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Finally: A Republican With the Guts to Stick Up for Steve King

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) has become the latest victim of the left-wing smear machine, and they’re going after him the way they love to go after Republicans: By accusing him of being an incorrigible racist. King has made himself a target by being a stalwart defender of Western Civilization, a determined opponent of radical Islam, and a triumphant supporter of tough border security. These factors alone make him a “racist” in the eyes of the left, but they knew they needed something big to really take him down. So the New York Times interviewed him, cherry-picked a quote out of context, and presto, they got what they wanted.

“White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive? Why did I sit in classes teaching me about the merits of our history and our civilization?” King supposedly told the Times.

Now either one of two things are true here. Either King decided an interview with The New York Times would be the perfect time to out himself as a Klan member and commit career suicide in one fell swoop…or, the Times got it wrong.

According to King, the answer is the latter. He explained – in quite convincing detail – that the “how did that language become offensive” part ONLY referred to the term “Western civilization.” Of course it did, because as he pointed out, no schoolchildren anywhere sit in classes learning about the “merits” of white nationalism.

But his explanation wasn’t enough. Republicans removed him from his committees, threatened to censure him, and called for him to be kicked out of Congress altogether. Several courageous newspapers called on him to resign. No one spoke up in his defense.

Until now.

In an interview with the Tyler Morning Telegraph, Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX) said that King was getting a bad rap.

“He explained what he was saying,” Gohmert said. “He was talking about Western civilization, that, ‘When did Western civilization become a negative?’ and that’s a fair question. When did Western civilization become a negative?

“We have the only country that I’m aware of that would shed its most valuable treasure —American blood — for freedom, not for hegemony, just for freedom,” Gohmert continued. “There’s never been a group that’s been more philanthropic than American citizens. That was a fair question — when did Western civilization become a negative?”

About his beleaguered friend, Gohmert said: “He was not given due process. And, in fact, if our minority leader (Kevin) McCarthy had gotten the same lack of due process against him previously, I can assure you he would not have been majority leader and he would not now be minority leader.”

This guy gets it. It’s too bad there aren’t more within the Republican Party who possess half this much spine.

What do you think?

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  1. Don’t see that offensive and why didn’t they throw that Democrat woman Rep that marched the day she was sworn in to Congress and calling Trump the ugly name. Now that is offensive and the language itself is most offensive!! Sad how people try to cover up their own backyard by projecting it on someone else. Hang in there Representative King. I wish the Democrats would clean house. It is offensive to me to go to Congress and fly someone else flag and not be willing to be sworn in like the procedure has been since start. Is this what we are fighting now? We have to bow to someone else culture, lifestyle and they can say anything offensive and that is ok. I don’t like to hear “God” used profanity. I don’t like people talking negative about Jesus and certainly don’t like it when we have to bow to having Islam taught in schools when we can’t have Christian faith even shared among children by saying “Merry Christmas”.

    • My family was Democrat until the second Kennedy assassination that used the (bought & paid for media) “useful idiot” patsy—-Lee Oswald’s test for gunpowder residue proved He did not fire a rifle–(the useful idiot press) and evidence that proved Sirhan was drugged and “not alone was destroyed and/or denied ( the girl in the polka dot dress, the ceiling tiles that went missing in the evidence room — with holes approx. 22 cal )—when I concluded that it took democrats to conspire, I never voted for another One.

  2. Besides the 2 new Muslim women, U.S. Representatives that are anti Semitic and anti Israel; needing to be sanctioned by Nancy Pelosi and removed from any Congressional Committees; what about the members of the Black Caucus in both our House and Senate; that fawn over Louis Farrankan, (leader of Nation of Islam Organization); who has called for the death of Jews and White Christians? When will they be publicly sanctioned and labeled as “Religious or Race Bigots”, and be asked to step down from their offices? The majority of Americans want all members of our Government to disavow themselves of any hate or prejudice against people for any reason. Whether that be because of their race, sex, sexual desires, or religion. People in our Government shouldn’t even try to punish people, because they are in the top economic levels, or even at the bottom of our economy. If they don’t, then those people are not working in our Government to protect our Rights and Freedoms. Rather they are there to destroy some groups of Americans.

    • You hit every point that WE, The People must address if we want to save this Country for our children and grandchildren. We must get behind our President and his agenda to “Make America Great Again’. Some do not like or agree with the use of the word ‘Again’ but I do find with what we see every day demonstrated by the Hate-filled politicians and well paid street protesters. The Women’s March participants this past weekend, when ask by members of the media did not even know what or why they were there protesting. Most appeared to me as though they might have smoked, sniffed or swallowed some mind altering substance or maybe that s just wishful thinking on my part. It is scary for me to think that these are the persons we must depend on to care for us when we reach the age of our parents and grandparents.

  3. I agree with Louis Gohmert. I would have Republicans who criticized Mr. King to closely read the transcript and also listen to the actual discussion. I understood what he said at the time he said
    it. It is time for Republicans to stop being politically correct, to stop being pansies as that is how I
    see them. Listen to Mr King’s defense and give him a chance without such stupid uproar over what
    what was clearly a misunderstood statement. Since when do we assume guilty until proven innocent.
    It appears that in the last year or two society has decided that it’s OK to persecute Jews and Christians in all manner of ways, especially Catholics. It’s also OK to criticize and demean any person who is pro Trump. I agree with Wynette, we need to clean house in Washington. Texgirl

    • I forgot to add: I fully agree with Louis Gohmert. The left and some of the so-called right obviously took Steve King’s statement out of context. They’re busy with political correctness. Meanwhile, they are silent on the vicious, endless anti-Trump rhetoric of the two Muslim anti-American new Congresswomen , or of Maxine Waters.

    • It merely represents a different point of view. If you want to shut it down and make sure everyone thinks and talks and ‘goose-steps’ like you, then hop in your time machine and go work for Hitler.

  4. This is why the country is in trouble.The “Republicans” allow themselves to be intimidated by whiners and Democommies and allow their enemies to control the semantic. It was western civilization and values upon which the country was founded and upon which the entire concept of individual rights and freedoms comes. They surrender that legacy and pay deference to those with cultural legacies which encompassed human sacrifices and where slavery can still flourish.


  6. Meanwhile islam poses the REAL threat to peace in the world. CAIR is a subversive organization dedicated to overthrow the Constitution of the United States….and dumb liberal media is worried abt nationalism….wake up already

  7. If it were a democrat nothing would be said because this is a non issue. Saul Alinskys rules for radicals and the democrats are the radicals without question!

  8. The democrats need to grow up and 80% of them need to get a backbone!!!!! You are letting about 5 of them push you around and causing ALL OF YOU to look like bumbling idiots! Clowns to the left of us and clowns to the right!

  9. The so-called Republican leadership better get some cojones or they will get a well-deserved neutering from the likes of Pelosi and Schumer! When did standing up for members of your own caucus become a dishonor?

  10. We The People Don’t want Islam here.Go Away!Get Rid of Farrankan followers!We Need “The New Party”to come into Office to fix things the Democrats and Republicans just can,t seem to understand.

  11. How do we define a politician? A person without a SPINE… How do we define a bad politician? One with no spine and who calls themselves a liberal (this includes many republicans as well as democrats). How do we define a good politician? On who is elected by ‘WE THE PEOPLE” and will serve two terms, leave politics and go back home to their careers. They call themselves good non-career politicians. How many do we recognize in congress and senate today? Lets put good politicians back to work like our constitution writers planned…

  12. The question I would like to have answered is why are there so many Gutless Republicans, that failed to research what Rep.King actually said, and support him publicly. Is Rep. Gohmert the only real man in the Republican Party now?

  13. I hope this sums it up u all. How can u tell a “DUMMOCRAP” is lying? Their lips “r” moving,although “CHANCEY” PELOOSEY” has had more face lifts than a fork lift,u can’t even understand da’ bitch!!
    “Martini Gannini”


  15. Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX) doesn’t make a lot of waves all the time but it is plain he has lots of common sense like our great President does, and is willing to stick up for someone when he knows that person is unfairly getting crapped on. I listened to what Steven king said and for the life of me couldn’t figure out why everyone was downing him. well now I see people didn’t take the time to read the whole article and just listened to the fake news, when are these people going to learn and don’t take their word for anything, before you start shooting your mouth off be darned sure you know what you are talking about.

  16. It’s an outrage that the Republicans caved again , they should have defended King instead of kicking him out of the committees. Have you seen or heard any Democrats taking actions against their members for foul and hateful language towards our President or Republicans in general???
    Kevin McCarthy is acting like a Rhino, better get your and your fellow Republicans ‘ducks in a row ‘,
    unless you want the Dems to run all over you and win the next election .

    • It is way past time to kick spine less Kevin McCarthy out of the Leadership position.
      Almost every other Congressman would be better that McCarthy.

  17. Why would anyone pay attention to anything printed in the NYT paper, it is a proven fact that they will take a quote out of context that a republican will say and twist it into something ugly, every republican that is asked for an interview by NYT should tell them no thanks I don’t need to be misquoted by your biased paper

  18. Let there be no doubt.
    Humanity, in general and at large owes a lot to the Western Civilization. Evidence the desire to emulate the western civilization, culture and habits by people all over the world.
    Western civilization is considered synonymous with the efforts of the Caucasian race over centuries to improve the quality of life for everyone. I WOULD NOT BE ASHAMED TO BE A CAUCASIAN IN A WESTERN CIVILIZATION.
    Civil Society also owes a lot of gratitude to those who have the Catholic Dogma living in them. Other Christians, without the Catholic upbringing are a product of rebellion as reflected by the many branches of the Protestant Denomination. Does it give the right to the believers in the Protestant Dogma to consider their beliefs are more suitable for society than the Catholic Dogma, the Hindu beliefs, Muslim doctrine, Jewish values or those of an atheist. If you do, you perhaps are the most ignorant fool, for their is positive value in each of the man-made religious groups with the ultimate belief in GOD (sans the atheist). I WOULD NOT BE ASHAMED OF BEING A CATHOLIC IN THE WESTERN CIVILIZATION.
    FULL DISCLOSURE – I AM NOT A WHITE CATHOLIC, but was attracted to our society some 50 years ago for the values it possessed then. I have seen it become more depraved and deranged in the name of RIGHTS at the cost of RESPONSIBILITIES that we all owe to society.
    Representative Steve King should not have been punished unless Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib had been meted out similar punishment, not for being Muslims, but for their lack of gratitude for what this country has done for them and what hatred they have been spewing out of their mouth. No bar of soap is big enough to clean up their act. The latter deserved a censure if not an expulsion for the derogatory foul language used. Her language may be fine on the streets of Palestine, but is not expected from a U.S. Congressman (based on the language used I would not expect a woman to use it).

  19. Can’t ANYONE get it??? THEY are trying…and are succeeding…to destroy US! THEY are taking our way of speaking away by any means possible. Once our freedom of speech is removed, we are done. THEY are picking off the Republicans, one by one, by taking every spoken word out of context. THEY add their spin on it & every media outlet, except Fox, puts their spin on it, then gets everyone who listens to ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, & CNN believe it. THEY will dissect anyone who believes in Trump & throw the bones into a furnace until they are nothing but ash! THEY are coming for you! Take away our guns, take away our speech, take away our laws & make up ones that break away from our Constitution, & so on. Can you believe having those two so-called Muslim females members of OUR HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES??!! Who in the hell are you people voting for? Do you want all of our rights to be stomped into the ground? Get those two crack pots out of our government! THEY say that Pres. Trump is not presidential. Do you call those two females (I am ashamed to call them ladies…because they are anything but) reverential to their office? I have NEVER heard any office holder use that kind of language about anyone, let alone the office of the President! WAKE UP AMERICANS! WAKE UP REPUBLICAN OFFICE HOLDERS! Act like real republicans. DO SOMETHING RIGHT…before it’s too late for the rest of US!

  20. A point I haven’t seen addressed: Offensive or not, Rep. King has a right under the first amendment to speak freely. I was certainly “offended” by the whole Colin K. taking a knee business. But many claimed it was his right to free speech. Maybe so. But in America, you DO NOT have a right NOT to be offended. You DO have a right to free speech. If Rep. King’s remarks were that offensive, let him “pay” for it at the ballot box. . . .

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