Critics Gasp at New Mexico’s “Extreme” New Abortion Bill

You may have thought Democrats were desperate to save abortion back when Brett Kavanaugh was in the hot seat, but his confirmation has really exposed this party’s death-laden ambitions. Only a couple of months after Kavanaugh took his place on the Supreme Court, we have seen two states propose extraordinarily extremist bills aimed at not only keeping abortion legal but expanding its legality to the third trimester (and beyond). First New York – which actually signed its bill into law – and then Virginia, this has been a month of bloodthirsty horror on the left side of the aisle. And now, apparently, New Mexico is ready to follow suit.

From Fox News:

Following the New York abortion law celebrated by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Vermont is pushing a “right to abortion” bill that goes even further. But opponents of a new abortion bill in New Mexico say a proposal in that state would be the “most extreme bill in the nation” due to its far-reaching changes.

Advocates of the abortion bill that decriminalizes abortion in the state say it is needed in case Roe v. Wade is overturned, but pro-life supporters say it allows abortion-on-demand for any reason, taking away parental notification for minors and conscience protections from the state law.

“This bill is a Trojan horse backed by the national abortion lobby in order to establish abortion as a human right by removing so-called ‘religious refusals’ and turn every hospital, clinic and doctor’s office into an abortion clinic or referral center,” Elisa Martinez, executive director of New Mexico Alliance for Life, told Fox News.

Not only does the New Mexico bill make abortion legal no matter what the circumstance or how many weeks into the pregnancy the woman is, it would also force doctors to perform abortions even if they have a conscientious objection to the procedure.

Currently, New Mexico state law includes the following clause, which the new bill would remove:

“Criminal abortion consists of administering to any pregnant woman any medicine, drug or other substance, or using any method or means whereby an untimely termination of her pregnancy is produced or attempted to be produced, with the intent to destroy the fetus, and the termination is not a justified medical termination. Whoever commits criminal abortion is guilty of a fourth-degree felony. Whoever commits criminal abortion which results in the death of the woman is guilty of a second-degree felony.”

If the bill passes the New Mexico senate, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has already said she will sign it into law.

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  1. It hasn’t become law yet in Virginia!
    The bill was tabled in Committee as I recall. So it was never voted into law on Virginia.
    So far it’s only New York.
    Maybe New Mexico could be the next state ?

  2. This law should must be implemented nationwide

    There are plenty of ways to prevent a pregnancy from intercourse, . a life must NOT be sacrificed for convenience

    • This is a Margaret Sanger’s dream of applied eugenics. BTW, Planned Parenthood did adopt a National Socialist German Workers’ Party program for it’s motto, Auswahlfreiheit. Auswahlfreiheit, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party’s program, was their abortion program. It translates to Freedom Of Choice.

  3. There are some members of our society that do not value human life at any stage. As a Christian I hold every life as sacred from conception. Those who want to kill infants still in their mother,s wombs are murderers.

  4. Where is this going to end? I remember when women went to seedy back rooms for abortions that for some resulted in the death of the mother. That was when abortion was illegal and considered to be horrific and immoral. A woman knows whether she wants to keep a child within at least 6 months. The first thread pulled was the morning after pill which everyone thought would at least end the pregnancy right away. This may sound like left field, but I have my suspicions that these women, in these circumstances are paid large amounts of money to sell them the baby parts. The baby is worth more the older it is when sacrificed (internal organs are close to completion), and ultimately these children will come at a high cost to the welfare system. Something is going on that is hidden. Very scary where this is going!

    • More than 15 years ago, I was working for a surgeon. We had a representative that set up an appointment to come in to introduce and orientate us to a new product/procedure. This product was designed for victims of severe burn injuries, using the foreskin collected during circumcision of male newborns as skin grafts. Afterwards when I was driving home I was thinking about the information they had given us and even then the gruesome idea went through my mind wondering if this could lead to where we are today. A few years ago as I watched in horror the hidden camera interview with the President of Planned Parenthood , Cecile Richards I think was her name, my thoughts returned to the previous introduction to the skin graft orientation when she basically admitted that they were harvesting the body parts, tissue and bone of the aborted babies for sale to the highest bidder. She even laughed when she made a grotesque comment about wanting to afford herself a Lamborghini. I cried then, out of fear of what I knew was happening and out of anger that the Obama administration was condoning, which was on demand harvesting of fetal body parts according to the what was needed. A viable heart, liver, lung for transplants, bone or tissue for grafts/transplants/reconstruction, all being very profitable to not only the Planned Parenthood providers of young health women who are paid to be impregnated and to carry the baby to whatever term the “desired product” is viable and can be collected for sale. While the majority of people know or suspect this is happening there are few that will report the gruesome deed either because of the money involved or for fear of what might happen to them. My biggest fear is what will happen to each of us that allow this to continue to happen, with our tax dollars being used to front this horrific act. Whether we want to admit it or not, we will also have to answer to God for what we are closing our eyes to. Not one more tax dollar should be pumped into PP. If Cecile wants a Lamborghini let her get a real job to pay for it.

  5. To be expected from a State governed by a woman who would take cartel money to remove national guard troops from the NM border while caravan after caravan of immigrants are approaching it. Something is definitely wrong with woman. Follow the money!

  6. Our nation is begging for the wrath of God to come down upon us. Murder is wrong and cannot be justified in any way. Those who pass such laws and those who participate in this barbaric practice will burn in Hell…! I pity them!

  7. Since children now can be on parent’s insurance until they are 26 I say we should be able to abort them until they are 26! That should make the MURDERING COMMIES happy.

  8. What the DemoRATS are proposing is nothing more than INFANTICIDE. It is murder and those proposing this atrocity should be drawn and quartered. Regardless of what some females think, the CONSTITUTION DOES NOT GIVE THEM THE RIGHT TO KILL THEIR BABIES. Neither does GOD. They have the right NOT TO GET PREGNANT IN THE FIRST PLACE, or give their babies up for adoption if they do get pregnant. No matter how one looks at it … MURDER IS MURDER, and there is no excuse for it no matter what one thinks.

  9. The governor of Ohio just signed the Heartbeat bill. No abortion after a heartbeat is detected. I believe that is around six weeks or less. You want an abortion, you will have to travel to another state.

  10. If the Ob/Gyn are giing to be forced to do abortions we in Texas would welcome them with open arms. We would love more Obs that respect life.

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