Cuomo Won’t Have Any Evil TRUMP Judges Doing Weddings in HIS State

In one of the silliest acts of political gamesmanship we’ve seen all year, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo actually vetoed a bill this week that would have allowed federal judges to officiate weddings in the state. Why did he do it? Were there great concerns that this might lead to a federal takeover of New York? Was it some kind of partisan Republican bill meant to deny the Obergefell decision? Was there some minor pork in the bill that Cuomo was determined to block?

No, he just did it because that’s how much he hates President Trump.

“I cannot in good conscience support legislation that would authorize such actions by federal judges who are appointed by this federal administration. President Trump does not embody who we are as New Yorkers,” Cuomo said. “The cornerstones that built our great state are diversity, tolerance, and inclusion. Based on these reasons, I must veto this bill.”

That explanation makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. This move is as stupid as it is meaningless. Does Cuomo actually think this is going to hurt President Trump in any way? Does he think he actually made a stand for some principled position? This is the kind of thing you do when you don’t really have a firm understanding of government, when you are eaten up with Trump Derangement Syndrome, and when you have the mentality of a four-year-old brat.

Classic Cuomo, in other words.

“The legislation, referred to by NBC News as ‘noncontroversial’ and ‘bipartisan,’ was passed 148 to 2 in the New York Assembly, and 61 to 1 in the Senate. It would have simply opened the door for all federal judges to officiate weddings. Currently, all state judges have the authority to proceed over marriage unions, but only certain federal judges may do so. Cuomo said he couldn’t bear to risk that a Trump-appointed judge might oversee a wedding, so he shut down the legislation with his veto power,” reported The Blaze.

In remarks to the New York Post, Nick Langworthy of the NY Republican Party said, “It’s hard to imagine a more petty, small action from a sitting governor.”

Let’s all remember this moment when and if Cuomo ever decides he’s ready to run for president. Between this, turning the Brooklyn Bridge pink in support of abortion, and telling the press that he doesn’t believe “America was ever that great,” he’s unfit for New York, and he’s damn sure unfit for Washington.

What do you think?

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  1. Any of you guys living in New York and want to start an interesting “project” SUE’em.Put it out on the Net. I guarantee you should get enough help to pay the legal billl’s.

  2. As far Schit he really needs to go away and take his bulging eyes with him. And as far Omar, she thinks the Trump Coin is so evil she should take a look in the mirror. I would really like to see someone take that rag off her head as she gets booted out the door, come next election. Both are the lowest scum of the earth and poor excuses for human beings.

  3. Cuomo….You really are disgraceful…The Democrat behavior since President Trump first came down the escalator is so disturbing in so many ways….The nasty remarks and lies the Democrats have said about the President, our First Lady and their family is going to come back on them ten fold…As an Independent, I will never vote a Democrat in again…I stopped with Obama…I never doubted my decision….I have decided to be Republican all the way….Cuomo your behavior is some of the reason why….

  4. This is what you get when you have a “governor’ that believes he is the “emperor’ of N.Y.
    He has openly “royally decreed” he will ignore his sworn oath of office, the POTUS, the U.S Constitution, Bill of Rights, and install “his own ” ‘progressive” (communist) “government” in N.Y.
    We N.Y. residents are to obey his every “royal command” as you would the word of GOD, as HE is the ONLY Law in N.Y.

  5. As a former NYer I ask, what has happened to NY & NYers? Are you all idiots to allow this outrageous behavior? Why aren’t you fighting back against the tyrannical fascists destroying what used to be a wonderful state? Challenge him, his disgraceful decisions, & his horrific decrees from on high. God help NY & any state run by DEMONazis🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. Cuomo is a catholic. Morality could not possibly be an issue a s to why Cuomo chooses to smear President Trump. Check out the vote fraud potential and drug distribution, the most obvious.

  7. Utterly ridiculous behavior from anyone and he is the one that acts like a dictator not our President. All the D’s keep saying he is trying to be something he isn’t but it’s their actions they are putting on him. We have a President that thinks of all Americans and is trying to undo some of the horrible laws Obama put out to harm the country. I don’t know how all of these people can stand them self when they call him such awful things. I just read an article where Cher said he’s irredeemable but she must be thinking of herself because our President became a Christian while he was running for this office. Anyone that comes to Jesus and confesses their sins and asks for His forgiveness will be accepted by God as long as they have a true change of heart.

  8. May you die a painful death. I couldn’t stand obammy but you donkeys ass have taken the cake. Really, who gibes a shit what you want fredo.

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