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Formerly Respected Reporter: Trump Should Be Impeached for Tweets

Ugh, it’s been quite a week for Watergate personalities pontificating on CNN. First, a few days ago, we had former Nixon White House Counsel John Dean saying that Trump should have been impeached on Day One of his presidency for, among other things, “his terrible attitude.” And now, on Monday, we have formerly-respected journalist Carl Bernstein insisting that the president can and should be impeached for his recent tweets. Like, at least Bernstein actually has a reason, but when the reason is this flimsy, we’re not sure it’s any better.

Bernstein, of course, is taking up the latest nonsensical threadline from House Democrats, who say President Trump was trying to “intimidate” former ambassador Marie Yovanovitch when he tweeted out some inconvenient facts about her tenure in government service.

“Is the President trying to send a clear message to witnesses, Carl?” asked CNN host Brooke Baldwin.

“I don’t want to be inside the president’s head certainly, it’s a dangerous place, but certainly he seems intent on intimidating future witnesses, whether its directly aimed at this witness who is already due to go up there,” Bernstein replied.

“He’s making it clear,” the Watergate journalist continued, “and has made it clear throughout these hearings and even before. He’s dangerously close to being looked at, in the way that criminal charges are often investigated about intimidation of witnesses. Now, we know about the Justice Department opinion, that a sitting president can’t be indicted, but this could be part of an article of impeachment, about intimidation of witnesses particularly what the president did with Ambassador Yovanovitch the other day. That was really chilling, as we can see from her reaction and as I think very, very many senators who are going to look at the impeachment in a trial are really deeply disturbed.”

As a refresher, let’s look at exactly what Trump tweeted about Yovanovitch:

“Everywhere Marie Yovanovitch went turned bad. She started off in Somalia, how did that go? Then fast forward to Ukraine, where the new Ukrainian President spoke unfavorably about her in my second phone call with him. It is a U.S. President’s absolute right to appoint ambassadors,” he wrote.

Does that sound “intimidating” in any way? How fragile is this woman, if she finds this a frightening tweet? And Bernstein actually believes that Senate Republicans will change their minds on impeachment because of this tweet? Is he dipping into Randi Kaye’s New Years’ Eve stash?

All of these people are going to be flabbergasted next November, and we can’t WAIT for the tears to flow.

What do you think?

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  1. Who really cares what has been have to say. Maria yan etc would not have know about tweet until shitty Schiff read it into record.his statement was undue influence. He opens his mouth and I lie comes out

    • Adam Shiff is going to find himself the used end of a treason charge when this is all over and done. He is biased, he is on record accusing the President of things he knows are not true, and he is on record as saying that he has “material evidence” of the President colluding with another power. Had these things been said within the walls of the House Of Representatives he could find protection there, but these things were said to the MSM where he does NOT have protection from the HORepresentatives. The very least of which he should receive a censor from the House, and at the very most sedition, and libelous statements were made by this idiot. President Trump has shown more restraint and level headed-ness than all of these so-called experts combined. Rest assured that Carl Bernstein does not have a very cordial place among the Conservative set as people would have you believe…and John Dean was and still is a Liberal mouthpiece trying to paste and glue his credibility from 50 years ago back together, and quite unsuccessfully if you ask me.

      • This POS has been a sick bastard dem/lib for decades. He loved and always praised the lying, low down money grabbing Clinton’s. He was always on CNN trashing Republicans and praising the sick bastard, anti-American, traitor dem/libs. Shoot the scum bag and put him out of his misery.

  2. Hey corrupt hateful neverTRUMP john dean

    Here’s my answer to your racist hate

    💥💞👍TRUMPence our/his US ReTRUMPlican Lawmakers 2016-2028👍💞💥 successfully US Landslide Reelected assuredly
    Amen & Amen!!!

  3. Man there’s a lot of people who could be impeached. The 4 new senators who’s mouthy words are on tweets all the time. Schiff is a terrible person he was after President Trump the minute he took oath
    They don’t respect the American people for voting him in. We don’t know any better. Oh yes we did.

      • We also heard from Nancy Pelosi that Americans will not decide whether President Trump is Impeached? Well we patriotic Americans will have a choice coming 2020 not only for the POTUS but also a choice to remove and replace a lot of Democrat politicians as well. Personally, my family is going to vote all Republican tickets unless there is a known Rhino on the ticket. I truly believe that the Democrats initiated a coup to take down our President replace him with a radical Democrat with empty promises except for turning us into a socialist govt. and country. If you vote for any of these Democrats you will giving them what they want and we will all suffer.

  4. Tweets are a form of speech, which, the last time I checked, is one of our freedoms under the U.S. Constitution. President Trump has the exact same rights everyone of us as American citizens have under the U.S. Constitution. Problem is in today’s world everybody wants to tell everybody else what they can and can’t say and do because they have an agenda to control others at whatever means.

  5. More liberal BS. You can’t call it intimidation if the person doesn’t even know you have written something about them. She didn’t know until Schitf took it upon himself to stop the hearing, in order to read the comments to her. That was totally uncalled for. Intimidate is to make fearful. It’ts completely asinine to say someone is fearful of something they know nothing about. Schitf has been grasping at straws since the day the President took office. If you want to see people who should be impeached, for seditious and treasonous acts, look in the mirror. Schitf, Pelosi, Schumer, Warren, Waters, the socialist squad and the rest of the Socialist, anti American liberals should be on top of the impeachment list, along with Obama, Hilary, Comey, Strozk.

    • Phyllis, listen…! The President has every right to protect himself by whatever means he can if it is illegal. Informing the US Citizens of this woman’s failed record is by no means “witness intimidation” just because His Royal Court Jester Adam Schiff says so. This was nothing more than an American Citizen, albeit President, excersizing his right to free speech. This wimpy old has been diplomat opened her big mouth just a little to soon, and a little to often, and got her old ass re-called for it…She is about as much a “victim” of President Trumps “witness intimidation” as Nancy Pelosi is a Christian. She should count her lucky stars that she has a good job, and the right to breathe, cause had she said these things(untrue, and un-credentialed)about the previous occupier of the WH she would have found herself the “victim” of another type of “witness intimidation”, likely at the bottom of some ditch with her scrawny lying neck broken by Bill or Hillary’s Death Squad.

  6. Who cares about comments made by John Dean who ratted out his co-conspirators in the Watergate probe to save himself or Carl Berstein whose only claim to fame was again Watergate. The only contributions made by Berstein over the years to keep himself in the limelight are attacks on President Trump and his deplorable followers.

  7. Pres. Trump’s tweets are the truth~~ Madman Schiff and Nanzi lie every time they open their mouths. So I think they should be impeached. And since we are impeaching people for lying….. Barry Hussein is the biggest liar of all time~~ well, except for Hillary, but we can’t impeach her because…. wait for it…. SHE’S NOT PRESIDENT!! Yay and hurray!

  8. Typical corrupt DEMOCOMMUNIST that believes the ONLY speech that should be free, is THEIRS and ONLY contingent on EVERYONE agreeing with their corrupt communist ideals and agenda.
    The POTUS has every right to free speech just like ALL Americans. Just because someone ids elected to a higher office doesn’t’ mean THEY lose their rights granted under the CONSTITUTION.
    Actually, more Left wing loons are pissed because he GOES AROUND the “fake news” media and speaks DIRECTLY to the American People WITHOUT the “liberal spin”, and that my friends is WHY they hate the President so much, because he does not “bow” to them and let them twist his words to suit THEIR anti_America CORRUPT “agenda”.

  9. why is it that we did not impeach Obummer? He committed serious crimes against the United States, and lots of them.
    And you, Bernstein, you are nothing, but an old washed up “Schmierfink.” Go and hide in your hole.
    Let’s impeach the entire Democratic Congress. They’re all sleeping in the same bed. That would make me very happy.

    • AKJohn, agree 100%. The dimwit Party needs to be impeached, many tried for treason, criminal activity’s, the list is long and just keeps growing. Dimwits just keep digging the hole deeper. What a bunch of lying idiots.

  10. Now we know why he is a FORMERLY respected reporter . . . He has NO facts, JUST “innuendos”. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  11. Apparently Carl Bernstein is hearing tweets from the birdies circling inside his noggin! When was it ever acceptable or constitutional to impeach POTUS for exercising his First Amendment Right? Bernstein helped to bring down Nixon, but there was a crime of a bungled burglary and a cover up but Trump has done nothing wrong except beat Hillary Clinton in 2016!

  12. Like his tweets or hate them Trump has done more for Americans in three years than was accomplished in the past sixteen years, so if his tweets irritate you too bad, live with them because they can’t be used to get him out of office no matter what a couple of has beens have to say

  13. Like his tweets or hate them Trump has done more for Americans in three years than was accomplished in the past sixteen years, so if his tweets irritate you too bad, live with them because they can’t be used to get him out of office no matter what a couple of has beens have to say

  14. Those of us who take an interest in biblical prophecy have noticed that during the last 3 years the desperate Dark Prince has pulled up all stops so much so his followers have revealed their true dark side: notice the belligerency of the homosexual attacks; open hatred by politicians against the president in US & P.M in Israel; militancy of the leftists (like antifa), impromptu rise of protests & violence in the streets & so on.
    The dark side has already indicted P.M. of Israel Nethanyahu & is now actively pursuing impeachment of US president Trump – lack of evidence for criminality notwithstanding. The world is not falling to pieces but the pieces are falling together per the prophesied end of the age.

    • Henry, these so called politicians are being exposed by our great President Trump. The Real Nazis are being flushed out of the closet, the swamps, from under rocks and other evil places they hide in. Now the liars are about the face the American court system, military court system and the demoncrats are in full panic. America is a great place and these rotten bast###s want to turn it in to a third world country. Shame on the rhinos and democrats!

  15. Nixon was impeached for a break in,
    Clinton was impeached for a sex crime,
    They want to impeach President Trump for a phone call and now a tweet.
    If I had a sister working in a whore house and a brother being influenced by the liberal socialists Democrats … I’d try to SAVE MY BROTHER FIRST.

  16. Carl Bernstein, former respected reporter……Is he stuck in a time warp of yesteryear, when news media did realistic reporting? Our President Trump must rely on tweeting, in order to let Americans know what is going on. We rely on his tweets, much like the historical operations of “Radio Free Europe”. Its sad that America became so corrupt with Propaganda “Fake News”…….Carl Bernstein, you bitch that Trump tweets, yet you don’t mind ShitFF running out, during testimony, to make statements to his “obedient” Press, and fulfill their hunger for more fake news. Which blew up in their faces. So, shut up, Mr. Berstein, until you can produce FACT & TRUTH!

  17. It’s obvious that Bob Woodward was the actual brains and brawn in that duo from Watergate. Burstein is obviously intellectually and physically lazy. Look at the lame attempts to just mouth off from the far left bleachers without any research and tripping into every pit the left has put out there. Hint, if you are walking through a dog park, keep your eyes down or you are going to step in it a lot. Carl, you haven’t learned anything. Start a scorecard and see how often you have been right since the 1970’s. Your record is that of a fool. Tough to become irrelevant though, huh?

  18. This is another example of a respected reporter turning into another socialist for most likely money ! What else will these people do to try destroying our country ? Seems as if anything that is anti America ! When these idiots get socialism it will be just like Venezuela where people eat there pets and zoo animals and revert to eating grass to serve and while these elitist make slaves out of the little people ! This slavery will surpass the slavery of the 1800’s ! So people better think twice before there’s no turning back ! Loose your freedom while the elites have all the benefits supplied by the poor !

  19. Carl Bernstein is a stupid old bastard with shit for brains. He’s only done one thing in his sorry life. Watergate. What a loser.


  21. We red blooded Americans LOVE his attitude against the Elitist, corrupt, socialist, left, liberal, anti-American, anti-Trump treasonous mob. Dean must have been brainwashed in prison.

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