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Florida Democrat Says She’ll Lead Legal Challenge Against Trump’s Wall

Fresh off her last national embarrassment, in which she tried to rig the Democratic primaries in favor of her best girl Hillary Clinton and wound up getting fired from the DNC in the process, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is ready to hit the big time again. This time, she’s telling the world that she’ll “most definitely” lead a court challenge against President Trump if he attempts to declare a national emergency and build the wall with pre-existing Pentagon funds.

In an interview with CNN, Wasserman Schultz said, “There’s not a national emergency that would meet the test that would allow for the president to make such a declaration in this case. If you look at border crossings and apprehensions at the border, we have border crossings that are about a fifth of where they were going back to 2000.”

Yes, well, that says it all, really. This has been a national emergency in the making for roughly half a century. It’s about time we had a president with the cojones to step up and do something about it. No surprise that Democrats (and even a handful of Republicans) want to stop him by any means necessary.

“We have the lowest amount of apprehensions that we have had in four decades. So the president is just not telling the truth when it comes to there being a case to be made for a national emergency to be declared,” she said. “And then what also is important is that the president doesn’t have the power of the purse. He can’t just decide that he doesn’t like the way Congress has appropriated the funds in an appropriations act that has been signed into law. So because we are not doing what he wants, he thinks he can just declare a national emergency and take the money from military construction projects that are already under funded.”

Well, actually, there are U.S. statutes that give him exactly that authority, and the White House is quite certain that they’ve reviewed the options on the table to a high degree of legal confidence. We don’t doubt for a minute that Democrats will take this fight to the courts, and we will cheer them on as they do so. The more effort they put into STOPPING Trump from protecting the border, the clearer they make it for every American voter. We’ll know exactly where they stand when it comes time to vote in 2020.

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  1. Another skank DemoRat who should work at
    cleaning up the corruption in her own party
    instead of backstabbing the President.
    President Trump is fighting to keep us free
    from Socialism…and anyone who so strongly
    opposes him it is easy to see where their loyalties
    Choose to be a Democrat or a Republican…that
    is your right….but first choose to be an American.

      • Being a Socialist and not a Democrat you can bet the old homestead that she won’t suffer any consequences for her actions. Those people don’t give a tinker’s damn about our country or the people who legally belong here. Their obvious ultimate goal is to overthrow our government and turn this once free country into a dictatorship where they’ll call all the shots and we the people will be nothing but surfs.

        • Disagree! ANY legal action is expensive, so as long as it is funded from her own pocket or the DNC pocket – then she has that right! But now if she somehow used state or federal tax payer money – then she has broken the law!
          With the last round of stupidity she did during the election, maybe she will be that stupid again and will end up in a place with bars on the windows!

      • Inviting people to INVADE Your Country (in any country in the World) is an act of Treason against One’s fellow citizens and said people should be charged with that crime.

        • You are so right.god will deal with them what you see in California are signs god is not pleased with them and other states to all these earthquakes and volcanic activity are signs even what is happening in isreal are major signs god is about to do something big read holy bible get strongs concordance to help understand pray to father god for wisdom and understanding and in the name of jesus he died on the cross took our sins and our punishment so we can be saved from eternity in hell.

      • Maybe she will receive a visit from MARA SALVATRUCHA (MS-13)
        and they will teach her a lesson about crime and protection!

        I am sure MS-13 would love to thank her for her stupidity!!!!
        I bet she has a wall around her property!

    • It appears to me that President Trump has carefully presented his case over the past for defending our borders from illegal walk in foreigners. The law reads favorable for him to simply order the US Army Corps of Engineers to build the necessary walls to defend our borders. As reported money is available to buy material and/or award contracts. Everyone seems hung up on design and some want some unreasonable restrictions. The wall should be effective and durable, with hazards for those attempting to cross. IMO, a cement base, with rebar, that reaches deep into the ground, should be topped with very strong steel slats that are spaced enough for visibility; but too close prevent passage, would be a good design. Sharp spears and ample concertena wire near the very tall top of the wall would be effective. The wall need not be one continuous structure from Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. There are places where water borders prohibit wall building in the lake(s) and rivers. Howerver the west side, from the Pacific Ocean about 300 miles eastward are very critical. As Commander-in-Chief, the President has both authority and responsibility to defend our borders from invasion. Threats of court actions by opposition is meaningless. There may be brief delays. However, the Wall in select locations is our best defense option. Like Nehemiah built the walls to restore Jerusalm, we must build a wall to restore our Southern Border. Those political hacks, who want to hamper our defenses, need to seek residence elsewhere. We have policies in place for immigration. A wall is needed to enforce the vetting of all who are seeking entry.

      • We agree that the ; Fastest, Cheapest and simply the best way to erect a barrier to Our Nation’s INVASION is with Our army Corp of Engineers as We Americans have spent Trillions of Dollars having these Engineers build all over the World. Time to take care of things here at Home.

    • She needs to clean up her OWN corruption, if you ask me. She seems to like Pakistanis a lot, puts them in charge of her IT business, then they skip.

    • Absolutely! This is a woman that loves to be beaten down. What an idiot. She thinks that all the notoriety will spread nationwide. FORGET IT! You know that rep Florida she is being heroic for the Hispanic vote. If you haven’t noticed dear, the vote for Trump has increased terrifically. By the way, get rid of the Geri-Curl!

    • Yeah you know how overrun Florida is with illegals from Mexico no wonder she’s sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. She should stick it back in Hillary’s backside and disappear

  2. That woman makes me embarrassed to say I’m from Florida!!!!! How many times can she make an ass of herself and keep putting her silly face out there for all to remember her evil ways? Sit down and shut up washerman! You were reelected under suspicion circumstances the last time around thanks to those in charge of the voter registration records in your county, I’d be quiet if I was you.

    • Thats what they do. All of the time. Make themselves act and look like absolute jerks, shrug it off after the laughter dies down and then the continue on like nothing ever happened. Wheres the embarrassment? After a while, they don’t feel embarrassed at all. It’s just the new norm….

  3. Good for her as she is just another village idiot who should be sitting in a federal prison jail cell wearing orange for her past activities. I am so glad that I am no longer a democrat.

  4. Why doesnt Washerman Schultz confront her fellow Congresswomen Muslims Tlaib and Omar and their attacks on Israel?/ Last I checked financially challenged Washeman (bankruptcies etc) is Jewish and receives a lot of support from Broward County large Jewish population!!

  5. During the State of the Union speech, our President Mr. Trump asked the country to come together. I guess it fell on deaf ears.

  6. I guess we are not to believe our lying eyes as we see one new caravan after another with thousands of foreigners coming from South and Central America.
    The notion that President Trump should not call this a national emergency because it may set a bad precedent is ridiculous, other Presidents have used national emergency many times in the past. mcconnell says the next democrat president may call a national emergency relating to climate change.
    Big difference between the two issues, one is provable and the other is not.
    We can see the increase in the number of caravans, we can see the damage to the environment left by thousands of illegal alien invaders leaving trash spread across the South West border.
    Climate change is a theory, not provable beyond a reasonable doubt.
    This issue is not about the reduced number of apprehensions it is about the number of crossings of illegal aliens that we never see where there are no border walls/barriers. One thing is absolutely correct, walls/barriers do not work where there are no walls/barriers.
    Let’s hope the Congress comes to their senses and

    • Jon Exner – have you noticed that these caravans consist mostly of young men? It’s difficult to find women and children in the pictures. Very few and far between. Lots of young men who could cause concern. Build that wall.

    • I am another American who is sick and tired of all these illegal alien invaders I don’t care about any of these cockroaches because that’s what they are they are seeking welfare they want to live off the taxpayers that’s the only reason they come here! gaming the system no more asylum-seekers they’re all liars and these women and kids we already let in 1 million of them time to put a stop to it Democrats disgust me I am ashamed of the government! The women and children that they are now letting in will live off welfare all their lives! The women will have an anchor baby every year it will be generations of welfare gamers!!! And then the Democrats will turn around and want to do a blanket amnesty so that they can all vote Democratic

  7. She witch was tossed out of her DNC job for being a bad actor already! She also was in on the issues where the foreigners were stealing info off Democrat computers from their IT jobs and Schultz’s PC was in their possession and she ducked that hit and somehow I guess the FBI let her butt off. She is deplorable and a nut job.

  8. She can go ahead and lead all she wants. The wall is still going to get built. Why? Because as President Trump has repeatedly stated, it is a permanent solution that works to stop drug flow, trafficking, and crime into our country. It will be a great tool for USBP.

  9. The only thing Wassermann-Schuuuuuuuultz should be leading is the orange conga line in federal prison where she should have time to contemplate her relationship with the Awan brothers, her attempt to blackmail the police, compromised national security, and that treason doesn’t pay.

  10. Why don t these blooming idiots go to the southern boarder and talk to everyone there like our PRESIDENT did why don t mis teeth sucker go there and talk to the families that live on that boarder and have to put up with the rivals the trash the invasions of their lands why are t they made to do the job they were hired to do if they want to do all these stupid investigations then they need to pay for them cause we the peoe are TIRED OF our tax dollars being wasted on their pure bullshit rides of nothing and ad far as muller goes they should be made to pay all our money back that we paid for their bongos bullshit investigation we the people might just stop paying taxes then what s going to happen no pay checks for bunch of lying conniving bitches that’s what I think all MUSLIUMS should be removed from our government they don t believe in God they did not take the payh on our bible the not bitches that don t want to do what we the people expect of them fire their ass s.

  11. Let us try to make sense of this Progressive Demoncrat being against a security wall. The drug trade into America is a 50-70 BILLION dollar business. It is one of the few “businesses” that can take a 25% loss in product and still make a fortune. The cartels reportedly pay out billions in bribes to police and politicians. How much of a “contribution” would it take for a US senator or congressmen to be against a border wall?

    • I have always , thought about this , bribe thing !!! these people are so bad they are not above taking them. Maybe just a hidden bank account , off shore ?? All of this corruption is at the very top , makes me think that this has been going on for a VERY long time . AND with the FBI , and DOJ looking the other way and possible doing the same thing . What is to stop them except a real american as POTUS. This maybe the real reason they hate Trump



    • You hit the nail on the head! I have said that it will take just one of the Democrats to have a daughter or niece or grandson raped or beaten by an illegal alien to wake these folks up. Are they ignorant? I think that if the Democrats decide to keep turning down the wall, they should have walls around their homes taken down!!! They should make the choice…now!

  13. I don’t get it one bit. Why in heaven’s name aren’t these people prosecuted to the FULLEST extent of the law? Why are they exempt from anything illegal? Why do they still retain their influential political positions? Why do they still make the laws telling us the people who elected them what to do? Where are the Republicans? Where is the FBI? Where is ANYONE who has the authority to put these law breakers where they belong? If you or I stole a pack of gum from a 7-11 store where would we be? Yet these people endanger the security of an entire nation and still run free and still bank millions of dollars of our tax money. Back in the day they hung TRAITORS!!!

  14. The Democrats are doing great they have a never ending stream of absolute dumbasses. How long will our country last with these idiots. Hopefully the American public will wake up and do something about it. But I won’t hold my breath for that one.Why would any citizen in the United States want to be overrun by two or three other countries and say nothing?

  15. What I don’t understand is why this liberal New Yorker criminal moves to Fl. & wants to force her Liberal Socialist views on America & the voters of Florida & has the audacity to call anyone out for lying to the public. What she seems to always preach is your typical North Eastern Sanctuary City BS like her heroes DeBlasio, Cortez & Cuomo who are the epitome of the New Socialist/Communist Democratic Party who believe only Liberals like them are allowed to be rich & safe from the same MS-13, Mexican Mafia & many other gang members forcing their way into our country & making Middle-Class neighborhoods war zones. Dear Debbie please take your liberal Yankee ass back up north to NY & leave us poor uneducated Floridians to our own devices that we have used & survived with before you all got here & had a lot less crime until you all showed up.

    • I hope he can streamline it to the Supreme Court so ,they can approve it and see the look on Nancy Pelosi’s face!!

  16. These Black Demos are cuddling up with a party that killed their slave ancestors , burned crosses in their yards and kept them under control telling them that the government is their friend. When it fact all the laws that were used to control slavery came from the Democratic Party so what does that make the Blacks of today, who lay in the beds with the very party that made sure they were held down for so many years, the Harris’s, Booker’s, then a violent instigator such as Waters a woman so stupid she could not find her ass with both hands, All of them from the school of Uncles Tom you know the Blacks that sold the Blacks into slavery funny how nothing changes with the Uncle Toms white wanna be’s. They wanna talk like white and act like white, and sound like white but they are just Uncle Toms, selling the Black race down the river while laying in bed with the very party that let them be white. It was the republican Party that made sure they were set free and how are we paid back by white acting blacks that will sell and make slaves of its people in the 21st century. If I am wrong in my statement show me proof where they stand in keeping you under the governments thumb. A modern day sell out to slavery.Are the blacks that know the truth when they see it going to allow this to happen, if you are democrat, the answer is yes. If you are republican it is your time to change the face of culture which will it be ?

  17. Demoncrats are pro- criminal! They want to bring drug dealers, child prostitutes, and other criminals into to American neighborhoods. Meanwhile, the Demoncrat politicians are living in gated mansions in fancy neighborhoods!

  18. Pretty,smart mouthed little girls like Debbie are always going to do a lot of “heroic” shit, until they are staring a gun toting illegal with nothing on his mind but her sweet little ass, and trouble…then she is the first to scream her bloody Liberal head of for the Police…I wish her good lock with “her leadership skills”in resisting President Trumps wall…hope it is still tying up our courts in 2020 so the American people can see what total balloons the Democrat party has become….

  19. Counting only apprehentions is totalling those that got caught- That’s the problem. Increasing numbers of non apprehended bordercrossers is what needs to be stopped.

  20. why not lead a legal challenge to clean up your party and the government as a whole!? why continue to be a pimple on the ass of the taxpayer dollar? do the right thing…you know … that thing you were elected to do ……….YOUR JOB, not make threats of what you cant handle, like the Security of our Country!

  21. I wish that we Americans had a means to remove these radical left wing Democrats from leadership roles in politics. Trump is trying to drain the swamp but let’s find a way to get some big pumps going and get to the gold or better MAGA. God bless Real Americans and Our POTUS.

  22. I agree, these politicians have had their hands polished, by being bought by crime lords or dipping their hands in our American taxed paid money. nasty nancy has wee chuckies fancy, together they have had way to many years in politics. The way they have taken control of schools and colleges, should make all Americans mad. They are trying to take over the minds of our children. I cannot give proof. But listen to your children, when they tell you what is going on. Look what the newbies are pushing. Abortion, abortion after birth(murder), changing in constitutional laws, lying, taking rules of America callously. People in America and our Constitution means nothing to these politicians. Let’s let politicians we have a backbone. That, we know they are up to no good for our country . We must take back our USA for our children and future generations. Put God first in America. A good start!

  23. The dems has taken and taken. They do not want to help America. So expect nothing from them, but harm. I’ve watched their game and it is despicable. When they allowed newbies to swear in , the laws change. These people did not come to America to be loyal to America, but to destroy America. Yes, we need Walls and our constitution followed. Problems come when something great was made for America to live by as neighbors an individuals. Government taking over a person’s personal life problems, the clothes they choose to wear, the way they talk , their belief’s, their faith, where they allowed to go is not what America is all about. Laws allowing invasions to come . with disease, and murder in midst, taking control of the youngest and babies. teaching children how to think and what to learn. The dems and media and anyone who keeps them in office is as guilty As the politicians themselves. Support of dems, is supporting abortion, and murder of the most innocent. When you permit this think what this child become to help this earth. One nation under God with Liberty and justice for ALL! ACTIONS SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS. PRESIDENT TRUMP IS GREAT PRESIDENT!!!!!! democrats has nothing that will ever measure up. God Bless President Trump and Family.

  24. Good luck there DWS. You need to be very thankful it’s not yet acceptable to be sued for being ugly.
    I don’t suppose she is trying to buy favor with her dimwit buds that learned she was dumb enough to get caught throwing an election for Killary. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not angry about her criminal behavior, they’re pissed that she was caught.
    I still remember her indignant arrogance as she threatened one of the Capital Police.
    I vote to buy her a one way ticket to Venezuela.

  25. Please, Wasserman-Schultz, just go away! We don’t want to hear anything from you since you lied before and can’t be trusted! You are a loser and this will not go your way. You will make a fool of yourself again!

  26. She and Cortez and a few others must have gone to the Hillary Clinton school of lunacy and bull sh$t. I rest my case,

  27. Dingy Debbie probably does get to enjoy living in the America outside her gated/walled community with 24-7 security available. What gives her the right to think that OUR President does not have the authority to declare a National Emergency in order to build a wall to stop the illegal crossings into America? Those crossing into America are criminals, brining in drugs, guns and hatred of any who get in their way. How many more of our Children have to be raped, mutilated, slaughtered, addicted to deadly drugs before we say enough is enough. A few weeks ago my son and grandchild went to pick up Pizza’s I had ordered for a family get together. A few days later I learn that just minutes after they had left, there was a deadly shootout in the parking lot where they stopped to get the Pizza. It was gang related, supposedly originating from a ‘road rage’ incident. I continued to read the other headlines, finding that there were actually 4 shootings within a few miles with a total of 6 dead that weekend alone. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz can come live where I live, I’ll be glad to take myself and my family to live in her secured area with guards. That would be a great relief since I have forgotten what it feels like to not have to worry about having a family member or myself being killed, by people who do it just because they can. Our Democrat lead city, county and state politicians decided that announcing “sanctuary city” status would be a good idea. And here we are, stuck living in a war zone while they to get private security and walls to live behind, well protected.

  28. There is NO LEGAL precedent or existing law, against President Trump declaring a national emergency!
    It is a violent (they have assaulted Federal Officers AND MURDERED CITIZENS once here) invasion by a ARMY/HORDE of ILLEGAL ALIENS FROM OTHER COUNTRIES!
    Their group likely has many terrorists embedded in it!
    They strain the nation’s resources!
    They strain & ROB the taxpayers’ FUNDS!
    ON & ON!

  29. Heroin is linked to 37% of opioid deaths in the USA. 90% of which comes from South of the border. 8 Cartels, and huge poppy fields. At about 15-18,000 deaths per year caused from this and causing a huge National Epidemic, I would say this is reason to take every effort possible to obstruct, deter, and eliminate opioids from gaining entrance. It is an attack on the American people and should be treated as such. Not to mention the millions left addicted and straining social programs.

  30. Hey DWS. Why is it that you’re not in prison yet. You’re a gutter-level criminal and it’s known to everyone. FBI; what’s the holdup to putting this woman in prison where she belongs?

  31. Debra Wasserman Schultz is a criminal she paid a Enemy Spy fromnPakistan $400,000.00 dollars of campaign Contributions whole she was D. N. C. so arrest this witch for the Traitor she is!

  32. tell mrs wisserman , schultz that we the people are the ones that want the wall not trump . and that dumb bitc_ better start thinking about the people in this country , and not ” herself ” or we will start impeachment charges against her , and all those useless democrats that surround her . ” DO YOUR DAMN JOB THAT WE PAY YOU FOR ” YOU USELESS FREEKS “

  33. I thought this Dee Snyder (Twisted Sister) look alike. was in the slammer. In fact I thought that the corrupted democrats got rid of her? But sheeeeeee’s baaacccckkk.

  34. DWS needs to crawl back under the rock she’s been under since, she got her lying, cheating butt handed to her by the DNC!! If her eyes are blaring & fluttering, she’s lying, you can bank on it!!

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