Feminist Nurse: Only Pro-Abortion Nurses are “Worthy” of Healthcare Profession

In an astounding bit of arrogance and leftist dogmatism, Monica McLemore, a UC San Francisco RN and associate professor, argued at that any nurse who is unwilling to provide abortions should stay out of the healthcare profession. In a mandate that would undoubtedly lead to thousands of nurses choosing another career path, McLemore insisted that we “need to be more discerning about who is worthy of serving the public.” Clearly, that group does not include healthcare workers who actually care about the unborn.

From McLemore’s disturbing essay:

I can attest that healthcare workers provide abortion and other reproductive health services because of their moral beliefs, not in spite of them. I have spent the last 28 years of my nursing career providing direct clinical care to people needing and seeking abortions. My work and the work of my colleagues in abortion care is consistent with core nursing values, including human dignity, privacy, justice, autonomy in decision-making, precision and accuracy in caring, sympathy, and honesty.

To be clear, I respect people’s desires not to do things that go against their moral or religious beliefs. I know that professional nursing in the United States was established in religiously affiliated institutions. However, people shouldn’t go into healthcare if they don’t want to provide healthcare.

There’s a larger issue here that isn’t being discussed: Who is worthy to serve the public with comprehensive reproductive services, and what are the standards of care that should be provided?

McLemore was inspired to mount her high horse after the Trump administration officially warned a hospital in Vermont that it violated federal funding requirements when it forced a nurse to participate in an abortion procedure against her will. Shocked (shocked!) that such a thing could be possible in a pre-Handmaid’s Tale version of America, McLemore argued that providing abortions was, indeed, the moral choice in most situations.

“I would have asked this nurse to wrestle with why her discomfort with abortion kept her from empathizing with the person who needed it,” she wrote, haughtily.

Fact is, abortion is not healthcare. Perhaps in some cases, where the mother’s life is at stake, we can be persuaded to see it in a different light. But when it comes to abortions of want and convenience, we can think of few other medical procedures that make such a mockery of the very term “care.” And if would-be nurses are forced to avoid the profession because people like McLemore get their way, the profession will be far worse for it.

What do you think?

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  1. I only go to Catholic hospitals because I want to be cared for by people who don’t believe in murder. If they believe in murder THEY have no business being in the healthcare field!

    • Yeah that same C/C that would NOT abort the unborn child that the Dr. told her that if she brought that baby to term, she would die, and she did! That C/C told her to have the baby, even though it meant she would die! She did! the C/C is about as Scriptural as a Islam! I lost a cousin due to BAD Biblical Infor and advise! Wicked church!

  2. That’s just sheer stupidity!!! (Or complete demonization)

    Thank God for TRUE health-care professionals who care for the life of the unborn baby human!!!!

    • Agreed, there is still Americans and medical health care that do not agree that abortions are morally acceptable. It definitely is a sin according to God and the Bible. If you think otherwise you will reap what you sow one day will have to answer to God. Hopefully by then you will ask for repentance because if not he will not know you and then you know where you are headed.

  3. Abortion is not “health care” in ANY sense of the word. It is a “convenient” birth control procedure for those who choose NOT to avail themselves of any of the NUMEROUS contraceptive methods and tools available to women today and would rather be a part in murdering a human being. YES it IS MURDER, plain and simple. This nurse and others like her, and I use the term nurse lightly, has NO business being any kind of health care provider. You can try to explain it away as any other term you like, but it is still murder.

  4. She does not deserve to be a nurse if she fails to understand the fetus is a growing life form….human! I do not like stupid people and she is an example of an educated idiot!

  5. I’m a registered nurse for 30 years. This “associate professor” says assisting with abortion is consistent with core nursing values of human dignity….. ok we will pick and choose which humans…. an unborn baby isn’t a human? Sympathy and honesty…… sympathy for the baby you helped kill and honesty, maybe you honestly should be working in a meat packing house instead of a hospital. I could go on, but why bother. I just feel sad she is teaching new student nurses, who don’t know much better, her twisted interpretation of core nursing values & not the true meaning behind them! Also no offense to the hardworking people in meat packing.

  6. Pro Abortion nurses are the WORSE OF THE WORST nurses! . . . They are REPROBATES performing an ABOMINATION, which is the murder of the most HELPLESS of U.S. citizens, the newborn and unborn babies. This is the abomination spoken of in The Bible (Proverbs Ch.6). These people are DISGRACEFUL and not worthy of ANY medical uniform . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  7. So only MURDERERS are worthy? They should take her out and anyone else with this mentality and give them what they believe in. EXECUTE them all. This is not only insane. It’s scary. What’s next? They kill patients that they don’t deem worthy to live? Un flipping real. Well. Read BATTLEFIELD AMERICA – The War On The American People. It talks of all this and more. We definitely are in the last day’s. everyone best WAKE Up.

  8. If that isn’t the most dogmatic ignorant piece of trash I’ve read yet – AND by someone who should know much better, then I’ll buy that piece of prime real estate in the Florida Everglades!

    • She read the whole book, drank one glass of the koolaid, and watched MSLSD. Now she doesn’t know what time the 3 o’clock train leaves.

  9. Someone in the medical field that condones abortions as safe care or preventive medicine should be stripped of their licenses and not allowed to practice medicine. Everyone understands that in some cases where the baby and mother’s life is at risk the final act might be to abort a child. But she makes it sound like an abortion should be considered normal or convenience medical care. There is some really immoral and sick people out there and not just in America.

  10. Seriously!!! That contradicts anything you ever learn about nursing. I am a nurse and I am proudly Pro Life!! I’m not a murderer and will not assist in it either.

  11. Clearly nurses can not be trusted with your life. They will kill your kids and kill you so it must be time to kill nurses.

    Funny how lefties always think there is only one result. Killing sleazy whore nurses is something they’ve earned.

  12. I am a nurse with 25 years experience and find what this nurse is saying is idiotic. She is free to belief, say or do whatever she wants. But she has no right to dictate to other nurses what they can or cannot do. All nurses are free to pick where they want to work. No one puts a gun to their heads making them do certain nursing jobs they are adamantly opposed to. When I first graduated from college with my bsn I was offered a job at my university hospital on their late term abortion floor. I declined since I was pro life even knowing that was my only offer at that hospital, but I knew that it was not for me. Years later I was approached about a management rn position at an abortion clinic. Again, I said no. I had no problem finding other nursing jobs in other cities through out my career in ICI & Renal units. I always had an rn job. I always had a paycheck. So no nurse who oppose abortions don’t work at abortion clinics. Other nursing jobs are in demand. They have other choices. I am sure there are some exceptions but it’s most unlikely. So for her to imply that pro choice nurses shouldn’t be working in abortion clinics is idiotic. They won’t be working there. I think this pro abortion nurse was just looking for another way to attack pro life women.

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  14. Feminist Nurse. Wow, what a title she gives herself. I guess, based on her avowed beliefs, she needs to identify herself, and work in a Women’s only clinic. She can’t be trusted with either children or men. This seriously restrains her earnings and working potential. What an imbecile! She wants to train a whole generation of limited potential individuals? Wow, what school hired her stupid mindset. Worse, let that infected mentality into a classroom. Be careful what you say, because your words are a window into your soul.

  15. I am amazed at the sense of entitlement that liberals have. They falsely believe themselves to be immune from all natural and logical consequences of their bad behaviors. Trust me, evil ones, there will be consequences.

    You know how the old saying goes, you can tell a country by how it treats the innocent and helpless, specifically the very young and the very old. Good luck, liberal misfits. All the soap in the world won’t wash off the innocent blood from your hands!

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