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DHS: Nearly 300 Verified Criminals Embedded in Migrant Caravan

The Department of Homeland Security released a “Myth vs. Fact” sheet on the Central American caravan heading towards the United States on Friday. It makes clear that what the president and this administration have been saying about these immigrants is far from mere political propaganda. While the left’s media outlets have been working overtime to dismiss any concerns over the caravan as nothing more than election hype, the DHS memo shows that, if anything, President Trump has been downplaying the crisis over the past couple of weeks. The truth about this caravan is much more disturbing.

“We continue to be concerned about individuals along the caravan route,” says the memo. “In fact, over 270 individuals along the caravan route have criminal histories, including known gang membership. Those include a number of violent criminals – examples include aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, armed robbery, sexual assault on a child, and assault on a female. Mexican officials have also publicly stated that criminal groups have infiltrated the caravan. We also continue to see individuals from over 20 countries in this flow from countries such as Somalia, India, Haiti, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh. There is a large segment of this population that we know nothing about and we must be prepared to defend our border and enforce our laws to protect the citizens of our country.”

In addition to clearing things up about the caravan’s criminal population, the memo also addressed the topic of using military troops at the border. Much like the president’s rhetoric, Democrats have characterized the use of troops as a political stunt that wastes Defense resources for the purpose of engendering fear among voters.

On the contrary, says DHS, these troops are needed for the very real possibility that things will get hairy once the caravan reaches its destination.

“The potential for large groups – who have already showed a propensity to using violence to achieve its objective – presents a unique safety threat to our nation and Border Patrol personnel as well as to the security of the American people,” the memo says. “We have already witnessed these groups forcibly encroach upon foreign borders and have engaged in violence when confronted by those governments.”

The memo concludes by answering two frequently-asked questions:

Q: Will you allow the caravan to enter the United States?

A: We will not allow a large group of illegal migrants attempt to enter into the United States if they have no lawful right to gain entry.

Q: Will the caravan be allowed to seek asylum?

A: Our goal is to provide protection to those individuals who qualify for asylum under our laws. Individuals who want jobs or want to reunify with family members in the U.S. aren’t eligible to qualify for asylum.

It remains astounding to us that anyone can look at the Democratic Party’s track record on these immigrants and still cast a vote for their candidates. How can you look at this catastrophe-in-progress and vote for the very people who have obstructed laws that would eliminate this problem forever? How can you wish for the U.S. to become the mirror image of modern-day Europe, overrun with people who don’t speak the language, don’t understand the culture, and have not the slightest interest in American-style democracy?

Oh right, you can despise your country and everything it stands for. How silly of us to forget.

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  1. The United States of American does not owe anything, especially “Due Process” to any caravan member. If non-citizens want anything, they must enter through an authorized entry portal, subject to vetting/screening and are totally subject to the final determination of immigration services, the American public and our constitution. Period.

  2. They do in fact deserve due process. There are ample examples of due process in our history. When the Japanese invaded the Aleutians we gave them due process. When the German UBoats dropped off their saboteurs due process.

  3. If you believe this story , I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you . . . . . . . . . . Trump and the Republican party (really the Repugnican party ) are the real threat to America . Sending thousands of US troops to the Mexican border to “protect ” America from a ragtag group of desperate, unarmed people fleeing for their lives makes about as much sense as using a sledgehammer to swat a fly .

    • I guess you prefer to bury your head in the sand. I guess you don’t bother with checking the facts. Close to 50% of those so called ragtag people happen to be young, vibrant, angry, men. Not all desperate families consisting of women and children. Nobody is saying those seeking asylum shouldn’t receive it. It’s those young angry faces we see on T.V. that are saying nobody is going to stop them. If you are gang related, have a record, or no proof of identity, you are not getting into our Country. If it takes an army to stop you, so be it. Mexico has confiscated weapons, and arrested a group of rock throwing thugs, so what are you talking about? Not all in this caravan, mean no harm !!

    • How can you be so blind??? Haven’t you seen what has happened to the European countries by the swarms of muslims. Even Great Britain is almost at the final gasp before sharia law takes over. Yes, there are refugees who are just escaping the horrors in their countries. Have you ever considered who created those problems in their countries, or asked the question why did their countries collapse in favor of dictatorships? America is under attack, and the people at the very top — the New World Order globalists — are orchestrating it all, from Europe and Africa to the North America and south of the US border. The refugees are pawns, but among them are members of criminal cartels, MS-13 gangs, Hamas jihadists coming through the Tri-Border Area (Argentina/Paraguay/Brazil (through the Barakat Smuggling organization in North Africa and South America) whose intent is terrorism. This ain’t no “conspiracy theory” BS, this is real fact and real life threats. Even if these refugees are suffering hardships, the most America should do is help them restore their own governments to a people-friendly government, not accept them here to burden down the citizens of this country with higher taxes and access to everything free that we have to pay for. No way. Get’em Trump. Don’t give them a single inch.

      • 10000%agree with you brother and if our people in the military need help at the border we militia will go down to help immediately.

    • You’re entitled to your opinion Robert but us real smart American patriots are going to make sure our friends and families stay safe and if your friends and families stay safe because of what we do thank God. I imagine you are on a government check so if you are smart you shouldn’t want other people here to run you well dry because us hard working Americans are at the end of our rope so we will not be taxed st the rate your friends want to tax us. You better hope they don’t let them in because they are only taking from you and yours.

    • They all look like they eat better than I do and they damn sure wear better clothes than I can afford. They are being handed cash at the start and prepaid credit cards as they go. And the worst thing that can happen to them and the millions of other illegals in America, is for them to somehow force their way past our military, and then have to face a really pissed off citizenry.

    • Fuck you Robert I served 22 years to have your “King” Obama destroying our Country guess you’re one of those snowflake assholes. Go live in a 3rd world country.

    • Try “breaking into” : China, Russia or Cuba for that matter—-the Communist Goal for America is Her destruction thru destroying Our Constitution—something Socialist never will have.

  4. Take your head out!!! Desperate ThuGS! PROVEN facts! There are documented criminals in this ‘caravan’ who are desperate to get INTO the U S of A! FACTS, not someone’s (DemocRATS) idealistic spewing garbage! You are doing your country (?) a disservice in writing your garbage! S T O P!?

  5. This “caravan” or whatever one might choose to call it must be stopped. If the Mexican government fails to stop it, then it should be stopped at the U.S. Border, peacefully if possible, or with as much force as might prove necessary.

    • These people need to be stopped while still on Mexico’s soil. The ACLU will bankrupt Our courts should They defend these INVADERS,

  6. The Honduran and Guatemalan government co-organized this ‘caravan’ with the liberal and Democrat America haters. (This is documented fact.) Who among you that are defending the caravan doesn’t believe those government unloaded their biggest troublemakers. Remember, the caravan is being provided all needed food, shoes, clothing, and medical aid needed until they reach the U.S. To put it bluntly, two governments are dumping trash on America with the help of Democrat Americans. The Mexican govt has been taking names and giving them to DHS since the caravan entered Mexico. What else does anyone think this “big blast caravan’ is about. Did you think 10,000 people got up one morning and all decide at the same time that they’d march 1500 to 2000 miles to seek asylum in the U.S. If you really think this invasion is benign you need to wake up and support your president. He’s apparently the only one looking out for you.

  7. Only 300 ? I wonder what the real figure may be. Since Mexico refused to stop the invaders before they reach the US border by using their army it appears they WANT the Mobile Mob to succeed.
    Trump should stop ALL foreign aid to Mexico for 10 years if they do not comply, and that’s just for starters ! Not much time left and the mechanized army will be here, when that happens all bets are off.

  8. The left won’t believe it. Or when they’re wrong they swing into the new mantra, your a racist. I am so sick of hearing that song and dance. What will it take to make them realize the danger heading our way? Diseases, cost, criminals unchecked.

  9. Send Juan and Chico back to where they belong.Also cut all foreign aid to the SHIT HOLE COUNTRIES that sent them to us.


    We, the citizens of the U.S.A., appreciate that non-citizens
    want to come here and I believe most want to better their lives and the
    lives of their families.

    That is admirable and consistent with human nature.

    We embrace those desires, but we will only give permission to enter this nation if
    a potential immigrant utilizes the proper applications and procedures.

    There are people from all over the world who are properly applying for the
    ability to enter.

    It is reprehensible, immoral, and unethical if we were to allow anyone to enter
    the U.S.A. without going through the same procedures as others are undergoing.

    Please be safe, go home and work to better your nations and if you still want to emigrate to the U.S.A., apply at the consulate in your home nation.

    The United States of America wants to be a good neighbor to all nations and as such will assist your nations for the goal of better conditions for their citizens.

    I, sincerely, thank you for your understanding.


    President Trump, please STOP talking about the criminals.
    When you do that, the default is that non-criminals can enter unimpeded; that is ridiculous and insane.

    Michael Zitterman

  11. Interesting … I just tried to send this article with comments to my Facebook page and it didn’t go through. Hmmm. I guess one can’t mention God anywhere anymore. Well let’s see if my comment will be entered here. “I am all for legal immigration. I wouldn’t be here if my grandfather hadn’t come in the correct way. Now the powers that be say there are at least 400 known criminals in this caravan and the far left wants them to enter any way they can. More illegal votes for the Democrats. May God see us through these tough years and bless the United States.”

  12. I think the Democrats in the House should go down to the border & their supporters & adopt these illegals when they try to come across. You can support them yourselves, provide them with all their needs. Allow them to sleep with you or your daughter. Give them all your valuables they will take them any way. Many of these folks especially the 300 criminals we know about come in, remember you love them. To bad they didn’t make it in time for the election. It has been reported you sent them everything they should need. You use the money donated to you for this instead.

  13. The Democrats who won & their supporters need to go to the border & take in the illegals as they come in. Pay all their expenses & let them live with you. When they rob, rape or kill you or a love one. Don’t you dare complain.

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