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Hillary Considering Another White House Bid?


While Hillary Clinton is joining Jill Stein (quietly) in a push for several state recounts, some believe that she’s already mulling the possibility of a third run at the presidency in 2020. Clinton, who lost in the 2008 primaries to Barack Obama before failing once again in 2016, was widely expected to take her final leave from politics in the wake of the Trump upset.

If you believe reporter Ron Fournier, however, Clinton may already be thinking about a comeback.

“Raising doubts about legitimacy of election, even w/out overturning result, is part of Clinton’s plans to keep her options open for 2020,” Fournier tweeted on Monday.

One knows better than to make rash predictions after an election like this one, but this is a hard future to imagine. Hillary may want to run again, but she would not enjoy the establishment support she had this time around. Democrats may or may not learn all of the right lessons from their 2016 losses, but they certainly learned one thing: Hillary Clinton is not a good presidential candidate. And even if, by some miracle, she did gather support from the party apparatus, she would almost definitely be rejected in the primaries. Hell, it almost happened to her this time.

As an individual, Clinton was a terrible nominee. The story of her career is told in scandal, and it’s a story that never seems to end. The emails, Benghazi, Whitewater, Lewinsky, her paid speeches; the list goes on and on. She was the most unpopular Democratic Party nominee of all time, and she never even generated much enthusiasm for her history-making goal of becoming the first female president.

But Clinton was also a terrible nominee from a political perspective. It was almost like someone said, “Okay, there’s an anti-establishment fever in the electorate – who would be the absolute worst candidate to run?” Because it’s hard to imagine anyone who screamed “ESTABLISHMENT” more than a woman who has been in the national political spotlight since 1992. Match that with her lack of charisma and her inability to improvise, and you have a sure loser every time.

From a conservative perspective, we hope she will strongly consider giving it another go.

Speaking from the vantage point of the average American, though…let’s not subject our country to Clinton vs. Trump II. Once was more than enough.

  • Seriously? She won’t be nominated, and she is; she will be a third time looser!
    Donald Trump, will be re-elected!

  • This man is the worst of the worst, he is 2 faced and a discredit to his mormon Cult
    Religion, which most if not all Christians reject as a Occult. and we do not want a evil
    Cult person in any Gov position As thecGov is corrupt enough as it is.
    We are sighing in grateful relief Corrupt Clinton is Out so please don’t
    Subject us to Mitt Romney, he will say anything to get elected.

  • Marie Czarnecki


  • Marie Czarnecki

    GET LOST!!!

  • About Hillary enough is enough…….Time for Hillary to be acting like a grandmother. We had enough of you your cheating husband and family. It’s over walk away……..

  • edward Shick

    For Me I wish that I would never hear the name Clinton or Obama as to Politics , Trump is not yet President and he is doing things to help the American Worker ! I ‘ll bet right now there are people inthe midwest that voted for Hillary wishes she and Bill were in Prison !

  • McFerguson

    Oh, God…I thought we were rid of the wicked witch of the West and her dopey, predatory husband forever, but…?

    • Chet

      She needs to have a house land on her – The White House.

      • e aray

        she should land in THE BIG HOUSE

    • Ask

      The more people that die the better her chances Hillary thinks. However she might die first. She looks more shovel ready each day. She’s already got the perfect funeral black and purple suit .

    • Its a shame all of the wrong people die.

    • Hillary was right person for the WH position. Unfortunately, she lost. Did you hear President Obama declare his wife Michelle Obama as running for the WH in 2020? I do not blame her. Did you hear what Trump said about the flag? Trump said anybody desecrating the Flat should be sent to prison. I hate people who burn the Flag; and in fact I do not know what they get when they burn the symbol of our freedom and strengths. But I do not know if burning the flag should subject Americans to prisons. I think Trump should get 101 US legal exposure.

      • jemb

        Perhaps a better way of disciplinning those who desecrate the American Flag would be to commit them to 90-days working in a VA Hospital. Of course they’d have to do the jobs that require them to converse with the patients and listen to their stories and why the American Flag means so very much to all true Americans.

        • Dan

          Great idea !

        • Dawn

          That sounds like a terrific idea!!

        • ABSOLUTELY. Maybe those who burn OUR FLAG should be BURNED themselves. ??

      • Treason is displayed by defying the U.S. Citizens Constitutional Freedom & Rights when these asses that burn the flag that proves they are the enemy against U.S. Liberty ! No, prison is too good for them but being exiled to a dictator country is the perfect justice !

      • Mkina;You have to be a totally indoctrinated libtard to believe the crimes Hilary commits are qualifications for the WH… ! bo’s ought to be proof enough of a wannabe dictator …! Do you have any idea of the destruction & $$’s that the 2 traitors cost U.S. Citizens ?

      • Charles Parmenter

        if you think killery was the right person , you must be a complete liberal moron.

      • I think you should get your head out of your a$$.

    • Georgia

      McFerguson, I did too. I can not believe the corrupt liberals, they just keep on thinking of ways
      to overthrow the Election. They need to accept the Election Outcome like they Preached for Donald Trump to Do. Such Hypocrites. Attention Liberals:!! – The Election is Over, We Have Elected OUR PRESIDENT. GET OVER IT !!!!

    • Stupid is as a criminal does & this is a #1 reason to proceed with indictments & prosecution to inform all U.S. Citizens & the world that Hilary committed blatant crimes against the U.S.A. .. !

    • Gerald Mann

      Does she really think she will be out of prison by then ???

    • Pete Slater

      She lost in 2008 and 2016 and she will loose in 2020 doesn’t she have a clue, nobody trusts her she is a conniving liar that will say and do anything to advance her agenda. Good luck on that hillery.

    • It will be hard to campaign from Leavenworth prison. 82nd Airborne

    • It will be hard to campaign from Leavenworth prison. 82nd Airborne

    • The Clintons are like herpes. You can’t get rid of them—just when you think they are gone, they pop back up. And they are just as unpleasant.

  • Tony

    If President Trump makes good on all promises, she won’t have a chance. She will have more time to commit more crimes.

  • John D. Jacoby

    She should never have a security clearance and never hold a government job, again!

  • Andy

    I doubt Hillary will be alive when the 2020 election rolls around. The woman has serious health issues that were masked in this presidential run, but that can’t last forever.

    • Dawn

      She would be 73 or 74 years old by then and Senile…I don’t think that Bill will be around..

      • Well they both deserve to be spending their deceitful, criminal lives in prison with bo !

    • Andy ;”Hope” is that demise does not “change” & be a fact before 2020 & no more like her & bo !

  • Syl oliver

    Go for it Hillary and put your whole heart and soul into this coming Election
    Keep on smiling as usual and climbing higher and higher
    We love ya too ?

    • Emircitna

      SLY loves you…..not WE!!! ~ Intelligent people don’t ‘love’ LYING CRIMINALS!!!

    • kg

      Hillary Clinton Destroyed 13 Blackberry Phones With a Hammer For Conveni… https://youtu.be/_H8ZXnyVQzA via @YouTube

      • kg

        Hillary Clinton is a Communist | America’s Watchtower
        Hillary Clinton is a communist, … I know your not wanting to hear the truth but Hillary is a Communist left wing Marxist and a member of the Buildaberg Group!!

      • mrp

        Don’t forget about bleachbitting her e-mails on her private, illegal server. Yet the FBI determines there is no evidence of a crime. You don’t do that if you have nothing to hide. She has committed more crimes in her pathetic life than any other presidential candidate ever. Not to mention any criminal enterprise ever. Now it’s time for her to go away or go to jail.

    • You say you love her well it sure looked like it was a lot of us that showed we don’t want her running our country.

    • Alex

      are you serious?

    • Why would people vote for the NWO?
      Do you really want to vote for Hillary knowing that you will be a slave for the Illuminatzis?
      I don’t want to have a global totalitarian regime run by Muslims and Sharia Law.
      Also do you really want America to be nuked by Putin if she got in?
      You people need to be deprogrammed, seriously!!!

  • Ronald Blacklock

    Hillary should be serving time in federal prison but the bitch always seems to buy her way out of her scandals or have the right people eleminated.

  • Chet

    Governor Christie would make a great Special Prosecutor. He was a Federal Prosecutor with vast experience with corruption, extortion and treason. Hillary needs a teachable moment. The Nation needs to understand how corrupt she is and see her held accountable.

    • Duane

      110% with you. I would have liked to see him as Trumps Attorney General but if not there, maybe as the Deputy Attorney General or Secretary of Homeland Security! Giuliani though I think would
      make a great Secretary of Homeland Security; his past experience with the Justice Department, his New York City experience as mayor during 9/11 and his private security business sets him up for a great candidate for DHS; far better than any we have seen in that position in the past!

  • Please, no, no. Can’t stand this lying, conniving, stealing bitch. She would get Sharia law into this country along with the misogynistic muslims. If you don’t know what Sharia law is, you better educate yourself about this evil law

  • Linda Anderson

    Yes, once a loser always a loser

  • Duane

    “The first female president” candidate to twice loose her efforts to win the White House: that may get her into the books someplace. The reading that goes with her failed elections will be added t the stories of her failures as a U.S. Senator and her failures as a Secretary of State. Her lies, her cheating, her misuse of government time and money, the illegal server, lack of attending to duty and responsibilities that ended up getting four men killed; these will always be a part of the Hillary Clinton story. Her failures has cost the American tax payers at least 3/4 billion dollars!

    She can run again; but lets hope she runs far and keeps running; we have seen and heard enough from her!

    • Perfect response! Bravo!

    • Ernest

      Duane: I agree with you 100%…just a quick note on lose/loose: Loose=not firmly or tightly fixed in place; detached or able to be detached. Lose:be deprived of or cease to have or retain (something). Just a pet peeve of mine.

    • George

      “The first female president” candidate to twice loose her efforts to win the White House: that may get her into the books someplace. Yes in an country of white racist lost to a black man and then lost a second time to a business man who had never ran for any thing.

  • Wayne Humble

    You can.t run for the white house while your doing time people do really think that they are going to let her go for all the laws she has broke they are just waiting on that jackass Obama to get out of office to bring charges against her so he can’t pardon her. And that’s where she belongs behind bars.

  • yeah do it we can use another good laugh. but doubt her or billy pig will be alive in 4 years and trump by then will be far to successful to be challenged. but stupid is what stupid does.

  • yeah do it we could use another laugh but doubt her or billy pig will be alive by then and besides trump will have been so successful by then nobody would want to challenge him.

  • Emircitna

    IF TRUMP cleans-up voter fraud in the USA during his term(s) in office, then Hillary and all the Communist crooks like her can forget about getting back into Washington, DC!!!!!

  • Everett Dickens

    This would be sad, she has already shown that she has no reasonable talent or ability to be president and to once more try to run would be pitiful. She should take all those millions that she and the sex offender built up and life whatever amount of time she has left. From the look of her recently the election really took her down physically and mentallly. Please killary, let well enough alone.

  • George

    Lets see we are called racist and she could not beat a black person one time and then could not beat a business man who has not held a public office before running. A real two time loser.

  • Donald G. Kintz

    she will either be dead or in a mental institute by 2020! and both bill and chelsea should be in JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob

    Let Hillary run, why not she is in denial like her old boss, “Rambling Rhetoric” We can run Fox News against her as they won this time according to Mr Do Nothing”

    • Trump should have been smart to appoint Michelle Obama as Secretary of State. This would reduce her urge to run for the WH job in 2020. But Trump is appointing people who hate him. Trump should be careful these same people may betray him. He may lose to Michelle Obama in 2020.

      • Dawn

        Michelle Obama said, that she is not running in 2020 for the White House…

        • She could not qualify to run a shit house.. ! Of course that proves to be a fact !

      • In case people have not noticed, Michelle Obama is not only a transgender, but she has a hardened heart towards the country that gave her an education so she could be an attorney (even though she lost her license because of misconduct) the other issue is that she has the personality of a doberman pincer, plus has the IQ quotient of a clam! It is a rumor that in order to win an election one must have some charisma., Michelle has proved over and over as has her husband, that they are both so out of touch with the average American, have no clues as to how the average American has lived their lives (no matter whether black or white) and think, like all liberal communists, that the world should live the way they think! Any President has to put the people first and their opinions and lifestyle on hold if they are to really serve the PEOPLE!

  • Bill

    Her Parkinson’s will be far too advanced to be able hide even with all the help Hollywood will give her. But unless she or Bill or Chelsea let it be known they are still an option they have nothing to sell with their phony “charitable Foundation”. All 3 of them belong in jail.

  • Jethros

    Let her run! She would be easy pickins’ The public won’t forget who the deplorable one is!

    • Jethros ; IF all the libtards are not around to vote their asinine ways of ignorance … !

  • That Crazy -itch is even more Insane than I ever gave her credit for!!!

  • Rob

    It will be very difficult running her campaign from a prison cell. Put a fork in her, she’s done!

  • Rob

    You can’t run with the devil (Soros) and prosper! “We The People” want truth, ethics, and morals! Trump has to prove himself, we gambled on him, it’s not enough just getting elected, Trump has to walk, the walk!

  • joe

    Proves she is crazy,what a loser.

  • Sallyann Fama

    HA! In your dreams!

  • James Maxwell

    I guess the Hag expects to be out of jail by then and there will still be enough brain dead millennials
    running loose who are so smoked that they will still wet themselves to vote for her. Sure this has
    to be a joke, Her criminal history, mental and physical health will keep even the useless liberals on
    the left form even considering her for any thing other than a door stop to Hades. She was physically
    unable to campaign unless they had her doped up on steroids to keep her awake and even then her
    mental health was debatable. Four more years of scandal with the Clinton “Pay to Play” being
    exposed will stick a fork in her and say she is DONE DONE DONE. Now her daughters will probably
    try to run the scam on people but that will also depend upon what an investigation of the Clinton
    foundation turns up.

  • John D. Jacoby

    Hillary is over. She will lose her security clearance and be barred from ever holding public office, again!

  • Carlos F. Cuyugan

    Well, it is still a free country after all so let her run. What is more creepy is her daughter Chelsea getting into the act by running for local, then state, then national office; certainly I hope her husband has more smarts to discourage her from doing so. This country has had enough of the Clintons.

    • Dawn

      I think that Chelsea is the boss over her husband…She is just like her mother…

  • mrp

    Who would be dumb enough to contribute to another loss? Eight years ago she lost to BHO and now to Donald Trump. At what point does she disappear and take her husband and daughter with her?

  • lynn rolling

    Just when you think our nightmare is over…

  • lynn rolling

    Just when we thought our nightmare was over…

  • Barbara

    Run again? From what? The law?
    I can’t imagine anyone serving on her campaign, they took the brunt of her fury.

  • Clinton had better leave well enough alone. This women will never learn. She is defiantly not in line for any government position. She should be prosecuted for her treasonous acts and quietly leave the country before she ends up in jail or worse.

  • curtis

    I seriously doubt if the criminal can run again even though there are many morons out there that will vote for her !

  • James Bryson

    I guess she will have completed her prison time by 2020.

    Knock yourself out…what a fantasy (nightmare).

  • Do you really think she will be out of prison by 2020?

  • Ev

    The real vicious Hillary is not seen by the idiots who run in a pack and follow each other around, saying the same inane things like robots. These are the ones who scream the loudest when communism take over and the goodies are gone. They should all crawl back under the rock they came from and take the Clintons and Soros with them.

  • Really, does America need to have a MUMMY as president? When that time comes vote for Melani Trump as president.

  • Dan

    One thing you can be sure of when Hillary says something it is a lie. At least she is consistent and you never have to worry about her saying anything truthful.

  • It would be a miracle if she and Bill are still alive in 2020. Soros is probably grooming Elizabeth Warren for the next POTUS. I saw her spewing venom for about 3 seconds and that was enough for me. These Liberals really annoy me. So hateful and hypocritical. They claim to be so accepting and all-inclusive. What a laugh. Isn’t it the sign of brainwashing and cult behavior when people cut friends and family out of their lives? Maybe these school kids need to be deprogrammed. First start with these fruitcake college professors and teachers in our schools.
    OMG! They are starting to indoctrinate elementary school children! Didn’t Hitler start that way?

    • Susan, will Soros still be alive in 2020? How old is he anyway, 190? He should be dropping dead anytime now. Same with Hillary and Bill! If President Trump even accomplishes 10% of what he has planned, this Country would be booming and ripe for another Trump term if he is so inclined. It took as awhile to come around but we can see the love Trump has for this Country. It has been so lacking for the last 7 3/4 years.

  • Helen Wall

    My one comment, “Please, Dear Heavenly Father, say it isn’t so”. I pray you will call me to my eternal rest
    if she would attempt to run again.

  • E. Chambers

    Yipes!!!! I thought I would never have to look at that face again!!!! Will she ever give up??? Please, Hillary GO AWAY!!!

  • warren

    Do Prisons send work details to the White House?

  • Jesus A. Delgado

    Yeah white house to prison, by then you will be in JAIL!!!

  • cliff

    Hillary is simply mentally incompetent. Has been her entire life. Pathological liar suffers from irresistible impulses to commit criminal acts knowingly but not so intelligently.

  • I agree with your posting but I take issue with your not wanting another Trump, Hillary ticket. I don’t know whether or not you were one of the Cruzers but there was no one in the running that was as anti establishment as Trump. Cruz would have gone down like a baby chick. Unlike many of the never Trumpsters. those supporting Trump would have voted for Cruz. He would still have lost.
    David Jackson

  • Frances Shannon

    Surely she won’t try again. Can’t she realize it is over for her. You will probably be in jail in 2020.

  • SouthernPatriot

    That’s why Trump needs to allow his AG to panel a grand jury or special prosecutor and look into the many and varied crimes of Hillary and the Clinton Fraud Foundation. Convict her of her crimes and exclude her from further discussion of trying to get back into power so she can begin again the “quid pro quo” schemes to bring in billions of dollars from Russia, the UAE, the Saudis, China, and many other dictatorships.

  • aydene

    Apparently she believes that it takes three strikes to make her out. However; there are other, younger, also female, members of the Party who want a crack at the top slot. Donald Trump is the oldest first time President – she’s pretty close to that too. He is the first independent President – she owes “everyone.” Little by little the general public will begin to understand just who she is. Besides, she ain’t no Merkel, or Golda Meier. She lacks their class, the ability to compromise; her shrieking, whining voice grates on my sensibilities.

  • If were her, and I am definetely not, I would run. Now, the important question is to find out for public office or for president while in federal prison. If yes, then she should run, and if by any chance, she were to win, she could pardon herself.

  • If were her, and I am definetely not, I would run. Now, the important question is to find out for public office or for president while in federal prison. If yes, then she should run, and if by any chance, she were to win, she could pardon herself.
    Never have duplicated nothing nor published anything before.

  • Yes, let her run, ……. around the prison yard

  • Carmen

    No, she needs to keep her old ass home and manage her health issues. Does she HONESTLY think she has a chance after all the crooked dealings, lies and scandals that came out during her campaign? I am so happy to not have to see that face plastered on our news and newspapers every time you look at news. If I never hear the Clinton name ever again I will be soon happy!! And I’m sure my fellow deplorables feel the same.

  • Bill

    Without a Clinton potentially running for office they have no product to sell through their phony ‘charity’. America is still for sale by Democrats.

  • Thomas Barnes

    This has got to be more of that fake news crap. Of course, there is the chance Trump might not be around to run for a second term but we’ll have to wait to see how he does. Looks like he’s already started converting many non-believers. But things will be completely different after the swearing in.

  • James Shipley

    Great she should even easier to beat next ime.

  • James Shipley

    She is the perfect DNC candidate…..She is for sale and she is affordable.

  • Yvonne Fileccia


  • FAAQ2

    Hillary is the anti-christ sent by Stan (Soros) to destroy what Obama could not – if anything she should he hanged from the nearest tree and her ugly ass body left to be picked apart by jackals & crows. As for Bill – he will probably die from Aids for hosing very chick he could find. Then there is Pockananus Warren – she is as much a Native American as I am the Dahli Lami – hang her ass too – anyone else ?

  • Alan Rhoads

    Hillary is a crook. We, the American people, now know a lot about Hillary and know that she is unfit to serve as the President of the United States.
    Is a habitual liar (running from a plane under fire from the enemy)
    Left four Americans to die in the Benghazi Libya embassy
    Has allowed pay-for-play to go on between foreign countries via donations to the Clinton Foundation (quid-pro-quo)
    Intended to destroy evidence of her private and treasonous email server
    Attempted to destroy Federal emails
    Believes late-term abortions are acceptable
    Sold 20% of the USA’s uranium to Russia in return for a huge donation to the Clinton Foundation (145 Million dollars), while SOS
    The DNC paid people to incite violence and ordered hundreds of operatives to assault and attack other people at Trump Rallys.

  • Marc McGuire


  • raygun

    LMAO. Hilary probably won’t be around by then. She, old Bill “Slick Willy” and old Georgie Soros are so hopped up on life saving meds, they should croak any day, by now. But then we may witness the six million dollar woman, a mechanical robot, in action.

  • Bill

    Hillary has been defeated by a Kenyan,homosexual muslim.And now by an orange guy with an awful combover, that the media says everybody hates.
    Who could she possibly WIN against?

  • Damn, now we can rest assured that Hitlery has lost touched with Reality in so much as she just can’t accept the fcat the American people don’t believe that she walks on water!!!

  • Harold


  • Harold


  • Alan

    Think that the Democrats will give serious consideration to running a reasonable candidate next time, action that I presume would exclude Clinton and or Mrs.Obama.

  • warren

    It’s that Damm spell check again, Big House not White House

  • I can’t believe any American would be so stupid as to vote for Hilary Clinton! She is nothing but a bitch and not even a very smart one at that!