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CNN’s Don Lemon Declares White Men “Biggest Terror Threat” in U.S.

Cementing his Trump-conferred status as the Dumbest Man on Television, CNN’s Don Lemon got his network in hot water on Monday night after deeming “white men” the biggest terror threat in the United States today. In a conversation with Chris Cuomo on the former’s program, Lemon said that while Trump was busy banning Muslims and illegal immigrants from the country, white men continued to pose the greatest danger to national security.

“I keep trying to point out to people not to demonize any one group or any one ethnicity, but we keep thinking that the biggest terror threat is something else,” Lemon said. “Some people who are marching towards the border like it’s eminent. And the last time they did this, a couple of hundred people came and they, you know, most of them didn’t get into the country. Most of them got tuckered out before they even made it to the border.

“So we have to stop demonizing people,” Lemon continued, “and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized to the right, and we have to start doing something about them.”

We have to stop demonizing people, this idiot says…right before demonizing people.

“There’s no travel ban on them,” Lemon mused. “You know, they had the Muslim ban. There is no white guy ban. So what do we do about that?”

Gee, you could finally realize at this late date that there never WAS a Muslim ban? You could make the distinction between a religion (chosen) and a race (inherent)? You could stop trying to score points with metropolitan elitists by buying into this whole racist narrative? You could do that.

The president’s son, Don Jr., said it best with a quick tweet: “Imagine the outrage if you changed ‘white men’ with any other demographic?”

Lemon doesn’t want to open the floodgates here. If we’re going to start dividing America up by the races and making broad comments about the danger each one poses to society…no, he doesn’t want to go there. We have been vigilant as a nation about putting those statistics behind us, no matter how much they may say about this country, its varying cultures, and the different dynamics within each racial group. The left, in its neverending quest to divide us, is trying to bring it all back out into the open again. That is a tragic mistake, and Don Lemon should be aware that of all the victims of such a regressive mindset, white men will be the least affected.

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  1. Don Lemon is a hack and is at the fake news network, CNN, exactly where he belongs. Any decent network would have fired him immediately for his racist remarks. Obviously, CNN approves and that is why it has no viewers.

  2. Don Lemon needs to go. He is only interested in the negative and I don’t know why they pair with a white person cause he is only talking down about whites. His mind and mouth has no filter so he
    could cause CNN to be involved in law suits.

  3. PETERPUFFER DON, who cares what your mouth spews or what you think your known as the “DUMBEST BLACK MAN ALIVE” and your living up to that title

  4. I am not a can of Megyn Kelly but she got fired because she made a so called racial comment. Don’t reallly think what she said was a racial but, she got fired anyway. Now this CNN dweeb Don Lemmon makes his comment about white men and he is still working. Where is the justice in that? I think he should check the ratio of white men and blacks in prison. There are reasons why the percentage of black men is much higher than white men. Hint, it’s because they are the ones that commit crimes and most of them are very violent.

  5. He is a racist pig who should be fired immediately…if CNN has any credibility left, they should show it now…he is the perfect example of what a news commentator or personality should not be…I wonder how, Cooper, Blitzer, Cuomo feel about his comment…do they have the guts to speak up?

  6. I am definitely not a fan of Megyn Kelly but, she just got fired for making a, questionable, racial comment. Now this idiot racist on the Clinton communist news network makes his comment about white men and he is still working. Where is the justice in that? I think he needs to do some research to find out what the ratio of blacks to whites in prison. He will find that the number of blacks is a lot higher and most of blacks crimes are more violent. Don Lemmon should have been fired a long time ago. If he worked on another network he probably would have been. I don’t know how CNN is still on the air with their lousy ratings. It’s probably owned by Soros and he has a lot of money to keep it going so they can keep spreading hate.

  7. Lemon’s name pretty well sums up what he is – a lemon who can only say dumb things with a straight face. He says, “So we have to stop demonizing people” and then demonizes Trump, anybody associated with Trump and all of Trump’s supporters. Lemon is what is wrong with America today.

  8. Well it’s true, I’m white and in 1996 a Superior Court Judge was telling people that I was more dangerous without a gun than the murderers were with one. I’ve whacked a lot of bad people (one was a drug lord who had murdered over a thousand people). There have been open contracts out on me by members of organized crime since 1974. The people who died by my hand all had guns and were trying to murder me but not one of them was black.

    • Why would you write this, even if true? Postings from a Superior Court Judge are very influential and you provided no statistics to back up anything you wrote. How inappropriate is that for a Superior Court Judge? You are trying to make everyone believe that the whites involved in organized crime far exceed that of all other nationalities committing crime? How could that be even remotely true? Are whites just better in keeping a low profile while committing crime and don’t get caught? Incarceration statistics do not even remotely reflect what you wrote as being true. Come on your Honor, maybe that was true for the niche that you were involved in however what you wrote is certainly not reflective of our society overall.

    • Soooo, a judge was telling WHO you were more dangerous without a gun than murderers? And if you have a zillion contracts out on you why would you put your name on your comment? Oh, right~~ it’s a fake name. Kind of like the story you are telling. And out of those gazillion people you “whacked” not one was black? Really? So what color are you? And in which prison are you now incarcerated? Oh right~~ a fake one.

  9. Lemon is a race-baiting radical Fool, representing the Leftist Loons very well! Giving him this space is too much!! Maybe he should concentrate on the 94% Black Fools who continually vote the DemocRATic ticket—that number is far more “Looney” than the white vote ever will be. Maybe he wants to concentrate on the Yellow, or Red, or Hispanic, or Ruskie votes!??? I guess we should applaud him, since it’s idiots like him & Pelosi & Waters that keep the Right’s numbers HIGH!!!

  10. This Don Lemmon is a hatful bigoted racist who is the cause of much of the divide and terror on our streets. I have given up on CNN as a alternate Chanel the days of journalism has left the building.

  11. Absolutely unbelievable! Lame-brains, like Mr. Lemon, and propaganda-peddling news outlets like CNN. are driving folks to the polls to vote for Conservatives and Donald Trump. No wonder CNN has lower-ranked viewership than Nickelodeon! Talk about hate-speech, bigotry, and ignorance… Mr. Lemon is the poster boy!

  12. It is because of fools, like Lemon, white or black, that CNN is losing large shares of the audience.

    They will e presiding at the downfall of this once great giant that is now becoming irrelevant.

  13. There once was a girl named Lemon. She caught the eye of a persimmon. Did she give a hoot for that kind’a fruit, “Heck no, she replied, I want true-men. Any questions?

  14. Sounds racist to me, why can he get away with making that statement? Poor Roseanne was destroyed for a humorous remark on her a Twitter account. Lemon made the remark on National news. We’re heading for a major split in the country that will make the Civil War look like child’s play.

  15. It is a – holes like you (sour) lemon. I think your one of the biggest advocate of racism since the muslim in pajamas with his fruity girlie boys blowing weed. By blaming whites dip s..t, in America is like blaming blacks in Uganda or Zimbabwe. Are you insane? We whites are sick of this word racists who your god coined. That be, the girlie boy. Keep knocking whites in America.

  16. The problem is that Mrs Don Lemon is creating an air of hostility in that he, by his own words, is both a racist and a bigot. By the very definition of the terms, HE IS! He gets a by, by the Network because he has WHITE ANCESTRY, and under the one drop rule, he qualifies for “WHITE MALE” for the purpose of his racist and bigoted attitude toward White Men. However he is also misandrous in that he HATES WHITE MALES, a gender category that he is self claimed not to be of. But CNN allows this because he is both WHITE in Ancestry and Male in Genetics, but is self claimed to be other than white as well as OTHER THAN MALE.

    This is a hate crime if it leads others to a violent confrontation, including bullying, against ANY WHITE MALE that is orchestrated by his utterances. He, Don Lemon, is as guilty of that to which he proclaims TRUMP to be. A Racist, Bigoted, Misandrous Mullato of unknown natural gender. His phobia of the NATURAL ORDER, Created by GOD has diseased his mind and he should resign for the good of sensibility. Should CNN NOT censure his HATE SPEECH, then I suggest those WHITE MEN that feel bullied by CNN’s Don Lemon Rhetoric start a ME TOO Movement START and enjoin into a Class Action Suit for Discrimination against CNN and other News Networks that publish this Type of HATE SPEECH while protecting the Purveyor of HATE, Mrs Don Lemon. (Remember he is self proclaimed not to be MALE)

  17. I heard that Don Lemon of CNN,Anderson Copper of CNN and Shepard Smith of Fox all went home together and had a first class Cluster fuc#, and circle Jerk..ewwww can you imagine that !!! I would not want to wash those sheets ! hahahahaah

  18. Don lemon is pointing out fact that these mass killings are done by white men, Donald the First scare tactics do not include this group of people, further, the constitution states a FREE press, all the fake news comments are very ignorant but then again that’s half of the Republican Party and the other half is deplorables who hate everyone that does not look like or agree with them. Peace & Love
    Ps I am a veteran and a independent

    • I am a Veteran and I believe what you state is irrelevant to the issue. The issue is that of Discrimination, which is a valid position as others have been FIRED from their jobs for using similar rhetoric. Oh maybe it is just because he is outward Black, Male, Democrat that he can slide by… But in reality he is Mulatto meaning he is both Black and White, Gay (which strips his manhood), and a Racist, Bigot, and Misandrous Liberal.

      The ignorance is yours. If a “White Man” on a news network was to state the exact same thing only swapping “White” for African American, you would have a vastly different opinion. Don’t believe me, just change the statement from White to African American and change the name from Don Lemon to say, your own name. Then do a random Poll to see what the results are. I did just this this afternoon to a group of individuals in my neighborhood. The result was: Racist, Bigoted, Hate speech. I used College students from the university across the street from where I was located. I even gained insight to justification supporting the contention that African American Men are the Terrorists… I am in Missouri and references were made to the number of African American Gangs, Drive By Shootings, Number of assaults committed by the various races and ethnicity, etc. I am a Veteran and I was educated to trust no party and to validate the Candidate.

  19. Don Lemon says white men are the biggest threat in America; then what the Hell does he call all his blacks in the Cities killing each other to the tune of over 200 apiece in every City in America! smh!!

  20. You know don you should look at the crime statistics. There is a reason why 80% + of prison inmates are black like you because 20% of the population in general cause 80% of the crimes. It’s amazing when you shithead dumbocrats start spewing shit you have no idea what in the hell you are talking about. The truth be told don if all the blacks in the USA were to disappear over night This would be the safest country in the world donnie. So start doing your part and ship yourself to venezula that’s a good communist country. The blacks could all be shipped to russia it could be called SHARE THE WEALTH. You would work out great there their news is more dishonest than you are here . Bye Bye donnie.

  21. Don is secure at CNN. He is just spouting what people in CNN offices rant to each other all day long. It’s normal in their echo chamber, so nothing will happen. No apology from little Donny or CNN.

  22. If this prick, Don Lemon , would open his racist eyes he would come to realize that White men are more the minority than him and his bro’s ‘n sista’s.

  23. Don Lemon Declares should finger point at Republicans and TEA Party members-and not all White men. That means he should blame all that to Republican and TEA Party members for the ills of this Country. These are so selfish and corrupt that they do not want our local kids get university education. That is why we are importing college graduates from all the world to staff our confidential government materials that keep us safe. Look what is happening in my state now. The governor wants to scrape off all universities and replace them with 2-year colleges, because he was kicked out of university for bad behavior. Now our state will import all computer engineers and doctors from abroad. Please vote for Democrats on Tuesday.

    • You have to be kidding, or nuts. Tea Party stands for Taxed Enough Already. And believe me, we have been. And I don’t see Tea Party people donning black masks and attacking citizens because they think America needs to be fixed. Antifa and BLM and racists Dims are the ones attacking. Republicans don’t run people out who are just sitting in restaurants having dinner. We don’t corner people in elevators or halls and start threatening them. You are completely around the bend if you think “free” college will fix anything. Nothing is free! Somebody somewhere has to pay for everything!! Good grief. Oh, and btw, are you white? If so then Lemons thinks you are dangerous.

  24. Lemon is just wishing he could be a white man and have the advantage of speaking to people and not having to be so disgusting. Well ,we all know your are what you are a disgusting black man with no class and eventually CNN will get fed up all the complaints and will do the right thing, GET RID OF YOU.

  25. You have to consider this talking head mentally ill. His party was the supporter of slavery, no crossing of races in marriage, Jim Crow Laws, keeping the Afro-Americans under their control as long as the voted democrat, it took Republicans to be able to pass the Civil and Voting Rights acts of the 60’s, kills unborn babies to the 9th month and even after failed abortions, Planned Parenthood still targeting Black Babies because they build their abortuaries in black and minority neighborhoods, their leader Obama supported euthanasia in hospices, Obama had children of illegals in cages not Trump. These liberals have to be mentally ill.

  26. the bigot don lemon is the biggest threat to any comprise in america. wake up cnn, get him off the air before you lose all your followers if you have any left. get some balls!!

  27. CNN needs to fire Don Lemon he is a racist and his racist remarks are no right. Let a white guy on CNN say that about black men and see how fast he is fired. So fire him already!!!!

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