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Excitement Made the Difference for Donald Trump


Looking back on it now, it already feels like Donald Trump’s victory was the only possible climax to the 2016 election. It’s almost hard to believe…how hard to believe it was when he won! Sure, almost all of the polls showed Hillary Clinton with a lead in the states she needed. Sure, you had nearly every pundit in America – including some Trump supporters – predicting her victory.

But the intangibles – the gut feelings – were always in Trump’s favor.

Intangibles like the colossal rallies he held all over the country. Trump galvanized conservatives (and not a few independents and Democrats) in a way that no Republican politician has in years. You certainly didn’t see Clinton regularly speaking in front of thousands of rabid supporters unless she had help from Beyonce and President Obama.

Intangibles like the narrative of the election. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews had a phrase he liked to mention during the primaries: “Whenever you hear about a movement to ‘Stop X,’ bet on X.” The 2016 election was always about STOPPING TRUMP. And that was the way Clinton wanted it, because the more the media focused on her, the worse her poll numbers looked.

Intangibles like the broader Western movement against globalization and multiculturalism, explicitly marked by the Brexit vote. Trump embodied what is becoming a global rage at the liberal establishment; Hillary embodied the establishment itself.

Intangibles like authenticity. You can’t look at Trump’s record and call him “honest,” exactly, but there’s a difference between honesty and sincerity. Trump isn’t shy about fibbing, but he does not come across as a man who is telling supporters one thing while secretly plotting something else. Hillary Clinton is both a documented liar and, worse, an obvious political phony.

This collection of intangibles explains why Trump’s supporters were so willing to believe that his loss would prove that the election was rigged. How could the unpopular, uninspiring “heiress” to Obama’s White House possibly overcome these powerful national trends?

As it turns out, of course, she couldn’t.

  • For many of us the real surprise is that “crooked hillary” could receive as many votes as reported… of course if the illegal & fraudulent votes for her were taken away it would have been a landslide for Trump.

  • Kathleen Crane

    I’m happy with what Trump is atttmpting to do so early on hopefully the brainwashed followers of Hillary and the paid trouble makers will come to their senses and join the masses to help Trump make our nation great once again companies over seas are already talking of returning to the USA which in turn will create more jobs GREAT start Mr Trump
    Thank you and God Bless you


  • Lilly Putney

    What I see is this going all wrong for Hillary and Stien. What happens if these find that there was fradulent votes for Hillary like illegal or dead people that would change the popular vote. Wonder what would happen then?

  • David

    Amen to THAT, Tom. The population of Chicago cemeteries dropped by 45% during the election. The dead were all out voting for hiliarly.

  • What seemed to truly inspire the voters was a revolutionary, new vision that did away with the traditional, status quo form of government in favor an opportunity for serious change and equity between the law makers and those who fell under those laws made. We have currently an elitist government where once elected our elected see themselves as being removed from their promises to their constituents and the promised they made to them. Their primary goal seems not to enhance the existence of their constituents but to line their own pockets. It is rare to not see an elected official go to Washington with empty pockets not soon become a millionaire. The position pays, but not that well. So, where is that extra income coming from and to who is that elected official now indebted to serve that those he swore to represent? It is a sad but all too common story amount those elected elitist!

  • Wait a minute! I think this morning (11/27) I heard on the radio (remember them?) that there will be another vote count in 3 states. The announcer said that this is highly unusual, Hillary just won’t concede
    the election! Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that the best MAN win.

  • Cathy

    Didn’t she give the election to Trump or was i watching a different election

  • R p. Foster

    beat up old t/sgt
    And then — D. Trump supporters should count for illegal votes.
    Illegal votes/voters were found- so expand on that. Count over the places where the illegal votes were the most prevalent. Goose /Gander !!

  • David Stevenson

    take away the illegals and it was truly a landslide!

  • David Stevenson

    sans the illegals it was a landslide!!!!

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    She already did concede. It’s Jill Stein (Green party candidate) pushing for this recount, onto which bandwagon Clinton’s campaign people have now also jumped.

  • Can you imagine the haggling that will take place when the politicians bargain for TV time from the communist media? Why should I pay this amount? Donald Trump did not pay these BS prices. He went to the internet. He spent one fifth of what you communists spent.

    Make believe enemies is another communist tactic. It is like American’s video game fighting make believe aliens from other planets as another AL Queda on assignment becomes an American citizen. The number one enemy of the American people is the democrat communist party. The threw God out at their last coven convention, Three roll calls and a fake decision. You cannot be a Christian or a bible believer and a democrat. Be true to God and get out of the party of no God, no Commandments, no Country, no Flag, no Anthem, no Prayer only a muzzle of silence and no kids. They burn the flag, spit in the face of God and country and call it freedom of speech.

    Assassination by ridicule is their SNL SOP. They mock all that is holy and give us false Pornowood idols.
    They belittle Congressional medals of honor by decorating the detestable with fake trophys. They take the Lord’s name in vain as part of Hollywood dialogue. If you are a believer trying to raise your kids with morals. Run from that party of death. If you don’t like either party declare your independence. I chose to form my own party and I am the only member. No one can speak for me but me. The Spirit of America Party. God, family and country forever. You are not a minority if you are American. Those who divide us will destroy us. Those who want to take your guns away intend to kill you. Never forget Never can happen happens all the time. Leave that party of death to little children and run free forever. Whatever you do, don’t trust the media. It is a brainwashing tool of the demo commos. Happy Thanksgiving. God bless Tim Tebow and Viva el Trumpo. Merry Christ mass everybody. Thank you lord for all you do.



  • roy paul shields

    Abutom, a great post; I had to laugh; Clinton is an out and out proven disgusting proven liar; A disgusting evil liar. Yes, I to believe Trump may use a fib to get a point across. Trump is an American thru and thru and a proven fighter for America; he had to overcome his own party’s attempts at destroying him; I hope and I am sure he will keep this strongly in mind. He had one thing in mind; win the election for America. One thing is certain; he has an untarnished political record. Clinton is not only a proven liar, her winning the presidency was to quench her egos thirst. She has been in the political cess pool for a long time; what has she ever (Never) done for the betterment of America? Nothing other than lie and distort the truth. Those liberals that lean towards communism better be ready to run; Here comes the Donald man. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • Red/White/Blue

    excitement of getting rid of lieing scum politics

  • Ted Duke
  • Dave Miedema

    The article is correct. Trump generated an excitement among Republicans not seen since Ronald Reagan. On the other hand, Hildabitch was about as exciting as watching a turd float in the toilet.

  • Trump won because there were people that was sure Hillary was going to win and didn’t bother to vote. Even Trump was surprised that he won.

    • gary29

      Trump never thinks or thought he was going to lose. He isn’t that kind of fellow.

  • Sheila

    Hillary only won the popular vote because of all the dead voters and all illegal voters that Obama told that if they vote and they would be consider US citizens..That’s considered a violation of our constitution of the USA , is there not a legitimate ATTRY who can speak up and define what what is consider Treason? And how is Soros who has openly called for derailing our constitution and who funding Hillary some how legal? When he a known for war crime criminal? This is ludicrous ! The Anerican People elected their Presient , let the exiting cabinet leave with what dignity they have left. And may I suggest the Clintons appear to have more to worry about than getting caught with stealing votes from dead people voting for her. Perhaps she should be looking for a strong legal counsel , as if the Americans people out cry for justice is proven to be accurate she could loose more then the White House…

  • YouKnowWho

    The libatards are in such denial if it wasn’t so pathetic it’d be funny. Too bad they’ll never believe that conservatisim and capitalisim is what works. Tax, spend and regulate in a country killer.