Former U.S. Soccer Coach: “Inappropriate” to Play Anthem Before Games

In an interview with ESPN this week, Bruce Arena, the former coach of the U.S. men’s soccer team, said that it’s “inappropriate” for the national anthem to play before sporting events.

“I understand why people are kneeling,” Arena said. “We saw it with the women. We saw it in the NFL. I think if they’re respectful, it’s appropriate. I would tell you this: I’m the most patriotic person you’re ever going to be around. As the national team coach at times, the national anthem, I was in tears — honored to represent the United States in World Cups and international matches. And I think playing the national anthem is clearly appropriate at those levels.

“However,” he continued, “I question why we’re playing the national anthem in professional sporting events in our country. I believe the history of the anthem was that it was brought in after World War II to kind of celebrate the baseball players and the people and our soldiers that participated in World War II. And then it was obviously extended to other sports to where it is today.

“I think it puts people in awkward positions,” he said. “We don’t use the national anthem in movie theaters, on Broadway, other events in the United States. I don’t think it is appropriate to have a national anthem before a baseball game, an MLS game. But having said that, I want it understood: I am very patriotic, but I think it is inappropriate. And today it’s becoming too big of an issue.”

Arena perhaps makes a decent final point there, that we’ve turned the national anthem into some sort of patriotic litmus test at our football and baseball games. Over the past five years or so, it’s almost like we’re only playing the anthem so we can look around, see who is kneeling, who isn’t paying sufficient attention, who has tears in their eyes, etc. Performative patriotism isn’t all that impressive, and it’s even less impressive to turn the anthem into a showcase for racial activists who want to show the country how very woke they are.

On the other hand, we have a problem with this idea that it’s not “appropriate” to play the anthem. Why wouldn’t it be? Frankly, if there are people offended by the anthem, the flag, or any other symbol of this country, let them be offended. Why should everyone else change to suit their mood? We don’t like the idea of playing the anthem purely out of spite, but damn: Why is it suddenly so controversial to simply love America?

How many of our traditions and institutions have to die before the left is happy?

What do you think?

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    • Because our baby boomers let us down when it come to our educational systems. They and our republican elected officials did not stop liberal left wingers from taking over our educational system, changing our US History courses little by little until we now have teachers who teach our children socialism and how to use the system to get freebees and more. They teach dis-respect of our Flag, our way of life and our USA and its Constitution and Bill of Rights. Our educational system is broke and only way to repair it is to destroy it and rebuild it from ground up with the demand that all our children be taught to respect our great flag, our constitution and bill of rights. We need to get our children back to what this country was founded on from K1 to K12 and beyond. US History should be taught at all levels every years until they only know the truth and that no one would ever be able to lead them down a wrong path. We need to demand that our DOE get with it and start taking the educational system of today apart and rewriting the US HISTORY books to contain the truth from beginning . We need to get the Bible back into the public schools and pray and pledge allegiant to out wonder Old Glory.. I love my county, love my President trump, Love my US Flag and what it stands for, and I love our Constitution and Bill of Rights of the USA. I was raised on those principles and to respect one another and the LAW OFFICERS of our cities and towns and those of the USA.

      • I’m sorry, I caught Republican elected officials in this. I also noted it was not capitalized. Are you blaming Republicans, or noting the republican form of Government where we select representatives? It has been the Democrat Party that has owned the Unions and University systems for 50 years. It is the Democrats who ruined public education, re-wrote history and are attempting to take down every tradition we have ever had as a Nation. This “Coach” is entitled to his position, but he is doing exactly what I just described. He is trying to assist the Democrat/Marxist Mob in removing another Tradition most of us have enjoyed our entire lives. Why? Because it conflicts with the Left’s revised History? Play ball and shut up.

  1. This man never should have been coach of the USA team. He claims to be patriotic, but I guess now he thinks a show of patriotism at athletic events is inappropriate. My vote is that he is not patriotic. When I was in the service overseas and went o the movie theater on post, they showed a film and played America the beautiful. It gave me goosebumps and I was never prouder than when I could return home to America, my country. Each year that the type of nonsense going on in our county continues, it is getting increasing difficult to recognize he country I love. These radicals must be stopped. Vote them out in November.

    • I think the anthem should be played at the start of every school day in every school in America. It should be played before every sporting event, concert, and other public gatherings. If someone has a problem with it, they might begin to consider which country would suit them best to live in as they don’t belong here. The flag should be flown, respected, and saluted as it represents the freedom that allows the malcontents the ability to speak out without ramifications. If only they understood what it they have.

  2. No, what’s inappropriate is for people who supposedly “represent” our country, sh**ting on it! Find another one!!!

    • Sorry, hypocrites are a dime a dozen and getting cheaper by the day. It’s like when someone is talking to a group and says “To be honest with you”….. blah blah blah. So was everything you said before that statement a lie? Sounds like it… This coach is no Patriot. Time doesn’t erase fact. It doesn’t change fact. If OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM somehow offends you, Don’t listen- but also don’t disrespect it and others that DO RESPECT AND HONOR IT. Those Patriotic Americans who don’t want our history erased by criminal vandalism, have the right to their opinions and feelings on how they view our history just like those who don’t feel the same… and that’s fine. Just remember. The senseless killing of Mr. Brooks by a police officer that should not have been a cop, has absolutely nothing to do with tearing down a Washington or Columbus statue or defacing a historic monument-some of which have been standing for decades and many a lot longer.

  3. Bruce doesn’t speak for me or the 1000s of loyal Americans who think our flag and our national anthem stand for something. Something important. If the athletes/babies don’t want to recognize that, let them. But don’t try to steal that from me. And actually. Lets start making note of who kneels or turns their back or whatever. I don’t need their jersey or other things to pay them. Maybe I don’t want to see them. Hit them where they feel it in the wallet. So Bruce. Screw you

  4. MY sense of Patriotism will no longer allow me to support you or any team you represent. Should the league take a similar stance, I will no longer support them as well.

  5. How bad do you want your sport? We all saw what happened when the PLAYERS KNEELED, The FANS STOPPED COMING TO THE GAMES! How do the players get there pay? It is buy the people who come see them. You take most games that are on TV is because the site was a full house. When the games are on TV even more funds are made. Then it takes a long time to get the people to come back. ARE YOU TAKE WEAK YOU CANNOT STAND FOR ABOUT 2 minutes??!! I think if a player doesn’t stand ( except injury) they should be FIRED ON THE SPOT AND ESCORTED OFF THE SITE!! Now let’s say the game is in another country and they play their anthem you stand in respect for them too.

  6. It’s been appropriate for generations. If it offends you plug your ears or don’t get involved with sports!

  7. I have given up on pro, college, sports, NASCAR when they endorsed ethanol in gasoline, long before this flag business. I hope they all have to get real jobs

  8. With all do respect,, I think you are absolutely WRONG. I think playing the national anthem is indeed appropriate and enjoy hearing it. If you think it is so wrong then plug you ears and STAND.

  9. why don’t you move to Russia or China, coach? You are not a Patriot, not even close. I would not come and see any of you overpaid primadonna’s. Go ahead and kneel with the rest of those idiots. All of you Liberals have tilted our Country 180 degrees. Wait until we turn it 360 degrees. There will be no place for you Liberal Commies to hide.

  10. Arena better get his head out of his butt. If these Olympic and pro athletes can’t stand for the national anthem to honor REAL heroes then I sure as hell don’t need to watch them let alone pay big bucks to watch those ingrates. The US womens soccer team should be disbanded completely and Rapinhoe and the rest can move to Cuba or Iran or Saudi Ara bia or Somalia where I am sure they will be treated better than their current pampered existence. Enough of this outrage.

  11. Another sad example of the woke generation! As a Veteran, I object to people like this that think they have a right to say negative things about America. You did not earn the right A-Hole!
    The word ex-coach is appropriate….enjoy unemployment!

  12. Sorry Pal, what you’re SELLING, I ain’t BUYING… Get a CLUE — and that goes for you too RAPINOE !!

  13. This is WHY they are a “former” coach! . . . we don’t need COMMIES for the U.S. team. There are too MANY “Left Wingers” making INSANELY Stupid decisions already. One Hilariously Laughing Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  14. You Do Not Have To Play For An “AMERICAN TEAM”? …. You are Free to play for other Countries. … This is not hard folks. … If you CHOOSE To Play For An AMERICAN TEAM! … The EXPECT TO: ” STAND FOR THE NATIONAL ANTHEM”. …………… I do have a Compromise? We could give folks (5) Minutes of Silence to Kneel for Police Reform. ……….. Then Later On! Right Before The Game Begins: Everyone STAND FOR THE NATIONAL ANTHEM. ……. I believe in “RESPECT” FOR ALL AMERICANS.

  15. As a retired educator (over thirty years) and a decorated Vietnam Veteran, I believe using the National Anthem before every sporting event trivializes it’s impact. Additionally, from many years of observation, forced daily reiteration of the Pledge of Allegiance generates contempt instead of patriotism. Save the playing and recitation for truly significant observances and events.

  16. That’s why he’s a former coach and one reason I won’t watch sport because if you noticed none of them sing or play the national anthem

  17. I am a very Patriotic baby-boomer AND I LOVE OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM ! It is a very beautiful song full of love & pride for this great country! I still tear up when I hear it. I am so sick of people spitting on our traditions, loyalty, & love of country. I really wish that everyone that can’t show a little respect for 3 minutes [ hate-filled Democrats, Hollywood scum, & disrespectful athletes.] would just go elsewhere! You hate this country so much…..PLEASE take yourself to a Socialist country. That is what you have been screaming for…SO GO & enjoy it! I bet after being there for 24 hrs. You would be ready to come back AND listen to our beautiful Patriotic songs !! Think about it!!!!!

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