HuffPost: We’re Killing the Planet With Our Thanksgiving Feasts

Welp, liberals have already spent years trying to ruin Christmas. Over the past few years, they’ve turned their destructive eyes toward Halloween, determined to make sure that no one can have any fun lest they be accused of “offending” people or appropriating the culture of the Northern Plains Indians or some such nonsense. So it was perhaps inevitable that they would eventually decide to ruin Thanksgiving as well. We were only surprised at their creativity: We thought for sure they’d make it all about the injustices done to Native Americans.

Instead, Huffington Post tries to shame us over how much destruction we’re doing to the climate with our mighty November feasts.

“How much damage are we doing with our epic Thanksgiving meal every year? We spoke with three researchers to find out more about Thanksgiving’s carbon footprint,” they wrote, asking and answering questions that literally no one was wondering about.

“It turns out that your food isn’t the biggest holiday culprit of carbon dioxide emissions — traveling for the meal is,” they continued. “No one should be discouraged from enjoying the holiday or celebrating with family and friends, but we’re here to provide insight into the ingredients and dishes that have the largest ecological impact. The researchers we interviewed shared suggestions and alternative ingredients that cause less environmental damage.”

Oh, we see. You don’t want to dampen our fun or ruin our time with family. You just want us to trudge through the holidays, our minds half-distracted by how much carbon we’re spewing into the atmosphere as we make the trek to grandma’s house. Over the river and through the woods, it’s off to melt a glacier we go!

Thankfully, the researchers HuffPost talked to assured us that we can have a perfectly fine Thanksgiving meal as long as we pass on the “meat and meat byproducts (cheese, butter and heavy cream, for example).” Mmm-mmm! Can’t wait to chow down on some Thanksgiving Tofurky!

But if you’re not quite ready for vegan Thanksgiving, HuffPost tells us that we can still make environmentally-responsible decisions about the meal.

“Try sourcing your ingredients locally to limit your impact, from the wine you serve to the herbs that are stuffed into your bird,” they advise. “The benefits of lessening your food miles are numerous, not just in terms of decreasing your carbon footprint, but because then you’re supporting your local economy and increasing the quantity of nutrients in your food.”

Yeah, we’re going to get right on that.

Anyway, now that you’ve put the kibosh on any “politics” talk at the Thanksgiving dinner table, you can expect the token liberal in your family to inquire about the carbon provenance of the stuffing and berate you for putting too much butter on your biscuit.

Do liberals ever just…relax?

What do you think?

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  1. We will destroy ourselves way before any environmental impact affects the world. I’ve heard the same BS for over 40 years now, The climate “scientists” have been “Wrong, Wrong, Wrong,… We were all supposed to all be dead by now. Remember in the 1970’s, we would be out of fossil fuel by 2000. AOC gives us 12 years, I’ll wait.

  2. It’s really apparent the demoncrates don’t believe in God. Climate change is normal . God is in control of the situation NOT YOU ! Do you really think giving money to another country is the answer ? Go to other countries and try to stop the real polluters . My trust is in God I’ll be happy with either way . Have you read God’s letter to us ? The Bible. Seek and you will find ,if you want to know. Thank you Jesus for saving me I’ll pray for you all.

    • All Democrats want to do is abort babies! The more the kill the happier they are. NY Gov Cuomo signed a bill for late term abortion, in labor you have a choice a baby or a corpse. He was so jubilient, he had the lights lit in pink in NYC. Sick!

  3. Huffpost should get out of the media business and devout the rest of their efforts to lying and misleading people. They never have a good response to any subject, do not speak the truth, and try to tear down every thing decent in America. How the heck not celebrating Thanksgiving is supposed to help the world stymies anyone’s imagination. Folks, eat your turkey, enjoy your holiday, and don’t think twice about the dumb Huffpost article!

  4. Try telling liberals that plan on flying all across America for Thanksgiving Holiday that they are destroying the earth. OH that’s right it’s only ment for Conservative Christians.
    Good luck taking the privileges away from Trump deranged Antifa nuts.

  5. Too bad those CLOWNS CAN’T figure out that we just FERTILIZED a bunch of trees (and made then HAPPY!) with the CO2 (plant food), as well as made the REST of us HAPPY with that WONDERFUL aroma of Turkey/Ham/Roast Beef cooking in the oven. Maybe if these CLOWNS weren’t such CRANKS, maybe they MIGHT get invited to someone’s Thanksgiving Dinner and ENJOY it! (And get PATRIOTIC? . . . Oh MY!) Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great again).

  6. I am so confused….I have no idea what the hell they are getting at? What? Now they’re trying to tell us what kind of food we can or can not eat on the holidays> This insanity just keeps getting better & better…I don’t need someone telling me what kind of foods I can eat, whether or not I can drive to the relatives for the holidays…..why don’t they just keep their snooty noses out of everyone else’s business and leave the rest of us alone…….our holiday meals are fine just the way they are and will remain as such….go away, don’t bother us and leave us alone

  7. They condemn and condescend on us when they have but to look at their own(Barbara Streisand)who had her 3 poodles jet-flown into somewhere to listen to her squawk out a croak song…what a bunch of hypocrites…Honestly, I think if they would hold themselves accountable first, perhaps the people they are trying to convince that we need to stop “carbon swamping” the Planet…their were over 200 PRIVATE JETS flown into Davos, Switzerland for the Conference on Global Warming…Wonder how much Global Warming would have been eliminated if they would have just had a conference call?

  8. Y’all at Huff Post are f…ing nuts. You want to spoil our Thanksgiving dinner? I don’t think so. I hope you choke on whatever y’all have for Thanksgiving. Enjoy.

  9. The climate will be fine on its own . . .but our Thanksgiving feasts are killing our own bodies. Heart disease, stroke, diabetes. I will happily change my tastes and learn to enjoy more broccoli and less gravy. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and pass the tofu!

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