Confederate Flap: NJ Governor Orders Removal of Mississippi State Flag

In a move undoubtedly meant to signal to New Jersey Democrats just how “woke” he is, new governor Phil Murphy ordered that the Mississippi state flag be removed from a park overlooking the Statue of Liberty.

One of those liberals who likes to wax poetic about immigrants while reciting the Emma Lazarus poem inscribed on the statue, Murphy said that the flag, with its inset emblem of the Confederate flag, was not “inclusive” enough to be displayed at Liberty State Park. The order will make Mississippi the only state not to be represented in the park’s flag display.

“The Confederate symbol displayed on the Mississippi state flag is reprehensible and does not reflect our values of inclusivity and equality,” Murphy said.

The move drew jeers from Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant, who said that it wasn’t up to the damn yankees to decide what his state’s citizens wanted on their flag.

“I’m disappointed in Gov. Murphy’s actions. As I have repeatedly said, the voters of Mississippi should decide what the state flag is or is not,” Bryant said in a statement.

Voters from Mississippi elected to keep the flag as it is in a state-wide referendum in 2001, though that was well before the hot controversy that ignited in 2015, after a kid named Dylann Roof went on a shooting spree inside a predominantly-black South Carolina church. Suddenly the country went Confederate Crazy, demanding that flags and memorial statues be removed after social media posts showed Roof displaying the flag.

Apparently that passion hasn’t died down. New Jersey State Sen. Sandra Cunningham was the one who got the ball rolling for Murphy when she asked him to remove the Mississippi flag from the park.

“The Confederate flag symbolizes an era of hate, violence, and division,” she said. “I thank Gov. Murphy for his commitment to tolerance and equality and for the decision to remove this hateful symbol from Liberty State Park. Hate has no home in New Jersey.”

Of course, to many Americans, the Confederate Flag represents not hate, but history. And certainly, in this case, it represents the state of Mississippi, not the actual Confederacy. It’s inclusion on the flag is a nod to the state’s heritage and, perhaps, an homage to the many brave Mississippians who fought for the South during the Civil War.

We’re sure Murphy and Cunningham are patting themselves on the back for removing “hate” from New Jersey, but they’ve actually done nothing of any consequence. At all.

What do you think?

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  1. That flag is a part of history…..whether you like it or not.
    Does that mean that “every part of history should not
    have a place in our society because it was not
    “approved” by all and has “bad memories”…..???

    • This governor is the greatest PUHOVER of all time. What has happened already happened and could not be changed. We should learn from our history, not erase it.

    • I want the entire obama presidency removed because of the hate and discontent he spread and is still spreading

    • Everything seemed fine until we got the Kenyan in the WH for 8 yrs., by the time he was done sowing seeds of hatred, it will take us a long time, if ever, to recover from that era in history

    • That is EXACTLY what they are trying to do! They just use a different reason for their idiotic ideals to justify their lunacy!
      Why don’t they just do their jobs that “WE THE PEOPLE” voted them to do?

  2. new jersey is nothing but hate / thats is why i moved out of that lousy state / NJ ,NY , Calif. all need to fall in the ocean .

    • There are a lot of good people in NY, NJ & Calif. – we vote conservative or republican come every election. We stay in hope of having our states return to Conservativism – even though it’s an uphill battle.

      • Barbara, l’m from Oregon and our state is run by 5-6 counties out of 36 and it is getting wackier each year. 80 plus percent of the state is no longer represented and that alone is the reason for the electoral college as the city folks dominate and can give a hoot about rural America.
        The confederate flag is part of our history and it is shameful of the New Jersey governor to demand it be removed. History is history and these wackos want our past erased. America has come a long ways and we as a country should be proud of our past, mistakes and all. America is still the best country and we should not allow these Marxist/Socialist/Communist rewrite our history.

      • Amen, Barbara! I’m from the general area of New York State that The Simpsons dissed last Sunday and while most everything they indicated in that lampoon had a certain amount of truth to it, I just laughed it off. What most of the people fail to understand is that the big urban areas are full of the have nots, and most of those people are on the dole and that means Democrats, illegals, and refugees, who overload the vote with nonsense like what we’re hearing here. Frankly, they can’t live without supplemental this and free that, thus they usually vote in large numbers to feather their nests with the tax dollars of those who never qualify for any of those supplements and freebies! Regardless of fairness, they run the show! For those who believe like “Jim” above, I can understand what he’s saying but I must correct him so that his beliefs can be altered before his own state isn’t any better than NY, NJ, and CA! It’s the urban areas of any state that determine which way a state turns! They determine whether a state is red or blue! It is happening in Texas as we speak! When we allow freebie programs, sanctuary cities, large population dumps into the large cities, it won’t be long before other states go blue, and this nation will turn democrat socialist and it will never return to conservative in thought, even though in the nation there will be far more red land mass!

  3. What a bunch of hypocritical socialist, NJ can take a trip to hell, even driving through this state is a nightmare. In addition, your history knowledge is very lacking, State rights was the main issue, something you know nothing about!!!!!!

  4. Mick7760
    They claim to be tolerant but the very act of removing the Mississippi state flag is in actuality an act of intolerance and exclusion. Idiots don’t see the contradiction.

  5. I suggest that you mind your own business and not worry about what’s on someone else’s flag take care of your home problems first. History is history, you can’t change it, it’s not negotiable, you can’t say let’s make a deal with it, it is what it is, our responsibility is to not repeat it

    • If one is Conservative s/he has no freedom of speech or expression. If one is Liberal s/he/it has the freedom to do or say anything.

  6. Taking down monuments, changing flags or not allowing certain flags to fly will not change history and history is part of a nation’s background regardless of how cruel or unfair the involved states were to certain groups. The nation was not kind to Native Americans not even on the movies .By not learning about the extermination of the Jewish people and many other groups by Hitler and his henchmen during WWII would that change the actual facts? So why are we taking down monuments, flags, God’s names, biblical passages, etc. Let’ history be history.
    Dr Harold J. Sherrington

  7. Dee: I agree with you and am sick and tired of the dems rewriting history to suit their agenda. I am a CT Yankee and I have no problem with the Confederate flag, any state flags,, or any flag that reflects citizens’ sacrifices, history and beliefs. Perhaps if our “LEADERS” would do what they’re paid to do, we might be able to get done the IMPORTANT work in our nation like the WALL!!.

  8. This is a historical flag. It is a part of who we are zas Americans. If any flag should come down it is the ISIS flags and Muslim flags flying example Dearborn, Michigan. They are not part of our history except for the fact that Pres. Jefferson fought them off {pirates} because of their barbaric attacks on our ships and others hence the Marines were created. These are foreign flags flying in our country America wake up to what is happening around you.

  9. Tell NJ to go to blazes, this so call political correctness is a bunch of camel manure started by Obama and carried trought by the 3 muslims in congress pushing for the NEW WORLD ORDER of the MUSLIM SOCIALIST PARTY aka demo-crap party

  10. Crybabies that’s all this is about. Any excuse will do to get attention and free loading. We deserve special treatment because of the way my ancestors were treated. History be it good or bad can’t be erased stop labeling symbols and objects for your short comings just look in a mirror at yourself and learn all and the correct history of the south. Then you’ll realize how much has changed in America. So stop your damn poor mouthing and missing with history .

  11. Stupid is as stupid does new jersey. Let’s remove new jerseys flag because they allowed hateful mafia families to live and murder there.
    Dems are getting stupider every day. Identify politics is divisive.
    God created one race and that is the human race.
    God bless President Trump and the USA.

  12. The stars and bars was the battle flag of the army of Virginia commanded by Gen.Robert E.Lee. At the time of the civil war, if was not the official flag of the confederacy. The south had different battle flags representing the different states. The starship and bars became recognized as the flag of the south due to Gen. Lee’s success against the north until the south ran out of supplies, food, weapons, etc. due to the blockade of southern ports. Otherwise, the outcome may have been different. So, all you snowflakes get a life and leave history alone. Remember, you learn from history.

    • I don’t think snowflakes learn from history. They don’t know history and don’t want to know history. They don’t like the truth so they eliminate real history and redefine our past. Idiotic.

    • love it, the shit is deep in Trenton, but its Marxist socialist shit, and that is never good in our God Loving Republic

  13. I would think this would be an act of, or a declaration of war by New Jersey against Mississippi. Just a thought…Just Imagine if you will if the state flags of the southern states which was used in civil war were removed by the “Liberal Northern” states! Would this be a good reason for our secession from the United States of America? Maybe it would be a declaration of war by the states which removed any thing representing the southern states history? You be the judge…

  14. How come Whites aren’t allowed to be proud of the History of it’s Country.
    History 101, Lincoln, a Republican, freed the slave’s. The Democrats were not having it, therefore we had the Civil War. Good thing the North Won, now the slave’s were Free. Nope Democrats still wanted to keep their slave’s, so they formed the KKK. So I guess out of embarrassment I could see why they would want to erase History!!

  15. Removing the flag just confirms one of the reason that the Confederacy was even in existence.

    Maybe some might feel better if someone removes New Jersey’s Flag now?

    I’m a Yankee….. that now lives in the, “near blue state” of Virginia. I like the people from the south better than most of the big city, liberal, self righteous people from the north east.
    The kind of people I grew up learning to hate in the “good north” when I was young.

    For me, the south did rise again!

    We’re all just better off to “leave this issue alone!
    Besides, we all got skeletons in our closets, and if we’re not Ocasio ally reminded of some of our bad history, then we’re bound to repeat it.
    It doesn’t pay to choose to be ignorant!

  16. These power hungry low life Liberals want to re-write American History because it shows how bad they have been for our country. If we don’t start fighting back we will lose what History we have left. I can’t stand what is happening to our great country today.

  17. Murphy’s just another left wing Loon idiot democrat who doesn’t care if history is taught in our schools, because if he did he would be proud to be an American and he would know the history behind the flag.

  18. This is ridiculous and nothing but political correctness. I am a northern New England Yankee and I support the right of all of us Americans to look at and remember our past history, warts and all. Leave that flag alone. Display it with the other 49. How dare the NJ governor single it out for censorship? What about the First Amendment? Only ISIS and the Taliban and the Chinese Communists (look what they did to Tibet) try and erase history a nation’s history. Let history be what history was and leave it alone! Stop trying to “1984” and “Brave New World” our American history. The governor of New Jersey is a northern elitist Yankee snob, says this Yankee to that one. And my state is from farther north than his.

  19. NJ.Governor Murphy:
    Please mind your own business.
    Handle Jersey’s problems.
    There are enough of them.

  20. The most hilarious part of this all is…
    The democrats created the confederacy and all flags and war monuments associated with their own confederate war heros! Now of course they want to rewrite history and blame someone else for what they’ve done in the past! If it was up to Democrats there’d still be slavery! Oh!, that’s right there still is! It’s called government entitlements and the dumbing down of America through public and college indoctrination centers…

  21. How much more petty can the democRATS get, shame on murphy and Cunningham, paybacks are a bitc*, may your state flag get criticized and someone call for it to be torn down

    • I’m just glad NJ is accomplishing such important goals, by removing this flag, voters wages should increase, unemployment should be reduced, crime should be reduced, roads and infrastructure should improve … WOW, let’s remove ALL flags and banners!

  22. I am so sick and tired of these liberals and Democrats trying to demean are countries history and to stir up division in are country, for the past is the past and it is what it is!!! Those were different times back then and the South lost the war and there is nothing wrong with the South hailing there heros from that war and the South has accepted their loss and has moved on from that war and those from the North needs to move on from it also!!!! We do not need division in are country and the Southern states have the right to display their history whether it be by flying their battle flag or having a statue of their great Generals and their past presidents for the South is just as American as the North, and they don’t go around pushing for division in are country!!! These liberals and Democrats go around screaming about slavery and what they don’t seem to understand their has been slavery way before are country even got started and it wasn’t just blacks that were used as slaves, so are these ignorant Liberals and Democrats going to tear down statues of all the kings and rulers of other countries like Romans, Egyptians, and many others have erected in their countries!!! For every country has a slavery history and statues have been erected to these rulers and these nations from all over the world passed slavery down throughout the ages and we have put and end to slavery as we should have, other words we grew up and have learned and we must always let history be around to remind us of wrongs and rights, and to destroy these statues paintings or whatever is not going to change the past, and those that were living in those times of slavery it was a common practice that we have eradicated and we all must accept that fact not not try to hide it period!!!!

  23. Believe it or not the confederate flag is an American flag. More Americans died in that war then any other war ever fought. anyone Who disgraces that flag is disgracing an American flag. These idiots allowed Isis flags and Muslim flags and every other kind of flag to fly in this country, which is a discredit and disgrace to America. Maybe we should go back in history to a time these people would be tarred and feathered and put on display. The confederate flag is a part of American history. Suck it up and get over it. And while we’re talking about it, anyone who allows historical statues to be torn down should also be tarred and feathered and shipped out to a third world country. What causes our politicians to act like this? Oh! I know. “Career politicians”. People who only want to appease the people they think can vote them back into office and could give a good Sh.. about the rest of us. When is the American people going to wake up and demand Washington to eliminate career politicians by applying sensible term limits? Until that happens the American taxpayer is going to have to continue to bend over. Remember we gave these idiots the power to vote their own raised, decide what percentage of an increase they get, make laws for the people and exempt themselves from those laws, exempt themselves from insider stock/bond information and a multitude of other things most people don’t even know about. WAKE UP PEOPLE Before it’s too late.

  24. The Confederate symbol displayed on the Mississippi state flag is reprehensible THAT IS BECAUSE IT REPRESENTS dumbocrats AND THEIR FULL INVOLVEMENT IN SLAVERY THEN AND NOW!

  25. I suggest that the New Jersey flag be removed from all public places. The fools running New Jersey are too stupid to figure out what is going on in this country.

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