Film Companies Refuse to Work in Any State That Protects the Unborn

Three Hollywood companies have decided that they will no longer shoot any films in Georgia so long as it remains a state where the unborn are protected from abortion. After the state passed a “heartbeat” bill banning any abortions that take place after a child’s heartbeat can be detected, producers Mark Duplass, David Simon, and Christine Vachon announced a boycott of the state.

“Killer Films will no longer consider Georgia as a viable shooting location until this ridiculous law is overturned,” tweeted Vachon.

“I can’t ask any female member of any film production with which I am involved to so marginalize themselves or compromise their inalienable authority over their own bodies,” said Simon, known for HBO hits like The Wire and The Sopranos. “I must undertake production where the rights of all citizens remain intact. Other filmmakers will see this.”

Yes, heaven forbid females be unable to kill their unborn children right up to the moment they give birth. How awful.

Duplass, who has worked to bring projects to Netflix, said: “Don’t give your business to Georgia. Will you pledge with me not to film anything in Georgia until they reverse this backwards legislation?”

Indeed, protecting the unborn is so passé! Letting babies die in a dark corner of the room when the abortion goes wrong, THAT’S progress!

Upon signing the bill into law, Gov. Brian Kemp said that he would not be swayed by the financiers of Hollywood.

“We cannot change our values of who we are for money,” Kemp said. “And we’re not going to do that. That’s what makes our state great. For people to want to boycott the state because we are protecting life at the heartbeat – I don’t understand that.”

Nope, us either.

Well, that’s not true. We understand that the abortion industry has succeeded in taking the gruesome, disturbing truth about their stock-in-trade and hiding it under sixteen tons of propaganda. It started with the term “pro-choice.” Now it’s hiding underneath both that and other innocuous terms like “women’s healthcare” and “reproductive justice.” They’ve also successfully bamboozled half the country into believing that abortion is a constitutional right.

To get a sense of how far gone this debate is, we heard a Democrat on CNN the other day say, “When a woman gets pregnant, she’s not carrying a human being inside her.”

When the left knows that the facts are out of alignment with their agenda, they go to extraordinary lengths to redefine those facts. Thus, illegal aliens simply because American citizens “without documents.” Women born with a penis are simply expressing their “gender identity.” And abortion is nothing more than the exercise of a “woman’s reproductive rights.”

We guess it’s only natural that people whose careers involve making things up for a living would easily fall for these stupid word tricks. When you invent fantasy all day long, perhaps you forget that there actually is such a thing as truth. The people of Georgia might be better off without those weirdos around.

What do you think?

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Written by Andrew


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  1. Boycott all of those movie companies that make such demands which go against the wishes of the people of the various States in the Union. Besides, why would I even desire to see the garbage that those movie companies are even putting out? I would rather stay home and watch movies from the 40’s, 50’s, and some from the 60’s, as I consider most of the movies being put out are anti-Christian, anti-Jewish trash, and that also goes for the actors/actresses in those movies. Bring back the Our Gang Comedies of the 30’s? Never mind trying to redo the classics of yesteryear.

    • Boycott? Heck, they haven’t made anything I consider worth boycotting in years. Forgot what the inside of a “theater” looks like

      • I think the governors of each state the film companies are boycotting should announce that any film company that boycotts their state will have their films banned in that state.

        Then let’s see what these companies do!

  2. Can you actually wonder why some people want Roe v Wade overturned when you read what trashy Hollywood is doing?….They are really the sum of the earth….

  3. Why would we want to care? They are the I g into what they made movies about. Movies WERE entertainment, fake. Why would we even WANT to watch movies made by murderers?THAT would be promoting murder! I do think You been in your world too long. Besides, all the GOOD actors are either dead or out of the business AND all the GOOD movies have already been made. The ones I liked I bought. I can watch them as much as I want and you don’t make a penny of commission SO I pay homage to the GOOD actors/movies, get entertained and screw the murders at the same time! SO, all PATRIOTOC Americans can be happy and the others can, well, the opposite! As for movies: I have a small collection, only between $5000 and $10000 but can invite friends to enjoy what I DO have. Obviously, I ,and TRUE Patriots, are 100% Pro-life. Besides, do you think you are God and this world can’t live without you? Get a life and smell what you been shoveling! You AINT God, we CAN and WILL live quite well without your trash!

  4. Georgia and every other state should announce the names of the companies and the films they make regardless of where the films were made who are part of this boycott to all of America so we know which films to NOT GO TO SEE/WATCH ON TV.

    We certainly are living in “End Times” – read The Book of Revelations!

  5. How about publishing a list of all these movie companies that support murdering babies born and unborn. I’ll gladly boycott anything they produce. As to female reproductive rights, if they don’t want babies there are countless ways to prevent pregnancies without murdering the innocents. Jchark

    • It’s very easy to double up on contraception. You’re using hormone blocking (pill, implant, or shot), then use a sponge, condom, or other barrier method. Of course, the best way is not to open the thighs. Though, for some women easier said than done when they don’t feel like being responsible for what the results may be.

  6. I think we should start a movement to boycott any films these producers, directors, actors etc. are involved with. This will hit them in their pocket book, which should get positive results. What we need is a list of all these people and or film companies that think killing human beings is A-OK. Once they realize that the American moviegoer is paying their salaries they may think twice about this idiotic, barbaric stupidity that goes against all modern aspects of civilization

  7. I have every movie that I like and there is enough of them that I would not have to buy any more. The ones made now are trash and not something I would pay for. Actually almost all TV shows are not worth watching either. I found a couple I like but most are as sickening as hearing what goes on in California these days. I was out there for a few months before going to Nam. Even then the place was full of queers and druggies, it was unbelievable . Now the democrats ( see last sentence) like the idea of killing kids before and after they are born. I expect before I am gone that they will be marrying their dogs and everything that moves.

  8. Wow these companies sure have a high opinion of themselves. Most of the movies that make money don’t even have real people in them.

  9. OK…I’m 9 months pregnant and want a healthy child. But then the docs tell me that my baby will be born with a rare lung defect. It won’t be able to breathe on its own. It will die in the first week, with
    humane euthanasia after a chance to hold the baby and let it go.

    Or, in Georgia and other states possessed by ideological blindness, the baby will be forced to undure slow suffocation over several days.

    It’s not easy to rule other people’s lives from a posture of moral certitude, is it? Some situations are
    call for judgment. Who wants some distant, uninvolved bureaucrat butting in??

    Watch out…pretty soon mercy killings will be reclassified as “murdering babies”, and the compassionate medical staff bullied and intimidated into “do nothing”.

    • Sad that you think you have the right to take Gods place in determining the life of a baby at the guess of a fallible doctor that is required to have malpractice insurance. If a (person) baby dies of natural causes then it natural and not up to us but taking its life is simply murder. Mercy killings is what Muslims do when a family member is converted from Islam. You for that too ? Funny how leftist liberals cry about government stepping in when it comes to protecting life but desire socialism/communism giving all mighty government total control over all aspects of our lives.

  10. The companies threatening boycott are: Killer Films, Blown Deadline Productions and Duplass Brothers Productions. Haven’t seen any films put out by them and definitely won’t in the future!

  11. Fuck these film companies. Georgia doesn’t need or want them. It is their loss. Let them try to find somewhere cheaper and better to shoot at.

  12. Couldn’t have said it any better than that. I quit going to the movies a long time ago and I don’t even watch movies on TV due to all the GARBAGE Hollywood puts out.

    • Like your church, the governments are interested in the money. So, don’t kid yourself. They rake in millions from that “nasty” industry

  13. The government should keep out of our private lives. A woman -not Big Brother state and slimy politicians – should make decisions affecting her own body. No woman should be required to come to term if it were to threaten her life or if the fetus were the result of a rape. In the old days when the state made the choice, women would have abortions anyway. Back alleys and wire hangers were used. We don’t want to return to those times.

    • The time to make her “ decision affecting her own body” is before she has unprotected sex! In the cases of rape, incest and threat to her life, that is a completely different subject. SHE did not make the choice. Your IGNORANCE is astounding.
      Signed, High Risk OB RN of 29 years

      • The fact that a woman who did not want a baby had sex without protection -a foolish act- does not justify the government taking over her body and refusing her the medical care she needs. The decision to go to term should be made by her and her doctor not politicians. Why are conservatives so concerned about the welfare of fetuses which they call “babies” when after the fetuses are born and become real babies, they couldn’t care less?

  14. You have no brains to think that if you are pregnant for 6 weeks it’s not the human inside your body.
    What is it then? is it an other species, which one? is it a piece of tissue? The world really got mad!
    From the moment of conception there is already the DNA of a human being with all that data that human being is identified and can’t be changed. To deny this is to deny all science.
    If you do not want a baby take steps to prevent your pregnancy before you go to have sex. That what is a choice! Abortion is a murder and it’s not called a right to have a choice.

  15. We should ban Hollywood from even coming to are states and cities for even standing up for abortions!!!! How can anyone be ok with killing babies this is pure evil in every way and we should make it against the law to even get an abortion!!! We should pass a law also that those that are sexual addicts men and women that can’t help themselves and don’t want anything to do with having a child they must get their tubes tied for women and snipped if a man this would put an end to killing babies!!! This would also save these peoples souls from such a atrocity!!!! Let’s face it there are people that don’t want children period and this procedure is safe and 100% effective and it doesn’t affect your pleasure with having sex either!!!! This would also lower are population which has become a big problem for we are an overpopulated planet and I think only the Chinese understood this overpopulation issue and limited the amount of children a couple can have for are planet is only so big and it can not sustained such growth!!!!

  16. Let Hollywood studios film in Venezuela. Take your lights, cameras, every big star and all your money and film to your hearts content. You’re not moving fast enough. Venezuela is a wonderful, peaceful country with great potential according to expert Sean Penn and no laws.

  17. As far as I am concerned ALL of Hollywood is a sewer and should be boycotted. Their views on soo many things are obtuse, from hating President Trump on down to abortions. I would never let these loons think for me. EVER!

  18. These are not reputable film companies anyway! Let them stay in Hollywood with the other scum and trash (not to mention streets of feces)! Who wants a film company around that thinks loose fornication is the best party to throw. Milano and her friends need to go back to their ditch and stfu.

  19. Fil/Movie industry has gone to the rapid dogs. Very few worthwhile movies made in last 10+ years. A lot of sex trash and political distortion and lies with corrupted messages that were lies. I have gone to
    only 2 movies in the last 5 years because of the content, any-American, sexual implications, and poor quality films. I want clean REAL and TRUTHFUL family oriented, military praise, anti-drug, pro-border protection, and movies that that truthfulyexpose injustice, regardless of race or creed. I am sick and tired of the twisted/distored political agendas being fed into story lines. What happened to movies that show truth, patriotism, sharing, patience, responbilitity, realiability, work ethics, INSTEAD of death, explicit sex, how to commit crimes, rape, how many times th “f” word can be put to ue in one sectance, robbery, and exposure of wrong behaviors in any form. We need to go back to the Disney, Doris Day/Cary Grant, John Wayne, Comediens like Carol Burnet and Red Skelton and Johnathon Winters 1940-1970′ entertainment that instills citizenship-history-neighborliness-cooperation-respectability, reliability, trustworthy behaviors.

  20. So, this means the STATES can now ADD ‘film production TAXES’ instead of SCREWING THE CITIZENS by giving out enormous tax ‘incentives’ and actually bill the industry FOR THE INCONVENIENCE CAUSE BY THE DISRUPTION of the Citizens daily lives?

    The RIGHTS of the PEOPLE supersede the desire for PROFITS of an overrated industry!

    And, not to actors and the rest.


  21. Is the first brick or the tenth brick the total building? Humans enter this world when the are born and leave it when they die. That is why there are birth and death certificates. I have never heard of a fetus certificate.


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