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Hollywood Stars Have Very Smart Opinions About Trump and Russia

If you haven’t gotten your fill of left-wing pundits and liberals on your social media feed informing you that President Trump is a traitor to the United States and an obvious puppet of the Russian Federation, perhaps you’d like to hear a round of outrage from our good friends out in Hollywood! As we all know, a scandal isn’t really complete until we’ve heard from the likes of Patricia Arquette, so why don’t we just jump in and see what America’s Entertainment Class has to say about the Helsinki Summit.

“The United States was attacked,” explained director Rob Reiner. “We didn’t see bombs hitting Pearl Harbor. We didn’t see planes crash into buildings. But cyber missiles struck the heart of our Democracy. It was an insidious Act of War. Anyone who aids and abets this is committing Treason.”

Yes, hacking some emails and making memes on social media is ABSOLUTELY equivalent to the terrorist attack of 9/11, Mr. Reiner. How wise you are to make the comparison.

“In Trump’s stunning act of open, televised treason yesterday, it is clear the Russians are holding him hostage by whatever they got on him or whatever harm they are threatening to do to a family member of his. For his and our safety, he must be removed from office. 25th Amendment,” Michael Moore ranted.

Indeed, for our president to stand next to Vladimir Putin and…say the same thing he’s been saying for the last year and a half…was truly shocking. He shoulda clotheslined him and shaved his head! Won’t someone please think of Bob Mueller’s reputation??

“DO NOT BELIEVE TRUMP #IMPEACHTRUMP #ASSHOLE,” opined Rosie O’Donnell, who still hasn’t found the caps lock key.

“These clowns made Clinton testify under oath about a blow job and they can’t grow the balls to compel Trump to testify under oath about what could amount to Treason,” said Patricia Arquette.

“Now that Trump is finally vulnerable, watch the Democrats NOT go for the jugular. Sad. And I say that very strongly,” wrote Bill Maher.

Well, Bill, Patricia, Rob, Rosie, etc. What exactly are the Democrats supposed to do, other than what they (and you) have been doing since January 2017: I.E., turn everything this president does into the WORST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO AMERICA? Has it occurred to none of you yet that maybe – just maybe – you started in with the “He’s Hitler” stuff a little too early and a little too often? Has it occurred to you that that might explain why no one takes you seriously now?

There was actually a sensible space for criticism of Trump after Monday’s summit, but in today’s bonkers political environment, there was none to be had. No, instead we saw what passes for political discussion on the left now: Namely hashtags of #traitor and #treason and hysteria turned up to 11.

God, we can’t wait for Robert Mueller to slink to a microphone someday soon and admit he couldn’t come up with any evidence of collusion. The meltdown will be one for the ages.

What do you think?

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  1. I would like to know what the difference between Rosevelt and Trump meeting with the leader of the Soviet Union was, both of them were working together to make a difference in the world. World leader’s are supposed to meet and talk what they can do for each country to make it better, I see no problem with that. It’s better to talk then have war, I am a Vietnam Veteran and a legal immigrant in this great country. My parent’s lived in Europe during Hitler’s rein of terror, so when I came to this country and was old enough to join the Army I did it with no hesitation. People in this country should be grateful to live here, if they do not like it then they should leave I will not miss them. They have too much time in their live’s so they protest and bitch a lot, I do not pay attention to them.

    • Great post and thank you for sharing a part of your life. I truly believe that to live in the Great United States is a gift. Thank you for your military service and Zgod Bless.

    • Or when he met with Bush in 2005 which was his last visit here.
      What about when ovomit the muslime liar in chief met with him and leaned over and said wait til after the election I will have more flexibility then. Probably set this whole thing us then,

    • Lee, I have to agree with you, they didn’t post my comment either.
      Putin was here in 2005 to meet with Bush.
      obama, the muslime liar in chief had a message for Putin
      Tell him to wait til after the election that he would have more flexibility then. No one was concerned about that on the left HYPOCRITES

    • Thank you, Stefan – 101st!!!! Thank you for your comments and serving our country!!! 🙂 I grew up in Africa and I DO APPRECIATE America!!! 🙂

    • I’m a veteran also, God bless you and your family for what you had to endure.
      These Hollywood idiots don’t live in the
      Real world,when they go out they have armed guards and they eat in restaurants
      That would turn us away! And people like you and I are the reason they can enjoy
      That lifestyle!!!!

    • Thank you for serving this great country! Yes, by the grace of God I was born here and I appreciate it every day. Never take it for granted. As I look around and see the hardships in other countries I feel blessed to be here. As for all those protesters for whatever reason they don’t know how lucky they are! Where can you carry on like they do and go home?
      Trump is doing great things for our country even with all the opposition! He just keeps working along for the American people! Got to love him!!!❤️

  2. Vulnerable? HAHAHAHAHA! The President can come to MY house ANY time for dinner. Bring the FAMILY, and I’ll GLADLY cook and serve! And that’s how MOST Americans feel about him. This nation was ACCELERATING down the crap-hole of liberal socialism, and HE brought that inevitable DEATH to a screeching halt! He has single-handedly DRAGGED us out of the SEWER that Obama, Pelosi, Schumer and Comey had shoveled us into. God Bless President Trump! With God’s help, this nation will return to MORALITY and DIGNITY. God Bless America!

  3. The revolution may not be televised but Trump’s sellout to Russia/Putin was shown with instant reruns. I can not wait to see the Trump supporters displayed on street corners with their hair cropped and naked like the Vichy French after the end on the Nazi occupation.

    • Keep waiting, buster. And waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting. You leftist liberal twits sit around wringing your hands hoping for a miracle to happen, but I gotta tell ya, Satan doesn’t perform miracles, only God does, and He’s not listening to the likes of you because you kicked Him out of your schools and the Democraps kicked Him out of their party. You might as well stop fretting and hoping and wishing your life away. Get out and get some fresh air. You are still living in a hothouse of delusion and wishful thinking. Your hopes have about as much chance of happening as Killary had of winning the 2016 election. By the way, you should see your doctor about your TDS. It’ll kill you someday if you don’t do something about it. OK, now, it’s your turn to say something snarky.

      • Thank you Frank Allen!! The Democraps are so dumb that they can’t accept the good things that OUR President Trump has accomplished and they should know that the muslim didn’t do anything but LIE – If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor~~
        that was a load, wasn’t it??

    • The only fools that will be standing naked on street corners will be you fools of the left if you try anything. Who’s going to do it…….. You old man. Hahahahaha. Bring it!!!!!!

    • Oh yea, that is a relevant and appropriate allegory?! What exactly was “sold out”? What occupying foreign army have Trump Supports aided and abetted? Your ignorance and support of violence against those who disagree with you is Fascist and UN-American.

    • I can not wait to see the Trump supporters displayed on street corners with their hair cropped and naked like the Vichy French after the end on the Nazi occupation.
      What a foul comparison. You dems have sick, twisted things that pass for minds. I would not wish that on ANYONE even the dreaded Dem. What happened to the America I grew up in where you could have discussions, & everyone may not agree, but at least WE ALL got to have our say & weren’t made to feel like whale poo. MAGA!!!!!!!!!

    • I figured out that these peoples lives are portraying a lie so mutch that they wouldn’t know the truth if it walked up to them and introduced itself. Well that’s as believable as they are. They live in a fantasy world were nothing is real.

  4. President Trump is working to SAVE America – even from herself – as these rabid, frothing at the mouth liberals seek to destroy her. We are far from the political arena now – these hateful, violence seeking comments are nothing more than personal attacks on our sitting President and all who support him. It is not ideology – it is sheer hatred which comes straight from Lucifer himself. And it is throughout the world – not just here in America. We are in the day of the anti-Christ who is going to be the world leader one day and his spirit is infecting the world. Like they did Obama, people will worship him. Obama who is the precursor to the anti-Christ has paved the way for him and continues to do so and this puts us in a spiritual battle between good and evil. People have been taken over by evil and they don’t even realize it. Worse days are coming.

  5. Hello, are you taking comments or not. You keep deleting mine. Sounds like you are picking and choosing free speech according to google or twitter or whoever you worship.

  6. I don’t really believe that any sane person would take the opinions of the
    I real asses in Hollysood Rey seriously. I do t believe the total IQ of the liberals in fake lives land could be very high at all most of them have limited education z d can only live life portraying others. A rational thought fromReiner, Odonnel or Cher is very rare.

  7. What do the Democrats believe in and support with their ideology and policies:
    1. Massive debt beyond belief. Obama ran our national debt up more than all previous President’s combined.
    2. Massive continuing deficits as far as one can see into the future. No effort or even any discussion about lowering our spending or cutting government.
    3. Regulations regarding every aspect of life. Freedom cannot be allowed.
    4. Wide open borders so the Mexican Cartels can continue to flood our nation with deadly drugs and weapons while they traffick in human beings. Thousands are killed and raped on the Mexican border each year. Democrats also support zero immigration enforcement.
    5. Hatred for our military and law enforcement driving race relations into the ground making our nation to appear more like the 1950’s than the 21st century.
    6. Massive material support for Islamic terrorism. Obama provided over $3 billion in aid to the Muslim Brotherhood after they took over Egypt in a totally phony election. Obama released over $150 billion to Iran and paid a ransom of well over $1 billion for the release of our Naval personnel illegally seized by Iran. Obama with the help of Hillary Clinton funneled weapons and other aid to Islamic terrorists who eventually became ISIS.
    7. Our once great educational system under the control of Democrats and their unions are now little more than indoctrination centers. The black and brown kids who manage to graduate from inner city schools can barely read and write or do basic math.
    This list is endless but I must get back to work.

  8. Trump is trying to get along with Putin and trying to make friends, old lefties still want to agitate him and keep stirring the barrel of suspicion..Reiner is a dam fool.

  9. As a therapist for 45 years treating dual diagnosis patients I can evaluate the serious mental condition of the far left. They are literally having a breakdown that leads to violence. I interned in the Federal prison system and worked with prisoners that were there due to the same insanity.

    No evidence, facts, or research on the current reality of our President or Country will change their minds. They have been brain washed. Their hate is slowly destroying the structures of their brain. Their imaginations are not based in fact and will led to delusions and break down. Their paranoia destroys their ability to control their impulses and will led to violence and they will seriously injure or kill someone resulting in their imprisonment. Hatred is destroying their reality and ability to cope. These children in black with their masks are immature and lack ability to reason or talk with other views. They follow paid agents of George Soros a former Nazi, then a communist and betrayed his own Jewish family.
    I worked with adolescent females in lockup who reflected this form of mental illness that we are seeing on the left, where that can’t reason on their own. They can only function on what others tell them they should do and can’t give reasons for their decision. Everything is based in their inability to control their emotions. I remember the brown shirts of the Nazi in WW2. Antifa is the modern version of the brown shirts. The only difference is that the Antifa are communist/socialist that want to kill those they disagree with them. That can be grandma and grandpa. They lack civilized morals, compassion, and value life.

    They don’t understand that there are 40 million of us that are Oath keepers representing military, vets, police (retired and working, etc. WE are all trained and ready! They will be in for the shock of their life.

  10. Lee, I have to agree with you, they didn’t post my comment either.
    Putin was here in 2005 to meet with Bush.
    obama, had a message for Putin
    Tell him to wait til after the election that he would have more flexibility then. No one was concerned about that on the left HYPOCRITES


  12. If bull****was music we would have a big brass band that could only play out of tune.Whats wrong with trying to get along with others??????

  13. You stupid uneducated jackasses didn’t worry about our security when obama was kissing more rear than bill clinton with our enemies. Did you morons question one time when 40years of corruption hillary gave up 20% of our plutonium to our most hated enemy, Russia. Or when Carter and obama decimated our military to the point where Uganda could have kicked our rear. Now all of a sudden your worried. We could be attacked with nuclear weapons fro China, North Korea or Russia and if the sitting president was a democrat, who cares if your mother, son or grandson is incinerated by a bomb, but if a Republican is in charge and he gets heat from fake news channels like cbs, abc, cnn, then it’s “oh my God, we’re doomed. Think about the consequences. Not your party. The blacks finally are realizing the democrats (never) helped them.

  14. What disorder that the DumboRATS have is nothing less them Trumpophobia in connection with Conservativeophobia. They are scared stiff of every and everything that does not go along with their demented thinking.

  15. Please spare us from these Hollywood clowns and scumbags! It is always the same ones with their mental disorder (trying to be polite) who don’t have a clue what is going on in Middle America! We can’t even go to their movies anymore unless they are made by sane people like Eastwood, Sinese, Woods and a handful of others. Why have they lost their minds when good things are happening for America. Is Obama still their Pied Piper?

  16. It is obvious & apparent that none of this is about Russia or collusion. It is all about defeating Trump. The battle lines are drawn. It is the people that believe in our constitution & the American way & those that want socialism & reap the rewards of the so called “Deep State”. They want control & hate individual rights.
    The only collusion & interference with the recent election was by the left. Who do you say committed treason? The Democratic party has become a pathetic joke. If anybody in that party has credibility enough to hold a position of responsible authority, I don’t know who it could be. I can’t vote for anybody that belongs to a party that would support the likes of either Clinton or Obama for political office.

  17. You asshole liberal dumbocrat liberal communist loving jackasses like rob reiner,
    michael moore, rosie o’donnell, clinton’s, patricia arquette and the thousands of you other good old scum ARE THE REASON THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS NOT NUMBER 1 NATION IN THE UNIVERSE, NO ONE ELSE IS AT FAULT.

  18. Ray Hill–Are you a self-made billionaire? Probably not! Are you President of the USA? NO!! Do you think you’re smarter than President Trump? No doubt! I have a big, big bridge in Brooklyn that I’m willing to sell JUST to YOU!! My hair will NOT be cropped, NOR will I be naked!! QUIT playing the FOOL!!!! If you knew ANYTHING about the NAZIS you would recognize YOUR OWN FASCIST COMMENTS!! Poor, ignorant, typical DEMOCRAT!!!!!!!!

  19. The President of the USA should ask Putin he had collusion with the democrat party in elections for Obama, Clinton ,, bush etc., as we know he didn’t have collusion with President Trump. Need to ASK the right question to get the TRUTH don’t think Putin is lying, he meaning Russia did not have collusion in Trump election, but has had collusion in others. No one as asked that question wonder why?

  20. Where were these great Constitutionalist lefty bastards, when their god, Obozo was over there kissing Medvedev’s ass and Hellary was embarrassing us with her “reset” button????

  21. Please change the title of the article: “HOLLYWOOD STARS HAVE VERY SMART OPINIONS ABOUT
    That is so mis-leading. There is a small group of Hollywood stars that are smart and those are the ones that have their own brain and do not have to be told how to think. I enjoy reading what they
    have to say and the fact that they are not just following the fools in their line of work. I’m sorry to say
    that the rest are Trump Haters and are leading the pack, using their stage to brain wash people with weak brains that are also being led by the corrupted political group who know better but have a very
    selfish, evil agenda tor themselves. Those of us supporting our president seem to agree on one thing,
    , we go by President Trumps record of actions, because he does love America and wants to
    bring it back up to it’s original standards, We understand that he is not tarnished by being politically correct, and he may not always express himself the way we would like , but he sure is trying to keep his promises , the ones that got the majority to vote for him. I fear for his life in many ways, because what he is up against is a tsunami filled with hatred and out to get rid of him by any means necessary.
    These people are neither patriotic nor are they smart, they are disrupting the freedoms we have and the
    democratic system of government we’ve used for over 200 years, and ‘IT WORKED’…. We went trhough
    a miserable 8 years watching our former president try to destroy our country, we might have complained, and voiced it , but we didn’t go crazy with protests, riots, burning buildings attacking people that didn’t agree with us. NO< we waited our turn to be able to vote again and have another chance to get it right. These people NEVER accepted the results of our election and stubbornly with
    no sense of what is right haven't stopped obstructing every thing this president is trying to do.
    I admire his tenacity, the fact that he has not given up and said, "Let me go back to my great life, I
    don't need this constant aggravation in my life!" I think God knew what He was doing by giving us
    President Trump, and I pray He will not allow these insane people to get their way and take him out.

    I voted for the man, not necessarily the party, I used to be a registered Democrat, but I have been
    educated and have corrected my mistake as have many others, thank God! Too bad some people
    aren't willing or maybe capable of reading up on history and making a correction in their life that
    would be helpful to all Americans, those born here and those that have legally become Americans.
    God Bless America and help us all to be enlightened with common sense and a desire to do what is
    right for our country and the world.

  22. You over payed untalented (except for ACTING,) think about it. Acting. You rum drums haven’t a clue what the real world is like. Most of you never graduated from high school and if you took a test about foreign countries and their policies, you’d fail miserably. Most don’t ever thank the One who made us because you think your in control. Mickey Rooneyonce said, “there are very few Christians in hollywood because they think their destiny is in their hands. The poor fools.

  23. The American public doesn’t give a shit what Hollywood says or does. They live in their own little world and they are not like us. I haven’t paid to see a movie in three years and I don’t miss it.

  24. It would seem the wacado hollywooder-leftwingers would like very much to hear POTUS declare war on Russia. Seems these looneytuners are ignoring the facts that it was their darling Hillary Diller Clinton who a] negligence with secret data was/is a treasonous act, b] their darling’s slush fund Clinton Foundation took in $400 million from Russia to her and bad boy hubby Billy, to thank them for the their help in the uranium deal in US, a treasonous act, notwithstanding that bad boy Billy, while president, was getting blow jobs and other sexual activities with females, other than Hilary, in the peoples White House, disgracing our Nation. Yes looneytuner hollywooder-leftwingers seem to be unable to distinguish Right from wrong, Good from evil, Commonsense from nonsense… President Trump has created more positive results in 18 months than Obama or Clinton [bad billy boy] have done in 16 years aggregate, and you can take that to the bank!

  25. Right now we have to make sure that we keep the senate and the house, or all is for not. They will destroy everything he has set out to fix. That is why they hate him so much, he knows their lies and ways of winning. They will cheat every way they can in November. We need to watch the polling stations and make sure no one tries to stop people from voting or have the Dems vote twice. I firmly believe that is how Obama won the second term. He is the worst thing that ever happen to his people and this country. I wish he would take big mouth Maxine with him and leave. They have both made a ton of money off the backs of their own people and under the table bribes. That place out there is so dirty, and Mueller is one of the biggest crooks. They all need to be in jail. I am very worried about the mid terms. We have to protect what we have started, and clean house.

  26. President Trump was NOT in power when these attacks happened, Bath House Barry, aka Barack Obama was in charge. And his corrupted, weaponized Intel with such sleaze as CIA’s John Brennan, DNI’s James Clapper, FBI’s James Comey, DoJ’s Rod Rosenstein, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch.
    So WHY are they blaming President Trump? They think WE are stupid like the Democrats. Keep supporting President Trump and vote OUT Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Mark Warner, Adam Schiff and the rest of the lunatic left.

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