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Democrats Sponsoring the “Most Radical Piece of Legislation” in U.S. History

On his Fox News program Friday night, Tucker Carlson drew attention to a new piece of legislation currently being sponsored by at least 44 House Democrats. While the legislation has zero chance of moving through the Senate successfully these days, the New Way Forward Act is a hint at what could be to come if radical Democrats ever seize control of the White House and Congress together.

Here’s what the activists at the National Immigration Justice Center had to say about the bill in December:

The New Way Forward Act would reduce mass incarceration by ending mandatory detention and banning for-profit immigration jails and by ending federal prison sentences for people who cross the border seeking freedom, safety, opportunity, or to reunite with their families. The legislation would further strengthen fairness by allowing independent federal judges to review certain decisions of immigration judges that immigration laws passed in 1996 unfairly tried to remove from judicial oversight.

Additional key provisions include those ending the harmful practice of allowing local police to assist ICE with deportations, and allowing people previously ordered deported under unjust laws to come home.

NIJC is proud to join formerly incarcerated community members and dozens of immigrant rights organizations from across the country who have endorsed the bill.

On his show, Carlson said the bill was nothing less than the “single most extreme and disruptive piece of legislation ever to gain widespread support in the Congress in the history of this country.”

Carlson isn’t exaggerating. As he pointed out, the bill would “allow people who have committed serious felonies in other countries to move to the United States legally.”

It would also, he noted, “make it nearly impossible for Federal immigration officials to detain immigrants, no matter how potentially dangerous they are.”

“Perhaps most infuriatingly, and remarkably, it will require taxpayers to transport deported criminals back into the United States,” Carlson said. “In other words, you break our laws, you hurt our people, we will send you a plane ticket. We will pay for you to come back.”

A list of the bill’s sponsors will not come as a surprise to any reader. They include Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley.

This is the future of the country if the insurgent leftists of the Democratic Party ever get their hands on real power. And, if you’ve noticed how even mainstream liberals like Joe Biden bend over backwards to appease these radicals, you’ll understand that we don’t have to necessarily elect someone like Bernie Sanders to see that happen. A weak-willed (or lying), regular-ol’ Democrat will put this nation’s laws, culture, and future in extreme peril as well.

If a bill like this ever gets signed into law, the ballgame’s over. Period.

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  1. If the dems and their handlers had a moment of honesty, the American people would hear their actual goal. The total destruction of the country as it was founded!

  2. As usual the liberals / democrats dont c as re about america.

    Hey I thought the liberals were ways saying america is terrible. Then why force all those nice people from other countries to come here?

    Sounds like the liberals are lying about ssd something again.

  3. This shows the Dems are not looking out for the American people..Dems will destroy this country to get at Trump .Put that Wall Up.& look out for us..I say no party’s Dems are telling lies to the Nation why my family’s are putting there lives on the line for our Freedom..It should not matter what party comes out on top the people voted that party in..Show Respect for Everyone..

  4. At least the mask is off and the radical Democrats are telling us exactly what they envision for America. As the photo that was posted with this story said, “No borders, No Nation, Immigration for All”. This really is a plan to destroy the United States of America and fold it into a North American Union with no borders, like the European Union.

  5. Who is the IDIOT that has put this bill forward? That person need mental help. Every Country in the world has borders, something like this would make the United States the laughing stock of the world. We need to write to every Democrat and let them know that we the People of the United States are NOT happy with thinking, this bill. I’ll write will you?

  6. This SPELLS The beginning of the END of the Democratic party. They are out of touch with both REALITY and the voters. Their policies are the WORST to EVER come out of Legislation. They put the safety of ALL U.S. Citizens at risk with “open borders” (letting ALL criminals in) and leaving the citizens defenseless with their “gun control laws, allowing BOTH the Tyrannical government (and the ILLEGAL UN forces in) and the criminal element to PREY on the defenseless U.S. Citizen. This is TREASONISTIC and DISGRACEFUL. These Democrats need to be removed from Office ASAP. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  7. Don’t understand when 50 years ago if someone was to suggest socialism they would have been investigated by authorities, pursued negatively by the press, monsterised by the public & charged for treason.
    Why, today is this attention or situation different?

  8. The democRATS are willing to destroy America in their hate for Trump, we people can’t let the democRATS win in 2020 they are putting forth radical ideas that show how much hate they have for the US citizen and if they hate us enough to sponsor a law that will throw the US open to every type of criminal in the world and let them prey on US citizens then it is time we voted them out of office at every election starting with November 2020, vote straight republican keep our freedoms that we have

  9. Why do you think the Democrats are so strongly in favor of doing away with the 2nd Amendment. The democrats want to say President Trump and American gun owners are Nazi’s. Democrats call themselves Democratic Socialists. Well, that is what Hitler claimed the Nazi Party was. He confiscated guns, the Nazi’s took control of everything, including the birth of Germans and the slaughter of millions of Jews. The Nazi’s blamed everything on someone else; just like democrats do. Well America, look at todays democrat party. They want to do away with American’s having the right to bear arms, they want to abort children, even at birth, they want to control and allow anyone into this country, who will, vote to support democrat control, and the democrats want to use hard working Americans tax dollars, to pay for all of their proposed idiodic agenda. It is time to vote these idiots out of office. Carlson was right. If the Democrats ever take control of the house, the senate and the white house, it is game over. To all true Americans, buy and keep your guns, buy as much ammunition as possible and finally, decide to stand up for America. You will need these things to take back America if the Socialist/Communist win in 2020. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Wake Up America and start fighting back against all of the radical agenda items democrats propose. We have seen three years of “I HATE TRUMP” Syndrome from the democrats. President Trump has done more for this country in three years than democrat presidents, and some republican presidents have in 60 years. Democrats want to blame others for all of the bad in this country and democrats want to take credit for all of the good in this country. They are psychotic. Keep your powder dry America or vote these idiots out of office. God Bless America, God Bless President Trump and God Bless all hard working Americans.

  10. These TREASONISTIC TRAITORS are the largest group of REPROBATES . . . EVER! They hate EVERY good thing AMERICAN, that the Hand of God through our God fearing Founding Fathers established, through their LYING Rhetoric. We M U S T remove them from Office ASAP through RECALLS, Impeachment, PRISON (if GUILTY of TREASON and SEDITION) and the ELECTIONS. This 2020 Election is the MOST important election of our LIFETIME requiring EVERY Freedom Loving PATRIOT to VOTE. Don’t listen to these “sirens” with their “beautiful “songs” (?!?) of SOCIALISM/COMMUNISM if you don’t want your “ship” hopelessly crashed on the ROCKS below. get out there and VOTE! . . . It DOES count. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  11. The Dem-O-Rats are going to create a civil war and they will lose. That is why they are trying to ban and take true American citizens guns.

  12. All legislation has to be signed by the President before it becomes. Law. Do any of you actually think that President Trump would sign this if it made it through
    the senate? All you people who comment be sure and vote republican, straight
    down the ticket!!!!! There is a good one that the senate passed and will surely
    pass the house that takes away the president’s Constitutional power to use bombs
    on places like Iran without asking them first so they can leak it to the press and
    let the skit heads know in advance. LOL…yeah like Trump is going to sign that???? I don’t
    think so, and shame on the majority re[publican senate for passing what a democrat started. By the way, there are not enough votes to over-ride Trumps veto when he does it.
    Just wasting more time they could be doing the people’s business.

  13. This bill is a crock. The Senate must kill it if they have any sense at all. I
    am sure the President will veto it. It is just an underhanded way of letting
    illegals into the country on the pretense of their working for the farmers.
    Earlier bills like this did not work. It is just another way of slipping people
    into the country that should not be here.

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