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Hispanic Groups Lash Out at Biden for Saying Illegal Immigrants Should “Get in Line”

Well, in case you were confused about this point, it’s now official: There is absolutely no room for a Democrat to even SUGGEST that we enforce America’s immigration laws. If you’re a progressive, an immigration activist, or a member of a Hispanic identity group, you want to hear rhetoric about decriminalizing the border, legalizing every illegal alien in the U.S., and tearing down the meager barriers we have set up against a full-scale Central American invasion. To talk about enforcing the law is to betray the left, and Joe Biden is about to find that out the hard way.

In the last Democratic debate, Biden was one of the few on stage willing to entertain the idea of, you know, actually enforcing the law at the border. While the former vice president has made it clear that he wants to do everything differently than Trump when it comes to detaining asylum-seekers and illegals and so on, he said he did not believe in decriminalizing the border.

“The fact of the matter is that when people cross the border illegally, it is illegal to do it unless they’re seeking asylum,” Biden said, almost tautologically. “People should have to get in line. That’s the problem. And the only reason this particular part of the law is being abused is because of Donald Trump.”

Well, despite tacking on a slam sure to please even the most cold-hearted leftist, Biden didn’t manage to sneak one past the immigration radicals.

“Many just don’t understand why he was onstage spewing Republican talking points,” said Joe Parra, a former staffer for Harry Reid.

Because you hear Republicans all the time talking about how Trump is abusing immigration law.

Mayra Macias of Latino Victory told Politico: “It is unacceptable for a candidate vying to be the Democratic nominee for POTUS to use language like that used by VP Biden when talking about immigration during the second debate. We immediately reached out to the campaign and were told it was being addressed.”

It wasn’t that long ago (last week?) that liberals scoffed at the notion that they were actually for open borders. Sure, there were a handful of radical leftists who wanted to go in that direction, but the rest of us just want to make sure “brown people” aren’t being put in cages by the evil Donald Trump!

Well, the truth was bound to come out sooner or later, and now that we know it’s “unacceptable” for a Democrat to actually endorse the idea of waiting to emigrate to the U.S. legally, that truth is here. The Democratic Party’s radical base will accept nothing less than open borders – nothing less than the destruction of the U.S. as both an idea and a sovereign nation. Señor Joe’s gonna have to get with the program.

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  1. Listen up people. If or when the socialist dumbocraps take America over,EVERYONE will HAVE TO GET IN LINE. Only your elected elite will enjoy the comforts you enjoy to. I’m still amazed at what one dumbocraptic community organizer could do in the span of 8years

  2. “ILLEGAL” “Not Legal: Unlawful; Contrary to the law; Illicit as in Illegal act; Illegal trade” These are the words of an 1828 Websters Dictionary! THIS is CLEAR as a Pane of glass to all who can see! Coming to this nation, UNINVITED or against the law is Illegal as walking into a bank after hours! GROW the H E Double Hockey Sticks up! YOU DON’T make up the rules just becuase you don’t laws the moral and true laws we have, IF you don’t come right that means you are ILLEGALand against the law! ENOUGH SAID!!

  3. The rule of law is hinged upon all laws. If it is OK to ignore one law then which law is exempt from being ignored. The result is a form of anarchy. At the point that laws cease to be enforced we begin to creep towards the law of might makes right. This is actually what we see in every socialist country. Those who make the rules use force to enforce the rules So when we call the constitution a living document or we say that illegal aliens are welcome in our country we are surrendering ourselves to the slavery of tyranny.

  4. Politicians will always be politicians: THEY WILL LIE TO YOU. At best they will twist truth to fit their personal agenda. People hate Trump because he tells it like it is. And that, my friends, is too close to truth for people used to listening lies.

  5. Personally they should all be shot. Illegals have no rights. Anybody that doesn’t believe that , then trade places wihth them

  6. He’s only “Half right” . . . The DEMOCRATS and RINOs’ are THE problem. And I think anyone who votes on decriminalizing illegal immigrant activities will LOSE in the 2020 elections because THEY DESERVE IT. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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