Devin Nunes Eviscerates Impeachment Case for the World to See

If we were Rep. Adam Schiff of the House Intelligence Committee, we’d be inclined to spend a few days hiding out in our house with the blinds closed. Hell, we might have to look in the mirror and think very hard about what, exactly, we were doing with our career. Because after Rep. Devin Nunes, the ranking Republican on the committee, destroyed the Democrats’ impeachment case on Friday, there is only one response that suffices: Complete silence. This was a mic drop moment of the highest order.

Before Democrats got down to the main show of letting former ambassador Marie Yovanovitch speculate about Rudy Giuliani and other things she has no firsthand knowledge of, Nunes took the time to dismantle the entire impeachment inquiry, brick by brick.

“After touting the Steele dossier and defending the FBI’s Russia investigation, which are now being investigated by Inspector General Horowitz and Attorney General Barr, Democrats on this committee ignore Ukrainian election meddling, even though (DNC operative Alexandra) Chalupa publicly admitted to the Democrats’ scheme,” argued Nunes.

“Likewise, they are blind to the blaring signs of corruption surrounding Hunter Biden’s well-paid position on the board of a corrupt Ukrainian company while his father served as vice president and point man for Ukraine issues in the Obama administration,” he continued. “But the Democrats’ media hacks only cared about that issue briefly when they were trying to stop Joe Biden from running against Hillary Clinton in 2015.”

That alone would have been sufficient to put Democrats in their place, but Nunes wasn’t done by a long shot. He argued that the impeachment hearings should be called off entirely until Republicans got the answers to three important questions.

“First, what is the full extent of the Democrats’ prior coordination with the whistle-blower and who else did the whistle-blower coordinate this effort with?” he asked. “Second, what is the full extent of Ukraine’s election meddling against the Trump Campaign? And third, why did Burisma hire Hunter Biden? What did he do for them? And did his position affect any government actions under the Obama administration?”

Those answers aren’t coming, of course, so Nunes went straight to the heart of the matter, reminding America that five Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee voted to impeach Trump long before any of this Ukraine nonsense came to light.

“In fact, Democrats have been vowing to oust President Trump since the day he was elected. So Americans can rightly suspect that his phone call with President Zelensky was used as an excuse for the Democrats to fulfill their Watergate fantasies,” he said. “But I’m glad that on Wednesday, after the Democrats staged six weeks of secret depositions in the basement of the Capitol, like some kind of strange cult, the American people finally got to see this farce for themselves.”

Hopefully, they’re watching.

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  1. The democratic freak show they call impeachment continues totally one sided and if the democrats had real evidence they would welcome cross examination so they could prove something. Doing this way proves they are cowards.

  2. When is this farce going to end? Quite frankly the True Americans are getting tired of the waste of our time and money, not to mention the undue emotional consequences. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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  4. Democrat leadership has caved to radicals demands for impeachment, even before they find a crime to use in their complaint. Now they face a dichotomy, where they lose regardless of which way they turn. If they back away and call off the impeachment coup that will be an admission that President Trump is completely exonerated of any wrong. Inversely, if they continue with or without identifing a crime, the trial by GOP in the Senate will be an opportunity to probe the correption/crimes of the Clintons and the entire Obama adminstration. The Senate trial will not be under the constraints of a Kangaroo Chairman, like Rep Schiff. The TRUTH shall set you free.

  5. To really put Frost on the RATS pumpkins, from their OBSTRUCTIONS that have used up the first FOUR years of PRESIDENT TRUMPS Term, he is entitled 4 more years PLUS the 4 years that were used up by DEMDUMBCRATS attempt on IMPEACHMENT on HEARSAYS!
    GOD n PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020 ( entitlement to 2028)! Because of DEMDUMBCRATS!!

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