Dismantle Whiteness? University Backlash Over SJW Banner

A banner that was put up by feminists at the University of Southern California is creating an enormous backlash for what critics say is an example of liberal racism. Reading “DISMANTLE WHITENESS AND MISOGYNY ON THIS CAMPUS,” the poster was recently affixed to an archway leading to the school’s journalism building. Its creators say the purpose of the banner is to raise awareness of “racism, sexism, and xenophobia.” According to the College Fix, it was the brainchild of three separate groups of feminists on campus. Apparently no one in any of these groups thought white students might take exception to a message that seemingly targets them for extinction. Or, to put it another way, no one cared.

Asked for comment by the College Fix, a sympathetic professor said, “The installation is intended to spark dialogue. To that end, the signage is meant to offer grounding of terms and ideas. There is no expectation that everyone agree with the statement offered by the artists, but hopefully viewers can acknowledge the experience of peers on campus around these issues.”

Right, it’s perfectly innocuous, because it acknowledges “the experience of peers on campus?” Yet when there were signs going up that said, “It’s OK to be white” – about the least controversial thing you could possibly write on a banner – there was near-hysterical outrage from the left. And it was only quelled because they quickly realized that the banners were there specifically to invoke that reaction. Had the prankish nature of those signs never been revealed, you can bet we would have seen outrage that would have made the Confederate flag controversy look like tiny potatoes in comparison.

Now, to be completely fair to these social justice warriors so that they have no room to hide behind statements of “We’re being misrepresented,” we’ll concede that, to their view, “whiteness” does not necessarily mean the genetic structure of having white skin or descending from a Caucasian bloodline. They see it as a social structure that prevents minorities from succeeding.

“Distinct from being white, whiteness refers to an unmarked and unnamed place of advantage, privilege or domination; a lens through which white people tend to see themselves and others; an organizing principle that shapes institutions, policies, and social relations,” the campus organizers explain.

Fair enough. But you don’t exactly need a crystal ball to predict what would happen if posters went up saying “DISMANTLE BLACKNESS,” even though you could make the exact same argument. The distinguishing feature that makes a poster like this “ok” in today’s SJW, PC climate is that the only people being criticized ARE PEOPLE WITH WHITE SKIN. And this is a trend on the left, where so-called “majorities” – which include men – are subject to any degree of mockery, disdain, and criticism, while minorities of any stripe under the sun are not only above that, but above any dissent whatsoever.

The problem, as always, is the venomous ideology of identity politics where facts don’t matter nearly as much as whatever racial/sexual category a person belongs to. It is the terminal at which reason and logic die, and it’s sickening to see it gain such a foothold at places that are supposed to be dedicated to those two concepts above all else.

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  1. White people have always had advantages. Especially white males. I can understand their pain at seeing those advantages being diluted. But being forced to share rights and privileges with others then yourselves, and not being allowed to discriminate against others is NOT discrimination against Y.O.U.

      • You say Whites have always had advantages ? That is pure B.S. Could it be that they have a higher I.Q. or a work ethic that is lacking in the Black race ? Can you name one or more of the 45 + Black nations in Africa that is prosperous ? The assorted Oriental nations of the world are quite prosperous , all European nations are prosperous , India is rapidly becoming prosperous ………..all except the Africans . Black countries such as Haiti , Jamaica and Belize are all ” shit holes ” . Whose fault is it ? Surely not the Whites . The Truth may be UGLY but Facts are Facts . There is NO denying it. Arminius Aurelius

    • Their privilege is being expected to attend a job on time, produce, not give excuses or have a chip on thier shoulder. What is yours for not succeeding.

    • Please show me the advantage that I “supposedly” have? I had to go to school. compete for jobs, work, make a living, raise a family, battle cancer, divorce, financial difficulties. Deal with death of loved ones. Where is my advantage? Grow the F Up and figure it out. No one gets out alive.

    • When I read your post, I think of black guys walking down the street with their pants down around their butts, no father figure, and no education. They have every ability to pull themselves out of that situation because the system gives them priorities, but they don’t choose to do so. They would rather belong to the black lives matter group who hate cops even though many more blacks are killed by blacks. Where is the outrage?

      • It isn’t just black kids going around with their pants at their knees, white and Hispanic kids do it too. That’s an extremely racist thing to say.

        • Oh really? My son is Mexican and I have many White friends and they DON’T wear their pants around their knees! And by the way, I’m from Chicago—–so as to your “asinine comment” that ‘jbradmd is being racist; YOU-Munge are full of it! There are more Blacks who wear their pants around their knees, then Hispanics and Whites! Since I am Mexican I could say that YOU are a racist for claiming that there are also Hispanics and Whites wearing their pants around their knees; but I prefer to show my intelligence by NOT making that ridiculous and laughable comment!
          Get a brain transplant, Munge, the one you have is defective.

        • That may be true, Munge, but blacks started this stupid style, and non-racist whites and others, viewing blacks as peers, thought, in their stupid, immature, silly minds that, “Oh, that is so cool! I’m going to don a hoody, dark sunglasses, and wear by baggy-saggy pants below my butt. I’ll just walk around every day with one hand holding up my pants and the other one pulling on my pecker to make it longer, and that’ll be so cool!” I wouldn’t hire a saggy-pants wearer regardless of race. That is the most disgusting, degenerate, hoodlum look I have ever seen, and one has to be totally brain dead to think it is “cool.” This “style” started in New York City with one young, angry black kid, who felt he was ass-out of everything, and dropped his pants as a protest; I know that to be the fact. Black professors, like in Contra Costa Community College (Calif) say, “Oh it began in the prisons, as a sign the wearer was homosexual and available.” Damn lie.

      • Excellent comment! I agree. Although, not “all” blacks fall under this stereotype, it is a contributing factor to the greater issue in the black communities. Yes, it is sad that blacks kill black as backed by FBI statistics.

    • R U dimwitted? There was just a black president. It was white’s who passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Now if I cough on the same bus (I’m a senior white) then I am racist in the view of the new overpriviledged entitlement class. You seem to be the racist and I am sure the leftwing nuts you had as teachers along the way helped you form your huge biases, one of which is, because <ou say it it has to be true. Not quite.

    • say what…. lets live in our todays….. how about a positive banner stating: We are one and lets make our generation “one” people of America in pride, integrity, self awareness, and support of each other…. we ARE NOT a color…. we ARE the human race and its about time we all start acting like it!
      Other than that this is still racism against another becuz of the color we are born and that is wrong, 100% wrong.
      All this is BS, we all have come a long way, we don’t live in the past where our ancestors have fought and died for all of us to have equal rights and here in America we all do if u work hard, study, apply u’rself and live a good life crime free…. the rest is made up BS, if u see people going down the wrong path, know matter what color, then try to help. If not u are part of the problem and looking to lay blame on everyone else but yet sitting high on u’r perch pointing fingers…. so get over u’rself. Yes this makes u part of the problem and nothing more.

    • Listen carefully low life liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical compost heap.
      I am an old white male.
      Into the US Marine Corps at 17 out at 21 worked 9:30 pm to 7:00 am for 6 years and went to school days to get a degree in engineering. Borrowed the money to start my business, paid it back . Along the way employeed 106 people for a number of years.
      My wife did administrative and salsw work and raisesd 3 boys, until they were old enough to go to school.
      The only pivilege I had you fing scumbag was marrying one of the finest women alive.
      You garbage heads are going to keep this crap up and we are going to run your ass out of the USA

      • Spoken like a true anti-American SJW crybaby. Monica, you need to go back to your safe space and stroke your kitty cat, and leave the politics to the adults.

      • I am also an old white male that is privileged in this country. At 73 I am still working 12 hours a day. Don’t need anything for m anyone or ask for anything. I don’t like these kids who won’t let the conservatives talk just because their view is different. But you know what, they will be living under that “rule” for many years and will learn how good they had it at one time when it changes.

    • Spoken like a true anti-American SJW crybaby. Monica, you need to go back to your safe space and stroke your kitty cat, and leave the politics to the adults.

    • You are out of phase with reality. Non-Discrimination is just that … No Discrimination. Saying anything proffering one group, or, distancing another group is Discrimination.

    • Seems to me if white people have any advantages over others it’s usually the ability to accept responsibility for our actions, admit when we’re wrong and make restitution when we can, and adhere to a morality we consider superior to ourselves. Namely God. We don’t falsely accuse much because God doesn’t like that. We don’t go around implying how the world owes us because we know full well that no one owes anybody anything. We don’t need a court order to coerce folks to hire us because we don’t engage in the despicable behavior mentioned above, and people appreciate that. In short, the only real advantage white people have over others is that we’ve grown up. And how can that be wrong when it’s the exact same advantage many black folks, asian folks, native americans and many others have as well?

      • Technical question: If a Black or Brown person starts getting “White Privilege” because he or she works, studies, acts responsible and shucks off the use of the “Race Card” — has that Black or Brown person turned “White”?

    • Have you ever given consideration to the possibility that whites may have some privilege do to the fact that white immigrants came to this country and built their families and created jobs so they could be independent. They did not come into this country to get on the dole and they did not impregnate the majority of their race to mother children on their own.

    • People like you or call useful idiots by the communist party, as they killed nothing of you or any of the groups they claim to love and t people like you or cold useful idiots by the communist party, as they killed nothing of you or any of the groups they claim to love and defend.

    • Don’t give me that crap. We all know you left wing radicals are filled with hatred for anybody who is white, Christian, male and heterosexual. It’s obvious you and others of your ilk won’t be happy until every straight white conservative male is wiped off the planet. So don’t come up with these discrimination lines. Look in the mirror and you’ll see bigotry and racism.

    • Where do you get off with such a bigoted, racist, narrow minded statement? It is European Men who made the nation and built most of it as well. And it is European Men who gave us the telephone, electricity, etc and the computer you wrote on. You are obviously a femalsexist bigoted person. Outrageous. Instead of appreciating the blessings given to MANKINd, you use your inferiority nonsense. Share? WHat gives you the right just because of your gender or ethnicity? Earn it or zip it. Outrageous offensive statements.

    • Yeah I’m white and have HUGE advantages…

      Lost my college scholarship because I got sick and missed a bunch of classes. Refused the same opportunity the minority students had to have a tutor, and catch up. Bounced out of college and was never allowed back in…

      Joined the service and worked my tail off at an undermanned station for 4 years, 80 hours a work. Assigned to a black sergeant who thought it was his life’s mission to beat down the whites on his squad for some affront to his ancestors. After my honorable discharge I was denied gthe GI educational benefits I had earned, on a technicality. (The schools wanted me to re-take three years of classes because of my lengthy enlistment. But the VA changed their rules and said they would no longer pay to have people re-take classes, EVEN THOUGH I PAID MYSELF for the first three years. )

      Refused a job I was very qualified for due to my Air Force training and previous schooling. Why? The EEOC was enforcing a quota for black candidates. (The job went unfilled for several years because there was no one in the area even remotely qualified or interested in the job.) How is that not reverse discrimination?

      I also got demoted in one job, because a woman who had FAR less education than me, complained to the government that she wasn’t paid the same. (It was also because she couldn’t do the work.) Company couldn’t afford to increase her pay, so they demoted ME.)

      Yeah, white males have SO many advantages.. Like working hard all our lives and taking abuse from people they never did anything to.

    • They won’t post my response here. Probably because I’m white and conservative. You liberals are all the same. Racist

    • racial discrimination is vile no matter who it is directed to…if you want to discourage it…then TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM TREAT YOU…

    • Really? I have 10+years of education and suffer from “age discrimination” when I walk into a Job Interview! I can think (and work) rings around people 1/3 my age, but am dismissed because I’m “too old”.

      May I have some of that “white privilege”, please?

    • As a mixed race, Caucasian and Middle Eastern third generation American woman, I take complete offense to your biased statement. I refuse to blame white males for any so-called disadvantages that so many women today use to perceive themselves as victims. Gender and gender roles have been so demonized and manipulated by so many avenues of society, people no longer appreciate and celebrate masculinity and femininity, and view EVERYTHING as a threat to ones own personal achievement and advancement in life.

  2. I am fine with being white. God made me that way. I am also fine with Black being black God made them that way I am fine with Brown,Yellow etc. God made them that way. BUT? I THANK GOD I am not a moron liberal and I think God my children have been taught that racism like the fight against white is wrong. Be White,BE black, Be whatever you have been handed but don’t hate on someone because GOD gave them their “privilege. Walk a mile in everyone’s shoes.

  3. 1982 I applied for financial aid for a Michigan College I had attended the previous year. I was informed that I got the aid but when I went to the financial office they told me I know longer could get the funds…….Because of my skin color….I’m white! Discrimination goes both ways…….not every body bitches.

  4. I have never been a position to discriminate against anybody. Anything that I gained in life was through my own work. You dirtbags want something for nothing. Go pound salt! YES I’m WHITE.

  5. I could not get into medical school on my first try because other non white ethnic groups got in with less qualifications. You ever wonder why the quality of doctors is going down? Anyway through persistence I ultimately was accepted, but I have hated affirmative action ever since.

  6. Have you entitled lefties noticed that Indian and Asian immigrant Americans who had motivated parents, strong education desires and good work ethics are realizing the American dream…It ain’t White Privilege and deep down in your sole you know the TRUTH !

  7. So sad to see spoiled snowflakes being allowed to attend USC. Parents must like to waste money on brainless children that have nothing better to do.

  8. There is nothing feminine about this protest. If anything, it is about ignorance in action, and, disgustingly, such racist divisiveness does not convey a feminine quality. These women are pretending that they are unaware that misogyny is a trait of all men, thanks to this constant and age-old behavior of all males. In America, it is promoted by Hollywood from childhood up, and in America, all races of men are guilty. It is part of the “macho-man” mind control set in place from early childhood in film. Those in power are always tempted to abuse a woman, whatever country, whatever culture, whatever color! What these “so-called'” women need to request and show by their own example, as true females, is a re-education of the male ethics, and that also should include a moral directive for women too.

  9. Everything in society has suddenly changed. Before, you went to college to
    “make of sense of things: now you go to college to “make nonsense of things.”
    Kind of “oxymoronic”

  10. “Dismantle” is not an invitation to ‘discus’. It is a challenge to stomp whites for some perceived wrong they have done to people of color even though they’ve provided affirmative action in nearly every place in the nation. I read the signage as a call to arms – – put these whites down now that they’ve given us the overwhelming priority over them in education admissions, hiring, and everything else the government can control.

  11. The banner shows that the “feminists” are sexist, racist, and xenophobic (toward males). Too bad the administration is too low-information to recognize that and educate their biased female students.

  12. What BS by these so called feminists. My two daughters qualify under the minority label ( Japanese) and had wonderful experiences at USC with great contacts being made that paid off after they graduated. It was tuition money well spent.

  13. Talk about racists; it is they who are the racists!!! They can make all the excuses they want for why they did it that way, but it doesn’t matter, because it is racism against the white race anyway you put it! Furthermore, I am white, BUT I grew up in an extremely poor family environment and was raised by my aunt and uncle. We didn’t have a plug nickel to spare, so minority groups are NOT the only people who live in extremely poor conditions. My environment was no better than theirs, and I was treated just as badly as they are treated. And I had just as hard a time succeeding as they do. I worked my way through college and obtained two bachelors degrees. And I spent 30 years paying off the student loans I had to take out to make up the difference between my salary and my tuition. So you people can complain all you want, but you are NOT the only people who are treated with bias. PLUS, there are a LOT of VERY RICH people in the minority races, such as actors, ball players, etc. so no one stopped them from succeeding. So all you minorities have the same opportunities I had, but it’s called HARD WORK and focus. I never gave up and I didn’t take welfare or food stamps. I paid my own way. It took me 30 years, but I did it ans SO CAN YOU!!! So stop whining and do something for yourself!

  14. Whites have not “always had privilege”. This is a crock of fecal matter designed to give excuse to the victim mentality. If the FemiNAZIs in CA want to decry whiteness they display themselves as racists. Don’t be stupid and fall prey to the victim mentality! Our founders set up a country, first in the world, in which your birthright was freedom and not social station. So a person born in abject poverty could, through drive, courage, morale character, and hard work could become wealthy if wealth were the goal. Through the same attributes greater faith and peace could be obtained as well. The problems in our society stem from weakness, fear, and envy. Don’t make stupid decisions (drugs & criminality) have the courage to take on difficult tasks, have faith and be true (moral). Leave “victimhood” to others.

  15. All this political correctness, the heat it’s created between men and women black and white for defending of our borders This hate against whites, the social justice and social equality, it’s nothing but coming to brainwash that has been beat in to the heads of Americans by the communist a.k.a.Democrat party and they are prostitutes in the media that they control and let’s not leave out the colleges the fridge this nonsense again it’s nothing but mine conditioning to overthrow the freedoms of this great nation. Just remember all you people who support communist a.k.a. Democratic Party are just as guilty of murder democrat party and there prostitutes in the media that they control and let’s not leave out the colleges the fridge this nonsense again it’s nothing but mine conditioning to overthrow the freedoms of this great nation. Just remember all you people who support communist a.k.a. Democratic Party are just as guilty of murder ,If you support above mentioned party or is that part of the media as if you killed all those who died for this country yourself. God bless America and make you smite the demonically even left.

  16. All of this attack the white man, all this attack been against women, children against your parents, social justice, social equality and the littney and it goes on, has all been done by the communist a.k.a. Democrat party and their propaganda machine that they all called the medias who are ahead 24 seven to destroy a man who cares about America and all those who died for this great nation. This is no more than brainwash through the media the colleges, and now our school system, as they now once again or trying To re-write gazing into our history books in the state of Illinois, and if we let our children he brainwashed with this immoral fake history, it was our fault, just as we let the Civil War be rewritten to say that it was about slavery which it was not. God bless America and make you smile did your Mon to re-write gay isn’t into our history books in the state of Illinois, and if we let our children he brainwashed with this immoral fake history, it was our fault, just as we let the Civil War be rewritten to say that it was about slavery which it was not. God bless America and make you smite The very evil and corrupt left.

  17. Guess going to work, paying your bills, getting a good education, and taking care of life’s obligations is “privilege?” Rather that than sitting at home making endless babies, walking around with the crack of your a*s advertising, and staying stoned all the time. Is that black privilege?

  18. Given the history of hegemony and ethnic or racial homogeneity in the countries of the world, did it ever occur to college campus kids that the reason people come to the U.S., creating “diversity,” is because some aspect of hegemony and homogeneity failed to meet personal needs or wants in the countries from which they came?
    The idea that one’s humanity is the problem—not the solution—does not seem to occur to those who seek advantage in or from the commonality of it, (secular humanism) irrespective of race or color or ethnicity. Is there not to be found a theological, philosophical or ideological belief system which presents a remedy for the problem of the essence of humanity? And, when there is, will it not require universal obedience to standards of conduct which ensure “equal justice?” Individual abilities will always be variables with which to contend.

  19. This goes to prove that acceptance to any college necessarily means you are mature or have common sense. We have been through times when hispanic and blacks are admitted over an equal or more intelligent whitemen or whitewomen. Simply done to equalize numbers of minorities. Now it appears that whites are the minotity but we don’t get the unfair advantages as the majorities. A persons worth is not based on skin color, ethnicity or political view. Any persons worth is truly based on their character, knowledge, wisdom and humanity. Why we fight amongst ourselves is foolishness in God’s eyes. Stop trying to be superior and work at being fair minded.

  20. You’re right, brother, absolutely right. Affirmative Action pushed low-educated and under-qualified minorities at the head of the line, and the more educated and qualified got crapped on just because they were white-skinned. And here we are, the stupid leftists talking do-do about KILL WHITEY and DESTROY WHITE PRIVILEGE when they should be EARNING their value to even be in the marketplace. America is a market-economy and merit-based ideology, yet these lazy morons want less school hours, no tests, and a socialist country where they think the government will be nice and take care of them. As if any socialist country have ever succeeded that way; instead, it simply provides equality of poverty and misery to all, with no freedom of speech or any other liberties our Constitution protects.

  21. Social Justice Warriors need to get their act together. Social Justice is not Social Justice because it does not encourage and support excellence what it supports is average to below average people doing substandard performance. Supporting the advancement of anything but the best is injustice.

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