Fired Harvard Dean: “Feelings Alone Should Not Drive University Policy”

In his first striking statement about Harvard’s decision to drop his appointment as faculty dean, lawyer Ronald Sullivan Jr. wrote an op-ed for The New York Times this week decrying the reasons the university used to justify his termination. While Sullivan offers little to the conversation about liberal campus mobs that hasn’t been said already, his is yet another view that academia has become infected with a species of childish, immature, social justice warriorism that threatens to destroy the very purpose of higher education.

For the uninitiated, Sullivan took a position as Harvey Weinstein’s defense lawyer. Now, you won’t find any moral defense of Weinstein in the pages of Conservative Free Press, let us assure you. But the American justice system ensures that everyone from the wrongly accused to the most obviously heinous criminals in the country have the right to competent legal counsel. Neither O.J. Simpson nor Dzhokhar Tsarnaev nor Harvey Weinstein are exceptions to that rule.

Harvard’s SJW students saw it differently. They claimed that they no longer felt “safe” around Sullivan, given that he was now representing an accused sexual assaulter. They demanded that the administration give Sullivan his leave, and with very little debate, the administration did just that. It was one of the most stunning capitulation to campus mob-think we’ve seen to date, and that covers a hell of a lot of ground.

“The administration’s decision followed reports by some students that they felt ‘unsafe’ in an institution led by a lawyer who would take on Mr. Weinstein as a client,” Sullivan wrote. “I am willing to believe that some students felt unsafe. But feelings alone should not drive university policy. Administrators must help students distinguish between feelings that have a rational basis and those that do not. In my case, Harvard missed an opportunity to help students do that.”

Oh, it seems clear to us that Harvard, UC Berkeley, the University of Missouri, and a whole host of other once-respected universities have absolutely no interest in that opportunity. They have created an environment where the loudest, whiniest, most childish voices are catered to in the most obsequious fashion possible. When this disastrous policy goes to the extreme, you get the case of Oberlin College, which is now on the hook for millions after encouraging their students to try and destroy a local bakery’s reputation (after baseless accusations of racism). In more ordinary cases – here, Missou, and Evergreen State – someone just has to be fired to appease the SJW gods.

“Unchecked emotion has replaced thoughtful reasoning on campus,” Sullivan concluded. “Feelings are no longer subjected to evidence, analysis or empirical defense. Angry demands, rather than rigorous arguments, now appear to guide university policy. This must change. Until then, universities are doing a profound disservice to those who place their trust in us to educate them.”

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  1. Lawyers should take cases based on facts. Defending murderers and using legal tricks to have them absolved, like in the case of OJ Simpson with Dershowitz being a member of the legal defense team does little for the pursuit of justice. I suspect that money is the motivation for the lawyers rather than the honest desire to get to the truth of the matter!

  2. Harvard use to be a good school. But to support the idea that a lawyer will or can be influenced by the accused to become like the person of the accusation is to say that there can be no legal representation without being influenced to conform to the character the defendant is being accused of. If this were the case, every lawyer should have to undergo a thorough psychological examination after every case they go to trial on to be sure they have not in some perverse way been altered. If the leadership are such fools as to believe this, then there can be little doubt that the quality of education now being presented at Harvard is at best infantile and at worst insane. Those of the student body that hold these beliefs should be instructed in reality or put out of the University. What rational school would put their stamp of approval on such lunacy? Harvard should fire members of their administrative leadership and maybe reorganize their Board to rid the school of this insanity.

  3. Didn’t upset the little dears when Dershowitz was on OJ’s defense team. OJ was guilty as all get out. You can bet the students will want a top lawyer when they get in trouble.

  4. the mormon church hates negers and queers they are a sex cult that still practeoe polygamy under cover..i just wish some one would hang them they spread deceases all over

    • I’m not a Mormon but were you born or hatched with your head up your ass? Do you listen to the voices in your pea brain head to make such assinine statements. Absolutely Rediculous!
      You sound like the kind of perverted fool that would walk around a school yard in a trench coat, flashing kids.
      Does your mommy and daddy know what you are doing in their basement on their com8puter. I’ll bet you make them proud. I definitely don’t believe in abortion but in your case I think an exemption would have better.
      Good luck on keeping a job. Then again I understand Harvard jas an opening. You should do well there.

  5. the mormon church hates negers and queers they are a sex cult that still practeoe polygamy under cover..i just wish some one would hang them they spread deceases all over

  6. And here we see another arm of the left’s decades long efforts coming to fruition. Indoctrination via the elementary school system (teachers, administrators and curriculum) and then liberal psychobabble about giving children a voice and reality on what the children think it should be.

    You know have a society where these idiot, snowflake, drones of the left can dictate the decisions of major educational. financial and commercial institutions.
    When did we allow our society to be run by teens and 20 something year olds…it’s been a subversive, behind the scene scheme for the last 60+ years.

    We today, complain about the results of that agenda and in the same breath support it.
    – Many keep sending their kids and money to these liberal colleges
    – Companies like Nike, netflix, starbucks, ben & jerrys, google, twitter, facebook and more are patronized and perceived as a need in life.
    – People keep their kids in liberal leaning public schools, as well as voting in local politicians who support these liberal leftist agenda pushers.
    – Those in power refuse or are too scared to push back. If the Harvard administrators had a spine or were not liberal scumbags, they would have told these students, that THEY are there to learn, NOT to make staffing policies. They can have meaningful discourse but if it becomes disruptive they will be expelled, with no refund of tuition.

    Allowing these children…who have been parasites in one form or another for their entire lives…to dictate ANYTHING is akin to allowing your dog to decide where it wants to shit…in the your kitchen, in you bed, in your closet…etc.

    This problem will only get worse the longer we allow stupidity like this to go on!

    Someone should have ask the snowflakes why then was the accused rapist Bang ’em Bill was allowed to be the President of the United States. This guy did nothing but be the lawyer for the accused.
    Wake up America…these idiot kids are going to be dictating what you may and may not do in the very bear future…don’t think so??? Take a look at how much damage and where occasional cotex has moved the conversation and action in congress since coming on the scene. A skank bartender, who was only a few year past where these college snowflakes are now.

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