Humiliated Adam Schiff: WSJ Editorial Board “Has No Credibility”

Humiliated and exposed by House Intelligence Committee transcripts that prove, conclusively, just how badly he was lying to the American people, Rep. Adam Schiff threw a minor tantrum this week after the Wall Street Journal editorial board raked him over the coals. Schiff said that the Journal has turned into a “Trumpist” newspaper, which we assume means that they don’t mindlessly parrot the latest talking points from the Democratic Party.

In the editorial, the Journal’s editorial board concluded that Schiff spent three years on cable news, where he would “spread falsehoods shamelessly.”

“The House Intelligence Committee last week released 57 transcripts of interviews it conducted in its investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election. The committee probe started in January 2017 under then-Chair Devin Nunes and concluded in March 2018 with a report finding no evidence that the Trump campaign conspired with the Kremlin,” the board wrote. “Most of the transcripts were ready for release long ago, but Mr. Schiff oddly refused to release them after he became chairman in 2019. He only released them last week when the White House threatened to do it first.”

Once those transcripts became public, the jig was officially up. The documents show that Schiff and the House Intelligence Committee interviewed scores of witnesses, all of whom told the same story: There was no evidence to suggest that the Trump administration had colluded with Russian hackers to defraud the 2016 election.

“On it went, a parade of former Obama officials who declared under oath they’d seen no evidence of collusion or conspiracy—Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, Samantha Power,” the WSJ explained. “Interviews with Trump campaign or Administration officials also yielded no collusion evidence. Mr. Schiff had access to these transcripts even as he claimed he had ‘ample’ proof of collusion and wrote his false report.”

Instead of confronting these facts, Schiff told the Daily Beast that the Wall Street Journal should not be trusted.

“It’s really a retreat of the same attacks they made earlier when [Attorney General] Bill Barr came out and misled the country about the Mueller report. Look, the Wall Street Journal editorial page has the same essential content as Fox prime time and the same joint ownership,” he said.

“I’ve had Wall Street Journal reporters tell me how embarrassed they are by their editorial page,” Schiff continued. “This is the same group of editors that repeatedly called for Mueller to be fired when he was doing the investigation, who said that Trump didn’t collude with Russia but that Hillary Clinton did collude with Russia. So they have really no credibility as far as I’m concerned and I think millions of Americans.”

Well, whatever credibility the Wall Street Journal opinion editors do or don’t have, it’s considerably more than you have, Mr. Schiff. Until you admit that you spent three years pretending to have evidence that you plainly didn’t, why would any American ever believe another word that comes out of your mouth?

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  1. WHY is this manure-spreader still in our government? this person has absolutely no moral standing, no conscience , and no concept of truth.

    • He is from California And the people pin his district love liars, incompetence, and stupidity, hoping they are tired of is lying and his last three and half years of not doing one thing positive for his voters!

    • Okay, let’s get this straight, Adam Schitt. Pisslosi, Schumotherfucker and Nadumbass are all very good cocksuckers. They all give very good head and at low prices.

  2. Schiff should be forced to resign from congress and be sent back to California by bus – and forced to apologize to the American people at each stop.

    • what good would that do? he’s still Adumb Schitt and means nothing good. Lying and conniving are his best abilities. He could give a crap about ‘we the people’, our Constitution, or our Country. HE IS A TRAITOR and needs to be hung, NOW! An apology from that bastard would be like getting slapped in the face. Evidently you haven’t been payin attention to the length Adumb Schitt will go to force his lying, thieving, feeble, liberal, Demonrat ways on the American people… wake up!!!

    • He should be forced to resign basically he has lied to Congress and to the American people. And during the impeachment wasn’t he under oath. Yes you know the oath of office that the whole House said they took so seriously to protect the nation and to tell THE TRUTH!

  3. The Libtard Comedy Hour continues. There has never been a lying bastard like Schiff. He pauses a hearing for a 10 minute break and has a CNN crew outside the door so he could leak more lies. The only times he lies are when his lips are moving. Good thing he doesn’t have the brains to learn ventriquolism. He is a total embarrasment to the US congress along with Pelousy, Nadler, Schumer, Waters, Cortes, Omar and many others. Enough is enough. Jail him for treason and the rest will get the message

  4. Don’t you just love it when someone who has never uttered a word of truth in his miserable life begins talking about someone else’s credibility? The Democrat Party has cornered the congenital liars market. I always though the Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were the kings of the bald faced lie, but I have to give Adam Schiff his due-he certainly ranks right up there with the best of them. The saying goes you know how to tell if a Democrat is lying…their lips are moving, but some of them are simply in a class by themselves.

  5. Schiff and Pelosi need to go back to California and pick human waste off of the streets in San Fransisco. Nadle needs to go back to New York and a Covid-19 positive nursing home.

  6. That lying bastard is a TRAITOR and deserves to be disbarred, thrown out of congress in shame, tried and imprisoned then hung at noon on this Fourth of July on national TV. That would send the right message to the many other traitors from the Obama slime bog.

    • right on Jim, it’s called accountability. How will the Demonrats act if held accountable?There isn’t any want or need of an unnaccountable Demonrat. Now if they thought that they were gonna get hung. I volunteer to give em a lesson on how to hang correctly…

  7. Adam Schiff calls anybody (and everybody) who doesn’t agree with him “a Trumpist”. With all the lies he has told, I don’t know how he can look himself in the mirror. From the looks of him, that’s not too often.

  8. The very best of the Democrats at work: Schiff appears to be high on something all the time (bug eyed), and Queen Pelosi appears drunk and slurring her words, or playing with her dentures. She makes no sense in what she tries to say. What a group. Vote them all out, they don’t belong in government. What happened to Term Limits? These Democrats hurt our country.

  9. Liars do what liars do. Adam Schiff is a deluded fool who is a failed Script-writer. He lives in a fantasy land that is his mind. His stories were too weird for Hollywood. Does that explain much? Conspiracy Theories that are so thin they are transparent? Boogey men who are clearly imagined and can only exist in a parallel universe? Adam Schiff is barely clinging to reality. Only in California would anyone consider HIM a representative. I can imagine a concept where all of the Studio Executives get together and vote him into Congress to get him out of Hollywood. Now that is a story-line. He was too weird for Hollywood and now he is even making career criminals in Washington , D.C. uncomfortable. Then, he actually attacks the folks who point out his flawed logic and fact chain. Sorry Adam, no sale.

  10. Adam FISHFACE Schiff is a professional liar! If I would have lied that much in any of my jobs, I wouldn’t have lasted one week. This DERANGED, and yes I mean it, misguided, socialist clown should never have been allowed to have a government job, where you all out there and me, have to pay his salary. This may sound strange but, the reason they put this guy in charge, is because maybe, just maybe, there are actually some honest Democrats who didn’t want to lead this witch hunt. Fire this SOB and then prosecute him for wasting millions of our taxpayer dollars on this hoax. Along with Shifty Schiff, do the same for Nitwit Nancy, Chuck-U Schumer, Nincompoop Nadler and the whole lot of these subversive 5th Columnists!

  11. The DNC should have to repay all the money that wasted on this bs. They all said under oath there was nothing there yet they pretended it was, they intentionally wasted taxpayer money. They should all be thrown in jail.

    • I agree. That is the kind of restitution I’m talking about. The DNC paid for Hillary’s Ukraine hoax. The DNC was responsible for the Russian Hoax, and then all other hoax impeachment. If DNC can make money then they should be able to be sued. Winning the election is not enough. They need monetary punishment.

  12. I would never ever believe a word out that bug eyed left wing loser’s mouth>
    He is a disgrace to the Democratic party (albeit just like them), a disgrace to California, a disgrace to most men; in fact he is a disgrace to humanity

  13. Schiff should be removed from Congress for his criminal intent and ethics violations. He is undoubtedly the worst member of Congress to ever serve in Washington DC.

  14. why isn’t DOG PILE Schiff in FEDERAL PRISON for SEDITION and TREASON yet? . . . One DISGUSTED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  15. How do we ever rid ourselves of people like this? Knowing we have politicians in office that have no remorse for lying to everyone’s face over and over does not give warm fuzzies. Every DEM and RINO needs to go this November!

  16. Schiff is a liar. Pelosi is a tricky liar. Masker is a dude’s. But all they have done and nothing has been done to get any restitution for their wrongs. We hear a lot from Lindsay, Mitch, and you know the list. They will keep doing what they are doing as long as you let them.

  17. Schiff and Pelosi, both from California; ought to tell you something about Californians. They keep putting these idiots back into office, while their state has the highest tax rate in the country, one of the highest Coronavirus rates in the country, a place where it is not illegal to defecate on the streets, and where democrat politicians, want the rest of the Nation to bail out their stupidity. Wake up California. You used to be a popular state where millions of Americans wanted to visit or move to. Now California is a state where millions want to move from and move their businesses from, because of democrat leadership, that is destroying, a once beautiful state. You see, Schiff is like most other California Democrats, “everyone else is wrong or at faulty except themselves”, for their idiotic democrat policies and actions. God Bless America.

  18. Sh*t -stain is the most dispicable and immoral liar on the planet! Everybody with even a modicum of intellect can see this pencil necked moron is incapable of honesty! Plus his family is married into the George Soros abomination! What is THIS Nazi collaborater doing anywhere near our Government! He is a sedicious traitor, and a real and serious danger to America! He’s wanted in Hungry, so arrest and expedite the bastard! Get Schiff and his pack of Communist out of our lives while we still have our Constitution and Bill of Rights! Gito for Schiff and Hungry for Soros!

  19. Clearly Shiffs job was to give America (DNC and GOP) a heads
    up, CAUTION, Warning about the Covid19 virus’ threat!
    He was so busy muddying the waters and trying to make Trumps’
    reElection difficult. My old JFK party of “Ask Not What Your Country
    Can Do For You” has been overrun by Socialists/COMMUNISTS who
    want to be all powerful and effectively replace our God. Not to happen!
    These Commies who judge us by their myopic views just don’t understand
    Americans’ love of our Constitution and will fail miserably. Pray be the Lord.

  20. Schiff is just a mealy-mouth little whimp of a man who tried to become relevant with Pelosi and the American public. He loved the camera time and the interviews. Had it not been for all his lies, he could have lived his life in obscurity, never being heard or seen. He allowed himself to be used because he needed to “be seen”. Now he leaves his “LEGACY” as A PUBLIC LIAR who was part of a COUP to take down an elected President, being a DECEPTIVE Puppet for Pelosi and a Disgrace to being elected to the House of Representatives. I pray HISTORY paints him as what he WAS!

  21. So, if madman schitt LIED to the U. S. Citizens in his shampeachment, does this not mean that HE LIED TO CONGRESS!!!!

    If not, why not?!?!


  23. Wow!!!! Someone actually realized Weasel Boy is a lying piece of D,C, Cesspool Flotsam. First off there are two prerequisites to meet to be a Democrat you must be a Charlatan and you must be a pathological liar. Old Weasle Boy met both of those standing on his head and being a full blown moon bat really got him into the party,

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