GOP Threatens to Yank U.N. Funding After Israel Vote

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  1. Israel is a lot smaller these days yet its enemies are gluttons for power and territory. Why isn’t there a balance being shown in the UN? Because corruption is a slime which has overcome its members. Corruption and self interest are driving Obama and the UN body to destroy us. WHY should we pay our attackers. Get the UN gone from America and gone from America’s pockets.

    All the UN wants to do is steal our resources and our generosity. Let the UN function without us !
    Legislators , please vote the UN OUT OF OUR LIVES! America and its allies have had enough of UN evil and misappropriations of our generosity.

  2. Well put Diane ! Agree 100% . And when they start begging for us to stay in we need to stay strong . They pull a lot of crap and we do Not want any part of it !! This should have been done Years ago !! There is No UN in USA !

  3. To top it off there’s rumor obummer may take a position opening up in the near future, if that doesn’t put the icing on the cake for reasons to get out . You think they work against us now , we probably haven’t seen nuthin yet .