The Difference Between What Offends You and What Affects You


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  1. фоллаут 2 секреты Carson and Trump were buddies from the beginning. At one of the media influenced debates as they were calling out the contestants. They deliberately skipped calling Carson to humiliate him. The cameras showed him waiting in the wings looking lost. Trump came out saw Carson standing there and asked why were you not called? Carson shrugged. Trump said you go before me. Then the crooked media had to announce him. The message for today is get out of the communist party of death to America. Viva El Trumpo. Viva Ben Carson.

  2. турнирная таблица чм беларуси по футболу We WON, you LOST. Get over it and yourselves. Since none of the loser elite ‘entertainment industry’ did what they ‘threatened’ they would do of the Trumpster won, we will just have to endure their whinny, pathetic, two-year-old fits of fake rage. Now it’s like the Trumpster said, “It’s time to drain the swamp and clean up DC”. Maybe he can do that to Holly-weird, also.

  3. “Elections have Consequences” A quote of Barack. Obama January 20 2008.
    8 years later, it comes back to bite liberals.
    There once was a President named Obama,
    well spoken and quite a charmer,
    but he was also a liar,
    and a clever conniver,
    Now, he’s drowning in his own bad karma.