Don Jr.: Why Did Twitter Censor Me and Not CNN’s Jake Tapper?

In an interview with Fox News’s Tucker Carlson on Wednesday, Donald Trump Jr. talked about his recent quasi-suspension from Twitter for posting a video of a doctor extolling the virtues of using hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19. The president’s son, who has been one of the leading voices when it comes to exposing the biased iron curtain draped over social media, said that it is remarkable that Twitter censored his post seeing as they did nothing to CNN’s Jake Tapper when he posted a pro-hydroxychloroquine message of his own.

“If they’re censoring my account, they’re censoring others,” said Trump Jr. “You know, they have been trying to do this for a while. I’ve been talking about the de-platforming, the de-monetization of people that have big social platforms that are preaching conservative values, because Tucker, you have to note, this never happens to someone saying something that benefits the left. It only hurts conservatives.

“Now, when I posted that video, I didn’t say, well, this is the gospel,” he continued. “I said, wow, this is a must watch because it seems very contrary to the narrative that they’ve been forced feeding us for a little while. Now, Twitter takes me down for that, but Twitter has no problem saying that coronavirus disinformation spread by the Chinese government does not violate their rules. That’s interesting. It happens all one way.

“It was very nice watching the people from CNN or MSNBC because Jake Tapper himself a few weeks ago posted: ‘Study Finds Hydroxychloroquine Helped Coronavirus Patients Survive Better,’” he noted. “Now, why is Jake Tapper not spreading misinformation, but I somehow am? And again, I’m not a doctor. I didn’t claim to be. I just put something out there that challenged the narrative and because I have a large platform, I’m canceled.”

Carlson said that he was sick of seeing Republicans give Big Tech a pass on their censorship merely because they are “private” companies.

“If I see another Republican officeholder, backed by Google and the Chamber of Commerce lecture me that it’s not really censorship, because the government isn’t doing it, it’s just a monopoly that exists because of the government, I’m going to go bananas,” he said. “I mean, is there anybody in power who can step in to defend the basic — most basic right of all of the American people, which is to say what you think is true?”

Trump Jr. lauded Sen. Josh Hawley and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy for being at the forefront of the issue, but he said that too many Republicans remain blind to what’s really going on in Silicon Valley.

“The real problem is that the vast majority of conservative legislators and Republicans have no idea that this issue is even going on and more importantly, they don’t realize that it’s probably a top two or three issue with their base,” he said. “If you’re religious, if you’re pro-life, if you’re pro-Second Amendment, just look at your analytics and they’ve gone through the floor. It’s just been a disaster.”

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  1. The left are inherently evil. Doing the work of Satan. They are blinded and confused. Reminds me of Hitler and what happened in Germany

  2. Why should Donald, Jr. be surprised as those of us have witnesses the decline of allowing Conservatives/Republicans to give their opinion. Social Media is full of bias, as it holds opinions of human beings, which is natural as no people think the same about anything on any subject. However, the Social Medias have become extensively Biased and censure many opinions of Conservatives/Republicans without probable cause, especially if the opinion disagrees with Democrats, Left Progressives, Socialists on Any subject especially these last 3 years and even more so this year of the Presidential Election 2020.

  3. Twitter is just like the MSM, corrupt as hell, and like FB and Google, they need to be broken up for violating the first amendment of people. Ma Bell was broken up because they had a monopoly on the phones system back in the 60s and so should this modern tech co.

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