to the day of Joe Biden’s inauguration, which she predicts will be shown in a split-screen with U.S. military troops forcibly ejecting Donald Trump from the White House.

In an episode of “CNN Newsroom” on Sunday, the relentlessly-biased Ryan was asked about the president’s recent comments regarding mail-in ballots and their inherent problems.

“April, if the president is concerned about the security of this election, the integrity of this election, why aren’t they investing more to make sure it is secure and can go forward without a hitch?” asked host Ana Cabrera.

Ryan said Trump was displaying “hypocrisy” in his remarks because he has used mail-in voting himself. This, of course, is a disingenuous attempt to conflate traditional absentee voting with what Democrats are proposing for the election in November, which is universal mail-in balloting. The two can hardly be compared. You’re talking about a situation where individual voters make an official ballot request from the state and comparing it to a situation where the state mails out ballots to every Tom, Dick, and Illegal Alien on the books. The potential for fraud is breathtaking.

But Ryan then moved on to the left’s favorite new conspiracy theory.

“Going back to the issue of January 20th, about the president not leaving — Maya Angelou said, ‘if they show you who they are, believe them.’ The president has said before, in many tweets, that he wasn’t going, he said it months ago. Joe Biden’s even acknowledged it. And it’s real,” she said.

“So there’s going to be a split screen on January 20th, 2021,” she predicted. “If Joe Biden is now going to be the 46th president of the United States, you will have him being inaugurated and watching police and armed forces trying to pull Donald Trump out of the White House. I cannot wait for that split screen.”

Yeah…that sounds like it would be a great moment for the republic, April.

Of course, the idea that Trump is going to plant himself in the Oval Office and force the U.S. military to remove him is laughable beyond words. What’s not laughable, however, is the way Democrats like Ryan keep harping on this possibility. She’s right: Joe Biden has indeed floated this theory. So has Sen. Jim Clyburn of South Carolina. So has Hillary Clinton. You have to wonder: What are they setting Americans up for?

Our best guess is that they know exactly how much fraud Democrats are going to engage in to win this election. And they want to lay the groundwork so that any pushback from Trump at all is seen as an act of unthinkable treason.

That this is coming from the same people who still haven’t accepted the results of the 2016 election is just…too much.

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    • If I were an anarchist on the flip side of what is going on now in big cities across this country, I would like to attack cnn headquarters while april ryan, don lemon, jim acosta and all of the rest of the goons were there!

    • Only for the “foreign nationals”, ALL Americans will be voting for Trump in November. You just haven’t heard from the silent majority that oppose Communism like the Democrats offer.

  1. Get ready for four more years of Trump fatty.
    Indictments coming..this is America..Americans
    don’t vote for traitors..

      • These CNN and MSNBC people are out of their minds. I have never in my 72 years such hate for America than I have on these two cable TV stations. I’m pretty sure that Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba along with a few others are over joyed to see how these clowns hate our country.

  2. A better seen would be Hillary, Barrack, Pelosi, Schiff and Schumer being escorted into a police van in orange jumpsuits.

  3. Good morning. Listen witch this will never happen. Looking forward to our beloved President
    Trump. Biden will Never be elected.

  4. One day soon, this pile of excrement will get her comeuppance, and it will be a glorious sight. She and so many others, deserve to be fired for their utter incompetence! They are so far removed from the word journalists, that they have made a mockery of the word.

  5. Democrats are laying the groundwork for possible violence should Trump get reelected. The violence will be by Leftists, Democrats, Progressives, Liberals and really, really additional stupid people.They will claim election fraud because THEIR attempts at fraud to elect Biden failed and the ONLY way Trump could have won is through fraud. In my entire 83 years I have never, ever seen or heard of so many corrupt people in our politics. .Democrats are the absolute worse. They are condoning the riots and rioters claiming, like Jerry Nadler, these are “peaceful protesters” as buildings are vandalized, graffiti all over the place, violence against the police with many, many injured, and actions by city governments to defund them. Why would any sane person want a bunch of people like this running our country? It sure looks like we are heading toward a civil war and democrats better watch out. Remember? They are against guns and that is why they are desperate to remove them from the hands of the law-abiding. Can’t get their way if citizens can forcefully object.

  6. How do you EJECT the POTUS who has already WON election . . . Again?!? Sounds like she is SUFFERING from DELUIONS of GRANDUER. One Happy and Laughing Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  7. This crazy moron April POS Ryan doesn’t seem to understand that Biden will never be President. The American people can and will see through this MSM crap, it will be all over Biden after the first debate when President Trump will destroy Biden and won’t break a sweat doing it.
    TRUMP/PENCE 2020

    • how can a reasonably intelligent person not see that Trump is the guardian of American traditional values, and his 3 HIGHLY PRODUCTIVE years in office compared to Grandpa BIden’s 42, Pelosi’s 40+, Grandma Maxine’s 40+, Chuckie’s 40+ years in office have produced NOTHING!
      Phyllis, I think that you and much of the blue just don’t like Trump, and what happens to the country, or what he has accomplished as a FRESHMAN POLITICIAN (a key point, imo) tells one all they should need to know.
      Here’s one for you…were you worried that Trump would DESTROY THE COUNTRY 4 years ago??? Look who’s destroying the country in Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Denver, and NYC. IT AIN’T TRUMP. Still, this is America, Phyllis, and you are entitled to be stupid.

      • Ron you’re slightly off on Biden, Pelosi, et al and their productivity. They have, every one of them, accomplished a lot–for themselves. Just add up their salaries over their 40+ years and compare it to the multi, multi millions they have now.

  8. I’ don’t watch what I laughingly call THE NEWS anymore. All the so called reporters are actually blathering their opinions. And the chubby lady is the most opinionated one of them all. I think America is not interested in their cockamamie opinions any more, if indeed, we ever were.
    Trump 2020

  9. Really?? This stupid woman is anxious for true communism to be enacted in our previously free country. Still whining about slaver> Well, lady get ready because if you elect a communist government.. you blacks will be the first to be enslaved again. Shame on you, you are a disgusting person!

  10. This from the same crew who formed the “Resist” movement and has worked tirelessly to de-legitimize Trump from day one. Hillary still can’t get it through her head that she lost the entire vote, even the popular vote after the illegal votes in California, and several other states were expunged. The Democrats know they cannot win in a fair election. No one really wants pure communism to take hold here. They will cheat and do their best to steal the election. All of us who value Freedom and Liberty need to show up and vote.

  11. totally think that CNN is one of the worst news network in this country– and for April Ryan hopefully President Trump after his election will have the troops remove you. .all you do is pass the garbage pan around hoping that some stupid citizen will really think you a the hot potato yo think you are– to me the whole network in nothing but the pig pen of the garbage dump. Some people actually think that turning your network off would really improve everyone’s logic . . . get over it cause wanna bet Trump will be a 2-term President..which will continue to MAKE AMERICA GREAT for 4 more years.. . .

  12. The Socialist/Marxist need to be tried and hung for treason! That includes all the FBI, CIA, IRS, agents that went along with the attempted coup.

  13. Witch this will NEVER happen as our beloved President Trump will win by a total landslide betting sleepy Joe. So you can kiss your ass good bye now and forever.

  14. Can’t hardly wait for someone to stick a Pin in that April Ryan and let all the “HOT AIR” out ! What’s her main Function anyway besides getting people aggravated and being annoying !

  15. Dems are living in fantasy now. Dreaming of the day that Sleepy/Senile Joe to step up on the Podium! That day would never come!

  16. Where does the loony, liberal left come up with this crap? April, do everyone a big favor and stop trying to create a “sensational story” that will fire up your fellow dough-head dummies. You’re only exposing your stupidity, lack of professionalism, and inability to think like a reasonable human being. I wish I could chalk up your remarks to “entertaining” at least….but alas, they’re not! Your intellect is sub-standard, your rhetoric is ridiculous, and your presentation is pathetic! Here’s a suggestion, try to find something to do that reflects an aptitude or an actual skill…. cuz, quite frankly, you’re failing miserably in your current position.

  17. When people talk this way it is because they already have a plan how to rig the election. And in their heads, it is secured and no way for anyone to call them out. What ever evil plan it is, they are very sure that it will work. As a Trump supporter and conservative, the only things that I can do is vote Republican and pray for a Trump reelection. Pray that what ever e il plan Democrats have instore fail.

  18. Ya know, I’m not sure what planet this lady is visiting us from, but I should take into account she is speaking from CNN, but has she not heard, has she not seen, the US Troops LOVE President Trump! There is NO contest here. I hope she will Not be one of those Democrats, like last time, who are beside themselves at the loss of their candidate. I had never seen such a display after an election in my life, and hope not to again. I know it is disappointing for your desired candidate to lose, but that is part of elections. Some you win, some you lose! But if the Lord wants Trump to remain in office, he will! If He has other plans for our country, Biden and Harris will win.

  19. April Ryan is not worth the powder to blow her up. She is divisive, racist, egocentric, ignorant, a liar…..just describe all the marxist-democrats traits. She is also a porker with both meanings. We can’t wait to see her standing in line for unemployment while residing in a shelter or homeless bag lady when CNN goes belly up. It’s coming soon!

  20. ???? AND WHO, pray tell, is going to actually eject Trump? The military? The military LOVES Trump, by an overwhelming 79% at least. They hate the Dems by at least an equal margin. Okay, what about the cops? Wait, aren’t the Dems “defunding” the cops? Haven’t they made the cops the “bad guys”, the “whipping boys” for every societal ill with which cops have to deal? Why do these Democrats think that the very people whom they detest, marginalize, make fun of, snub, and undercut are going to happily salute and do the Dems’ dirty work? This is gonna be a scene right out of the Russian Revolution, when the Czar’s ministers ordered the cossacks to fire on the crowd clamoring for bread outside a government warehouse and the cossacks, instead, broke open the warehouse and cut open the bags holding the food the people were seeking.

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