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Houston Library Apologizes for Letting Child Sex Offender Read to Kids

Well, this is what happens when you put the LGBT agenda ahead of common sense, rationality, and public safety.

According to KHOU, the Houston Public Library is apologizing this week for accidentally allowing a registered child sex offender read to children. The report, which any sensible adult could have seen coming from a mile away, says that DRAG QUEEN Tatiana Mala Nina – aka Alberto Garza – was reading to children as part of the library’s DRAG QUEEN STORYTIME, which is a thing that exists for no reason other than to further the leftist sexual agenda.

As we said, this is what happens when you start putting that agenda ahead of the things that actually matter to a safe, secure, prospering society. Don’t doubt for a minute that we’re going to see more of this kind of thing as the left gets more and more extreme with its brainwashing efforts.

Groups like Mass Resistance, which have formed in an effort to stop events like Drag Queen Storytime, are commonly vilified by the left as hate-factories whose only purpose is to smear LGBT people, but they were the heroes of this particular story. It was through their research that Garza’s legal troubles came to light. They contacted KHOU and revealed that the Houston Public Library was allowing a registered sex offender read to area children.

“In our review of our process and of this participant, we discovered that we failed to complete a background check as required by our own guidelines,” the library said in a statement. “We deeply regret this oversight and the concern this may cause our customers. We realize this is a serious matter.”

This “oversight” allowed Garza, who was convicted in 2008 of assaulting an eight-year-old boy, to be a part of their ridiculous reading program.

We believe in forgiveness, of course, but it is hard to forgive the Houston Library for this particular oversight. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to wonder whether or not you should be screening individuals who will be around kids as part of your public program. The case for background checks becomes that much stronger when you’re talking about drag queens. We’re not going to mince words here – these are not exactly the “normals” of society. And while we don’t have any statistics in front of us, we’d be willing to bet there’s more than a little correlation between, um, legal troubles and drag queenery.

Fact is, this program was an abomination from the beginning. Now it is an active threat to children. Anyone who lets their kids attend such a program needs to have their heads examined and any public official who advocates for this crap needs to be replaced. How about we stop this nonsense now before someone gets hurt.

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  1. this same event occurred here in Greenville SC, a predominantly conservative area of SC. I wrote an email to library board but that is the extent of my participation. I never got a reply back, but I did not hold back and try to be nice. This has to be a concertive agenda of the devils on the left to get to kids even before their in school. We must stop the $’s from these money bags like Soros, Steyer, and all others!!!!!

    • These people are the devils advocates. I pray that God hasn’t left us because of these stupid people. We have gone to hell in a hand bag and we better get on the right track soon or we are doomed. Pray people and ask Gods forgiveness.

  2. This is what politically correct crap gets you. These are people with a mental illness and should be treated as such. There comes a point when enough is enough this about hate get gem the help they need.

  3. Yes, just oppoligize that makes everything OK, no harm! Except the same ones who had to oppogize were the same ones who invite these Transgenders to read with is in worse. What in the help has gotten into these people who are trying to shove LGBT’s, Transgenders, Same sex marriges, open restrooms, abortions and everthing else they feel corrupts our culture. It is past time the people keep relying on these unhinged Socialist and demand these practices stop. I believe the reason this country is becoming so divided, so hateful, so closed minded is because everything being promoted is left of center, crule and unhinged. What happened to the guys that wore white hats and promoted optimism, compassion, understanding?

    There are not any heros other then thugs or bitches with an agenda of Obstructions nor norms. How about a modern day Hop Along Cassidy, insted of ??????

  4. What a nefarious act, Tatiana reading a story to a child in a public library. Can anyone on this board imagine anything more terrible? The article didn’t mention the name of the book being read but it must have been “subversive”. I fail to see anything wrong with a child learning what the world is like. It is called education. Drag queens are a respectable group of entertainers who have their own form of art and are not the same as transgender people . They may be gay or straight and are people who for fun or profit dress as the opposite sex. ( I once met one who though effeminate was straight and happily married. I also remember seeing some motion pictures-comedies where male actors dressed as women. It was hilarious.) Transgender people are those whose gender identity is opposite to that of their sexual organs and who wish to live the gender with which they identify. In a free country people should be able to live as they want as long as they do not interfere with the rights of others.

    • Just the fact that he was arrested for molesting an 8 yr old boy blows your response up. These sick people should not be allowed to be near children ever !!! A child is moldable to evil thinking, that’s why they want to prey on them.

  5. If the parents of the children, who were exposed to this freak, pedophile, piece of shit don’t mount a class action lawsuit against the City of Houston, the library system, the group responsible for organizing this opportunity for sexual deviants to interact and brainwash innocent children….then they are crazy.

    The “organizers” also played a part in abetting a convicted pedophile/sex offender in in violating the law, by not doing their due diligence with background checks.

    These parents should sue the hell out of all involved and drive these filthy deviant freaks back under the rocks they crawled out from.

    America, it’s time to either push back and take our country’s morality back, or sit and do nothing and submit to the new value system being taught to your children…out in the open.

    MY THOUGHTS: THEY ARE SICK AND WANT EVERY ONE ELSE TO ADOPT THEIR ABERRANT LIFESTYLES. Those who truly want help should seek it out and not ruin the life of a young child.

  7. The Left’s agenda is to normalize evil and insanity and forbid mention of all Absolutes — like God. This is Evil. Those mentally ill Transgenders need therapy, not validation. Child molesters need castration and prison. There is NO THERAPY that works to change a child molester into not wanting to continue molesting children. Nothing works. Nothing.

  8. A registered ‘CHILD’ SEX OFFENDER & DRAG QUEEN read to children. The report, which any sensible adult could have seen coming from a mile away, says that DRAG QUEEN Tatiana Mala Nina – aka Alberto Garza – was reading to children as part of the library’s DRAG QUEEN STORYTIME, which is a thing that exists for no reason other than to further the LEFTIST SEXUAL PERVERSION AGENDAS!

  9. For news on this, follow me on Twitter @SafeLibraries and look at my SafeLibraries site where I have published the FOIA requests I filed on the library and the opinion of the Texas Attorney General forcing the library to comply.

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