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Despite Withering Pressure, Fox News Stands Up for Laura Ingraham

We are so proud of Fox News right now, our hearts could burst. It would have been all too easy for the corporate suits at cable’s finest news channel to turn their backs on Laura Ingraham, release some lame statement about how they don’t tolerate hate speech towards gun violence survivors, beg for the forgiveness of David Hogg and his minions, and quietly replace Ingraham with Ainsley Earhardt or some other hungry daytime host.

Instead, they recognized this boycott for what it is – an attempt to silent dissenting voices on the pro-gun side of the issue – and warned the advertisers not to let the door hit them on the way out.

This is, seriously, one of the greatest things Fox News has ever done.

“We cannot and will not allow voices to be censored by agenda-drive intimidation efforts,” said Fox News co-president Jack Abernathy. “We look forward to having Laura Ingraham back hosting her program next Monday when she returns from spring vacation with her children.”

There was a lot of speculation in the last couple of years that with the departure of Roger Ailes, the release of Bill O’Reilly, and the ascension to power of Rupert Murdoch’s children, Fox News would soon be only a shell of its former self. But the channel has more than proven the skeptics wrong. If anything, the Fox News has reached new heights of greatness over the course of the Trump presidency, and primetime pundits like Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and yes, Laura Ingraham are the prime reason why.

This whole flap about Ingraham is absolutely ridiculous anyway. Look, if she had said something truly nasty about David Hogg, that would be one thing. But it’s not like she tweeted, “Ugh, if I have to see this Nazi’s ugly face on my TV one more time, I’m going to shoot MYSELF.” Okay? If she’d written something like that, we could understand if advertisers started to bail on her program. But she didn’t! She merely noted that Hogg was out there “whining” about his college rejections, noted that it was unlikely that those rejections had anything at all to do with his newfound “celebrity” status, and…um, that’s all. How the hell is that cause for destroying the woman’s career?

Oh, it’s because Hogg is a precious, rare flower known as a “Parkland Teen,” and as such cannot be criticized, mocked, or disagreed with in any form or fashion. He is to be protected lovingly like a tender baby lamb, and anyone who dares cross him must be thrown into the lake of fire.

Astoundingly, some in the liberal media are calling the boycott against her advertisers a “wonderful example of democracy.”

We’ll see if they’re singing the same tune the day the tide turns against them or one of their liberal colleagues. We’ll just see indeed.

What do you think?

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  1. I am glad to see Fox News grow some balls in standing up for Laura. Hers is a program which my wife and I watch diligently every time she is on; in fact we watch Fox News the vast amount of time because we know we are getting the basic TRUTH of the news, not just biased reporting like the main news networks give (ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC) which we believe to be spouting anti-American garbage. For a case in point, note now they revere, even worship Obama, who divided this country more than anybody else, and castigate President Trump at every turn. According to them, Obama did everything right, but Trump is the big, bad wolf for America. Let’s support President Trump as he is trying to “make America great again”, but not the racist, demonic nation the democrats try to convince us that’s the way we are headed back to. VOTE REPUBLICAN or Independent!

      • “Lets face it . . .” Mainstream media is all over Hillary and Sanders as “propaganda networks” for George Soros, Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and illegal aliens.
        Is that Tomato or is it Tomayto? Opinions are like heads, most people have them. The left whines because one opinion-maker speaks out about second hand celebrity and the exploitation of minors by the left. When mainstream media floods the airways with vitriol, inaccuracies and paid-for events (women’s march, anti-gun marches, etc.) and blindly follows the Soros or Democrat script, the will just have to earn a little trance. Have you noticed the confluence of key word reports by the left. One says gravitas, then all others repeat the phrase in their broadcasts.

        • The problem was when Laura Ingraham taunted Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg, the 17-year-old high school senior who has become a gun-control activist, mustered the collective power of social media and his more than 730,000 Twitter followers. Then urged them to “tweet away” at her top sponsors to call on them to boycott her TV show. Then a large number with drew their ads she was forced to to apologized. As I see it there is a major shift in public opinion towards gun control. The bigger problem is that Fox News is losing the next generation of voters who rather watch ABC, CBS NBC, MSNBC and even the BBC (British Broadcasting Company).

          • You are so full of it (BS). Gun control? I think NOT. Public opinion IS NOT in favor of gun control. Just because you print it here does not make it so. And you will not convince the vast majority of the public who are against gun control. Get yourself a touch of reality.

          • The problem is just the way your thinking. If you can get out there a push a cause, especially with the language he has used, then he is not a flower and should be able to take what he gives!! Butts in the kitchen but can’t take the heat!!! LIBERALS

          • Because they rather believe lies. They enjoy the publicity they are getting. If the armed guard on duty that day stopped the killings by shooting the shooter, they would all be praising him.

          • Allen, you Snowflakes, are truly flakes of nothing, but falsehoods, wishing what you throw out will be bought. Guess what, you gave yourself away, when you mentioned the obama media networks..Lotsa shade under that rock you live under.

          • More than half of those same kids marching in the the liberal funded rant against the NRA will be lined up at the gun shop door on their eighteenth birthday with money in hand for a fire arm.

          • David Hogg is not a gun control activist, he is a tool used by the left to send messages or lies to the other side with very little success , but ask the left and he is a good little boy speaking up for them. As for Fox News, they are not losing the next generation of voters. I mean really who cares about liberal scum bag leftists these days, except themselves, but anyway I believe Fox has ratings alot higher than any leftist liberal lunatic channels. All those channels you listed are more tools of the left and they lie , cheat , steal or do anything they can to hope people will watch them and improve their ratings, but they are failing .

      • That would make it at least 4 to 1. Perhaps you would prefer a unanimous anti-Trump news media. At least one network has the courage to speak truth.

        • Propaganda is information that is not objective and is used primarily to influence an audience and further an agenda, often by mis-presenting facts selectively to encourage a particular synthesis or perception, or using loaded language to produce an emotional rather than a rational response to the information that is presented. Propaganda is often associated with material prepared by governments, but activist groups, companies and the media can also produce propaganda.

          Or an other way to put it is how Trump is turning a swamp into a sewer which is making our stock market go crazy. One day we are having a Trade War and the next day we are not then back again. I call that PROPAGANDA. Building a wall and having someone else pay for it other than the US taxpayer is a perfect example.

          PROPAGANDA is nothing more that a CON JOB and Trump and Fox News are very good at it…

      • And let’s face it, there are no democrats left to vote for. All we have left are left wing, liberal, progressive, socialists, masquerading as democrats. All of the other networks are propaganda machines for the socialists.
        Agreeing with “democrats” is a vote for socialism. Bernie Sanders was the only socialist to actually admit who he really is, all the rest are hiding in plain sight.

      • Lets face it, factless propaganda feeds the Snowflakes, through the Mindless, Mired, fake news networks, they love to wallow in the Leftist mud.

      • Guess you haven’t watched Fox News, fair and balanced unlike CNN and MSNBC propaganda outlets for the radical left!

    • Me too, I cancelled my subscription to HULU in support of Laura Ingraham. Would have cancelled other chicken shit companies who caved under leftist pressure to discontinue advertising on her show if I had been able!

    • Great post JohnJohn. I agree with you 100%. I always thought the way they let Bill O”Reilly go was disgraceful, considering he had the #1 Cable program for 20 years. It’s FOX versus the Fake News Networks, from MSNBC to CNN and the regular ABC/CBS/NBC. Laura is a straight shooter, like you I am thrilled FOX brass stood up for her !!

      • Spot on. Our family and 4 of our neighbor families will not longer buy at Office Depot and Johnson & Johnson products. Bye. Other companies make just as good or even butter products. Fox is our news station. Also use Levin and Oreilly memberships.

    • johnjohn,My wife and I agree 100% as we watch Laura every night she is on, and if she goes
      we go,This little PUNK ASS KID doesn’t know the first thing about a gun!!!!! The gun has to have someone to pull the trigger before it will fire !!!!Should we BAN cars??? a lot more are killed
      by cars than by guns !!!!!

    • I stand with President Trump, and all who port him. Thanks for your response. That is the kind of response I give too. :}

  2. David Hogg needs a good ass whipping. He won’t debate anyone who disagrees with his pathetic views on the NRA or guns in general. He is a prime example of the left wing Democrats and how they use these immature snowflakes to promote their anti-American agenda. We don’t need to worry about Russia messing with us, we have these liberal Democrats destroying our country right in front of us.

  3. New survey shows the following when in comes to the liberal news media!! 77% of the American people distrust the major news networks including CBS, ABC & NBC!! 83% believe that special interest in those 3 major news networks plant “phoney and fake news “!!! Of that 83%, 89% of the Republicans say they plant fake news, 82% Independent voters say they do and even 61% of Democrat voters say they plant fake news!!! No wonder the liberal news media are “slaves to the Democrat Party”???…

    • I believe the numbers you have stated but If you would put which polls you are using so others can make sure this can be backed up so I can use the numbers in my fights I have, and than the Libs.can.t fight back on the facts.

  4. There are millions who turn to FOX for the truth, as closely as is possible. They provide it with class and truth, unlike other forms of media. Laura Ingraham is one who brings it to us. The Florida shooting was another avoidable tragedy, but sadly, it became something else very quickly that seemed to sap the empathy right out of so many. These were teenagers, who were lead in the wrong direction by those who had their own selfish political agenda. This gave the students a foreign power that they did not understand, nor realize from which repercussions would come.
    Already the necessity of clear backpacks have uncovered these teenagers’ true feelings and ability to think. They are, after all, still children of sorts, not yet ready to think on the level they attempted…..that kind of reasoning and thinking comes only with maturity, experience and age…..none of which they possess.
    It would seem that the only entities that will pay for the unfortunate blunders, are the members of the liberal party, who participated in promoting such, and the advertisers, who have and will continue long into the future, to lose business because they too have shown their true colors to the citizens of this wonderful country. After all, we have the extraordinary ability in this country to make good choices,

  5. Laura tells it like it is! No Bullshit!!!
    As for Johnson and Johnson, Nutri, and Wayfare and the other boycotters? They can kiss my ass before I ever buy there crap again

  6. I don’t even watch Fox so am not familiar with Laura, but why is it that Hogg can spew his nastiness and personal philosophy all over the media and she is criticized for a much less serious remark. I resent the advertisers who have withdrawn and do not plan to support them in any way. Allowing themselves to be manipulated by an egotistical teen with a personal agenda is not cool.

    • Erica you should tune in to at least one show to see what she has to say. It’s not entertainment, it’s informational. Important information discussed from both points of view which is lacking on the other news channels.

  7. THANK YOU, FOX NEWS! Stand tall and keep reporting. Thank you for speaking out and defending Laura. Your voice speaks the real news, fair and unbalanced. Thank God the left wing did not take control of America; Obama and gang were sinking us fast. We have a GREAT PRESIDENT who loves our country and is making progress in every angle. Keep making our military strong, build that wall, lock her up, honor the first responders who defend us, be fair, love your neighbor, love our God. No one is above the law. Enough is enough!

  8. David Hogg
    You will have your day, your pedastool that you are standing on is made of hype. The ones who cheer you on will be the very ones who devour you when you fail. You have a lot to learn. This is America. This is the home of the strong and the brave. For every wining sissy that cries in a wining march. There are thousands of proud Americans living real life in this nation.
    Laura was right you are a Winer still wet behind the ears. Young dumb and chewing gum. And trying to walk at the same time. You have every right to speak your peace. First amendmant. Keep it. And don’t think you or anyone can or will remove the rest of Americans rights. America will keep them. You are not an exception to the rule. There are real young men who have experienced tragedy and seen worse and press on knowing life has good bad and ugly. We grieve with those who grieve. We rejoice with those who rejoice. No democrat and no republican will bring perfect utopia. God will, and it is in the making. Gods plan will always prevail. Maybe you should seek God before you open your mouth again.

    • Thank you for supporting America and those that really love this country. I commend you on the words you chose to use. The truly honest news is that God is in command no matter the Democrats or Republicans Agenda. I wrote a comment to the same one that Laura addressed. All I wrote was that if you looked at David Hogg’s picture and saw all the anger in his eyes and expression, that he needed Anger Management Classes. His facial expression would be one that I felt needed reporting for mental problems or hurting innocent people. Aren’t we told to report the unusual, be better wrong than sorry?? My comment was immediately marked in RED and was told I couldn’t post. How about that!! I WILL NOT SUPPORT ANY COMPANY that withdraws support from Laura’s Fox News Show. Please let Fox continue and not allow pressure on what is honest news be taken away from ones who still believe in this country’s right to hear it. May God Bless this nation again.

  9. Proud of FOX for standing by Laura Ingraham and certainly hope & expect them to continue their support for her against publicity seeking HOGG, the Lame Stream Media and other assorted Liberals who are supporting these uninformed Snowflakes and those who are supporting them financially and otherwise……they really need to stay in School and study up on OUR CONSTITUTION, IT’S AMENDMENTS AND THE BILL OF RIGHTS for apparently they have not been taught about them!

  10. And, oh, by the way, Hogg wasn’t even in school the day of the shooting at his high school! So technically he is not a victim. I heard an interview that was played on a local radio station where Hogg said he was “at home when he heard about the shooting, grabbed his camera and rode his bike 3 miles to the school.”
    It is also reported that his picture is appearing in a California high school yearbook and that he had already graduated from that high school. Things to be investigated.

  11. Having a tough time believing MSM. Too often they have to retract a message or story due to inconsistents. They cannot be trusted.

    Still cannot determine what Laura did wrong.

  12. It is about time one of the “news” stations started standing up for what is right. Hogg is a piglet that his tail cut and spend more time in class and less trying to be something that only his followers want. If he thinks he is going to get into a major college with his anti attitude he has a long wait coming.
    Fox standing up for their people when they are right should have been done long ago.

  13. David Hoggs and his “minions” need to grow up ! My parents raised me not to use the “F” word like David did while giving his speech . Maybe learn correct speech and the “Constitution”: and some American History . Then he might understand the reason for his Freedoms and his rights !!

    • Hog head was not in school. Mom at CNN dad at FBI told to stay home probably.Went I was in high school had US History junior year and had to pass if you wanted to graduate as senior. Snowflakes do not know anything about their own country. Left wing teachers brainwashing kids.A Vietnam veteran who loves MY country and wood serve it again if need to. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  14. It is simple, I have unsubscribed from any of the sponsors that have withdrawn from the Laura Ingraham show.

    This move by the sponsors is a travesty and assault against our 1st and 2nd amendments, which in turn protects their freedoms. Kudos to Fox News for standing against this injustice.

  15. Boycott every company that supports that whining, sniveling coward Hogg! Drive every one of them out of business and out of America! Expel Hogg from every school and ban him from all colleges! Deport him to China and ban from America! Boycott all businesses that are so stupid to allow an idiot to dictate policy! Boycott all NOW!

  16. Well, I find it amazing how uneducated MUCH of the public is when it comes to knowing all the GOOD thing, President Trump has done for America in just over one years, but those who DO NOT KNOW, only listen to ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC and other ALL left wing news stations and NEVER bother to do a little research on their own, to learn the TRUTH. How is our unemployment rate NOW, the amount of people on WELFARE now, the amount of people on food stamps now, the improvement in small businesses NOW, the improvement in the VA NOW and it go on and on. Trump has done MORE to HELP the average AMERICAN than any president in MANY decades. AND if WE the people, will let him do his job, he will accomplish more than almost any president in the history of this country AND America WILL become GREAT again.

  17. GREAT! It’s about time Fox News stops caving to these crazy liberals! When is Fox going to understand the left wingers are doing anything they can to close the door on a good right wing TV channel! You cowed down on Bill O’Reilly and almost on Shawn Hannity! Luckily for you Shawn fought back!

  18. There’s one thing I respect about the Libs : They NEVER compromise on their principals no matter how bad they are. They circle the wagons to protect The Hogg while Laura Ingram tells the truth and they don’t want to hear it. If anyone dares disagree with their twisted agenda in any way, shape or form they attack in full force. I do thank Fox News on this issue for getting the truth out.

  19. Good Job Fox, Stick with her, she ‘s done nothing wrong and you never fire someone for speaking up or giving their opinion, etc.You’re doing the right thing and I’m a proud watcher and Patriot.

  20. I am encouraged the leaders at Fox have stood up for Laura Ingraham. Her comment did not deserve a backlash from the advertisers. I have a hard time believing these different companies could make this decision so quickly. There has to me more to this story

    The companies that continue to support the main stream media are complicit in the fake news they continually produce. These are the firms that need to evaluate the programs they support with their advertising dollars.

  21. Fantastic ! Thank you Fox news for standing up for Laura ! It’s time that sponsors stand up for American values not the crap put out by the Left wing of the Democratic party, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC AND MSN… I listen to Fox News every day to hear the real truth. Fox is the only one that will bring in Liberal Democrats and Conservatives and let us see the difference.

    • If we stick together and enough of us start to boycott these corps. this will stop quick. They will get the message and when you hit them in the pocket book where the bottom line is all they care about. i have boycotted the car rentals delta and the rest of those morons who think that they can tell me what to watch or put up with a little whining punk who thinks he is going to repeal the 2nd amendment.

  22. Even if that were true, the Republicans would have only one….the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS have ABC, CBS,NBC, CNN, MSNBC & OTHERS…..Where’s the BALANCE in News???????????

  23. Fox you are the one.
    The only journalist enterprise left.
    I for one will be looking for ways and means to help your profit picture improve

  24. The sponsors that removed themselves from her show will find that average Americans (middle Americans) will no longer support their products. We have already changed some of our product choices. The lefts’ media has professional protesters that make calls to sponsors. Sponsors need to understand children don’t buy their products. Adults do. Sponsors once again have given into the left.
    David Hogg at 16, brain is far from being developed to make mature decisions. As a Dr. therapist working with adolescents/dual diagnoses and treatment, David needs assessment. His anger and rage will lead to issues in his future.

  25. Can you imagine Nancy Peloesi as president? That would be even worse than Hillary!

    It is time to clean house in our state legislatures, and in Congress. They have completely lost touch of what the PEOPLE elected them to do! Anyone know how to start a bill? The first bill we need is the right to RECALL any of our elected officials that do NOT do what they promised! Now they promise us what we would like to see them do and then get to the legislature or to Congress and take the party line NOT what we sent them there to do!
    The second bill would be for the STATES to start paying the salaries of our Senators and Congressmen! Passing themselves raises when they aren’t doing their jobs do to political infighting! Being able to vote yourself a raise when so many people are just making ends meet, AND getting a retirement check for life even if they only serve one term! Say What! We the LEGAL CITIZENS of the USA, need to stand up and get our elected officials UNDER CONTROL! Pardoning convicted felons so they can’t be deported! Is that guy NUTS!

  26. Three cheers to Fox for not buckling under pressure! The Ingraham Angle is my favorite GO TO cable network for no-nonsense reporting. As a former teacher, listening to Hogg’s profanity-laden interview was disheartening; Laura’s commentary concerning Hogg’s college rejection was probably hurtful for him, but she did have enough decency to apologize. I do believe it was sincere, because that is who Laura Ingraham is. I will be ecstatic to welcome Laura back to her nightly spot on Fox…she is a shining example of what we need more of today in the media…truth and credibility. Welcome back, Laura!

  27. David Hogg needs to learn he can’t cause anyone who disagrees with him needs to be fired or be told to take a leave. He will be one to watch as he matures because with his violent temper. Anyone going to college needs to learn that he is not number one where ever he goes. WE need to mature to be able to know that everything we do in life is not always a win. When you apply to college you send out several. When the board looks at your application, you are in competition with Latinos, Blacks, Asians, number of men and number of women, all grade point index. 4.1 or 4.2 are wonderful but that isn’t the only way they decide who comes and who doesn’t. Grow up David, get an education, get rid of all the personal anger. Anger will get you absolutely nowhere on your life road.

  28. Hang in there & keep standing up for your news hosts these advertisers will realize they made a mistake standing with kids whose frontal lobe hasn’t even matured yet

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