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HuffPo: Federal Workers “Sad” About Trump’s Inauguration


According to a Huffington Post article by senior political reporter Amanda Terkel, many federal workers are “sad” about having to attend the inauguration of Donald Trump. Terkel proves this assertion by finding…two…such workers. Of course, whether even these two actually exist is up for debate, since she changed their names in the article.

“As soon as she found out Donald Trump had won the presidential election, Diane began applying for a new job,” reads the story. “As a federal employee, she just couldn’t imagine sticking around and working for a man she worried would mistreat government workers and pursue dangerous, unethical policies.

“But she’s not quite done with the president-elect yet. Diane is also a member of the National Guard and has been assigned to work at inauguration.”

Diane said she will suck it up and perform despite her distaste for Trump.

“Hopefully we show our best for this inauguration, despite who is being inaugurated,” she told HuffPo. “You’re no better than you are on your worst day, I guess I would say. We have a job to do, and I support our troops doing that job.”

Terkel’s other federal employee – “George” – plays in a military band. George, too, is feeling blue about playing for the new president.

“I don’t think I’m going to have any patriotic emotions like the ones that I experienced during Obama’s last inauguration,” he said.

Gee, you think an intrepid reporter could have found two federal workers at that inauguration who were as opposed to Obama as these two are opposed to Trump? What is this article supposed to prove? It’s just another divisive piece of liberal garbage masquerading as straight reporting.

While George and Diane and Angela Terkel are crying their way through Trump’s inauguration, more than 60 million Americans will be thrilled to see the opening of a new, exciting chapter in our country’s history. But of course, we’re just “deplorables” whose opinions don’t really count. All that matters is that Trump said all of these really mean things in the campaign and a bunch of liberals got their little feelings hurt.

Get over it, dry your eyes, and play your trumpets.

Who knows, you might have some fun.

  • You found two military personnel whining about DJT???? She could of gone out and found some blm’ers with more credibility for disliking Trump. The first thing I thought of was Bergdal and how he come to dislike the military. I think these two could visit their First Sgt, and he would set them on a path to relieve them of their association with the military. As military personnel, they are considered different than any any federal employee. It’s called the military oath AND the UCMJ. Look it up. Is the
    Huff-post found near the check out counter???

  • Dot

    Why didn’t federal workers try finding other jobs when Bill was in office doing his womanizing with interns? Or when Lois Lerner targeted non profit conservative groups? What a load of shit! Go to Hollywood with the elites!

  • bagster53

    you can talk all day about the nasty things trump said , while egnoring all the trash and lies hillary said , some one trashes you and you don’t fight back , you deserve to get your ass kicked, and i am sick of these mister nicely guys who get to where they want to be by lying , like oboma , bush and clinton, it’s just nice to see someone who isn’t afraid to tell you the truth , even if it hurts

    • William Meredith


  • Joe

    Please tell me how this is a story, really ! You know how many people do not like obama, But we put up with up. Really a lame propaganda story

  • FESTES10

    grow up you phony americans you watch — he will make america great again — not the phoney who did nothing but split america and mke us the weakest power in the world ==we lost our respect–thanks BARRY

  • FESTES10

    he is replacing the weakest and worse president we ever had–how sad.

  • Of course they’re sad………they’re actually going to be expected to do the jobs they were hired to do! No more dead wood!!!!! Good riddance to the vast majority of them!

  • Did you say”patriotic emotions” experienced in the Obama inaugurations?

    Obama the fraud, fake background, fake faith, fake everything? Really?

    Only with massive collusion could a fraud like this past 8 years defile the American Experiment.

  • The huffing post is just a liberal fish wrap, that I would love to see , gone, poof bankruptcy, just close your doors.

    • JOE S HILL

      The Huffington Post is a Homosexual LGBT mouthpiece that is so far to the left,which is pure rubbish!

    • Joseph Toth

      There just like those trash newspapers of yesterday. Most of them have faded away into oblivion. And I to would like to see the Huffington Post ceased to exist.

  • James Dorney Sr

    Real journalist discuss both sides of issues

  • John

    The thing that aggravates me most is that all of these anti-Trump haters including of course in
    the government and the current administration WILL along with us who believe in and support
    our President Donald J. Trump will be receiving all of the same benefits as the rest of us.

  • Just another way to keep all the snowflakes out there happy. Grow up liberals we have raised our children and do not intend to raise you. Johnson & Johnson does not make that many band – aids and Kleenex doesn’t have enough tissues for all you whining crybabies.

  • what do you expect from the Huff.? i would not wrap my garbage in it as i would be afraid it would contaminate it.

  • V’s Opinion

    I second what bagster53 and Charles said! Liberal news is full of fake, false and over blown “news”. Hillary and Bill alone have ruined this country! My God, look at all the filth they have done (and encouraged others to do) , just those two alone and their cheating, lying, murderous gang that support them! If Trump had 5 people that mysterious died around him bc they “knew to much”, it would be plastered all over the news. People would be all over him. Yet, 80 people (35 confirmed) that have mysteriously died who knew the clinton’s and had info on them are gone! Clinton’s had them murdered bc thesession people knew the scandals on the clinton’s! No investigation! The last 3 presidents sucked! I’m glad liberals are scared bc now we had a leader who will make decisions to clean up the cheating, lying, filthy, murderous, pieces of dog doo in the white house and in leading states! What is wrong with people who support evil?!! Obama has done zero to help us- zero! He looked busy, signed papers and yet WE Americans are worse off than ever with terrorism (brought on by the clinton’s administration), job security, illegals taking over this country with freebies while I have to pay for everything with little support and they get housing aid, free college, scholarships, Eyck just bc they “mark” the box hispanic or asian. Not OK.
    They want American life, then become a citizen and EARN it the right way!
    God help us.

  • Donald Rowe

    Well, I for one was very depressed the day I heard that Obama had been elected to a second term. I really felt as though he’d done enough to set our country back about 50 years, during his first 4 year stint in office. I also had a really hard time believing that there were enough idiots in our country to re-elect someone like him. Actually now I know about all the tampering with the voting machines, voting in several different precincts, as in Pennsylvania and Florida and all the other ways the Democrats thought up to pad the totals, it’s a little easier to believe, but it was still a very bitter pill to swallow. But instead of crying about how disappointing the results were, most everyone I know simply went about their business and their daily lives, in the knowledge that in another four years there would be another election, and the odds would be even greater for a Republican victory. It’s very, very seldom that the same political party stays in power for a 3 term, (12 years), stretch. And so, here we are, with a Republican victory, unlike any past Republican victories. This one was mammoth. Granted Clinton did get more of the popular votes than did Mr. Trump, but he got them where it counted, in the states with the electoral votes which could do him the most good. He won with 304 electoral votes, she wound up with 220 some, that’s a margin that’s unheard of in recent times. We, the people, voted him, Mr. Trump, in and we expect him to do his level best to accomplish those things he said he could do. We’ll be watching, and hoping.

    • We need VOTER ID because I believe Trump won the popular vote because of the dead people that have been voting since the 1800’s, the illegals and the people that get paid to vote multiple times. The democRATS do not want VOTER ID because in a close election they can win. Even the United Nations was surprised when they monitored our elections and could not believe we do not require VOTER ID. Think about it, it is the only way to have a clean election and the democRATS are always against it and they bring up it hurts the poor and the black and the green and the yellow. If they cannot afford it then tell them to quit buying booze, cigarettes and dope for a day and get the ID.

    • Donald Rowe, you took the words right out of my mouth as I felt exactly the same way in 2012. Here we are on our way back to the America I came to 50 years ago. It seems like Divine intervention that Mr. Trump won the election after we all thought it was going to be Hillary. All the stress, worry and heaviness on the chests fell off and let us breathe again! MAGA & DTS!

    • Kathy H

      I too felt sick in my stomach when “O” got his second term. I remember saying to my husband “Oh my gosh, I think Romney is going to lose”. I did not sleep that night thinking how “O” can continue to screw up this country. I basically stayed up hoping that the results were wrong! When “O” says it is the will of the American people to bring in unvetted refugees, make illegals kids legal through the dreamers act (when their ILLEGAL parents are the one to blame) and all the other stupid things – I just want to smack him in the face. That is NOT what the majority of Americans want – that is why TRUMP is president – the working class of Americans have spoken and voted accordingly. The welfare class that want EVERYTHING free – their free ride is OVER!

    • C Gray

      The sad thing is, we’ve had a Republic House and Congress for so long blaming Democrats for all the bad bills passed. Who do you think passed them if Republicans had the majority? Nothing gets done without Congress, so how is a Republican president going to change any of this? Republicans could have defunded the ACA years ago! Both parties are the same. Both parties want YUGE government! We are screwed until we educate the people about how a REAL Constitutional Republic is supposed to work, and we vote in true Constitutional representatives, Local, State and Congress!


    well coming from huff says a lot! they are about as honest as clinton and obama! can’t trust anything that they say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gum Shoe

    Trump has done more for his Country in the two months leading up to his oath of office as the next President of The United States than this current President has done in the last 3 years. Obama has been a failure to the American people. Only a Democrat would think different.

  • joeupyourscs

    tough! s h i t !

  • Rose Weleski

    Likewise Donald….but that’s the bias we are up against, I guess. Time for all who are for truth and justice to step up the plate. We may not hit a home run, but if we all keep silent we won’t even get to first base. Speak out about keeping our “Under God” nation the true America!!

  • bill

    Another COMMUNIST news site

  • Johnny Fletcher Tawzer

    If you don”t have anything to good to say nothing!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ken

    I guess the reporter was selective in interviewing military members. They overwhelmingly support Trump.

  • I can believe they are sad that Trump is President. I hope he gets rid of the unions because they protect the crooks, incompetence and abuse. I believe Trump will make them accountable and I believe they will not get paid to stay home when it snows. Government employees should be paid equal jobs in the private sector and they should contribute to a retirement plan not run by the government. It is time the criminals get fired instead of a pension. Clean the swamp up that is what I hope Trump does. He promised and I hope he keeps his promise and maybe we will get our monies worth now. Another thing term limits for the politicians and ZERO retirement for them. Two terms in the house and one four year term in the senate. That will clean up the swamp in the political side.

    • I think a lot of government workers will be sad. It’s a laughable legend that if you want service don’t go to a social security office. or any other agency that is tied to the government. Most of them are just ambling through their “twenty and out” to get their pension. I had a very dear friend who had the misfortune to be placed in charge of a social security office in Jersey city. He loved his job till he was given that assignment. He saif it was impossible to get even a half a days work from the women in his charge. They would purposely decide how many clients they were going to serve that day and would slow walk the time till the day ended. It’s not just the big swamp that needs draining, it’s the littleones. The day civil servants and teachers were unionized was the day the slowdown started.

  • JEAN


  • R J Fantelli

    It appears those federal employees prefer a socialistic government so that their jobs would continue unabated . Also lurking in their schemdrict heads are the lure of expanded fed jobs and greater “opportunity” for even higher paying jobs at our expense. As one of you said,”suck it up” and get real.

  • Angela Terkel? Sounds like Angela Merkel the German globalist puke.
    Your “George and Diane” are lame PUSSIES, if they really do exit.

    Quit sniveling, the free buffet is closed, Fatso!!!

  • Charles

    I am sad that these turds call themselves Americans.

  • rc

    FOX NEWS should run a story that is EXACTLY the same story, but with employees who are actually excited about Trump. In fact, they should do this every time one of these “fake news” stories comes out.

  • So… when Donald gets into office he… can change all the sad faces with smiley faces. With so many Americans out of work it’s doubtful Donald will need to work very hard to get rid of grumpy.

  • Dennis

    IF THESE PEOPLE Even EXIST, is yet to be seen. But I can assure you that there is an overwhelming majority of “federal workers” in the millitary and Border Patrol who are happy beyond words to see Trump and his administration take over. I don’t believe any federal employees would quit their jobs over who is the president. They have a good-paying job and are safe from being fired. My knowledge of federal employees is that they enjoy good pay and benefits and look forward to a nice retirement. No one in their right mind will jeopardize that for something so trivial. I am a retired veteran and any GI that I have known welcomes a Trump tenure as Commander in Chief!

  • Keith C G Kyle

    You Federal sponges don’t need to attend. Just continue cleaning out your desks.

  • I am really looking forward to Mr Trump finally getting into office and since there seems to be a lot of people who now work in Government that do not want to see Trump take office for one reason or another I hope that he goes in and cleans house. There are a lot of people who are out of work and could very well take the jobs and do a better job than the ones that are there now,,

  • David in MA

    “more than 60 million Americans”
    I have a feeling there will be a number greater than “More than 60 million Americans”
    Illegal immigrant “refugees” and dip chit Obama may shed a tear, but Patriotic Americans will cheer.

  • Albert L Biele

    There goes the 4 hour coffee breaks, the parties and the man who made it all possible. The toughest part is what are they going to do with the additional 4 hours there going to spend in the office.

  • jusmyonion

    Will this madness never end? I had no idea that there were such adults that actually lived in this country. They are so tedious to put up with. They cry. They whine. They become depressed. They wet their pampers. They need to have safe zones. They need to have time-outs to cry and stroke therapy dogs. They are just plain pathetic. Sadly, they are really, really, really gullible. To believe the lies that have been brought against Trump before and during this election cycle by the liberal, lame stream media and pseudo-intellects shows their own inability to think for themselves. The president-elect has been around for seventy years. He has run a highly successful business empire and the world hasn’t come to an end. What makes these snowflakes think that he won’t do anything better for this messed up country we now live in thanks to Obama? Pitiful munchkins. Pitiful indeed

    • Angie

      I had to laugh at your description of these whimpers. But it is so true and I agree wholeheartedly with all that you said! I’m still laughing! Love it!

      • Gee dub

        Lol so funny and true. How about Diane and George , along with Angela stay home? You won’t be missed. Have a great day.

    • Way to go! You have made my day! God Bless you.

  • James Maxwell

    Poor little snowflakes, buttercups, piss ants, Anti American loosey goosey left wing useless
    liberals have an option, they can quit and go home to have a big cry in and hide in their
    safe spaces. Reality is about to come home and slap them in the ass extremely hard and
    it is not going to be pretty.

    • Angie

      Love this one too! Good descriptions of the sorry losers!

  • depaz

    Donald Trump is a bottom line guy. These folks are worried that (GASP!!) somebody may actually be monitoring their performance and they will have to begin actually WORKING for a living. . . .

  • Frances Shannon

    Such a stupid idiot. She is a disgrace to our country. Instead of being forced to serve at the inauguration she should be deported out of our country and never allowed to come back.

    • Bitterwater

      Frances I agree, but they won’t survive if they have to REALLY work. Perhaps the Middle East would be best for them. I have never seen a government “worker” in a hurry and they think they are doing you a favor if they wait on you. Clean them out.

  • TexRancher

    Boo Hoo! I feel so sorry about these Federal employees…..They’re so worried about how Trump will operate. What were they doing during 8 years of Obama, the most anti-American president ever? At least Trump is starting out stating how much he loves America, quite the opposite from Kenya Boy who spent most of the time when he wasn’t playing golf apologizing for what he thinks are the evil things we did for the rest of the world! People like these slugs give a bad name to those in federal service who really work!

  • Alan

    It might be a cruel world, it has been so described. That said, these cry babies need to grow up, which they appear not to have done.

  • gary29

    It would appear that she is looking for a way to get out of the Guard

  • Libs R Loons

    I think they’re really upset over losing their jobs, and they SHOULD- especially the ones who worked for the corrupt Obama and Hillary.

  • Obama election made many people feel the country was in deep deep do do. They were right.


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