Historians Dismayed that NY Times “1619 Project” Will Be in Schools

It’s one thing to try and rewrite history in the pages of The New York Times, it’s quite another to collect all of that anti-white, “slavery defines America” propaganda, pack it up in a shiny box, and start selling it to schoolchildren who don’t know any better. What passes as entertainment for guilty liberals in New York City high society isn’t quite so funny when it gets served to our impressionable youth. And that’s exactly what is happening around the country as this “reframing” of American history gets pushed into public school classrooms.

Among the most dismayed observers are not conservatives but rather actual expert historians, who say there is a lot of bad history in The Times’ history project.

“I was surprised, as many other people were, by the scope of this thing, especially since it’s going to become the basis for high school education and has the authority of The New York Times behind it, and yet it is so wrong in so many ways,” lamented Brown University Professor Gordon Wood in an interview with World Socialist Web Site last week. Wood said that “none of the leading scholars of the whole period from the Revolution to the Civil War” were consulted for the project.

Well, of course not. This is an attempt to replace actual history with the fever dreams of WOKE leftists. Why would you consult historians?

Another historian was equally distressed by the 1619 Project. Pulitzer Prize winning author James McPherson, whose “Battle Cry of Freedom” is considered one of the definitive Civil War texts, said he saw little to recommend in the essays he read.

“I’d say that, almost from the outset, I was disturbed by what seemed like a very unbalanced, one-sided account, which lacked context and perspective on the complexity of slavery, which was clearly, obviously, not an exclusively American institution, but existed throughout history,” McPherson told WSWS. “And I was a little bit unhappy with the idea that people who did not have a good knowledge of the subject would be influenced by this and would then have a biased or narrow view.”

Historian James Oakes was also critical of the project, noting that it has “prompted some very strong criticism from scholars in the field.”

“These are really dangerous tropes,” Oakes said. “They’re not only ahistorical, they’re actually anti-historical. The function of those tropes is to deny change over time. It goes back to those analogies.”

Those tropes are, if you can boil it down to a single sentence, that racism forms the underpinning of the United States of America, and that it can never be washed clean of our DNA.

You know, the kind of thing you would want to teach to your children before they go out into the world.

What do you think?

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  1. More leftist rewritten history as the “Woke” generation makes its feeble attempts to portray any and all people who are Anglo as evil, bad, racists that need to expunged from the Earth.
    This project fails to mention that Anglos have been enslaved too..many times, the world over. So, rewriting history does not make it correct or factual history.
    Teaching the things in this project are dangerous and will only further fuel the divisiveness of this nation and result in the type of violence that will be unprecedented.

    • You are right whites have been enslaved. Enslaved to pay taxes to support over breeding, parasite welfare queens and their bastard kids. It certainly ain’t other blacks that have paid the freight for generation after generation of welfare slugs. Yup, grandma and great granny have all sat on their asses and and collected welfare while they kept on breeding.

  2. If I was a negro I would thank God that their forefathers were brought here, mostly by other negros I might add. If not, if they were born it would have been in African and they would have spent their lives trying to escape that sewer to get here anyway. Now this cracks me up, the term Afro-American. 95% of the negro’s here have NEVER been to Africa. Many are not offspring of anyone from Africa. So cut the shit with the BS afro-American crap.

    Remember they always have the choice of returning to Africa. Don’t see many one way tickets being bought to go there.

  3. So is the media in charge of our education or are the educators!!??!?!?! This is ridiculous and parents should be outraged at this. Although since we have been dummying down the educational system the parents probably don’t know any better themselves.

  4. Just another example of the democrats trying to indoctrinate the school children. They can’t have anyone hearing the truth about history because true history doesn’t fit their lies.

  5. If they don’t like the way this U S of A is going, and they are so hard trying to change things, WHY DON’T THEY GO BACK TO THERE OWN COUNTRY and put there ENERGY IN CHANGING THINGS THERE…. DON’T GET ME WRONG, I’M NOT AGAINST PEOPLE COMING IN TO OUR COUNTRY FOR A BETTER LIFE, BUT I do know that if I were to go to there country I WOULD HAVE TO ABIDE BY THEIR LAWS AND RULES……..

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