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Donald Trump Says CIA’s Russia Report is “Ridiculous”


President-elect Donald Trump sat down for an interview with Fox News’s Chris Wallace on Sunday where he addressed the blockbuster news coming out of the CIA. Addressing reports that the intelligence agency had concluded that Russia meddled in the election to help Trump defeat Hillary Clinton, Trump was dismissive.

“It’s just another excuse. I don’t believe it,” Trump said. “Every week it’s another excuse.  We had a massive landslide victory, as you know, in the Electoral College. Nobody really knows, and hacking is very interesting. Once they hack, if you don’t catch them in the act you’re not going to catch them. They have no idea if it’s Russia or China or somebody. It could be somebody sitting in a bed some place.”

A 400-pounder, perhaps.

The original report, published in the Washington Post on Friday, said that the CIA had  appraised Congress of their secret assessment that Russian state actors interfered in the American election on behalf of Trump. The report did not tie Trump or his team to Moscow, but it was the most direct accusation yet from the U.S. intelligence community.

Trump said on Fox News Sunday that there was “great confusion” inside the intelligence community. This was bolstered by later reports that said the FBI did not agree with the CIA’s assessment of Russian interference. The Bureau acknowledges that Russia meddled in the election, but they say it’s not currently possible to say what their motives were. Top FBI officials believe Putin may have just wanted to cast the election into chaos and undermine American faith in the political process.

Trump believes that much of the story is coming from the left.

“Democrats are putting it out because they suffered one of the greatest defeats in the history of politics in this country,” he said.

If that’s not the case, they’re doing everything they can to make it appear that way. Every single day, the left has found a new Trump “controversy” to sink their teeth into, and every time, it turns out to be nothing. So if they ever do get around to nailing something explosive to this guy, don’t be surprised when most of his supporters roll their eyes. Sure, sure. Tell us more.

We’ll see if this Russia stuff turns out to be something more serious, but right now…color us skeptical.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    Of course Trump says it’s ridiculous. What else do you expect from the guilty party responsible for rigging an election? If you righties are trying to make the statement Trump the Emperor of Corruption is too far above cheating to win, please do yourselves a favor and don’t embarrass yourselves. There are too many people Trump the Emperor of Corruption has cheated on to get his way.

    Your problem now is what happens to the Republicans who knew all about it and kept the public focus on Benghazi and EmailGate all while they were allowing Russians to infiltrate an election. No way you can feast at your overloaded tables of denial this time. This is WORSE than WaterGate could ever be. You screw around with our elections and you flout the U.S. Constitution, you go to prison for treason. The Founding Fathers had a much better punishment: hanging.

    Time for you right wingers to stop pretending it’s ALL okay. NO it is not. Game’s up and you lose big big time when you step too far over the line.

  • Jmt

    Fake news and whining on behave of the losers libs. Now wonder the media didn’t nail Trump, for saying 400 pounder.

  • curtis

    the democrat sore losers are at it again !

    • Mathew Molk

      What do you expect from an eviscerated CIA that is in his royal exaled boma’s pocket?

      Their is a reason nobody is investigating dead and illegal voters and hacked voting machines, you know. It would make the cackling witch look like she lost even worse then she did. Even could show the royal exalted boma never won either.

      Screw it though. they lost, we won and their will never be a SSO (Socialist State of obama) , we are going back to the real USA now it’s time to move on. Start the pumps at the swamp. Term limits would be a good thing to start with.

      • Duane

        Keep in mind, it was not too far back that Obama complained (in public) that is intelligence organization had been “telling him what he wanted to hear” instead of the facts!
        We took that as another excuse consistent with Obama’s trait of pointing fingers and blaming others for problems and failures as he tried dodging the failures in addressing the terrorist problems. We saw the same trait in Hillary Clinton; maybe that comes from being a Democrat, maybe that comes from being so “self involved” that they do not want anyone to really know the facts and are so ready to blame others for their own failures.
        I spent 27 years in the military followed by another 2o years as a government employee. Our job was to get things done and done in the right way. We accepted problems as being a part of our duty to dig into it and fix it; we looked forward to problems because our first concern was getting the job done right! In Washington it seems the mind set is either bury/hide the problems, mistakes and failures, lie about them, or blame it onto someone else and let the media handle it!

    • Mary

      Putin is Trumps idol.
      WHy does anyonr doubt Russia’s onvolvement?

  • Jeffrey Cahoon

    I like that one, ‘An attempt to undermine our faith in the American political process’! I think it may be a little late for that! I don’t think We the People ever had any faith in any political process!

  • Anna

    There are reports that it was the Department of Homeland Security.

  • This was probably contrived by Lindsey Graham, John McCain Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, as these people are evil and they are not conservative and they do not represent the people.

  • Where are these two so-called Republican senators, calling for this investigation, when they should be investigating the voter fraud on the left in this country, and also Obama is using text pair dollars to fund Netyahnu removal from office election ?

    • Mathew Molk

      Swimming at the bottom of the swamp feeding on the corruption. Hope they enjoy it because in 43 days and hours the pumps will be starting.

  • OOOweee the CIA at it again spying on American soil. They do not have the authority to do so.

  • Arizona Don

    I have heard no progressive communistic so called democrat claim the emails that were released were in any way fraudulent. They were authentic, verbatim if you will. Consequently, who hacked them, if they were indeed hacked, or leaked them if they were leaked makes little if any difference. Except for the fact it demonstrates our vulnerably under the current administration. It is certain barack obama has done nothing for the United States of America security. He has never been a president he is instead the vacationer in chief. He is in fact that empty chair Clint Eastwood spoke of and has nearly as many abilities as an empty chair.

    The current do nothing president has allowed this nation to become so vulnerable to spies and hacking crime(s) and weakened our country and military to the point we are weaker now then at any time since WWII. We are currently so weak we cannot even guard out own elections. Therefore, running the country has become a risk to us. The hypocrisy of obama knows no bounds.

  • V’s Opinion

    Like Trump said, it’s “another excuse” bc the liberals can’t handle losing. The fact is, Americans Do Not like nor want hillary and obama’s, we want someone who is not a professional politician to clean some (it will never be cleaned) the filth in the WH. It will get messy before he can clean up some, garbage will fly and let’s pray that the whiners of all kinds leave this country, especially the whining celebs!! Take boxer, feinstein, reid, pelosi, etc too! Oh, and as for china’s billionaire making threats if Trumps tries to stop him from buying up American businesses, go away and never come back! We don’t need you and any of your cheap garbage, trafficking, slavery of youth and women in this country more than there already is here. Don’t sell to China, don’t buy from China, please leave!! China says we are racist against them, I think not. They are racist against anyone not Chinese. I see how you treat people in California. You screw anyone not Chinese and stick to your own. Chinese clicks everywhere. You take over shopping centers and screw the tenants with high fees and poor maintenance. You buy housing complexes and build cheap, charge six times the amount and lack in proper maintenence. You create Chinese slums in America. We don’t need your filth. Please just leave this country.

  • Maybe some of you are old enough to remember back in the day when we the people had real leaders running our America but today all we have are those lawless New World Order political rulers that can’t find their way out of a paper bag with one end opened. Thank God a real leader has stepped forward for us again. Go Donald Go!!!

    • YES1 : go Donald, G0 Back to the Sewer in Queens that Oozed you!!

  • Dexter L Wilson

    Another fairy tale brought to you by the DNC, the major media and this Current Administration. Reminds me of that old Radio Broadcast of “The War of the Worlds” where people actually believed we were being attacked by Martians!

  • YES ! Go Donald GO Back to the Sewer in Queens that Oozed you !!

  • Lod-mouthed Turd with a bad Toupee-elect Trump.

  • Lawrence Muhr

    Something that concerns me is all of the traffic out of the intelligence agencies. The CIA and FBI should not be giving reports to the general public, their reports should go only to those they report to!
    One other agency we have not heard from is the NSA. Perhaps they are still doing their job as they should.

  • Hey, I used to vote mostly Democratic, but with that bunch of crooks, spoiled brats, liars, and gangsters running the party, I expect now to NEVER VOTE FOR ANOTHER DEMOCRAT as my part in preserving our great Republic. Bill and Hillary are the worst gangsters every in public office. See: http://www.ifactit.com

  • My last vote for a Democrat was for Bill Clinton (first term, against him for a second term). I don’t feel I will every be able to vote for a Democrat politician again because I can’ trust them to be anything other than liars, gangsters, anti-democracy would be dictators, etc. (you get the point). Why are most crooked greedy self-aggrandizing politicians Democrats? Perhaps it is that they claim to be the working man’s party, while fleecing the government of money. MY wife says she will NEVER vote for a Democrat.

  • I could not refrain from commenting. Exceptionally well written!

  • Antone

    Emails were leaked because Podesta was careless with physing and passwards. There was no “hack”. Also, his emails are not the “election process”. This is politically driven and Trump should stay out of it. The real issue is the lies exposed including Obama’s as he used Hilary’s email with aliases. Investigate that.

    Someone needs to clarify this was not hacking.

  • Antone

    Emails were leaked because Podesta was careless with physing and passwards. There was no “hack”. Also, his emails are not the “election process”. This is politically driven and Trump should stay out of it. The real issue is the lies exposed including Obama’s as he used Hilary’s email with aliases. Investigate that.

    Someone needs to clarify this was not hacking.