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Dems: Riots Don’t Exist. Also Dems: Trump is to Blame for Riots.

The Democratic Party really doesn’t have all that many pages in their playbook, as we’ve seen over the last four years. One of their favorite plays, though, is to pretend for months as though Trump is lying about something and then, when it becomes impossible to sustain that fiction anymore, turn around and blame Trump for the something in question.

We last saw this play during the border crisis of late 2018. Migrant caravans were pushing towards the border, law enforcement officials guarding the country were overwhelmed, people were herded into impromptu camps, and all the Democrats would say was, “It’s all a Trump lie. He’s just whipping up fear in advance of the mid-terms. Pay no attention to his racist rhetoric. There are no caravans. There is no migrant surge.”

But then (after the election, mind you), the Democrats and the media finally admitted that, yeah, we’ve got a real problem on our hands at the border. So what did the Dems do? Acknowledge that they’d been lying for the last four or five months? Admit that Trump was right and they were wrong? Fund the wall? No, of course not. Backed against the corner, they started pointing fingers. Yes, there’s a border crisis, but it’s all Trump’s fault! If he would just stand down and let these people cross without delay, there wouldn’t be a problem, see?

Now they’re bringing the playbook out again for the riots infesting our great American cities.

In a speech this week, Joe Biden accused Trump of “stoking violence in our cities.”

“This president long ago forfeited any moral leadership in this country,” Biden said. “He can’t stop the violence — because for years he has fomented it.”

What violence? What is Joe talking about? If you got all your news from Democrats on CNN and MSNBC and The New York Times, you would be completely baffled. Is there violence? We thought there were just “peaceful protests.” We thought the only outcropping of violence was coming from mysterious white supremacists posing as BLM members. We thought those Targets and Auto Zones and Walmarts and Wendys were burning down from spontaneous combustion!

The left has done everything possible to ignore, downplay, and mischaracterize what’s going on in Kenosha, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis, and other major cities. Now that the polls are starting to trend against Biden and BLM, they’re trying to make up for lost time by blaming Trump for the actions of Antifa and other leftist groups. It’s a sick, shameful arrow, but it’s one of the only ones the Democrats have in their quiver.

We’ll see if the American public is clueless enough to fall for it.

What do you think?

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  1. How many TIMES do these Left Wing Democrat CLOWN LIARS expect us to believe these “protests” (actually RIOTS) are peaceful? . . . They KNOW that BLM and ANTIFA are ILLEGAL COMMUNIST guerillas, and they ALSO know that WE THE People know that they ARE the left’s MILITANT wing of the Democrat Party! It’s time to Remove them from Office (in handcuffs, if necessary) and send those responsible to FEDERAL PRISON for DERELICTION of DUTY, SEDITION and TREASON to serve out LENGTHY sentences as per the U.S. Constitution. One Enlightened and HOPEFUL Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  2. Do the Dems and Media think that everyone is THAT stupid??? Or are they just hoping that people are not really paying attention and they can hoodwink them into compliance? Maybe a combination of the two? Well here’s hoping that most people are really smart enough to figure out that it is Joe Biden and Kamala Harris who have been in government for years. And IF there are problems they are the ones who have let things “ferment for years”. President Trump has been in government for 3 1/2 years and has been doing a great job of trying to fix all the messes that the Obama/Biden Administration left!

  3. The , ” Where am I” ” What Position am I running for ” “This is my wife.. OOPS Sister ” Joe.. Forget all the Chaos in the Dem Cities.. Arson, Murder, MILLIONS of DOLLARS of Destruction to PROPERTY.. This will continue with Joe ( if he even makes it to Election Night ) , but have NO FEAR , Harris will make sure to carry on this DEM Legacy.. GOD HELP US(A) if these miscreants ever get prepared for ETERNAL TURMOIL , as AMERICA turns into a THIRD WORLD SODOM & GOMORRAH . A DAMN FREE for ALL. NO LAW ENFORCEMENT.. you will be on your own to defend You & your FAMILY… NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.. The GREATER the POWER.. the more DANGEROUS the ABUSE.. & the Left knows all about that… RIGHT Nancy……….

    • Spot on my friend! And that witch knows that perv is brain dead, and knows that Biden will step aside because he, IS brain dead, and is a PUPPET! The witch smiles in his face acts like she just lovessssssss him, BARF, but yet thinking how she can get him out ASAP, basically stabbing the brain dead perv in the back. That witch only cares of herself, and POWER! This’s the only way that witch can be President because what was she 2%? Whatever it was, people hated the witch. But she is soooooooo loved now, BARF!!! And yes! God help us if A POS commy Dem ever gets in again. It will be over for us. Third world country in NO TIME!

  4. BLM is not about black lives matter. It’s about every other issues that can be thought up and raised. If BLM was about black lives matter then the deaths in Chicago would be gaining more media coverage because 90% are Hispanic and black on black deaths. Black lives matter is about a Marxist organization which is a socialist/communist organization.if you want socialism and communism in this country instead of capitalism vote for Biden. If not vote Trump.

  5. What is truly amazing is that the demonrats are so blind to their own party’s wrong doings, all they see is hate everyone who does not agree with them. This sadly started with the communist teachers brain washing our children.

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