Fox News Cuts Ties With Writer Who Told the Truth About Greta Thunberg

So, remember the good ol’ days of…long about March 2018? Back in that long-forgotten era, Fox News host Laura Ingraham tweeted this: “David Hogg Rejected By Four Colleges To Which He Applied and whines about it. (Dinged by UCLA with a 4.1 GPA…totally predictable given acceptance rates.)” Hogg immediately called on his followers to boycott her advertisers, but Fox News, to their credit, stood beside the controversial conservative. Hogg had forcibly put himself in the limelight, and it was Ingraham’s right to comment on his public statements. She didn’t say anything that wasn’t true, and she didn’t even say anything offensive. She simply told it like it was.

But apparently those days are gone, because Fox News just breathlessly announced that they were severing ties with Daily Wire writer Michael Knowles for remarks he made about climate change activist Greta Thunberg on their network.

In an appearance on Martha MacCallum’s show on Monday, Knowles pointed out that Democrats were exploiting Thunberg.

“The climate hysteria movement is not about science,” Knowles said. “If it were about science, it would be led by scientists rather than by politicians and a mentally ill Swedish child who is being exploited by her parents and by the international left.”

This drew gasps from Chris Hahn, a Democrat on the panel, who said, “How dare you” and doubtlessly wondered where his fainting couch was located.

But Knowles held his ground, insisting he was not attacking Thunberg so much as…well, telling the plain truth about her.

“She is mentally ill,” Knowles said. “She has autism, she has obsessive-compulsive disorder, she has selective mutism, she had depression—”

And then he was cut off by more whining from Hahn.

That could have – and should have – been the end of it, but then Fox News released this statement: “The comment made by Michael Knowles who was a guest on The Story tonight was disgraceful – we apologize to Greta Thunberg and to our viewers.”

The network told Hollywood Reporter that there were “no plans” to book Knowles in the future.

Well, that’s great. The left wins again. By using children as human shields for their insane climate agenda, they get to have their cake and eat it, too. You just have to sit there and respectfully listen to the flood of nonsense, because “how dare you” backtalk this wonderful child of God!

For the record, Thunberg, by her own admission, suffers from depression, has Asperger’s syndrome, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and even has something called “selective mutism.”

“That basically means I only speak when I think it’s necessary,” she said in a TEDx Talk last year, but we have to imagine that a preference of that sort would not come with a special diagnosis.

But this is less about Greta Thunberg and more about Fox News Channel’s increasing spinelessness. If the liberals are taking over the asylum over there, it’s time for conservatives to find a new TV news outlet and fast.

What do you think?

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Written by Andrew


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  1. I have been a loyal fan of Fox news but am now actively looking for another news network (OAN?) to switch to..sick and tired of the liberal B S that is slowly and steadily infiltrating and ruining FoX News. So sad…..really liked Fox but no more!

    • Me too and OAN is really great. If your cable carrier doesn’t have OAN (and the only one I’ve found that carries OAN is FIOS) you can watch live on your computer.

    • I watch Tucker and Hannity and sometimes Laura. Other than that I leave Fox off. I wish O’Reilly would start his own channel and move the Conservatives off of Fox. Now that would be a blessing.

      • On Saturday nights also there is Waters World , Judge Jeanine & some light comedy with Greg Gutfeld all on FOX NEWS it starts @ 8pm ….and there is FOX & FRIENDS in the mornings. They are all conservative.

    • You are right. Fox is slowly moving to the left.Fox has a few journalists. Some commentators like Laura and Hannity and the anti Trumpers. Tucker straddles the journalist/commentator field. I have heard people complain when he goes after Trump but he was right each time. .

    • My cable provider doesn’t have OAN, but Newsmax has been my go to for news now that Fox has turned left, and leaning farther to the left everyday. So disgusted.

      • I only very rarely tune to Fox anymore. I use OAN and Newsmax as well as some international online sites to find out what is going on in the world as us msm almost never tell anything about international news. USA is not the only country afterall!
        I think you can get OAN on facebook by subscribing for like 4.99 mo and it is a continuous feed so you can play it anytime is best for you.

    • I only very rarely tune to Fox anymore. I use OAN and Newsmax as well as some international online sites to find out what is going on in the world as us msm almost never tell anything about international news. USA is not the only country afterall!

    • i’ve ‘cut ties’ with FOX thanks to PAUL RYAN, former speaker of the house that hates Trump. OANN is best. NO opinions. just NEWS! how refreshing. i can only hope that nothing contaminates this network.

  2. He was telling the truth. Han is a liberal freak that should be the one banned from Fox. There is something really wrong with Fox’s management. They need to stay out of the production side of the business as their liberalism is going to cost them their place in history and a lot of money!

    • Fox is managed by Murdock’s sons and both are leftists. Little by little they’ve been turning Fox left. Watch OAN instead. One America News Network can be watched on your computer and on at least one cable station – FIOS. Spectrum and others refust to carry the station because they are 100% truth.

    • Chris Han, a “butt” buddy of “Chuck-you Schumer, is nothing but a shill for the leftist party. He constantly brings up the fact that, “He is a lawyer”, as though that entitles him somehow and automatically makes him morally and intellectually superior to anyone who is not. He is a, “straight out of the box asshole”, with no prize!

    • The whole truth and he should have added that Greta’s parent should find a good Church with a class for children. If they really believe all of this crap about climate change and the world will end, they should be helping the cause because the Bible talks about taking care of the earth and they should worry about their religious and spiritual life!

  3. People have been exploiting children since the beginning of time. It’s no wonder the liberals have jumped in THAT bandwagon. Adults at least can hear something and usually come to a sensible conclusion. But, “little pitchers” DO “have big ears” and using a child, any child, who has virtually NO life experience to push their agenda on future voters, especially one with emotional problems is SICK. Her parents should be stoned for what they are doing.

    • The man told the truth. She has mental problems and a lot of them. He should not have been fired, but the Murdock brothers are leftists and run Fox News these days. Fox News’ days are numbered.

    • I agree her parents abuse her. I have a boy with Autism/Aspergers and Intellectual Development Delay. He is so EASILY influenced and vulnerable, we had to get a bodyguard so to speak to stay with him at school and on the transportation as well. He can be talked into anything, and doesn’t know he is being played. I did not see the speech, but if she has the disabilities that are being reported, her parents are using her for sure. They probably figure no one will harm her as he is a kid, they are too afraid to do the message themselves no doubt.

  4. Im disappointed that FOX made the choice it made. How many “conditions” does it take to say anyone is mentally ill? It seems like truth loses here; hence, FOX seems to suppress.

    • everything is PC vocabulary nowadays. I have a boy with autism/aspergers and Intellectual delays and low iq just ten years ago when he was diagnosed, it was called mentally retarded. If you say that in today’s world, you might get tar and feathered! All this renaming of mental disorders was supposedly to stop those with them from being made fun of……being called “retards”, but it hasn’t changed anything for my boy…..he still is made fun of and called that and lots more. Doesn’t matter what the new DSM codes say, people are people. The guy on the show should have been well aware that we cannot say mentally ill anymore, except of course unless it is directed at our President. But still, Fox , and all big major corporations only think one thing one way and that is THE BUCKS, the BOTTOM LINE,,,,,,,,not sure what the Murdock sons are thinking…Fox was already a huge cash cow with huge viewership….maybe they are preparing for then Trump is no longer, what will they all do when they haven’t got him to bash.

  5. The communists of the regressive left do not want to have the truth pointed out. They propagate their Marxist (communist) agenda and continue with the climate hoax. Michael Knowles should be applauded for telling the truth. Fox is going down with the Murdoch liberal sons taking over. Newsmax, OAN, and Blaze TV are all that is left. Of couse Hannity, Tucker Carlson, & Kaura Ingraham are still good.

    • Not to mention that Fox has even suspended or supposedly took some time off the more honest commentators like Judge Jeanie, Tucker Carlson, Laura Angle, Greg Guttfield, etc. In contrast, they would not consider taking any disciplinary actions against the left wing or Democrat commentators and Trump haters like Juan Williams, Chris and others. The only reason I continue to watch Fox News is because they have some commentators that speaK the truth.

  6. Unless it’s a liberal opinion you aren’t allowed to have one if the truth hurts get over it. The biggest problem is the truth doesn’t matter any more if someone gets butt hurt all hell is going break out. The KID in question does have a mental problem and should be in school.

    • She suffers from depression which is fed by the fear that her parents have instilled in her. If she thinks she only has a few years left before Earth is destroyed, she may just take her own life. Fear always steals from those it whom it festers.

  7. The bottom line in all of this is that this child’s parents should be brought up on charges of child abuse. Allowing their child to be used in such an emotionally charged setting and brainwashing that child to actually believe that the world is coming to an end is inhumane. It brings to my mind something on the order of torture.

    The proper authorities should be investigating that family.

  8. One more socialist DevilRat act Dutch as this and FOX will only be a memory on my TV. SINCE dizzney took over and of course the FAUX Bros wimped for money FOX has fallen into the CNN rat trap a little at a time. This will sup the air brakes on my watching the. The last thing we need is another stupid CNN and bunch giving us socialist Devilrat news or indoctrination. To date we are still a Constitutional country not a new communist cesspool.

  9. Watching that girl, it should be obvious to any reasonable mind that she is unstable! Shameful exploitation of a minor! How much did her wretched parents get for selling their child? 😡

    • Well, she did get $100,000.00 award for her rant at the UN. And I’m sure the loony liberals are giving her money right and left. She’s no doubt been invited on many of the Leftwingnut TV shows, and I know her mother has written a book describing how difficult it is on the family to see to the needs of a mentally ill child. So you see that they are making a bundle for selling their special needs child.


  10. I totally agree. Chris Wallace, Neil Cavuto, Juan Williams, Shepard Smith, Geraldo Rivera, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Chris Stirewalt, & Leland Vittert are all smug, arrogant, partisan, & highly opinionated, & are in plain truth part of the Trump-hating Mainstream Media. This is unfortunate & inexcusable. The Society of Professional Journalists’ own Code of Ethics requires that its members: (1) Verify information before releasing it. (2) Diligently avoid inaccuracy. (3) Take special care not to misrepresent or oversimplify in promoting, previewing, or summarizing a new story. (4) Gather, update, & correct information throughout the life of the story. (5) Be cautious when making promises, & keep those you make. (6) Identify sources clearly. (7) Consider sources’ motives before promising anonymity, reserving that for sources who might face danger, retribution, or other harm, & who have information that cannot be obtained elsewhere. Then clearly explain why that anonymity was granted. (8) Diligently seek out subjects of news coverage to allow them to respond to criticism or allegations of wrongdoing. (9) Avoid undercover or other surreptitious methods of gathering information unless traditional, open methods absolutely can or will not yield information vital to the public. (10) Be vigilant & courageous about holding all those with power accountable. (11) Support the open & civil exchange of views, even views you find repugnant. (12) Recognize a special obligation to serve as watchdogs over public affairs & government, seeking to ensure that the public’s business is conducted in the open, & that public records are available to all. (13) Provide access to source material whenever it is relevant & appropriate. (14) Seek sources whose voices we seldom hear. (15) Avoid stereotyping. (16) Accurately label all advocacy & commentary as such. (17) Never deliberately distort facts or context, including visual information. (18) Never plagiarize. Always attribute. — What a joke! As Sean Hannity frequently says, journalism in this country is dead, & has been for some time now. Partisanship & dishonesty rule the day, & the end always seems to justify the means. So much for a free press & the public’s right to know! In the words of Benjamin Franklin, the framers of the Constitution gave us “A republic, if we can keep it.” We have our republic, then, only if we can keep it, & what the Founding Fathers left us seems to be slowly but constantly eroding away. Freedom is not free. It’s way past time to wake up, America, & put our political house back in order! Fox News management should strongly reconsider some of its recent actions.


  12. Chris Hahn is a sick puppy. He believes his own lies. When he looks into the camera and smiles at the viewers, it’s the smile of a sick viper. Be aware of him.
    I wish Bill O’Reilley would team up with a News Station. Sure miss him. Can’t stand to listen to these Demoncrats Fox has on staff, and that includes cheating, lying Donna Brazile, the ” I am a Christian lady”.
    Getting really tired of Fox.
    God bless America !

  13. This child knows nothing about climate change. She talks with no evidence and is a walking hate bomb. WHAT IS WRONG WITH FOX DOING THE WRONG THING? To many people getting attention which they do not deserve. NASA has reports that has stated there is NO CLIMATE CHANGE! If one follows the mongrels they will never see or experience the truth! ALL POLITICAL!

  14. Lots of us have been demonized what we see to be a major, political lie. We know for a fact climate change controlled in anyway is a major lie. Thurbergs parents are actors and Marxists and yes she’s mentally retarded and then some. How dare their sick parents use a hack for personal gain. Child abuse is quite obvious.. Oh Soros also fund her and hack Keepers.

  15. We used to love Fox News but we have stopped watching them for the past 2 years because they have pandered to the left and we are staunch conservstives and Republicans. Fox no longer meets our criteria for a good, positive and trustworthy news network.

  16. OAN is also on Direct TV, in Vegas that is channel 347. If you want to see a newsman who knows the constitution and bill of rights check out ..The Daily Ledger… with Graham Ledger at 5:00 PM PST.

  17. How ANYONE can defend Greta’s comments about this “Climate Change Hoax” is ridiculous. FOX news is out of touch with REALITY. Greta is but a 16 year old who knows NOTHING about life, much less “CLIMATE CHANGE” (and it’s MANY name changes to fit the situation – all fakes). Chicken Little, and the boy who cried wolf did this TOO MANY TIMES . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (KEEP America Great Again).

  18. And I read an article today that said she baptized 10 new kids into the climate change thing. I guess now she thinks she’s God. Kid has a real problem and her parents need to have her taken from them. This is child abuse like we’ve never seen before.

  19. 🖕🏼 Fox News, the Murdochs, the anchors, Donna(i chest my azz off Brazil), Twitter, Fakebook. They all think people are stupid. They forget that WE are the bosses. W/o a following or audience there would be NO FOX, NO CNN, NO CONGRESS, NO SENATE OR NO PRESIDENT. They all work for us…..especially the politicians. They are NOT the boss, WE ARE! People don’t stop to realize this. When the majority of people tell you they want/don’t want you to do something and you continue to ignore your bosses instructions and defy his wished, you get shit canned. This us what needs to happen to all these self imposed elitists that somehow got the idea they run the country. We’re coming for you at the ballot box….get ready

  20. If there was another conservative news network, I’d leave spineless (slowly leaning Left) Fox News. And if/when there’ll ever be another conservative news network, I hope they hire Sean hannity, Laura ingraham, Tucker Carlson, Mark Kevin, Steve Hilton, judge Jeanine, hosts of The Five without Juan Williams, and other conservative Republicans….no RINOs.

  21. Shepherd, Wallace, judge Nap, Cavuto, and Juan W not only left, but illogical.
    I accidentally (accidentally because I turn to another station when Shepard comes on), heard Shep give a superlative testimony to Judge Nap in reaction to Giuliano’s “he’s a fool” comment. It was sickening to say the least and also out of place.

    In reality impeachment is an attack on all those who voted for DJT, I wonder when and how we’re gonna hear (more loudly) from same?

  22. If Fox news doesn’t straighten itself out they will lose me also. At this moment I am giving them a chance to correct their downward spiral toward liberalism. But they don’t have long to change their attitude before I also bail.

  23. Mike Knowles is an intelligent guest on Fox News. I cannot believe Fox apologized for what he said (which was a factual statement) but also are not having him on the news channel any longer. I am very disappointed in Fox. What’s next? We will be stuck with only liberal views, just like every other news show. Greta Thunberg is ‘mentally ill’ and to pretend otherwise is a disservice to her and to your views. The people using her should be admonished for doing so. However, this is a liberal trick — pick people that it is not popular to disagree with. It’s their way of shutting down conversation. I’d rather listen to Mr. Knowles than Shepherd Smith or Juan Williams. Shame on Fox

  24. The plan of the Murdoch boys is to slowly insert liberals, progressives or communists to positions at Fox. It is easy to see. Donna Brazile, who gave the answers to dems at a debate, give me a break. She is totally out of touch and belongs at the lying networks, CNN, etc. It just a matter of time before Fox is a communist cesspool. Maybe after the end of Trump’s second term, he can get together with some friends at form a new network.

  25. when cris Wallace walked in I knew where Fox was going he is nothing but a lying bag of trash Leland viterit or how ever you spell his name Juan Williams and Donnie brazill OANNis the only conservative news network there is just a shot in the dark but , Rush and Hainnity could creat the most powerful conservative news netwerk I the world in less than 5 yrs with the right make up.

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