GOP Lawmaker Removes Anti-Cop Painting From Capitol Wall

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  1. князь василий война и мир характеристика Where were GOP and Democratic Party leaders; – – – where was Obama? Does this kind of stuff just go on the White House and chambers of government all the time? стих про жену и маму It is easy t see why respect for law enforcement has fallen to the level it has. Obama’s comments degrading the police officers, his efforts to take away equipment intended to protect law enforcement; his decision to ignore federal laws and prohibit local laws and law makers to enact provisions to protect their communities suggest Obama has no respect for law enforcement, for our society or our nation. куриная грудка запеченная в духовке с сыром Just as everything else he was done; he talks and makes suggestions he is all for the American people and for law enforcement but when it comes time to do anything other than talk he falls short. He has done more to destroy years of improved race relations and quality for the people of this nation than we will be able to repair in the next 16 + years. I am amazed he has not ordered our flags to be removed from the White House and public buildings; amazed too that he has not come up with his own flag design and wears it on his lapel (I don’t think he wears our flag on his lapel). When laws are ignored or twisted to benefit of those required to enforce the laws we slip into lawlessness; that is where Obama has taken us.
    His talk has done nothing to fix our nation’s problems, his huge spending has only taken the nation into greater debt, his failure to secure the nation has created a weak economy in total contrast to his clams. We have over 30 million Americans out of work or working for law wages and In part time jobs. He has turned his back on them, on the American people and the nation.
    He stands in front of TV cameras and suggest our nation is better off because he was here; what though shows any of that to be true; other than manipulated White House and Obama Staff marketing and spread by the media.