Geraldo Outrages the Left by Calling Trump a “Civil Rights Leader”

We’re sure that Fox News’s Geraldo Rivera was not intentionally trolling the left on Tuesday when he referred to President Donald Trump a “civil rights leader.” This is not the first time that Rivera has used this moniker for the president, and in his explanation, he clearly laid out viable reasons for putting Trump in that rarefied class. Nonetheless, Rivera was obviously aware of the wailing and gnashing of teeth that his remarks would set off…and if he was looking forward to that reaction (even a little), he was not let down.

“I call him, to great controversy, a civil rights leader, especially yesterday on Martin Luther King Day, because why? African American unemployment, lowest it’s ever been. Latino unemployment, lowest it’s ever been. This rising tide is lifting all boats. We should be celebrating, instead he is fighting this cage match,” Rivera said, referring to the impeachment trial in the Senate.

Of course, the left doesn’t measure a man by his accomplishments but by his words. Hell, not even his words so much as the words they’ve been told to ingest by the anti-Trump media. And so it was to no one’s surprise that their most unhinged representatives went into fits of rage upon hearing Geraldo’s assertion.

“Oh okay this is fun,” wrote one Twitter user. “Okay then Geraldo Rivera is a… mailbox. And me, I’m a…. a doctor and a paper clip. Trump is a civil rights leader in the same way Don Jr is a genius. He’s a civil rights leader like he is a protector of the environment. Or a good dad. Or a humble man.”

Um. Good one?

The Root’s Stephen Crockett was aghast to see Rivera ascribe that title to “one of the most divisive, xenophobic, racist, sexist presidents to ever sit on a White House toilet.”


Another Twitter genius wrote: “What’s wrong with Geraldo? Civil rights leader who puts kids in cages? Fox News be paying good money to get folks to say crazy lies. Like saying Steve Miller loves black and brown people on Saturdays.”

Steve Miller? The man known as “Maurice” to some people?

“I am not sure Geraldo knows what civil rights means,” wrote Craig Newman.

Well, this is exactly the problem. Geraldo thinks a “civil rights leader” is someone who actually lifts up the minority communities of the United States with real policies and laws that help these individuals have a better life. The left, of course, will tell you that REAL “civil rights leaders” make divisive speeches, ambulance-chase controversial police shootings, and generally do nothing whatsoever for black people while making themselves rich in the process. Clearly, Geraldo should apologize for the confusion.

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  1. Trump is the greatest civil rights since Martin Luther King. Lile MLK, he promotes change only in positive ways such as jobs, housing, and education.

  2. Geraldo is correct. If the left could get over it’s hatred they might actually see the good he has done for this country. I have never seen such a group of whiny babies, the left, because they did not win the election.

  3. I’m so sick of hearing Geraldo spouting off like he knows everything. He turns my stomach so
    much that when he’s on Fox, I change the channel or hit the mute button. It’s way past time for him to got out to pasture with the rest of the manure!

  4. Anyone with half a brain cell can see the actual “numbers” do not LIE (unlike the DEMOCOMMUNISTS that are trying to undermine everything President Trump accomplishes) AND without “their help” I might add…SO why in the hell do we need a DEMOCOMMUNIST “party”? They have done NOTHING for the American People since President Trump was elected. All I have heard is wining and crying because WE the People REFUSED to elect their “chosen crooked queen HITLERY” that would have carried on FRAUD obunghole’s “legacy” to turn our Constitutional Republic into a third-world CRAP-HOLE.
    THANK GOD for The American People that voted for a REAL change, and OUR President Donald Trump that is doing his best to KEEP America Great.

  5. “Kids in cages”? They are illegals they should be send back to their countries, they are ten or one hundred times better off than as they were in their country. Where do you suggest that we put them stupid?. Those are not cages stupid, they are safe places where they can be safe.

    • I agree. If their parents were so concerned with the welfare of their children they wouldn’t drag them thousands of miles to criminally invade another country. If they want to come legally, great. We’ll welcome them AND their children. But if they want to invade our America they should be prepared to pay the consequences. And yes, those little kids are far better off with the Border Patrol facilities than they were being dragged across hell.

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